Names of the Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam explicitly mentioned in the Qur'an al-Kareem 1. Muhammad: Praised One. 2.

Ahmad: Most Deserving of Praise. 3. al-Ahsan: The Most Beautiful. The Best. 4. Udhun khayr: Friendly Ear. 5. al-A`la: The Highest (in all creation). 6. al-Imam: The Leader. 7. al-Amin: The Dependable. 8. al-Nabi: The Prophet. 9. al-Ummi: Literate without being taught by a Teacher -or- Base / Foundation of the Universe or- the First & the Foremost.. 10. Anfas al-`arab: The Most Precious of the Arabs. 11. Ayatullah: The Sign of Allah. 12. Alif lam mim ra: A-L-M-R. 13. Alif lam mim sad: A-L-M-S 14. al-Burhan: The Proof. 15. al-Bashir: The Bringer of Good Tidings. 16. al-Baligh: The Very Eloquent One. 17. al-Bayyina: The Exposition. 18. Thani ithnayn: The Second of Two. 19. al-Harîs: The Insistent One. 20. al-Haqq: The Truth Itself. 21. Ha Mim: H-M. 22. Ha Mim `Ayn Sîn Qaf: H-M- ` -S-Q. 23. al-Hanif: The One of Primordial Religion. 24. Khatim al-nabiyyin: The Seal of Prophets. 25. al-Khabir: The Knowledgeable One. 26. al-Da`i: The Summoner. 27. Dhu al-quwwa: The Strong One. 28. Rahmatun li al-`alamin: A Mercy for the Worlds. 29. al-Ra'uf: The Gentle One. 30. al-Rahim: The Compassionate One. 31. al-Rasul: The Messenger. 32. Sabil Allah: The Path to Allah. 33. al-Siraj al-munir: The Light-Giving Lamp. 34. al-Shâhid: The Eyewitness. 35. al-Shahîd: The Giver of Testimony. 36. al-Sâhib: The Companion. 37. al-Sidq: Truthfulness Itself. 38. al-Sirat al-mustaqim: The Straight Way. 39. Tah Sîn: T-S. 40. Tah Sîn Mim: T-S-M. 41. Tah Ha: T-H. 42. al-`Amil: The Worker. 43. al-`Abd: The Slave. 44. `Abd Allah: Allah's Slave. 45. al-`Urwat al-wuthqa: The Sure Rope. 46. al-`Aziz: The Mighty One. The Dearest One. 47. al-Fajr: The Dawn.

087. al-Nur: The Light. al-Nadhîr: The Warner. 092. 088. al-Mizan: The Balance. 59. 085. 57. 67. al-Thaqib: The Sharp-Witted One. al-Sâbir: The Long-Suffering. al-Wali: The Ally. al-âmir: The Commander. al-Mashhud: The One Witnessed To. al-Muzzammil: The Enshrouded One. 083. al-Lisan: Language Itself. 73. 71. al-Safuh: The Oft-Forgiving. The Unique One. 49. 079. al-Mubashshir: The Harbinger of Goodness. 080. 55. 086. al-Nâhi: The Forbidder. 090. 091. 081. al-Musaddiq: The Confirmer. al-Mundhir: The Admonisher. 76. 68. 60. al-Muddaththir: The Cloaked One. al-Sâjid: The Prostrate. 51. al-Najm: The Star. al-Yatim: The Orphan. al-Wâdi`: The Deposer. Names of the Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam mentioned in the Qur'an as verbs 078.` . Rafî` al-dhikr: The One of Exalted Fame. 69. 62. al-Râdi: The Acquiescent. Nun: N. 64. al-Sâdi`: The Conqueror of Obstacles. al-Muta`: The One Who Is Obeyed.S 52. 53. al-Karim: The Generous One. al-Nas: Humanity. 66. al-Mudhakkir: The Reminder. 61. al-Muslim: The One Who Submits. âkhidh al-sadaqat: The Collector of Alms. al-Munadi: The Crier. . Ya Sîn: I-S. Fadl Allah: Allah's Grace. 56. 082. 58. 77.48. 75. al-Râghib: The Keen. Qadamu Sidq: Truthful Ground. Ni`mat Allah: Allah's Great Favor. 63. al-Tâli: The Successor. 54. Rafî` al-darajât: The One of The Exalted Ranks. al-Hâkim: The Arbitrator. 70. 74. al-Mubîn: The Manifest. 084. 65. Kaf Ha' Ya' `Ayn Sad: K-H-Y. 50. al-Hadi: Guidance Itself. 089. al-Makîn: The Staunch One. 72. al-Mursal: The Envoy. al-Dhakir: The Rememberer.

132. al-Mushâwir: The Consultant. 125. 127. al-Mustaghfir: The Seeker of Forgiveness. al-Ghâlib: The Victor. al-Ajwad: The Most Bounteous. 121. 118. 108. al-Nâsib: The One Who Makes Great Effort. al-Mansur: The One With Divine Help. 126. al-Musabbih: The Lauder. 133. al-Mu'ayyad: The Recipient of Support. al-Muwaqqar: Held in Awe.] Names of the Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam in the Hadith and the Ancient Books 122. al-Asdaq: The Most Truthful. al-Ma`sum: Immune. al-Muhallil: The Dispenser of Permissions. The Most Pious One. al-Hâdi: The Guide. al-`Alîm: The Deeply Aware. 111. al-Anfar: The One With the Largest Assembly. Arjah al-nas `aqlan: The Foremost in Humankind in Intellect. al-Wâ`izh: The Exhorter. 135. 130. al-âkhidh bi al-hujuzât: The Grasper of Waist-Knots. al-Muzakki: The Purifier. 095. 119. Ahhad: The Peerless One. 112. [Note: The character <â> denotes a long A or alif. al-Musta`îdh: The Seeker of Refuge. 116. 101. 102. The Grantor of Safety. . Ashja` al-Nas: The Most Courageous of Humanity. 104. al-Muttaba`: He Who Is Followed. al-Muharrim: The Mandator of Prohibitions. al-`Afuw: The Grantor of Pardon. al-Abarr: The Most Righteous One. al-`âbid: The Worshipful. al-Abyad: The Fairest One. al-Mutabattil: The Utter Devotee. 123. al-Murattil: The Articulate. al-Agharr: The Most Radiant One. al-Ghani: The Free From Want. 098. 129. 120. al-Mutarabbis: The Expectant One. 107. 099. 096. Uhyad: The Dissuader. 128. 131. 110. 134. 094. 115. 117. 124. al-Mawla: The Master of Favors and Help. 103. Akhumakh: Of Sound Submission. 113. 105. 109. al-Muballigh: The Bearer of News. Ajîr: The Saved One. 097. 114. al-`âlim: The Knower. 106.093. 100. al-Mu'min: The Believer. al-Atqa: The Most Godwary. al-Musalli: The Prayerful. al-Mu`azzaz: The Strengthened One.

162. 175. al-Hayy: The Living One. 167. 168. al-Tihami: The One from Tihama (the lowland of the Hijaz). 160. 140. Khâzin mal Allah: Allah's Treasurer. 147. Khatîb al-nabiyyin: The Orator Among the Prophets. al-Bayan: The Exposition. 148. 171. 155. The Highborn One. Khalifat Allah: Allah's Deputy. Hât Hât: His name in the Psalms. al-Bâriqlît. al-Akram: The One Held in Highest Honor. The Innocent One. al-Halîm: The Meek One. al-Hakîm: The Wise One. Afsah al-`arab: The Most Articulate of the Arabs. 146. Hammitâya: Guardian of Sanctity. 159. 158. 138. al-Khatim: The Sealer. al-Jabbar: The Fierce One. al-Bâtin: The Hidden One (in his station). 174. 156. 149. 170. 149. 164. 157: Habib Allah: Allah's Beloved. al-Barqalîtos: The Paraclete. 144. al-âkhir: The Last. 140: Ukhrâya: The Last (of the Prophets). 143. His name in the Torah. Khayr al-`alamin: The Greatest Goodness in the Worlds. Habîtan: His name in the Injil. al-Taqi: The One Who Guards Himself. 148. 150. 165. 166. . The Spirit of Holiness. 173. al-Humayd: The Praised One. 146. 139. Khalil Allah: Allah's Close Friend. Imam al-nabiyyin: The Leader of Prophets. 169. 163. Imam al-muttaqin: The Leader of the Godwary. al-Hujja: The Proof. 141: al-Awwâh: The One Who Cries Ah. Hâmil liwa' al-hamd: Bearer of the Flag of Praise. 143. al-Hasîb: The Sufficient One. 141. 177. Hirzan li al-`ayn: A Barrier Against The Evil Eye. 176. al-Iklil: The Diadem. al-Khâdi`: The Submissive One. Hâmid: Praiseful. 137. al-Khâshi`: The Fearful One. Bim'udhma'udh: One of his names in the Torah. al-Hâshir: The Gatherer. 172. al-A`lamu billah: The Foremost in Knowledge of Allah. 154. 145. Habib al-Rahman: The Beloved of the Merciful. al-Awwal: The First. 144. 147.136. 152. al-Akhsha lillah: The Foremost in Fear of Allah. al-Hafîzh: The Keeper and Guardian. 151. al-Thimal: The Protector. 142. 153. al-Hamîd: The Praised One. 142: al-Abtahi: The One from Bitah between Mecca and Mina. al-Amân: The Safeguard. al-Hâfizh: The Preserver. Imam al-nas: The Leader of Humankind. Imam al-khayr: The Good Leader. 145. Amanatu as-habih: (The Keeper of) His Companions's Trust. Aktharu al-anbiya'i tabi`an: The Prophet With The Largest Following.

al-Mushaffa`: The One Granted Intercession. Sâhib al-liwa': The Carrier of the Flag. al-Shâkir: The Thankful One. 224. 183. Sa`id: Felicitous. 217. 214. Sâhib al-hatîm: The Lord of the Court Before the Ka`ba. 211. Dar al-hikma: The House of Wisdom. 218. al-Dhikr: The Remembrance. Sâhib al-mudarra`a: The Wearer of Armor. 225. 192. Râkib al-jamal: The Rider of the Camel. Rahmatun muhdat: Mercy Bestowed. Sâhib al-kawthar: The Owner of the River of Kawthar. Zaynu man wâfa al-qiyama: The Ornament of All Present on the Day of Judgment. Sâhib al-mash`ar: The Owner of the Landmark. Sabiq: Foremost. 221: Sâhib al-sayf: The Bearer of the Sword. 184. 216. 227. Sâhib al-shafa`at al-kubra: The Great Intercessor. Sâhib al-taj: The Wearer of the Crown. 196. 198. 188. 203. Sayyid al-nas: The Master of Humanity. Sâhib al-sultan: The Possessor of Authority. Rasul al-rahma: The Emissary of Mercy. 194. 228. 201. 210. 186. al-Zaki: The Pure One. Sâhib al-hujja: The Bringer of The Proof. Ruh al-haqq: The Spirit of Truth. 208. 215. Sâhibu Zamzam: The Owner of Zamzam. 205. Sâhib al-mahshar: The Lord of the Gathering. al-Shâfi`: The Intercessor. 187. al-Rahhab: The Most Fearful. Sarkhatilos: Paraclete (in Syriac). al-Zahid: The One Who Does-Without. Sâhib al-qadib: The Bearer of the Rod. 180. Khayru hadhihi al-umma: The Best of This Community. al-Zamzami: The Heir of Zamzam. 197. 213. al-Shakkâr: The One Who Thanks Much. Rasul al-raha: The Emissary of Relief. Ruh al-qudus: The Spirit of Holiness. Rukn al-mutawadi`in: The Pillar of the Humble Ones. al-Salam: Peace. Sayf Allah: Allah's Sword. Sâhib al-khâtim: The Owner of the Seal. 193. al-Dhakkar: The One Who Remembers Much. Khayru khalq Allah: The Greatest Good in Allah's Creation. Rasul / Nabi al-malahim: The Emissary / Prophet of Battles. 189. al-Shâri`: The Law-Giver. 179. al-Râfi`: The Exalter. . 191. Sâhib al-hawd: The Owner of the Pond.178. 209. 185. 207. 202. Râkib al-buraq: The Rider of the Buraq. 190. 212. 219. al-Shakur: The Ever-Thankful. al-Shafî`: The Constant Intercessor. 206. 204. 220. 226. 222. 223. Sâhib al-mi`raj: The One Who Ascended. 195. 181. al-Dâmigh: The Refuter (of Falsehoods). Sayyid walad Adam: The Master of the Children of Adam. 199. 182. 200.

His name in the Torah. 279. Fârqilîta: The Paraclete. al-Qurashi: The One From Quraysh.229. al-Qa'im: The One Who Stands and Warns. 231. 274. 278. al-Kâff: The One Who Puts a Stop (to Disobedience). al-Fâtih: The Conqueror. 265. Help (esp. 262. Gifted With Every Merit. al-Mubarak: The Blessed One. al-Ghafur: The Frequent and Abundant Forgiver. 234. 237. 259. 248. 268. al-Tayyib: The Salutary One. al-`Azhim: The Tremendous One. 245. `Ismatullah: Allah's Protection. 246. 266. al-Ma'mun: The One Devoid of Harm. al-`Afif: The Chaste One. Qa'id al-ghurr al-muhajjalîn: Leader of the Bright-Limbed Ones. 269. 233. al-Qattal: The Dauntless Fighter. 276. Sâhib la ilaha illallah: The Teacher of "There is no god but Allah. The Establisher. Sâhib al-hirâwa: The Bearer of the Cane. al-`âqib: The Last in Succession. 244. 251. 241. in the elements). 247. Fartt: The Scout. al-Dahuk: The Cheerful One. 243. al-Fâriq: The Separator Between Good and Bad. al-Zhahir: The Prevailer. Tâb Tâb: Of Blessed Memory. al-Mâhi: The Eraser (of Disbelief). 236. 272. al-`Adl: The Just. 252. 277. 261. 240. al-`Ali: The High One. al-Mâjid: The Glorifier. al-Sadiq: The Truthful. al-Masduq: The Confirmed. Qutham: Of Perfect Character. 253. 230. The Fragrant One. 256. Sâhib al-maqam al-mahmud: The One of Glorified Station. 260. 249. al-Mukhbit: The Humble Before Allah. 270. al-Mutamakkin: Made Firm and Established. Sâhib al-wasila: The Possessor of the Means. 255. 250. 273. Sâhib al-minbar: The Owner of the Pulpit. al-Sâlih: The righteous one. . Qâsim: The Distributer. 254. Falâh: Felicity. al-`Arabi: The Arabian. al-Fasîh: The Highly Articulate One. al-Dâbit: The One Given Mastery. 264. al-Muttaqi: The Godwary One. 275. Qa'id al-khayr: The Leader Who Guides to Goodness. al-Qarîb: The Near One. al-Qayyim: The Righteous Straightener (of the Community). 271. 232. al-Mutawakkil: Completely Dependent Upon Allah. 257. The Speaker of Arabic. 242. Fi'at al-muslimin: The Main Body of the Muslims. al-Ghayth: Rain. 258." 235. Qudmâya: The First (of the Prophets). al-Tahir: The (Ritually) Pure One. His Name in the Torah. Sâhib al-na`layn: The Wearer of Sandals. 263. 239. al-Mujtaba: The Elect One. 267. 238.

Marhama: General Amnesty. al-Mifdal: The Most Generous. 328. 310. al-Mukhbir: The Bringer of News. Nabi al-marhama: The Prophet of General Amnesty. 323. 299. 294. 281. 324. 329.280. 327. 287. al-Mashfu`: Granted Intercession. Mushaqqah / Mushaffah: Praised One. 318. al-Wafi: Holder of His Promise. 303. 282. Malhama: Great Battle. al-Wâ`id: The Harbinger of Terrible News. Marghama: Greater Force. al-Nâsih: The Most Sincere Adviser. Guarantor. 293. al-Hâshimi: The One of Hâshim's Line. al-Mas`ud: The Fortunate. al-Murshid: The Guide. 296. 304. 322. 309. 308. . 302. 305. al-Muhajir: The Emigrant. 301. al-Mufaddal: Favored Above All Others. 295. al-Mukhtar: The Chosen One. al-Naqiy: The Limpid One. al-Muntakhab: The Chosen One. 298. al-Wâsit: Central in Relation To All The Noble Families. 325. Mâdh Mâdh / Mûdh Mûdh / Mîdh Mîdh: Of Blessed Memory. 319. 289. 311. 317. al-Mu`ti: The Giver. al-Makki: The Meccan One. 292. 315. al-Munsif: The Equitable One. al-Munhaminna: The Praised One (in Syriac). al-Mahdi: The Well-Guided One. al-Mu'tamin: The One Given the Trust. al-Muhaymin: The Watcher. al-Murtaja: The Much Anticipated One. al-Mu`allim: The Teacher. 290. 306. 320. al-Wasîla: The Means. 313. Abu al-Qasim: Father of Qasim. al-Munib: The Oft-Repentant One. 330. 288. al-Naqîb: Trustee. al-Mu`aqqib: The One Who Comes Last in Succession. 297. al-Nâsikh: The Abrogator. 291. Mûsal: Mercied. 286. Muqim al-Sunna: The Founder of The Way. al-Nasîb: The One of High Lineage. al-Mustafa: The One Chosen and Purified. 326. al-Madani: The Madinan One. 312. al-Muti`: The Obedient One. 307. 300. 314. al-Musaddad: Made Righteous. (In the Torah. al-Mukrim: The One Who Honored Others. al-Muqaddas: The One Held Sacred. 284. al-Nâshir: The Proclaimer. al-Nâsir: The Helper. al-Masîh: The Anointed.) 316. 321. al-Mutahhir / al-Mutahhar: The Purifier / The Purified One. 283. al-Muslih: The Reformer. al-Mukhlis: The Perfectly Sincere One. 285.

331. 354. 369. Additional Names of Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam From Al-Jazuli's (d. Ruh al-qist: The Spirit of Justice. . 371. 343. Dependable. 353. Abu al-Mu'minin: Father of the Believers. Abu al-Arâmil: Father of Widows. 338. 337. 357. Hafiy: Affectionate and Kind. 367. 374. Dhu makâna: Of Eminent Station. Shafîq: Solicitous. 375. Abu al-Tahir: Father of Tahir. Kafîl: Guarantor. 361. Hizbullah: The Party of Allah. Wajîh: Distinguished In Allah's Sight. 364. Mu'ammil: Rouser of Hope. Tender. 362. 347. Safi Allah: Allah's Chosen and Purified One. 350. Dutiful. 363. Barr: Pious. Ghawth: Helper. 332. 345. 335. Abu Ibrahim: Father of Ibrahim. Sayyid: Master. 341. Wahîd: Unique One. 359. Guardian. Dhu hurma: Sacrosanct. 366. Jâmi`: Unifier. Wasûl: Conveyer? 356. Nasîh: One Who Excels At Sincere Advice. 372. 346. Dhikrullah: The Remembrance of Allah. Muqtafi: Imitated One. Naji Allah: Allah's Intimate Friend. Muntaqa: Carefully Selected. 340. 870) Dalail al-Khayrat 334. 336. Misbâh: Lamp. 352. Ghayyath: Prompt and Frequent Helper. 368. Mujab: Whose Request is Granted. Mujib: Responsive to Requests. Munajji: Savior. 342. Muhyin: Giver of Life. Shahîr: Famous. Hadiyyatullah: Allah's Gift. Ma`lum: Of Known Position. Mashhud: Visible. Sirât Allah: The Way to Allah. Matîn: Steadfast. 373. 358. 365. Dhu Fadl: Pre-Eminent. Dhu `izz: Endowed With Might. 344. Kalîm Allah: Conversant With Allah. 370. 355. 360. Wakîl: Trustee. 349. Kâmil: Perfect One. 351. 333. Mad`uw: Called upon. Mubirr: Who Overcomes. 348. 339. Mukarram: Highly Honored.

398. 395. Râfi` al-rutab: The Raiser of Ranks. 404. Sâhib al-izâr: The Wearer of the Loin-wrap. 386. [SallAllahu Ta'ala Alaihi wa Aalihi wa SaHbihi wa Baaraka wa Sallam] Al-Jazuli's Invocation at the End of His list of the Prophet's (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) Names O Allah. 377. 381. 391. `Alam al-iman: The Standard of Belief. 397. Miftâh al-rahma: The Key to Mercy. Kâshif al-kurab: Remover of Adversities. 394. 412. Sâhib al-fadîla: Possessor of Greatest Pre-Eminence. Sâhib al-mighfar: Possessor of the Helmet. `Ayn al-ghurr: Spring of the Radiant Ones. Makhsûs bi al-sharaf: Alone to Be Granted Honor. 415. 385. Sâhib al-qadam: Possessor of The Foothold. Sâhib al-faraj: Bringer of Deliverance. 392. 388.376. 405. 406. `Alam al-yaqîn: The Standard of Certainty. 408. 378. 380. Fâdil: Most Excellent One. 387. 407. Wâsil: One Who has Reached His Goal. Sâ'iq: (Mindful) Conductor. 414. 411. Muqîl al-`atharât: The Dismisser of Private Faults. Miftâh al-janna: The Key to Paradise. 400. 402. Sayyid al-kawnayn: Master of Humanity and Jinn. 382. Muktafi: Does With Little. Shâfi: Healer. 409. 413. O . Sahîh al-islam: Completer of Islam. Sâhib al-bayân: The Spokesman. longing to meet You. Mutahhar al-janân: Purified of Heart. purify our hearts from all the traits that keep us away from Your presence and Your love. 390. 416. Sa`dullah: Felicity Bestowed by Allah. 389. 403. Bâligh: One Who Has Reached His Goal. Musahhih al-hasanât: The Ratifier of Good Deeds. 384. Sâhib al-daraja al-rafî`a: Possessor of the Highest Degree. Muqaddam: Pre-eminent One. Muhdi: Guide. Mawsûl: Connected. `Ayn al-na`îm: Spring of Bliss. 383. Dalîl al-khayrât: The Guide to Good Things. `Alam al-huda: Flag of Guidance. Sâhib al-rida': The Wearer of the Cloak. 393. Radiance Itself. Makhsûs bi al-`izz: Alone to Be Granted Might. `Izz al-`arab: Might and Glory of the Arabs. Khatîb al-umam: The Orator to the Nations. Safûh `an al-zallât: The One Who Disregards Lapses. Bliss Itself. 396. Miftâh: Key. O our Lord! for the honor of Your elect Prophet and Pleasing Messenger before You. 379. and have us pass away following his Way and adhering to his Congregation. Sa`d al-khalq: Felicited Bestowed Upon Creation. 401. 410. Makhsûs bi al-majd: Alone to Be Granted Glory. 399.

. Aameen! . and upon his Family and Companions..Possessor of Majesty and Generosity! And the blessings and abundant greetings and peace of Allah be upon our master and liege-lord Muhammad SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam.