Mercy for the Soul- Week one, 2nd March 2013 Notes by Muhsin Hamzah Make an intention: “I want

to live my life under the shade of Ar-Rahman and being the servant of Allah  and the Prophet ” “Everything belongs to God- ourselves, our lives, our bodies- everything belongs to God. When we ourselves belong to Him, how can anything belong to us? The only things that belong to us is God. Please give us the clarity and wisdom to realize completely that our only wealth is God.” - Taken from “To die before death, the sufi way of life.” By M.R Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. The main veil between us an Al-Rahman is our ego. The ego is fueled by six primary ingredients they are: 1) I am what I have. My possessions define me. 2) I am what I do. My achievements define me. 3) I am what others think of me. My reputation define me. 4) I am separate from everyone. I am greater than everybody else. 5) I am separate from all that is missing in my life. My life space is disconnected from my intention of living. 6) I am separate from Allah. My life depends on Allah’s assessment of my worthiness. These are the walls that we have constructed with our Ego and unless and until we tear down these walls with the light of Ar-Rahman it would not be possible to manifest our intention of being alive. So we have to take breath by breath moment by moment and slowly let the attribute of Ar-Rahman help us in our lives.


Mercy for the Soul, 2nd March 2013| Being!

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