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ZyXEL Confidential

ZyXEL Firmware Release Note G-4100 V2 Release v1.00(ZL.7)C0

Date: 2011/6/16 Author:


ZyXEL Confidential

ZyXEL G-4100 V2 Standard Version V1.00 (ZL.7)CO Release Note Date: 2011/06/16 Supported Platforms: G-4100 V2 Versions: Firmware: V1.00(ZL.7)CO Boot: v1.04 KNOW ISSUE: 1. When using PayPal transaction with currency code Hungarian Forint and Japanese Yen, if the billing page of tax percentage is chose, the transaction will not succeed. PS: Need to confirm PayPal payment gateway specification both these two currency code include tax or not. 2. The G-4100V2 PPTP can work in Window 2000 and not supported it in Windows 2003.

1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomFirefox4cannotuploadfirmwarefromlocalpathinSSLwebadminpage

ModificationV1.00(ZL.7)C0/May26,2011 issue.

2. [Modification] SymptomWhen"Discount"enable,therewasonebuttoncanprintaccountticket. 3. [Modification] Symptom G4100v2overWAP3205theticketprintoutissue. 4. [Modification] SymptomModifyauthserverfunctionstoworkfineforIE9.

1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom WhenCAwasemptyinflash,theDUTwouldbecrash. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomLoginfailwhenuserusecreditcardforAuthorize.Net.


1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomRedirectloginpageofrealnamecantypemorethan30characters. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomNTPdaylightsavingtimedisplayerrorwhenthemonthofstartandend


1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomLoginpagecannotshowwhenrequestpacketistoolongwithcookie. 2. [BUG FIXED] 2/12

timearethesame. ModificationV1.00(ZL.7)b2/Feb18,2011 [Versions]F/W:V1.00(ZL.7)b2,Bootcode:V1.04

ZyXEL Confidential SymptomThedatabasecannotsavewhenpassthroughorfilterchangedthen

1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWhenusing"redirectloginpage",systemwillstillcheckrealnamesetting 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom SometimeslocalUDPpacketscannotgototheinternet. 3. [BUG FIXED] Symptom DHCPdaemonalwaysbroadcastpacketthanuncastpacketevenwhenthe

powerdownandpoweronafterfewseconds. ModificationV1.00(ZL.7)b1/Feb08,2011 of"standardloginpage".


4. [New Feature] SymptomSupportgeneralWISPrClient. 5. [New Feature] SymptomSupportintermediatecertificate. ApplicationnotePleasestoreallcertificatestoonecertificatefile,Thefirst

Modification V1.00 (ZL.6 ) C0/ Jun. 7, 2010 Formal Release 1. Update filename to V1.00 (ZL.6) C0 ModificationF/W: V1.00(ZL.6)b4, Boot code: V1.04 / Apr 26, 2010 6. [BUG FIXED] SymptomClients IP and MAC address were not showed on DHCP client list 7. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWhen get UDP packet for checksum = 0 don't need to recalculate it again, just send the packet for checksum is 0 ModificationF/W: V1.00(ZL.6)b3, Boot code: V1.04 / Mar 16, 2010 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomEmail redirect SMTP port cannot set to 65535. ModificationF/W: V1.00(ZL.6)b2, Boot code: V1.04 / Mar 12, 2010 1. [Modification] SymptomRedirect SMTP port setting's range change to (1~65535) 2. [Modification] SymptomDNS fake IP is from "" to "" ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.6) b1, Boot code: V1.04 / Dec, 28, 2009 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomRealname function changed back to default after restart Device. 3. [Modification] SymptomAdd the session trace records when user use paypal access for DUT 3 minutes passthrough. Modification V1.00 (ZL.5 )C0/ Oct. 30, 2009 Formal Release 1. Update filename to V1.00 (ZL.5) C0 ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.5) b9, Boot code: V1.04 / Oct 7, 2009 3/12

ZyXEL Confidential 4. [Modification] SymptomPaypal online payment procedure last 2 steps, if double click web page button link to account create page will create double the same usage account. ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.5) b8, Boot code: V1.04 / Oct 6, 2009 5. [Modification] SymptomAdd realname setting in customization login page. ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.5) b7, Boot code: V1.04 / Sep 15, 2009 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWhen account is duplicates, the account show in account list and lost in account log. ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.5) b6, Boot code: V1.04 / Sep 11, 2009 6. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThe account log and account list S/N starting with 000000 7. [BUG FIXED] Symptom The account log has duplicate account 8. [BUG FIXED] SymptomAfter default reset, account list and account log were abnormal. 9. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWhen create new account, the account will missing in account list 10. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThe account was disappear in Account Log

ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.5) b5, Boot code: V1.04 / Sep 8, 2009 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomG-4100 V2 is losing part of its account log records

ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.5) b4, Boot code: V1.04 / July 31, 2009 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWhen finishing the world pay transaction, Client cannot get the account login page. ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.5) b3, Boot code: V1.04 / July 27, 2009 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom DHCP server has offered the IP address to NB, but the NB never receive it, seemed that G-4100 V2 drops it. 2. [BUG FIXED] Symptom Inactive the billing profile 1 In accounting, originally the button A use billing profile 1 which is 30 minutes. The button A will use second billing profile which is 1 hour in billing automatically. In accounting, press "preview/operate" button A still use billing profile 1 which is 30 minutes. Click 3o minutes button and error message "Invalid Accounting Billing Profile 4/12

ZyXEL Confidential " shows up but a account with 30 minutes is created in account list ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.5) b2, Boot code: V1.04 / June 29, 2009 1. [New Modifications] SymptomUnauthenticated LAN user idle timeout extend from 1 minute to 10 minutes. 2. [New Modifications] Symptom Temporarily Pass through for every unauthenticated LAN user is 3 minutes per once. There is 3 times opportuniteis of temporarily pass through. ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.5) b1, Boot code: V1.04 / June 29, 2009 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWhen querying everytime, it will get the different IP. It induced that the un-authenticated LAN users cannot reach the PayPal website successfully.

Modification v1.00 (ZL.4)C0 / Mar. 30, 2009 Formal Release ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.4) b5, Boot code: V1.04 / Mar. 15, 2009 4. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWizard->accounting->customize printout test-> wpa2 selection and setting is not changed. 5. [BUG FIXED] SymptomAdvanced->Accounting-> when create account Expiration Time is not corrected. ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.4) b4, Boot code: V1.04 / Mar. 06, 2009 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWizard's Billing not synchronized with Wizard's Accounting of decimal format. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomTransaction was finished and got the username and password UI and enter login, the error message show "Invalid Real name". 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomBuilt-In Authentication's redirect login page no update to real name. 4. [BUG FIXED] SymptomUse wizard to have a preview of account generator from accounting. ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.4) b3, Boot code: V1.04 /Mar. 03, 2009 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomSystem status and quick view of wpa2 encryption issue. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWPA2 with Enterprise mode not work. 3. [New Feature] SymptomAdd WPA2 encryption setting in Account Print of Customization. ModificationF/W: V1.00 (ZL.4) b2, Boot code: V1.04 / Feb. 24, 2009 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWizard and Advanced Setup Accounting setting are not synchronized. 2. [BUG FIXED]



ZyXEL Confidential SymptomClient using "Bitdefender Internet Security 2009" can not get the login page. 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomSession Trace log sent by email is null. 4. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThe changes of wording in Advanced>Customization>Account Printout can't be saved. 5. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWhen wireless disable, the configuration file cannot restore. 6. [BUG FIXED] SymptomMSS will be subtracted just 20 bytes. 7. [New Feature] SymptomAdd Static DHCP Table page and functions. 8. [New Feature] SymptomAdd WPA2 setting and functions. 9. [New Feature] SymptomAdd Session Trace list send to Syslog. 10. [New Feature] Symptom Add Realname in login page. Max. length is 30. The Realname will be show in current user list and record to session trace list. ModificationF/W: V1.00(ZL.4)b1, Boot code: V1.04 / Aug. 11, 2008 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomUnder firewall use DHCP relay function, client can not get ip(only DUT get WAN IP),client send discover packet DUT reply to firewall but client still can not get IP and repeat send discover packet. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWhen user use FireFox 3.0 enable UI SSL to set LAN device will not save this setting, but it still reboot, configure function can back up file but can not restore by pc only work by TFTP server. 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomUsing test account to do the on-line payment via Paypal the result is ok but when use real account our DUT will send the packet which indicates "Bad certificate" to Paypal.

Modification v1.00 (ZL.3)C0 / Jul. 14, 2008 Formal Release ModificationF/W: V1.00(ZL.3)b9, Boot code: V1.04 / Jun. 27, 2008 4. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThe button of "Use this account to LOGIN now" is not functional properly when transaction is completed. ModificationF/W: V1.00(ZL.3)b8, Boot code: V1.04/ Jun. 26, 2008 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomPayPal some currency code can not work. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThe button of "Use this account to LOGIN now" is not functional properly when transaction is completed. 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThe tax is not sending to world pay transaction.


ZyXEL Confidential ModificationF/W: V1.00(ZL.3)b7/Boot code: V1.04/ Jun. 20, 2008 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptomwebui show incorrect channel. Modification F/W: V1.00(ZL.3)b6, Boot code: V1.04/ Jun. 19, 2008 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWrong vocabulary on Syslog . 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomPost paid printer print out no dotted line under ESSID. Modification F/W: V1.00(ZL.3)b5/Boot code: V1.04 / Jun. 16, 2008 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomSession trace page is error. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomSession trace page can't save email. 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomCustomization page of preview of post paid print out error. 4. [BUG FIXED] SymptomPreview of account generator printer. 5. [BUG FIXED] SymptomNo Auth proxy 80 port the user can't access internet. ModificationF/W: V1.00(ZL.3)b4/ Boot code: V1.04 / Jun. 10, 2008 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWorld Pay will show error message after pressing submit button. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomDHCP Server DECLINE message conform issue. 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomPost-paid bill is error. 4. [New Feature] SymptomWireless connection Enable/Disable mode. 5. [New Feature] SymptomAdd MTU setting on DHCP client and static IP for WAN port. 6. [New Feature] SymptomAdd E-mail service for session trace. 7. [New Feature] SymptomAdd more currency code selections on PayPal ModificationF/W: V1.00(ZL.3)b3/ Boot code: V1.04 / Feb. 26, 2008 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWorld Pay press Cancel can create free account. ModificationV1.00(ZL.3)b2, Boot code: V1.04/ Dec. 13, 2007 Formal Release 1. [BUG FIXED] Symptom Un-used accounts are disappeared when DUT restart. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThroughput is wrong when I set bandwidth value. 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomAccount print is showed "Print_Subtitle_check=1" when I retore sysconf file. 4. [BUG FIXED] 7/12

ZyXEL Confidential SymptomIt showed "account invalid" when login (post-paid mode). 5. [BUG FIXED] SymptomScheduled firmware issue. 6. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWizard and Advanced Setup printer setting are not synchronous. 7. [BUG FIXED] SymptomPool size max is 200 but I can set value 203. ModificationV1.00(ZL.3)b1, Boot code: V1.04 / Nov. 30, 2007 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomDHCP server can set x.x.x.255 or x.x.x.0. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomWhen SNMP client send negative request ID then system will return a positive number. 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomRadius session ID changing issue. 4. [BUG FIXED] SymptomLAN icmp will drop 5~10 ping every 20~50 on billing mode. 5. [BUG FIXED] SymptomIt seemed not to calculated "Tax part" when using paypal way. 6. [BUG FIXED] SymptomRadius Session ID issue. 7. [BUG FIXED] SymptomDHCP Server performance issue. 8. [New Modification] SymptomThe client username and password characters from 8 to 4. 9. [New Modification] SymptomThe G-4100 V2 can allow the PayPal return the duplicate URL issue. 10. [New Feature] SymptomAdd the active check box on CUSTOMIZATION / Account Printer. Modification V1.00(ZL.2) b3, Boot code: V1.04 / Jul. 20, 2007 Formal Release 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomCurrent user page table size Modification V1.00(ZL.2)b2, Boot code: V1.04 / Jul. 20, 2007 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomG-4100 V2 account print out customization issue. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomIn Post-Paid mode cannot print out the customized wording. 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomProxy server handling. Modification V1.00(ZL.2)b1, Boot code: V1.04 / Jul. 16, 2007 1. [BUG FIXED] SymptomSpecific URL cannot be accessed by PPPoE mode. 2. [BUG FIXED] SymptomL2 isolation(wireless) is not working when disable iPnP. 3. [BUG FIXED] SymptomG-4100 V2 account pirntout customization issue. 4. [BUG FIXED] 8/12

ZyXEL Confidential SymptomIn Post-Paid mode cannot print out the customized wording. 5. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThe URL paser of G4100v2 cannot handle well. 6. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThe symbol of pound makes the UI error. 7. [BUG FIXED] SymptomThe charge of billing file is error. 1. New Modification SymptomWhen the WAN IP change, the G-4100 V2 should update IP to DDNS immediately. 2. New Modification SymptomChange update time to hours that range of setting was 1 ~ 99. 1. New Feature SymptomAdd currency type like as WG-602 on Advanced Billing page and Wizard Billing page. 2. New Feature Symptom SP-200E will print "Account Insufficient!" when accounts are fully generated. Modification v1.00 (ZL.1)C0 / Feb. 13, 2006 Formal Release

Modification v1.00 (ZL.1) b7 /Jan. 15, 2007 Fixed bugs 1. Description of status on wireless page. 2. Wireless RADIUS shared secret key will lose on restore config. 3. Secure Remote UI has wrong info. 4. Wireless association information syslog issue. Modification v1.00 (ZL.1) b6/Jan. 10, 2007 Fixed bugs 1. Wizard Wireless Security cannot be set or synchronous with Advanced. 2. Filtering web UI has wrong tag name as "Pass through". Modification v1.00 (ZL.1) b5/ Dec. 25, 2006 Fixed bugs 1. The duplicated user account in G-4100 V2. 2. Auto clicker stress test issue on G-4100 V2. NoteThis is cause to the HISR wireless task heavy loading. Watch dog is not be reset. The system will reboot =================================================== Modification v1.00 (ZL.1) b4/ Nov. 30, 2006 Fixed bugs 1. SNMP OID is not increasing error. 2. The duplicated user account in G-4100 V2. Notes: After the F/W upgrade, all acoount will be erased. Modification v1.00 (ZL.1) b3 /Nov. 27, 2006 Fixed bugs 1. Filtering config file with Walled Garden issue. 9/12

ZyXEL Confidential 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ping command issue. TFTP protocol on secure remote. G4100v2 cannot print the WEP KEY in one line. Account status in accumulation mode. Walled Garden issue with import CGI or config file.

Modification: 1. Modify passthrough, filter, share, walled garden, lan device, and wireless UI page on advanced menu. Modification v1.00 (ZL.1)b2 / Nov. 15, 2006 Fixed bugs 1. Configuration setting will reset on DUT reboot. Modification v1.00 (ZL.1)b1 / Nov. 14, 2006 Fixed bugs 1. CGI could not be set on HTTPS_Only. 2. Product Model Name issue. 3. BT stress issue on G-4100 V2. 4. ping DUT WAN port with linux ping function would make DUT hang. 5. Dynamic preamble UI issue. 6. Filtering config file with Walled Garden issue. 7. Wireless channel is always set back to "6" on restoring config. 8. system will hang when running the Smartbits UDP traffic at 70 ~80Mbps. 9. Broadcast infinite loop in switch will hang our DUT. 10. Mail log issue. 11. Walled Garden issue with import CGI or config file. 12. McAfee SecurityCenter issue on G-4100 V2 Feature 1. Add Paypal function. 2. Add TFTP protocol on secure remote. 3. Add SNMP function. The mib file is the same as G-4100. Modification v1.00 (ZL.0)C0 / Jul. 27, 2006 Formal Release

Modification v1.00 (ZL.0) b6 / Jul 25, 2006 Modification: 1. Change Account Generator IP address to 2. Change DHCP starting address to and Pool size to 200 3. Change URL length form 200 to 350 characters. *URL change to 350 bytes item : Authentication->User Agreement->Redirect URL Link Radius->WISPr Smart Client->Proxy Reply with Specific URL Customization->Redirect->Redirect Login Page URL Frame->Top Frame PASS THROUGH->URL or Website FILTERING->URL or Website PORTAL PAGE->URL Link 1 ADVERTISEMENT->URL Link 1~10 WALLED GARDEN->URL Link 1~32 Note: 10/12

ZyXEL Confidential After firmware upgrade this version, push reset button first. Modification v1.00(ZL.0) b5 Fixed bugs 1. WEP 128 bit fail on web UI. / Jun 26, 2006

Modification v1.00(ZL.0) b4 / Jun 22, 2006 Fixed bugs 1. (bug 62)Cannot login when WAN is PPTP connection. 2. (bug 76)two PCs get the same IPs. 3. Widow title change to "ZyXEL G-4100 V2" on Web UI. 4. Wireless Setting: RTS Threshold range: 1 ~ 2347 Default value: 2347 Fragmentation Threshold range: 256 ~ 2346 Default value: 2346 Beacon range: 20 ~ 999 Default value: 100 5. Wireless function fixed by WG-602. Note 1. "Bandwidth Management", "Secure Remote" and "Account Generator" pages can't work help page. It must be provided by ZyXEL. Modification v1.00 (ZL.0) b3 / Mar. 31, 2006 Fixed bugs 1. (1879) Can't access web management UI after enabling SSL. Modification v1.00 (ZL.0) b2 / Mar. 30, 2006 Fixed bugs 1. (1867) L2 isolation no work when disable iPnP. 2. (1872) Import cgi command issue. Modification v1.00 (ZL.0) b1 / Mar. 28, 2006 Fixed bugs 1. (1866) Firmware version issue on web UI. 2. (1868) User agreement & login redirect page issue. 3. (1869) System auto reboot. 4. (1871) Walled Garden issue on setting. Modification: 1. Wireless issue fine_tuning. Modification v1.00 (ZL.0) b0 / Mar. 15, 2006 Modification: 1. Convert G-4100 latest firmware to RoSH Platform (Railink solution) 2. WEB UI modify a. Login page ---Change model to G-4100 V2 b. Wizard Printer Add Socket port configuration. c. Advance Setup -> System->Remove DNS Fake Reply d. Advance Setup -> Bandwidth control -> Change Minimum 64Kbps e. Advance Setup -> Wall Garden -> Change format f. Support SP-200 -> Add Account Generator page 11/12

ZyXEL Confidential

New Feature 1. All functions like as G-4100. 2. NAT Portmap numbers: 8192 3. Current User numbers: 100 (Wire + Wireless) 4. Proprietary Account numbers: 512 5. Account Log numbers: 5000 6. Authentication Server Thread Normal:10, SSL:8 7. HttpProxy Server Thread: 30 8. Signature: 41V2 9. Support SP-200E, not support SP-200