Election Campaign turns into Carnage by Rowena Lim de la Cruz National Star Daily Philippines 1:00 am | Saturday, March 9th

, 2013 ANAHAW CITY - Police are still looking for perpetrators of a heinous act which occurred in Caritas town, Esperanza del Sur last night. At around ten in the evening, while giving a speech on why the people should vote for him, gubernatorial candidate Alvarez of the Nacionalista Party suddenly jumped from the stage onto a mother and her infant sitting in the front row. Witnesses and survivors described the scene that followed as something from a horror movie. They reported that the terrified mother could only watch helplessly as the candidate quickly snatched and devoured her infant. "He was so fast. It was unexpected. We did not know what to do" tearfully recounted an old woman who refrained from giving her name. Said mother of infant is still in shock and is currently in the town health clinic. "One moment they were dancing Gangnam Style, and singing, the next second they have changed into monsters and started chasing people," Mr. Espiritu, one of the survivors states. He was bitten by one of them and is currently in the clinic as well, being treated by a nurse. Mr. Espiritu tells me that after the candidate giving the speech attacked, other candidates started going after the crowd as well. "Their hair started to grow very long and became frizzled and disarrayed. Then their eyes shone bright red. They suddenly sprouted long, sharp teeth, their nails grew long, then they chased us. I saw one of them bite my brother on the neck." Mr. Espiritu's brother is one of the confirmed dead. Security personnel of the candidates and several policemen were surprised by the event. A few decided to shoot their employers, but bullets were unable to stop them. The police shot into the crowd, accidentally shooting a young man in the head and injuring two others. The young man is still to be identified. After attacking the crowd, the creatures allegedly fled into the ricefields and coconut plantations surrounding Caritas town. Police, guards and a few spectators pursued the creatures to no avail. Caritas town is surrounded by coconut and rice fields that extend onto the bases of the nearby mountains. Sources claim the creatures were laughing and shrieking while escaping from the police and guards.

"The police were there to keep peace and order in case something untoward happens. They did not expect the incident to happen," town police Chief Inspector Rodriguez said. "The police are actively pursuing the case and an internal affairs unit is being formed to investigate on any mishaps allegedly committed by some people from the force. We have already alerted and are working with police units from nearby precincts in hunting for the perpetrators." Twelve people are confirmed dead while twenty are injured. Residents of nearby towns and barangays were urged to stay inside their houses and keep their doors and other entrances locked and secure. http://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/1a1ag6/election_campaig n_turns_into_carnage/

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