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Module-7: Estimation & Tests of Statistical Hypotheses : Point Estimation, Confidence Intervals for Means, Confidence Intervals for

Difference of Two Means, Sample Size, Tests About Proportions, Tests of the Equality of Two Normal Distributions, ChiSquare Goodness of Fit Tests, Contingency Tables, Tests of the Equality of Several Means.

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If P(A) = 3/8, P(B) = & P(A B) = then find P(A/B), P(B/A), P( A / B ), P( B / A ) A man throws two disc. Find the probability of getting exactly 4 aces on both in 6 trials. In a class 40 percent students read mathematics, 25 percent biology and 15 percent both mathematics & biology. One student is selected at random find the probability that the reads mathematics, if it is known that Biology the probability that he reads biology if the reads mathematics. If on an average 9 ships out of returns safe to a port, what is the probability that out of 5 ships expected at least 3 will arrive? (Ans: 12393/12500 An event succeeds twice as many items as it falls. Find the probability that in the next 6 trials it will succeed at least 4 times. (Ans: 496/729 If the probability that a man and 60 will live to be 70 is 0.65, what is the probability that out of 10 men, now 60, at least 7 will live to be 70? Ans: 0.510 The number of telephone lines busy at an instant of time is electrical variate with probability 6.2. If 10 lines are chosen at random. What is the probability that 5 lines are busy? (Ans: 0.02642) What is the probability that at most 2 lines are busy? The probability of a man hiting a target is l/4 (i) if he fires 7 times, What is the probability of his hitting the target at least twice? (ii) IIow many times must be fired so that the probability of the hitting the target atleast once is greater then 2/3? (Ans: 0.5551,4).

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I percvent of defective items, What should be the number n of items in a random sample, that the probability of finding at least one defective in it is at least 0.95? (Ans: 68) The probability that a pen manufactured by a company will be defective is 0.1. If 12 such pens are selected at random, find the probability that (i) exactly two will be defective (ii) atleast two will be defective (iii) none will be defective. (Ans: 0.2301.0.3112.0.2823) If on an average one ship in every ten is wreked, find the probability that out of 5 ships expected to arrive, 4 at least will arrive safely. 10% of screws produced in a certain factory tum out to be defective find the probability that in a sample of 10 screws chosen at random exactly two will be defective. The probability that a man aged 60 will live to be 70 is 0.65 the probability that out of 10 men, now 60, at least 7 will leave to be 70? An underground mine has 5 pumps installed for pumping out storm water, the probability of any one of the pumps failing during the storm is 1/8, what is the probability that at least 2 pumps will be working. If the probability of a defective bolt is 0.1 find (I) mean (II) the standerd deviation for the distribution bolts in a total of 400. Die is tossed thrice. A success is getting 1 or 6 on a toss. Find the (i) mean (ii) variance of the number of success. Assume that the probability of an individual coal miner being killed in a mine accident during a year is 1/2400 use appropriate statistical distribution to calculate the probability that in a mine employing 200 miners, there will be at least one fatal accident in a year In a certain factory producing cy cle tyres, there is a small chance of 1 in 500 tyres to be defective. The tyres are supplied in lots of 10. Using poison distribution calculate the approximate number of lots containing no defective, one defective and two defective tires, respectively, in a consignment of 10,000 lots. Students of a class were given on aptitude test their marks were found to be normally distributed with mean 60 and standard deviation 5. What percentage of students scored more than 60 markets. It was found that 10 percent of boys in a certain class were suffering from short sight. What is the probability that random sample of 5 boys will certain (i) no boy suffering from short sight, (ii) exactly 1 boy suffering from short sight (iii)


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not more than 4 boys suffering from shart sight. 0.3412.0.2823. 21.



Given that 2 percent of the fuses manufactured by a firm are detective. Find the probability that a bvox containing 60 issues has (i) at least one defective fuse (ii) 3 or more defective fuses. (Ans: 0.982, 0.762) A car hire firm has 2 cars, which it hires day by day. The demand for car on each day is distributed as a Poisson distribution with mean 1.5. Calculate thej probability thatj on a certain day (i) neither car is used and (ii) some demand is refused. (Ans: 196) A manufacturer knows that 5 percent of items of his product is defective. If he sell the items in boxes of 100 and guarantees that not more then 4 items will be defective, What is the probability that a box will fail to meet the guaranteed quality. (Ans: 06620) Using Poissons distribution, find the probability that the ace of spaces will be drawn from a pack of well-shuffled cards at least once in 104 consecutive trials. (Ans: 0.8647) In a sample survey of a large number of married couples it is found that 13.5 percent of them are without any children. If we as some what the number of children per couple is a random variable with a Poisson distribution find the percentage of couples having one child only. (Ans: 27) Find the probability that at the most 5 defective fuses will be found in a box of 200 fuses if experience shows that 2 percent of search fuses are defective. (Ans: 0.785) Define Poison distribution and show that the Poisson distribution can be regarded as the limiting form of the Binomial, Distribution Hence obtain the mean and variance of Poisson distribution. Fit a Poissons distribution of the following data Death 0 1 2 3 4 Freq. 122 60 15 2 1 A hospital switch board receive: an average of four emergency calls in 16 minute interval. What is the probability that there at the most 2 emergency call in a 10 minutes interval (ii) there are exacting 5 emergency calls is 10 minutes interval.