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Critical Evaluation of Global Consumer Electronic Player To Regain its Competitive Edge Assignment-2

Name of Student Hushank Utreja Enrolment No. A0101911092 Class Roll No. E-26 Programme Name MBA(Gen)

To: Asian Electronics Private Ltd. Date: 04/03/12 Our ref.: Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Invitation for Fee Proposal for Comprehensive Condition Survey of Electronic Market We write, on behalf of ABC Consulting, to invite you to submit a professional service fee proposal to conduct a comprehensive condition survey of the subject premises. The scope of services covered by the fee proposal shall include but not limited to the following:1. Wed provide support, but not own the work. We will bring together

experts in purchasing, production, marketing and manufacturing to work closely with the client. They will help identify and build the skills the client needed to be more productive.
2. The operations team would examine every facet of how the client

developed, manufactured, and shipped its products and find ways to update and simplify processes and reduce costs. 3. To conduct a comprehensive condition survey to external and internal external environment of the client business. 4. The study relies on two teamsone focused on operations and the other on marketing. With members from Asia and North America, the teams will work independently across the globe and collaborated to develop their joint recommendations
5. The marketing team will focus on understanding the clients biggest

opportunity: North America. They will also investigate two other important regions: Europe and Asia.
6. To carry out a comprehensive study of all the core activates along with

R&D, purchasing, manufacturing, supply-chain management, and finance.

7. Performance reports from the business unit to the corporate organization

often focused on the wrong information. Therefore to improve reporting systems would make it easier for top executives to identify which areas of operations or sales needed attention.
8. To identify the markets it should focus on.

9. To set priority and provide cost estimate on the new markets and products

to catered to.
10. To prepare 2 copies of the condition survey report duly signed by either

an Authorized Person or a Professional Building Surveyor to reveal all findings, repair methods and cost estimates for the Owners reference.

11. To complete the said comprehensive condition survey within 10 weeks

from appointment. To submit the said comprehensive condition survey report within 12 weeks from the date of appointment. 12.To explain details of the said condition survey report to the Owners, and to answer questions that they may raise. We have submitted you with our detailed proposal and including the tasks, roles, problems that will be looked into but not restricted to the above. The time frame within which the project will be completed is approximately 12 Weeks including one week period for final closing of the project. There will be 15 employees who will be working on the problems conducting research and solutions to the problems across North America and Asia. Employees on work: 8 Analysts 4 Senior Analysts 2 Team Leaders 1 Senior Manager on the project

Proposal Cost: The analyst will be charged at $10/hour, $20/hour for the senior analysts, $25/Hour for the Team Leaders and $40/Hour for the Senior Manager. Normal Working Hours in a week: 40 Hours Total Project timeline: 12 Weeks Total Working Hours on the Project: 480 Hours Total Time allocation to the project for all the employees: Analyst will work for 8 Hours/Day, Senior Analyst will work for 5 Hours/Day on the project, Team Leaders will work for 8 Hours/Day on the project and the Senior Manager will work for 3 Hours/Day. Therefore total project Cost Estimate: = 8*(480 Hours * $10) + 4*(300 Hours * $20) + 2*(480 Hours * $25) + 1*(180 Hours * $40) = $38400+ $24000+ $24000+ $7200 =$93600 Please feel free to talk further about the proposal. Yours faithfully, Hushank Utreja ABC Consulting