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AL AZHAR Private School Khouribga -

Review exercises

School Year : 2009 2010

Teacher: M. BABKRANI
Singular and plural nouns : Simple forms : Nouns ending in o Singular : Book Dog House day Plural : Books Dogs Houses days singular Mosquito Domino Ghetto Potato plural Mosquitoes Dominoes Ghettoes Potatoes

Nouns with : consonant + y Singular : Baby Lady country city Plural : Babies Ladies countries cities

Nouns ending in : ch/ sh/ s/ x / z. Singular Plural : : Match Matches Bush Bushes Glass Glasses Box Boxes Buzz Buzzes Bus Buses

Irregular plurals : Singular : Man Woman child person Foot tooth mouse Fish sheep Plural : Men Women children people Feet teeth mice Fish sheep

Give the plural forms of these nouns:

2. 3. 4.

School:.. Copy: Policeman: ... Peach:

5. tomato: 6. Bus: 7. Foot: .. 8. Child:

9. Boy: 10. Person: 11. Dish: .. 12. Lady: ..

13. Room: 14. Mouse:. 15. Fish: 16. Dictionary:

Change the following sentences into the plural: E.g. that man has one child. => Those men have two children. 1. That lady is beautiful. 2. My neighbour is a nice person. 3. Tangiers is a Moroccan city. 4. A fisherman catches fish. 5. This woman loves her baby. . Casablanca and Tangiers ...

Review and extension of questions : A. Yes / no-questions with do or does: Examples: a) Do you have mathematics on Mondays ? 1. 2. 3.

b) Does your father go shopping on Sundays?

your parents give you any money? .your sister help your mother with the housework? .We have a holiday in December? .I speak Chinese? .Hicham Elguerrouj practice gymnastics? Time (clock) :

4. 5.

Place : Where.. ? Neighborhood What neighbourhood . ?

Person /people Who.. ? Sport : What sport. ?

Things : What ? Languages : What language ?

Nationality :

Age :

Job :

Number : How many ? Frequency : How often..?

Whatsjob ? What What time is How old. ? Whatdo(es)do ? nationality ? it ? Reason : Why ? Address : Time (activity) : Manner : How ?

Whats When ? ..address ? What time ..?

Fill in the gaps with correct question words : 1. .is Hicham Elguerrouj ? He is Moroccan. 2. ..does your brother speak? He speaks Arabic, French and German. 3. .is that baby? Just three months old. 4. does your mother get every morning ? At six oclock. 5. .do you spend your holidays ? In Ifrane or in Agadir.


.do you go shopping ? Every Saturday or Sunday. 7.children does your uncle have ? three: a boy and two daughters. 8dont you like mice ? Because theyre dirty and dangerous. you your pocket-money? My father does. 10does your father go to work? By car or on foot ? your mothers job ? She is a housewife. you like to play in your free time ? Football or basketball. 13. you play football ? With my friends. 14. is your favorite sport? Football is.

Reading comprehension: A Moroccan family

Youssef , Aicha, Nadia and Karim Alami live in a new modern house in a village near Marrakesh. Youssef is an engineer and works in an office in the city. But Aicha teaches Arabic in the village secondary school. Youssef drives to work every morning except Saturdays and Sundays. He doesnt go back home for lunch. He has it with friends in a restaurant. Aicha walks to work. She has lunch with her children at home. Nadia is nine years old. She goes to a primary school in the village but Karim, who is still a baby, never goes to school. He stays at home with a woman from the village. COMPREHENSION : A. Answer true or false , justifying your answers : 1. The Alamis live in Marrakesh. .. .. 2. Aicha is a housewife. .. .. 3. Youssef has got a car. 4. The Alamis have got a maid. . B. Complete these sentences from the text : 1. Mr Youssef Alami the weekends. 2. Karim stays at home with the woman because C. Answer the following questions : 1. How does Youssef go to work? .. 2. With who does he have lunch? Why? 3. Whats Aichas job? 4. Where is the maid from? D. Find in the passage words meaning the same as : a) But not: E. What do the underlined words refer to? a) The city (paragraph1) : b) he (paragraph3) :.. b) goes on foot :..