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We envision a community of God- centered, spiritually grounded, socially responsible, and knowledgeable citizens who actively promote ecological

sustainability, cultural sensitivity, and gender equality, and thus, enjoy the benefits from active and positive participation in such a society. Vision We are committed to provide basic education to the youth in urban and rural communities, instilling in them a deep consciousness of their identity as children of God, loving members of their families and happy, productive citizens of the community. Mission CPF is a Roman Catholic educational institution. It is Gods special gift, a shining endowment of his grace in providing for the spiritual needs of His flocks. As such, we endeavor to propagate Christian values through education and example. CPF considers that the purpose of education is the establishment and maintenance of moral harmony. The school tries to provide every opportunity for its students to internalize the virtues necessary to living in todays morally-challenged world. Araling- Panlipunan World War I . 1. List the regions in Asia that joined the World War I. 2. State the effect of World War I. 3. Identify the persons involved in World War I. After his lesson, Mr. Luis Coria gave a quiz to assess the learning of the students. The quiz was not only focused on facts but also on what is the impact of the lesson to them. Mr. Coria told us that they were not required to make a lesson plan, because of that I will just use the objectives I have made when I observed his class: a) List the regions in Asia that joined the World War I. b) State the effect of World War I. c) Identify the persons involved in World War I. I think the appropriate assessment for those objectives is more on pencil and paper test. The appropriate assessment to use in learning is an assessment that suited to the lesson. For example, a P.E. class should not only on pencil and paper test it should be also on performance test. The Center for Positive Future is a private Catholic School. So, one of its link and supporter is the Catholic Church. Mr. Coria told us that there are times; nuns visited the school to observe if there are problems or anything is okay regarding with the students, teachers or the facilities that can improve learning. The school can provide the needs of the learners. CPF is not as populated as other schools. 1. I dont thin k all the students in CPF are contributing in a good learning environment because most of them didnt respect their teacher.2. The teachers are really kind and as I have observed they do their best to teach and motivate the students. 3. They are approachable and they also planned activities

that will benefit the students. 4. They are strict but II understand it because they want the students to be discipline ones. 5. They support all the programs and activities of the school for their children. They always attend PTA meetings that could achieve their student learning goals. I. 1. In CPF, we observed the English class. While the teacher was d discussing something, the students were really in focus. I also observed that they were not populated in a class; I think they were more or less thirty students. The student ts have enough materials and book for their activities. And also the noise of the school outside was not a hindrance because it couldnt be heard inside the school. 2. MR. Gerald pingan told us that before he starts the class he always assure that his thinking is focus on teaching his class so that he can carry his lesson lightly and to influence the ambiance of the class. During the discussion, he makes sure that he delivers the lesson with energy to make his class interested with discussion after the lesson, he asked his students if they have queries regarding the lesson and they were feely to asked it.