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Catalogue of publications .


tDbe Ibiepanic Society of Hmetica Catalogue of Ip^ublicattons I56tb Street an& 3Broa&wag .

by The Hispastic Society OF Amebica . 1907.Copyright.

Catalogue of publications .



THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA I •7IX& mcMcn^t ' pitthmticixxhumtnoi$ (o^stmsfktemBdiffi^ auiiiVtoncvnmB me<)uaimUe (oipcfiulttfkcaa Vcvtia^ qmbiattxyhts ifktmUieab miiiis me |pQuvmiiimi tic 1 110^5 cn^ nTe v^butc^ <ttq^ ^tsfiabtUci qitlo/ua a>m>2e efhto ix^ (^ fMt:ct^.^wi^p^Oltlonc1plfere^ltltfH>llfmet^« ftviiin ittfHifMlntciti<ipci'tfri£»fqmio^u6fhf^f2et ttc If toi{et£k|]ciMiif r4^<)^ f ii<i|je ^yx^i^ eft fivniitci'p catli^habcat iw^^xtvcma htimmta/ ic mctc itut vciwUtatOiiui uirait iOiig^iiuiM^ vetuzihahUs m^tmpoteflJi^aami^ftjMuifl fl pfii&ia^^u'it»totKMna^KtrmiW^^ 0^n0t^bifp<>uHlKntpifhtucoq>quaibctbway feiMtuutpciihuvnitgwacpws^efcta tcepcitnicffxmmatwnfcvpoe ttc^f^xtutmH"^ N03 10 .

) F. Profuse notes impart indispensable documentary information. 1 blank Text pp.00 BANDELIER (ADOLPH F. Page with numText and illustrations within ruled border lines. 65 numbered $1. Numerous ground plans. this volume are those of Ferdinand Columbus and refer to the Columbine Library in Seville Edition of one hundred printed in facsimile 1902. Note of edition. 4°. Extensive excavations were made. Facsimile MS. give to Mr. Colophon. photographic views. uncut. THE ISLANDS OF TITICACA AND KOATI BY ADOLPH BANDELIER (Seal) NEW YORK 1908. The author and his wife devoted seven months of the year 1895 to exploration of the Islands of Titicaca and Koati.PUBLICATIONS BONILLA Y SAN MARTIN (Vignette: Bibliotheca hispanica) BARCELONA "L'Aven9" Ronda de I'Universitat. the Ruins on the Island of Koati. the Islands of Titicaca and Koati. 1 blank page. Correcciones. Manuscript notes in his catalogue. Aboriginal Myths and Traditions Concerning the Island of Titicaca. Rev. VI-XI. 7 [ 1903 [ 45 leaves : — Title. No signatures. 20 MADRID | | ] | 1 | Libreri'a de M. Murillo | Alcala. Rev. continued through several decades with distinguished success. 1 blank page. 1-77 page (p. and plates representing the antiquities obtained. the Ancient Ruins on the Island of Titicaca. Advertencia pp. Some of the subjects treated are: The Basin of Lake Titicaca. in Lake Titicaca. and many valuable discoveries followed. : — 2 blank. The ruins on the islands are described in detail. also two maps of Lake Titicaca and its islands. 11 . 5). Note of publication. {Pvhlished by | | | | | ] \ | the Hispanic Society of America) In preparation. Title-page. their Physical Aspect and Social Condition. accompany the text. Bandelier his eminent position among archaeologists and ethnologists. No pagination. the Indians of the Island of Titicaca. 5 blank pages. Note.. This book embodies the later results of the long series of investigations which.00 8 ARS MORIENDI 20 leaves bers: 7979. and such sections of the lake shores as were geographically and historically connected with them. Dedication. from the copy in $6. notes.

of 8 leaves (last leaf blank). Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . ( 5^ ) \ \ \ | | | | I | | | 12 . Ano de.. The Pedro de Castro. in which year he moved to Medina del Campo. Title-page. Black-letter. P^rez Pastor. Zc. Frontispiece: Allegorical cut within floreated border.xlj. \ | [. M. p. por el Prefentado Fray Pedro Ver. 9. 9.D. "no dando reposo a sus prensas. Rev. at his feet human remains. (Vignette) f Y con priuilegio de la Catholica Mageftad Real. Dedication.^PRIMERA PARTE DE LA ANGEde Soto. publicd alg\in libro en este mismo ario y continue sin interrupcidn hasta el atio 1550. a cofta de loan Diaz mercader de Efta taffado en libros. en que suponemos moriria. Signatures uncut. Note of edition. Hecha (Escutcheon) go Barahona dirigida al muy yllu ftre f efior don Gafpar per Die= deftuniga de auellaneda abad de ca= ftro. No pagination. : A -A ij iiij to C- C iiij. as well as the scientific reader wiU be interested in Mr. |!^4? Impreffo en Granada en cafa de Hugo de Mena. and.. 482. blank. 1586. This book believed to be unique. Prologue. : Text. 4!°. and in his picture of the culture of the ancient inhabitants of the two ^5 BARAHONA (DIEGO) Glofa a la obra de don Jorge Manrrique. Text of the Coplas in single column followed on each page by the corresponding Glosa in double columns.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA The general islands. 28 leaves blank. is printer." cf. $4. operated in Salamanca until 1541.. The place of printing is uncertain. '^ Con aduertimientos | | | | a los fines de los cantos y breues Summarios a los prmcipios. blank leaves. | C | : | | | | | Title within architectural border. representing figure of death bearing a coffin. f AL EXCELENTISSIMO Virrey de Napoles.dugo de Sarria. Rev.. Bandelier's descriptions of the actual customs of the Bolivian (Aymard) Indians of the lake region. La Imprenta en Medina del Campo.00 6 BARAHONA de SOTO (LUIS) (Ornamental head-line) I LICA DE LVYS Barahona Seiior Duque de Offuna.


Aa-Aa 5 to li-Ii 2. 1-251 (Introduction. ff. Sonnets. AA 5 to Z-Z 5. y de sus fortunas y aduersidades. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1904 .. Recopilada por Lou| | [ | AO ILLVSTRISSIMO & | | | I | I I nette) I EM LISBOA I Com todas as licen9as neceffarias | POR PE- 14 . 8°. Penitencia de amor (Burgos. ahora por primera vez publicada segun la forma original por Adolfo Bonilla y San Martin $1.50 . $8. blank. Coplas por la muerte de su padre. Foulche-Delbosc.50 Perdlvarez de Ayllon y Luis Hurtado de Toledo.00 Diego de San Pedro. Verses. .. Text). Signatures: * 2-* 3 (of 4 leaves). Title-page. except li-Ii 2 of 4 leaves (one blank). &c. Publicala R.cebifpo & fenhor de Braga Primaz das Hefpanhas. Foulche-Delbosc $2.. Primera edicion . (VigI M? Fr.00 Jorge Manrrique. Paz y Melia $3. ^ critica. Note of edition. 1499). eleito Ar. Carcel de amor (SeviUa. See under separate titles.00 Vida del soldado espanol Miguel de Castro (1593—1611).THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA 260 leaves:— 2 blank. do Confelho de fua Mageftade. 1514) Reimpresion publicada por R.00 La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes. Restitucion de la edicion principe por R. Comedia Tibalda. Reuerendifsimo fenhor D6 Rodrigo da Cunha Bifpo do Porto. 2 blank leaves.. .00 Pedro Manuel de Urrea. BERNARDO de) DE LYSARDO. escrita por el mismo y publicada por A. 1492) . uncut. $2. all of 8 leaves. Reimpresion publicada por R. I SILVIA ren9o Craesbeck. Reimpresion publicada por R. $1.00 . Author's dedication. »"r BIBLIOTHECA HISPANICA Comedia de Calisto Z Melibea (Unico texto autentico de la Celestina). Rev. 8 BRITO (El P. Dedication. Foulche-Delbosc $1. Foulche-Delbosc $1. Publicalo Adolfo Bonilla y San Martin $1. License. Foulche-Delbosc $1.00 Comedia de Calisto Z Melibea (Burgos.00 Libro de los engaiios Z de los asayamientos de las mugeres.

all of leaves. L-L 8. 1-14 (should be 141). A-A 9 to K-k 9. § | Impreffor del Rey. Jfi. 8. Com muyto alto Z muyto poderofo Rey dqm Manuell noffo Foy ordenado Z emedado por Gar9ia de Reef ende fidalguo f enhor da cafa del Rey noffo fenhor Z efcriuam da fazenda do prin9ipe. Dedication. 3 blank pages. Dedication. which. dias de fetebro da era de noffo fenhor Jefu crifto de mil Z quynhent? Z xvi anos. Graesse and Brunet make no mention of it. uncut. Printer's dedication. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . he appears never to have seen. Por Pedro Co todas Crasbeeck Impref- | for del Rey. | ACabouffe de empremyr o canfyonejrro geerall. except : — M-M M-M This edition seems to be almost unknown among bibliographers.. ff. Salvd (No. Text to 1— 46. 8 of 9 12 leaves. blank.. 8°. Dedication. Aos xxviij. Rev. 150 leaves: 3 blank.00 CANCIONEIRO GENERAL Cancio= | neiro. te anuncid una edicidn de Lisboa. nor does Canto in his Collecgao Camoneana. however. 8°. sm. | | (Vignette) | as lice9as neceff arias | (Line) | EM | LISBOA.. num. 15 . Rev. A-A 9 D-D 5. .. § etc. : preuilegio do . of 4 leaves. sm. Note of edition. Anno 1626.. Title-page.. Rev.. Sonnets. $3. Lixboa. Licenses. Text ff. 504) says: En el Catdlogo de Conde. $6. Vendemfe | | na Rua noua em cafa de Paulo Craesbeeck liureiro. geral : | Cum preuilegio.. An.00 CAMOENS (LUIS de) OS LVSIADAS DE LVYS DE 1 | I | Camoes. Signatures f 2.PUBLICATIONS DRO CRAESBEECK 54 leaves: License. Title within double line border. Tasa. 16^6. all of 12 leaves. Title-page. Per Herma de capos alema bobardeyro del rey noffo fenhor Z empremjdor. —3 blank. Come90use em almeyrym Z acaboufena muyto nobre Z fempre leall 9idade de (At end) .. Note of edition. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . leaves. 2 blank Signatures: of 4. and 2-§ 4. except 2-§ 4 D— D 5 of 8 leaves. 1626. 8°. uncut.

tiif N°9 16 . C6toduislicetisMcclEiriu I EM L I S B O A. IM.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA O D L V S LVSIADAS E Y S D E Camoes. Por Pedro Crasb«clc Impierfor delRcjr.

p. Escutcheon. 8°. unTabla in double columns. . Signatures: +ijto CC-CC iiij. 1. Este contiene solos los del siglo d^cimoquinto. black-letter. 2 blank leaves. and CC-CC iiij of 5 leaves. leaf without numeration (Colophon. * . First four lines and cross on last (At end) La prefente obra intitulada cancionero general copilado por hemado del caftillo. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1904 .. p. -. — Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1904 17 . all of 8 leaves..) "El cancionero portugues tlene muchos mas poetas que el castellano. I-CCIII. Rev.. fon las nueuamente aiiadidas. . cut. Escutcheon).. Rev. de la poesia. b-b iiji to z-z iiij. Dedication." (Sarmiento.iiij. vol. ". AA iiij to F-F iiij of 8 leaves. 360) that the Portuguese Cancionero General contains poems of more than one hundred and fifty poets who lived in the XVth century. Title-page. . tambien coloca. $55.PUBLICATIONS 238 leaves:— 2 blank. -f. Text if. Note of edition. Text fF. A-A iiij to Z-Z iiij. except F-F iiij of 6 leaves. Pedro. | Title within ornamental border. 8 . Salvd says of the original: "Libro rari'simo . $55. Text in triple columns. Durante veintidos afios de residencia en Paris y L6ndres no he visto nineuno de venta. Prologue. Fue impreffo enla imperial cibdad de Toledo por luan de villaquiran imprenfor de libros. Text in double and triple columns.. Acabofe a veynte dias del mes de Enero Ano del nacimiento de nueftro faluador Ihefu chrifto de : mil Z quinientos Z veynte Afios. a ij -a iiij of 6 leaves. line rubricated. 216 leaves: 2 blank. Sarmiento also states (p. Note of edition. I. 8°. 3 blank leaves. I-CCXXVII. 6 contiene algunas del siglo deciuiocuarto. Dedication. .00 11 CANCIONERO GENERAL Cancione ro general nueuamete anadido S* OTra vez ympreffo con adicion de mu chas y muy ef gocidas obras las qua les quien mas prefto querra ver vaya ala tabla y todas aquellas que ternan | | | | | : | : | : efta I feiial . Rev. Index. 1. 323). pero aquel d vista de las poesias que pone del rei D. AA-AA iiij except BB-BB iiij of 6 leaves. black-letter. Prologue. Hist. Title-page. Tabla. 88.00 . uncut. Signatures: AAA-AAAA of 4 leaves. (SalvL Catdloco. que muri6 en 1367.

It bears no date. en la calle de Pedritxol. $4. Edited by Edward Luther Stevenson.. "Opus nicolay de canerio ianuenais" is the legend appearing in the lower corner on the left. del Pino. delante N.. Text fF. New York.. 46 leaves 9 blank pages. Afio. blank. 5 (Figures of man and woman) EN BARCELONA. Ph. Signatures a ij -a vii to c-c vii. D. No A 5 to E-E 5. uncut.. Al lector. Rev. now in course of publication. Note of Rev.. (Line) Por Geronymo Margarit. ii-xxxvi.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA as CANCIONERO LLAMADO DANQA DE GALANES.D. con fus Recopilados por refpueftas. but there is good reason for believing it was drawn as early as 1S02. of 12 leaves. It belongs to the same type as does the Cantino. This important early Portuguese map is the second of a series. his native country. de Nagera. and it seems probable that they are somewhat modified copies of a common original. edition. Text.. Title-page. 4°. Facsimile reproduction. of 12 leaves. 1 I | en el qual para cantar. y baylar. Little is known concerning Canerio. which pives us the name of the author.. Rev. or in Italy. 8°. issued under the joint auspices of the American Geographical Society and The Hispanic Society of America. which will Illustrate the gradual expansion of knowledge concerning the geography of the New World. 18 . Title-page.L. uncut. Woodcut (lady seated at table writing). Dedication. y otros plazeres.50 Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . pagination. and we are left to conjecture as to whether this excellent piece of work was done in Portugal.I. fe contienen inume| | rabies canciones | | | | I | I | | 66 leaves:— 3 blank. M. 5 blank leaves. Note of edition.00 14 CANERIO (NICOLO de) OPUS NICOLAY DE CANERIO lANUENSIS. sm. : — Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . 5 blank pages. S. Signatures: A2$4. Diego de Vera. 13 CANCIONERO mores recopilado delos mas modernos y con diligecia cor regido. | C Cancionero Uamado Vergel de | a= | [ excelentes poetas Caftella= | nos affi antiguos como | : [ [ ] | ] Title in red : and black with ornamental border.. the country whose language he employs. 1907. (Vignette: IVSTA VLTIO) En Carag09a por Steuan G. Afio 1625. y para defpoforios. as known at the opening of the sixteenth century.

PUBLICATIONS Cartaiaparaenfenar flier alo0 mno0«£otila doctrina £b:iftianaque (camth amado0bar# in3no0* f einend«Ia:f coo ptiuiie^e ocw EN PAMPLONA! Por Mathias Mares. Ella tafladaporlos Senoiesc(elConleioR<*I> en diez macauedu. N°15 19 .DC. Ano do M. VI.

It is further to be noted that the agreement between Waldseemiiller's Carta Marina of 1516 and the Canerio chart is so striking as to lead to the opinion that the Carta Marina is a printed edition of the Canerio chart on which." Though wanting some of the artistic touches of the Cantino map. Canerio's influence was undoubtedly far-reaching on the early sixteenth century cartography of the New World." Canerio gives us on the eastern seaboard of Brazil. nomenclature is that of the Cantino map. y emendada y con priuilegio de fu Magef tad impreffa. proud of his countryman. Rev. however. and the only copy known. injured condition of the parchment. Ano de M. leaves. 4°. (Ornament) (Radiant disc: ifi S) PAMPLONA: Por Mathias Mares. A -A viii ij of 16 leaves. corregida. cut.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA original map. It appears that the map came to the archives of the State Department in 1669. are to be seen some changes and some improvements. perhaps of like date. of title-page. Cantino omits the word "Genoese. the names "Porto de Sto Sebastiano" and "Alapago de Sam Palo.50 .VI... It is further noticeable that the southern continent has an added> extension of ten degrees. Canerio. The north continental area of the New World has here a farther extension southward than in the Cantino. Genoese Admiral ". (Line) que fe canta. It seems altogether probable that the Canerio map or a copy of the same is the Portuguese sea-chart to which Waldseemiiller refers in the "Supplementum" of the Strassburg Ptolemy of 1513. en diez marauedis.00 J 16 CARTILLA PARA ENSENAR Cartilla para enfenar | aler a los ninos. It is drawn with great care and Its reproduction has been difficult by reason of the crinkled and artistic skill. The Canerio map measures 325 by 115 cm. Woodcut of Virgin and the child Christ. Every inscription of the map. $3. but it contains important additions. Verses. one richer in nomenclature. the oldest known marine chart on which are indicated degrees of latitude.DC. Title-page. and more than one quarter of a century before the creation of the Archives of the French Navy. Agora de nueuo examinada.. Its — $20. | | Amados her= | | : | | ] ] EN | | | | | | | 22 leaves: 3 blank. is legible. (Line) Efta taffada por los Senores del Confejo Real. Tabla (Multiplication table). and this influence was enhanced by the work of WaldseemUller. which was before the first collection of papers relating to French Marine affairs was ordered by Colbert. however. Gallois in the Archives du Service hydrographique de la Marine. and at both extremities of the Atlantic coast line Canerio has placed a Spanish flag. for the first time. Dedication. Text. and this reproduction in ten sheets is true to the original in every The detail. 2 blank No is pagination. un- Black-letter. — Same woodcut Signatures: as on rev. from which this facsimile has been made.. Con la doctrina ] Chriftiana manos. This book Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 20 . Canerio has given us one that is scientifically of greater value. believed to be unique. was discovered a few years ago by L. Rev. writes "The Antilles of the king of Castile discovered by Colonbo. Paris. Note of edition.

MancUto dominonun de confilio CanOx generalis I nquifitiooi^ N°17 21 .PUBLICATIONS B CATALOGILI RORVM 8c praefegendoru ex ludicio Aca REPROBATOR VM Louani'cnf3r.L I. PlNCliC. dcmix Cum cdidlo Csefarcac Maicftatiscinifgatf.Anno Domini^M. £x officina FrancinFerdi.D. Corduben .

. Text. blank. Dedication. [ 18 leaves: —2 blank. 7 1900 | | | | | | | | | | | I 134 leaves:— 1 blank. all of 4 leaves. M. Preface. No signatures. D. Der Index der verbotenen BUcher. blank. cut. blank. Rev. Rev. Copyright.. No pagination. V-IX. Paz y Melia (Vignette: Bibliotheca hispanica) BARCELONA "L'Aven9" Ronda de I'Universitab. Text. $3. For difference in editions cf. blank.. Murillo Alcala... vol. Title-page. Huntington. Note of edition. 4°. .00 . Introduction.. Rev.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA 16 CASTRO (MIGUEL | de) | Vida del soldado espanol Miguel de Castro (1593-1611) escrita por el mismo y publicada por A. Printer's stamp. p. which was itself a reprint by the Inquisitor-General Fernando de Vald6s of the Louvain Index of ISSO. Cordu| L I. New York 1905 | | | | | | | | | 140 leaves: —3 blank.00 V. ISSl.. 1-232. Signatures: A ij-A iij to C-C iij. et seq.. uncut. Title. (Escutcheon) ben. IntroRev. $5. . Lettered in gold on cover Regeftrum libro^ don f erdinandi colon etc. blank. 20 MADRID Libreria de M. Mandate | dominorum de confilio fan- generalis Inquifitionis. 18 CATALOGUE OF FERDINAND COLUMBUS LIBRARY facsimile | Catalogue of the Library of Ferdinand Columbus Reproduced in from the Unique Manuscript in the Columbine Library of Seville by Archer M.00 17 CATALOGI LI iudicio gati. 132. . 4°. from the original manuscript in the Biblioteca Colombina of Sevilla $70. Note of edition.. 7 blank pages. blank. Anno Domini. Two other reprints of the latter appeared in the same year in Valencia and Toledo. Rev.. 3 blank pages. Text in double columns. I. Ferdi. : Edition of three hundred printed in facsimile 1905. Rev. No pagination. I | BRORVM REPROBATORVM & | | | praelegendoru ex Aca ] | demiae Louanienfis. Ex officina Francif. Rev. ilae I Cum edi6lo Casfareas Maieftatis euulPINCI^. 2 blank leaves. Edition of one hundred printed in facsimile 1896 . Dedication. 4°. blank. Reusch. duction pp.. un- Reprint of the first Valdds Index. Text pp. Title-page. Valladolid. Rev.. Title-page. 1.

cum edtdo donunorum inquiTitora apofto licora in dui tateToletan.D. inquifitionis/am pridemreprobatorQ .PUBLICATIONS BRORVM RBPROBATORVM EX DICIO ACADEMIiC CATALOGVSLI CVM EDICTO CAESAREAB MAIESTATIS EVVtCATVS. Z8 .iyji.D.IuIjfpapaetcrti) contra tencmcs feu lege ics libros prohibitosvel reprobates.DE AIALA ANNO.Ferdi nandidevaldesarchiepifcopi Htfpalen.inquifitoris ge ncvalisiQC dominotum de cofilio fandac generalis mrninoftrf. OON PKOMiBiciON dclos dlchos (enores inquifidores de Toledo que ningu imprefTor hi librero-ni otra perfona alguna im prima ni vcndacldicho Catalogo de libros pronibidos y reproba 4o$ enfu diftrido y jurifdicion fin fu licencia y mandado fo pena de excomunio mayor latx Centetix y de cincuenta mil marauedis. LOVANIENSIS IV EXTRAVAGANS SANCTISSIMI DO ALIVS CATALOGVS LIBRORVM auAoritatcinuftriffimiacreuerendiflimidonTimiD.re(idea'S quoru cenfura nonulli alij libri nouiffimcrcprobati:prforibusadiungimtmv TO L E T I. EX OFFICINA lOA.

refide- dominorum inquifitoru apofto licorii in ciuitate | quoru cenfura nonulli alij libri nouiffime reprobati . ALIVS CATAI.OGVS LIBRO| | | | I | RVM de tiu edi(Slo I au(?toritate illuftriffimi ac reuerendiffimi I domini D.. lUuftrifsimi | $5. known as the first Vald6s Index. AIALA ANNO. CON PROHIBICION | | ] EX DE | delos dichos fenores inquifidores de librero ni otra perfona alguna | im | Toledo que ningu impreffor ni prima ni venda el dicho Catalogo | de libros prohibidos y reproba dos en fu diftri<5lo y jurifdicion fin fu licencia y mandado fo pena de excomunio mayor latas f entetiae y de cincuenta mil marauedis. Inquifitoris (Escutcheon) | NECNON ET SVPREMI Hoc Anno. with instructions that it to the Inquisitor-General Fershould be printed in Spain. were issued in Spain in 1551. Escutcheon: EXVRGE DOMINE. D. Ano Fue impreffo en Valladolid. Preface. (At end) nez. several reprints. Hifpanias.D. Title-page. V Biicher. D. Ferdi nandi | | de valdes archiepifcopi Hifpalefi. lulij papae tertij contra tenentes feu lege tes libros prohibitos vel reprobates. | | 22 leaves: 2 blank.LIX. Ferdinandi de Valdes Hifpalefi. (Vignette: Cross and two angels) TOLETI. Printer's stamp. ] I Ar chiepi. IVDICA CAV- — SAM TVAM. p. 20 CATHALOGVS Generalis editus. de 1559 Pedro de Tapia. each of 8 leaves. qui prohibetur mandato & Re | uerend. cum Toletan. 24.00 n/. Signatures: Aij-Aiiij to B— B iiij. Dedication. blanl page. EXTRAVAGANS SANCTISSI MI DO mininoftri. inquifitoris ge cofllio fancSlEB neralis : & dominoruir | generalis | inquifitionis | lam pridem reprobatoru. blank page.•id THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA CATALOGVS LI BRORVM REPROBATORVM EX IV | ] DICIC ACADEMIJE LOVANIENSIS CVM EDICTO CAESAREAl MAIESTATIS EVVLGATVS. 132. Note of edition. cf. and Valladolid. Bull. : C Efta taffado en vn Real. D. M.. uncut. from Valencia. Carta de Edicto. Toledo.. Martinez Excudebat | SANCTiE AC Generalis Inquifitionis Senatus. 3 blank pages. vol. iuffu C I Quorum & licentia Sebaftianus | PINCI^. The Louvain Index of ISSO was sent by Charles nando de Vald6s. Der Index der verbotener I. prioribus a diunguntur. OFFICINA lOA. En cafa de Sebaftian Marti- ..D. No pagination. Of this. 1551. Reusch. Text. I [ libroru. Edition of one hundred printed in facsimile 1896 .

Inquilitoris Generalis HKpaniae. Excudcbat I cQuorum iuflu ScJiccntiaSchanianus Maitincz P N" 20 I N C 25 /E.Ferdinandi de Valdes Hrfpalcn.D.PUBLICATIONS CATHA LOG VS libforujquiprohibeturmandatoIlluftrifsimi&rRc uerend.M. Hoc Anno.D.cditus. NECNON ET SVPREMI SANCTJB AC Ocncralis rnquIfitionisScnatm.D. Ceft4 taffado en vn Tlf al. Ar diicpi.LIX. .

5 iSl CELESTINA (LA) Comedia de | | Calisto | Z Melibea (Burgos. Rev. Text pp..THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA 42 leaves:— 2 blank. 3 blank pages. 20 | MADRID | Libren'a de M. C-C v to E-E v of 8 leaves. "Macon. 4°. Reprint of the first independent Spanish index by Vald^s. uncul Text within double line border.0 22 I^^ CENSVRA GE neralis contra errores. Imprest res. der verbotenen Biicher. blank. Protat Hermanos. Advertencia. Note of edition. Text 13-27 (should be : 72] Printer's stamp. Impr( sores. de I'Universitat. 1-180. 1499) | | | Reimpresion pu Bibliothec I'Universital | blicada | POR | R.. Corrigenda. blank.5 Slffl CELESTINA (LA) Comedia de Calisto % Melibea tma) Reimpresion publicada | | I (Vignette: Bibliotheca (Unico texto aut^ntico de la Celei R. vol. F-F iij of 4 leaves. 8° V-VI. I. 1-173.. Rev. cf. Rev. Der Inde Edition of one hundred printed in facsimile 1896 . Rev. blank. FOULCHE-DELBOSC hispanica) BARCELONA "L'Aven9" ] | POR | | | Ronda cala. & ali . Rev. pp. blank. 300-312. Reusch. FOULCHE-DELBOSC | (Vignette: de | hispanica) 20 I BARCELONA MADRID Libren'a de I "L'Ayen9" | Ronda Alcala. $5. VI. Erratas y deficiencias de la edicion de Burgo 1499 que se han subsanado en la presente reimpresi6n. Advertencia pp. 2-12. Murillo | Al 7 I 1900 95 leaves: —1 blank. Title. of leaves.quifition: | | | aduerfus hereticam prauitatem & 26 apofta- | fiam in Hifpania. 174-179. Signatures A ij-A iij. Title. a $2. 1 blank leaf. blank pages. B-B iij. quib' recentes hseretici ft cram fcripturam afperferunt. Dedication. Murillo | 1902 96 leaves : — 1 blank. Protat Hermanos. Text pp. 7 M. Rev. 8° $2.." Title-page. Title-page. Preliminaries pp. end of p." Title-page. Rei blank. Dedication. Rei blank. pp. "Macon. edita a fupremo fenatu In.

ExofficinaFrancif. Pinciaj.Cordubcn. ijoga 27 .&aliisrcgnis. C umpriuilegio Imperial!. Tirffaaa en quarenta marauedi?.Ferdinan. edita a fuprcmo fenatu Inquifitionis aducifusheieticamprauitatem& apoftafiaminHilpania.quib''recentes haerctici ^CENSVRAGE & dominiis Cefareae Magcftatis conftituto.PUBLICATIONS facram fcripturam afperfcrunc . neralis contra elTores.

Compuefto I por Miguel de Ceruantes 28 \ Saauedra. Paupertas deprimit ipfum. Ex officina Francif. 4°.00 CERVANTES. 1S63 (with list of Bibles increased to 103 titles) is given by Reusch. Raymond Foulchd-Delbosc. based upon the later edition. Note of edition. printing. sist of two hundred numbered copies. will be distributed as follows: (1) a facsimile reproduction of the first Madrid edition of the First Part (1605) . I CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) EL INGENIOSO HIDALGO DON QVI. Cum priuilegio Imperial!.00 cloth. Taffada en | ] quarenta marauedis. 199-304. of 8 D— D of 4 leaves (last leaf blank). prepared by M. pp. blank. Colophon: Ingenium volitat. 1883-8S.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA regnis. No iii pagination. blank. Rev. will consist of $20.. in four volumes. I. unfive hundred copies. editor of the Bevue Hispanique. which will be sold only in full sets. (3) a facsimile reproduction of the first edition of the Second Part (Madrid. \ DIRIGIDO . (A) a critical text. uncut. (3) a facsimile reproduction of the fourth Madrid edition (1605) . The second impression. Ferdinan. with an introduction by Mr. | (Vignette: | | EX- VRGE DOMINE. Rev.. vol. A Edition of one hundred printed in facsimile 1896 . Venice. Text. vellum. in which 57 editions of the Bible are quoted. Dedication. Valladolid. printed on Arnold hand-made paper. $5. Preliminaries.00 third impression. Signatures : A ii— A v to C— C v. uncut. of the First and Second Parts. 1615) . James Fitzmaurice-KeUy. the price of which will be. the price of which The boimd. as follows: The first impression. in seven volumes. Privilege. per volume $5.XOTE DE LA MAN] | CHA. IVDICA CAVSAM TVAM) Pinciae. Printer's stamp.00 is All paper used for the various impressions Society's seal in water-mark. Title-page. There are three impressions. S blank pages. per volume. specially made and will have the First Impression.. & dominiis Cef areas | Mageftatis conftituto. uncut. Reprint of the second Index of the Inquisitor-General Valdds. This Tercentenary issue of CRITICAL EDITION Don Quixote de la Mancha. printed on a superior quality of machine-made paper. 1 blank leaf. Vol. the price of which wiU be. 1SS4.. will conwill be^ per volume $10. Bonn. Der Index der verbotenen Biicher. printed on Italian hand-made paper. will consist of one hundred numbered copies. | S4 leaves: —2 blank. arranged alphabetically by place of description of this index.. leaves. Corduben.

villas y Baiia- | res. Rev. Conde de BenalVizconde de la Puebla de Alcozer. Dedication. blank. Curiel. librero del Rey N.premo Confejo de Italia. Aa-Aa 5 to of 8 leaves. For most important differences between these two impressions. Qq 5. Senor de las | ] de CapiUa. .. blank.mos. y de Villalua. I. librero del 1605. Errata. pp. | I | | -rp autor de fu primera parte. License. Part II. Voi-. Marques de Sarria. Bibliografia critica de las obras de Miguel de Cervantes. Rev. $20. y | Burguillos. see Rius. Note of edition. Verses. Note of edition. Title-page. of 4 leaves. The correction of this error is due to Salvd. Errata. Conde de Le. Rev. Tasa. Comendador de la Encomienda de Penafiel. Ano (Vignette: POST TENEBRAS SPERO LVCEM) 1615 CON PRIVILEGIO. London. ca9ar.cantara. | [ | | \ | \ \ leaves:— 3 blank. Dedication. \ | | ] I Gouemador. Marques de Gibraleon. | | POST TECON PRIVILEGIO. Unknown for nearly two centuries and confounded later with tlie second. Per volume . Prologue. which was considered to be the first. de Andrade. Dirigida a don Pedro Fernandez de Caftro. (Vignette: ] (Line) fenor. y Capitan General del Reyno de Napoles. all of 4 leaves. Tasa. y Prefidente del fu. *-* 3 to **-** 2.PUBLICATIONS AL DVQVE DE BEIAR. 8°. Sig- 1[ 3. blank. Por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. Text 1-312. uncut. vendefe en cafa de Francifco de Robles. 5 to Z-Z 5. S. de Robles. y la Zar9a de la Orden de Al.hombre de la Camara de fu Mageftad. Rev. Virrey. EN MA| Ano. Index. II ^CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) ^^SEGVNDA PARTE DEL INGENIOSO CAVALLERO DON] ^ QVIXOTE DE LA MANCHA. notes the differences in the two impressions of Cuesta and the fact that the first impression does not contain the Portuguese privilege which is found in the second. who in his Catalogue of Spanish and Portuguese books. NEBRAS SPERO LVCEM) DRID. 2-3. Por luan de la Cuefta.00 FmsT Impeession. blank. Prologue. Approbations. IHI-ITII 5. A-A Qq- First edition. (Line) En Madrid. Privilege. 5 blank pages. blank. Gentil. fF. and 4 natures : of text unnumbered. 29 . Por luan de la Cuefta. vol. ] | Vendefe en cafa de Francifco Rey nfo 337 leaves :— 2 ff. Edition of one hundred numbered copies. 1829. Title-page.

Pro- logue. Aa-Aa 5 to Rrof 8 leaves. Errata.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA 1-280. blank page. $20. Colophon. Tasa. Ano. Dedication. all ff. Conde de BenalI \ | | ca9ar. |(Line) Vendefe en cafa de Francifco de Robles. Vizconde de la Puebla de Alcozer. A-A Fourth edition of the Quijote. DIRIGIDO AL DVQVE BEIAR. of 4 leaves. Signatures: (of 4 leaves). Edition of one hundred numbered copies. 5 to Z-Z 5. MADRID. DE | | | | | NEBRAS SPERO LVCEM) | 1605. Signatures H 2-11 5. Index. License. Marques de Gibraleon. Marques de Gibraleon. y Vizconde de la Puebla de Alcozer. Aragon. Sefior de las Burguillos. Rev.res.. 5 blank pages. de Capilla. blank. librero del Rey nro feiior. I CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) EL INGENIOSO HIDALGO DON QVI.00 Second Impression. Por luan de la Cuefta. Per volume . being the second impression of Cuesta. Curiel. Verses. Per volume . : Edition of one hundred numbered copies. (Vignette: POST TE| | | SO .00 First Impression. 1—316. . DIRIGIDO AL DVQVE DE BEIAR. Rev. Senor de las villas de Capilla.. Text 9 2-ir 3 Rr 5. Ano. y Portugal.XOTE DE LA MAN] \ CHA. uncut. Con priuilegio de Caftilla.. Vol. y Bana. Voi. A-A 5 to Z-Z 5. Title-page. uncut. villas y Bana- | res. HIF-lflT 5. 5 blank pages. $20. except N-N 3. Index. (Vignette: POST TEI \ \ CHA.XOTE DE LA MAN| | Comptiefto por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. y Burgillos. Conde de Barcelona. 8°. | EN | | 338 leaves: —3 blank. Text fF. Note of edition. Ill CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) EL INGENIOSO HIDALGO DON QVI. all of 8 leaves. Curiel. 8°. blank. Aa-Aa 5 to N-N 3. . Portuguese privilege. Compuefto por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra.

. I | | | f autor de fu primera parte. Per volume . librero del Rey nfo feiior. $10. Ano (Vignette: POST TENEBRAS SPERO LVCEM) 1615 CON PRIVILEGIO. Vol.00 Second Impression. Conde de Le. y Prefidente del fu. $10. Edition of two hundred numbered copies.00 Second Imfeession. Por luan de la Cuefta. Marques de \ | hombre de la Camara de fu Mageftad. DIRIGIDO AL DVQVE DE BEIAR. y Burgillos. ] 1605. Vol. 31 ] Con priuilegio de Caftilla.premo Confejo de Italia. Edition of two hundred numbered copies. Gentil| de la I | | | | | \ ] | \ For description see First Impression. | Ano. EN MA] | (Line) | Vendefe en cafa de Francifco de Robles. . I. vendefe en cafa de Francifco de Robles. Vol. Por luan de la Cuefta. II. y de Villalua. Curiel. Por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. For description see First Impression. Ill CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) EL INGENIOSO HIDALGO DON QVI.mos.PUBLICATIONS NEBRAS SPERO LVCEM) DRID. Vox. (Vignette: POST TEAra- NEBRAS SPERO LVCEM) 1605. Marques de Gibraleon. librero del Rey N. Conde de BarceI \ \ | lona. Virrey.XOTE DE LA MAN| | CHA. y la Zar9a de la Orden de Al. Dirigida a don Pedro Fernandez de Caftro. Sarria.cantara. Vizconde de la Puebla de Alcozer. Sefior de | | las de Capilla. Compuefto por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. Per volume . de Andrade. S. villas y Baiia- j res. (Line) En Madrid. ] CON PRIVILEGIO. Comendador Encomienda de Penafiel. Gouemador. II ^CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) SEGVNDA PARTE DEL INGENIOSO CAVALLERO DON QVIXOTE DE LA MANCHA. . y Capitan General del Reyno de Napoles.

Gentil. (Line) Vendefe en cafa de Francifco de Robles. Compuefto por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. y Predel fu. Vol. Dirigida a don Pedro Fernandez de Caftro. Marques de Gibraleon. I CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) EL INGENIOSO HIDALGO DON QVI. Curiel. (Vignette: POST TE] NEBRAS SPERO LVCEM) DRID.cantara.hombre de la Camara de fu Mageftad. Por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. . 5a II CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) SEGVNDA PARTE DEL INGENIOSO CAVALLERO DON QVIXOTE DE LA MANCHA. Comendador de la Encomienda de Penafiel. Senor de ] | las de CapiUa. I. Critical Edition. |(Line) gon. Por luan 1605. villas y Bana- | res. III. de Andrade. .premo Confejo de Italia. Conde de Le. Edition of two hundred numbered copies. cafa de Francifco de Robles. Vol. Per volume See note under Cervantes. y Capitan General del Reyno de Napoles. Marques de Sarria. DIRIGIDO AL DVQVE DE BEIAR. ] ] Afio. Conde de Benal\ I \ | cafar.mos. $10. Vendefe en | EN | ] For description see First Impression. y Burguillos. Por luan de la Cuefta. CON PRIVILEGIO. y Portugal. MAde la Cuefta. librero del Rey nfo fefior. fidente Gouemador.00 Third Impuession.XOTE DE LA MAN| ] CHA. y la Zar9a de la Orden de Al.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA MADRID. Edition of five hundred copies.00 Thied Impression. Vizconde de la Puebla de Alcozer. y de Villalua. librero del Rey nfo fefior. Ano (Vignette: POST TE| | | 32 . | | | | | autor de fu primera parte. Vol. Per volume $5. Vol. \ | | I | Virrey. | | | EN For description see First Impression.

III.00 Third Impbession. fenor Afcanio Colona FRANGI FACELIVS QVAN \ Ahad de\fan£la iSo^a. Aragon. de Robles mercader de libros. Privilege. Introduction. Aiio. :— 2 blank. Marques de Gibraleon. ] | NEBRAS SPERO LVCEM) EN | | For description see First Impression. Per volume $5. MADRID.) CON PRIVILEGIO. Verses.XOTE DE LA MAN] | CHA. Vol. Author's dedication. villas y Bana- | res. Errata. Vizconde de la Puebla de Alcozer. Text ff. |(Line) Vendefe en cafa de Francifco de Robles. 11. de Capilla. DIRIGIDO AL DVQVE DE BEIAR. I contains 186 leaves:— 7 blank pages. Per volume $5. Im| | preffa en Alcala por luan Gracian. Critical Edition. (Vignette: FLECTI. | Aiio de 1585. Ill CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) EL INGENIOSO HIDALGO DON QVI.PUBLICATIONS NEBRAS SPERO LVCEM) En Rohles. Vol. Compuefto por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. Seiior de las y BurgiUos. | Dirigida | al Illuf- trifsi. 1-172. II contains 208 leaves 33 . "Se CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (MIGUEL de) PRIMERA PARTE DE LA GALATEA. Curiel. (Line) Madrid. | A cofta de Bias Vol. Tasa. librero del Rey nro fenor. \ For description see First Impression. librero del 1615 CON PRIVILEGIO. vendefe en cafa de Francifco de | \ [ | Rey N. License. Por luan de la Cuefta. Title-page. Edition of five hundred copies.00 See note imder Cervantes. For luan de la Cuefta. Vol. (Vignette: POST TE| | | 1605. 2 blank. Conde de BarceI \ \ | lona. DIVIDIDA EN SEYS | | LIBROS. Con priuilegio de Caftilla. 256 Voi-. Dedication. Copuefta por Miguel I de Ceruantes. y Portugal. Edition of five hundred copies. S.

uncut. Black-letter.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA ff. veynte Z fey (At end) : tallas que nueftro el : Anos. 173-375. 4°. Engraving. Per volume $7. blank page. AA-AA 5. volumes. . Title-page. | Escutcheon precedes title. Signatures of the two vols. 56 — Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 .00 3 CHRONICLE OF THE CID Cronica del famofo caua | Hero Cid Ruy diez | campeador ^ 4. No pagination. IntroducText. uncut. 3 blank pages. Title rubricated. 8°. containing in upper half under an arch a black letter. of 12 leaves. blank page. title in The whole sur- C Aqui fenefce el breue tratado delos nobles fechos y babuen cauallero Cid ruy diaz vencio/ con fauor ^ ayuda fefior. mili- In the lower half the rounded by elaborate ornaments. $12. (At end) Aqui fe acaua la Cronica del muy noble y effor9ado y fiempre victoriofo Cid ruy diez Campeador: cofta y defpefa delos reuerendos padres Abad monjes Z convento del monefterio de fant : ^ A 34 . tion. 5 to Z-Z 5. 3 blank... dias del mes de julio: por Miguel d' de Eguia enla muy noble y leal ciudad de Toledo. all of 8 leaves except ff vj. Enel aiio de nueftro redemptor ^ faluador jefu Chrifto de mil Z quinientos -j. title-page. all of 8 leaves (one blank). to Aa-Aa 5 Two Zz-Zz 5. .50 7 CHRONICLE OF THE CID C Coronica del muy effor= diaz I [ fado . Dedication. | | Hero el Cid ruy campeador delas | Efpanas Engraved tary scene. Signatures: aij— aiiij to f— f vj. I without signature. ij. Note of edition. Z " inuencible caua= . First 8 : A-A leaves of Vol. leaves: 1 blank. El qual fe acabo a.

. Colophon). Sonnets. Tabla. Prologue. Title-page. Dedication. Dedication.. c-c A -A of 6 leaves. S02f | en cafa de Pier\ ISTD. 136 leaves:— 5 blank pages.)\Con^rim\egio. Declaracion de algunas cosas desta obra. Dedication. Gentil Hombre \ \ mos Principes de Phelippe nue' de fu Mageftad.SO DE ERZILLA Y QV| | | niga. Dirigida a la S. a ij-a v to b-b v. • . Signatures iiij B iiij of 8 leaves.. I-CXVI : (Privilege. of 6 leaves. . Text ff.\l'mpreffa en Madrid. Text MS. PERIETAMVS NISI PE\ RISSEMVS dis el pliego. Title-page. M.00 In preparation. Huntington. 188-201. o-oiiij of 8 leaves. . Title-page. . $25. blank. res Cofsin. Author's dedicatory letter^ Prologue. p-p in double columns. I New York 1904 | | 20 leaves: meration of —2 blank.\ del Rey don (Vignette: \ ftro Senor. 1-7. in double columns. iij Text of 6 leaves. blank. EBa taffado a tres maraue- 216 leaves: 1 blank. Note of edition. Rev. un- Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . 8°. fF. 1569. 3 blank leaves. Text fF. Bto m-m iiij.. Rev. Rev. | | | . C. | . Afio.. Rev.00 29 CRONICA RIMADA Cronica Rimada Reproduced in facsimile from the Manuscript in the Bibliotheque Nationals by Archer M.PUBLICATIONS Pedro de cardena: fue ympreffa enla muy noble y leal ciudad de Burgos: por arte Z induftria de Fadrique Aleman de bafilea: acabofe a treynta % vn dias del mes de mar9o afio del nafcimiento de nro fenor i faluador jhefu chrifto de mill % quinientos z doze afios . 1 blank leaf. Edition of three hundred $12. 1 blank leaf. 1 leaf without nu35 — . m ERCILLA y ZUNIGA (ALONSO de) LA ARAVCA NA DE DON ALON. blank. blank. Facsimile nu1. Licenses. black-letter. Rev. 1. ij Note of edition. '&. all of 8 leaves. . R. 4°. Note of edition. blank. iij iij n-n cut. y de\la hoca de los SerenifsiVngria.

Eil4 tdfjado (t tresmar^iiedU tlpliego. C.M.Diri9idiCa U S.R.yde LA ARAVCA U bocct de los Sereni^mos Prmcipes de Vn£m.de ft Ma?ejlttd.^no.GeUtd Hombre. Jmprejfaen Aladrid.ij 6 ^. Conpriuilcgio.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA NA DE D O N ALONSO DE ERZILL^r C Vni^tt. delRey don Phelippe nueJirO Senor. N°30 86 .eu cafi de Partes Cof'm.

Tasa. 8°. Note of edition. | | | Defde fu purifsima Concepcion \ A Affumpcion. Sonnets."— Graesse.1045. Vol. mais on y trouve una d6dicace k Philippe II laqueUe n'est pas dans les Editions postdrieures. Rev. Text Vol. Title-page. Errata. Rev. . 2 blank leaves. Rev. II. vol. Privilege. Cc-Cc 3 (should be Cc 5) of 8 leaves. Tr&or de Livres rares et prdcieux. 497. 5 to Z-Z 4. Title-page. Text pp.50 ESCOBAR y MENDOZA (ANTONIO de) HISTORIA DE LA VIRGEN MADRE DE DIOS MARIA. Al lector. (Escutcheon: PLVS VLTRA) EN gARAGOQA. Dedication. | y Araucanos. 2-335. Preface. co algunas cofas nota. 2 blank. blank. $12. blank. | | | | | 178 leaves: —3 blank. en cafa de luan Soler. Signatures 4. 1-104. $12. . Also Brunet. "Cette premiere dd. ne renferme que la premifere partie ou les IS premiers chants.bles que en aquel tiempo fucedieron. Note of edition. Errata. natural de Valladolid. Index. vol.. all of 8 leaves except Bb-Bb2 of 4 : A-A leaves. De Antonio de Mendo9a fin \ | (Vignette) ] | | En Valladolid: For Title-pages within ornamental borders. Approbation. 1578. Sonnets. pp. p. Ano de Chrifto. 2 blank leaves. Ano de 1618. TitlefF. Aa-Aa 4 to Bb-Bb2 (should be Bb 3). . uncut. Catalogo de los Autores con cuyos testi: monios se comprueua. % Impreffo con licencia. I contains 118 leaves 3 blank. 37 . Al doctor Don Ivan de san Vicente. Efcouar. II contains 150 leaves. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . License. Portrait of author. I | POEM pecado origi nal. Author's dedication. Approbation. 3— 4 to 2 blank leaves. 11. . 17-392. Rev. all of 8 leaves except : A A X— X Y-Y 2 of 4 leaves.. Dedication. haft a fu gloriofa HEROYCO. Signatures 4. Approbation. Note. uncut. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 .PUBLICATIONS meration. que | | trata la porfiada guerra entre los Efpanoles.50 81 ERCILLA y ZUNIGA (ALONSO de) SEGVNDA PARTE DE LA ARAVI | cana de Don Alonfo de Er| zilla y 5uniga. Geronimo Murillo. 8°. la verdad de la Plistoria de la Virgen.

p.. S. title: Nveva Gervsalen Maria. 8°. N. Two volumes. DON BALTHAZAR CAR. S.. Coleecidn de poetas). A-A 5 to Z-Z 6. Y. Rev. Text fF..8.50 GUZMAN SHARES (VICENTE de) RIMAS VARIAS EN ALABANQA DEL NA. sm. pp. to C-C 4.cimiento del Principe N. Per volume $6. Signatures: * 2-* 8. Madrigal etc. Dedication. blank. f-^ 2. Salvd Catd- Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903. This edition is not cited by Salvd or Gallardo. Licenses. 1-64 (Text. Dirigjr | I | | 38 . Por Pedro Craesbeeck Impreffor del Rei N. Rev. ] $3. 223-333..poldo. Rev. uncut. all of 12 leaves. Discourse (Breve discvrso del licenciado Lvis Tribaldos de Toledo sobre la vida de Francisco de Figueroa). SOT) and Ferndndez ("Prfilogo" of vol. 1626. 8°. del Cofejo de las dos Mageftades Cefarea. appeared in 1625 from tlie same press. Index). (Line) EN LISBOA. 1st ed.. p. though the former (Catdlogo. cf. except f-f 2 of 4 and C-C 4 of 8 leaves. I. XX. Aa-Aa5 to Hh-Hh5 of 8 leaves. | .. refi- dente en la Cor- te | de Madrid. Note of edition. 105-24.. PVBLICADAS For el Licenciado Luis Tribaldos de To| | I I [ \ | I ledo Chronifta mayor \ del | Rey nueftro fenor por las In\ \ dias.00 ESCRIVA (LUDOVICO) See Scriva. Emendadas. blank. — A-A Facsimile of second edition. 1849. uncut. Title-page. DEDICADAS A Don | Vicente No| guera Referendario de ambas fignaturas de fu Santidad.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA page. Signatures: f S (should be 1f2)-1l4. Dedication. Laureado Pindaro Efpanol. 2 blank leaves. I. i Catholica Grentil. i mui anadidas en efta fegunda edicion. sm. vol. vol. | | | | | \ | | I | [ 54) leaves: 3 blank. 3 blank leaves. etc.LOS DOMINGO. vol. 228) notes the mention made of it by Ticknor (History of Spanish Lit. FIGUEROA (FRANCISCO de) OBRAS DE FRANCISCO DEFIGVEROA. Reprinted Valladolid 1625 under logo.. Escutcheon with Latin quotation. II. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 .hombre de la Camara del ferenifsimo Archiduq de Auftria Leo.. pp.

PUBLICATIONS RIMASVARIAS EN ALABANCA DEL NAcimienro del Principe N. R. Dirigidas a la S. DONBALTHAZARCARlos domingo. . S. C. Mage{hd delRey de dos mtmdoSi nueftro Senor. Por Vicente de Guzman f* Sqares.

8°. Licenses.00 85 HIERRO (BALTASAR del) Libro y prime= ra parte.. 7 blank pages. Poem octavos and divided into Salvi says of the original: "Hermoso ejemplar de un libro de tan estremada rareza. Antonio ni ningun biblidgrafo mencionan d Baltasar del Hierro y Mr. (Escutcheon) En o Porto.) NOVISSIMA AC EXACTISSIMA TOTIUS ORBIS 40 TERRARUM ." Salvd. \ \ | | | 56 leaves:— 3 blank. No is in Dedication. — 2 blank. Ni Nic. First 8 leaves 4 to C-C 4 of without signatures. y facta Cruz. R. Text. 3 blank leaves. Signatures A ij —a V to I— I V of 8 leaves. Decimas. Title-page. I.. Heber no tuvo esta obra en su biblioteca. Note of edition. Author's dedication. Por luan Roiz Ano de 1630. Dedication. Black-letter. Copuefto por Balthafar dl Hierro. MageSiad del Rey de dos mwndos. Rev. que no recuerdo haber visto otro. uncut. D of 2 leaves (last leaf blank).. 8°. Epigrams.. Sonnets.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA das a la S. six cantos. Capita general del mar Oce= ano. delos victoriofos he= chos del muy valeuallero don Aluaro de Ba9a f efior delas vi lias d'l Uif o. | C rof o ca | : | I | | | | | | | | | | | | | Ano de. uncut. Sonnets. A-A Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . Pot Vicente de Guzman Suares. $7. nueftro Senor. Signatures: §-§4' §§-§§*> 8 leaves. 246. p. en la muy noble ciudad de Granada en caf a de Rene Rabut junto a los hofpitales del corpus Chrifti. blank. Preface. Dirigido al muy illuftre fefior don Luys Qapata. Sonnets.LXI. M. Se= nor delas villas de Al buiiol. con fus partidas. Title within ornamental border. Note of edition. Dedication. Title-page. vol. Rev. 1-50. : El qual fue impreffo CO licecia. 1 blank page.D.. pagination.00 36 HONDIUS (J. co licecia. | (At end) : C Aqui haze fin el prefeifte tractado. C.. Catdlogo.. Text pp.. y Torbifcon. | $6. 78 leaves .

confudparhdad. |Copue(lop02 Bali|pa1^r{)I ^ierro. Elnooe.OeIodv(ct02ioros|?e^ cI^0(OelinuF valerolb ca uaUcrooonBluarooe Ba$a:feno20eta(vi llaf^^iaifctfacra jCru5Xapita general oel niar0C€» ano« ^iri^doalmui^illunre (efib.S&> 3&* S&* S&« ££• S&-3&«<Sifi *S}^*9V>3V* «V* 97* *sJ§* itP'W'vtl n N0S5 41 .IDXBe^.jQ^. •*»7a* a]l^*7»^* A£. x>on7Ltxt9 £apata3e* fiojoelasxHillasoe 211 bunolt^oibiTcon.PUBLICATIONS CTLibio 1? piimc ra parte .

S. In two hemispheres. Paris Portuguese. Catalan Map of 1457. it is therefore an important landmark in the history of cartography. It is proposed to issue. $£4!. Edited by Edward Luther Stevenson. Hondius and this large world map was probably his final. J. Oleveriana. it presents the Old World in thoroughly modern outline. larger than that of Waldseeis 160 by 246 cm. This difficult work was accomplished in a masterful manner by the distinguished Librarian of the Vatican Library. mounted on coarse linen and was attached to an oak stick about which it was In size the miiller.. in diameter. Mercator. Germany. in a measure at least. J.D. to their former condition. It could not have been drawn by Hondius later than 1611. in Feldkirch. and Joseph Fischer. and other numbers of the series will follow within a short time. It is issued in eighteen loose sheets in a portfolio. with others of the fifteenth. It is of great interest. collectors. This map is the first of a series.00 87 HUNTINGTON (ARCHER Poem of the Cid | M. as it certainly is his great masterpiece. the purpose of reproduction and preservation it became necessary to remove the torn linen backing that the eighteen sheets might be restored. Adorned by six large. in the Library of It had been carelessly Prince Waldburg Wolfegg of Wolfegg. Of this map but one copy is known to exist. It is. a brief descriptive text and The reproduction is ready for distribution. the distinguished cartographer and engraver of the Netherlands. 1907. In comparison with the Waldseemiiller World Map of 1507 it exhibits forcibly the progress of map-making during one hundred years. each about 122 cm. has rendered it possible to bring out in the reproduction every detail as in the original. The excellence of the photographic negatives. Sebastian Cabot. Doctor Franz Ehrle. As Jodocus Hondius was the last of the three distinguished geographers and mapmakers— Ortelius. now in course of publication.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA DESCRIPTIO MAGNA lis cura & induftria ex optimis quibufcp tabuGeographicis et Hydrographicis nuperrimifcg do<aorum virorum obfervationib 5 duobus planifphaerijs delineata Au6i. Ph. and students of For American history. New York. and in its legends which are numerous. reproduction will be of great interest to specialists. issued under the joint auspices of the American Geographical Society and The Hispanic Society of America. I. Austria. and particularly striking is the outline of America. map — rolled. This rivers. such important maps as the Canerio. therefore. which will illustrate the gradual expansion of knowledge concerning the geography of the New World. sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Hondio. which copy was found. as was the Waldseemiiller map. this map is of no less significance as a cartographical masterpiece than as a masterpiece of The document is one rich in geographical record of mountains.. engraving. under the direct supervision of Professor Fischer. being the work of Jodocus Hondius. Juan de la Cosa. local and regional names. S. and by more than forty small engraved pictures which fill the border and the spaces not taken by the two great hemispheres. made with the greatest care. with key-map. subject to change. by Professor Joseph Fischer. | \ Facsimile reproduction in size of the original.) | Text | Reprinted from the Unique Manuscript 42 at .

Madrid By Archer M. Huntington, M. A, Volume 1 G. P. Putnam's Sons New-York







Vol. II, Translation.

Vol. Ill, Notes.

(Vol. I)
tion, List





:— 2 blank

leaves, Title,


blank. Frontispiece

of Cid, Title-page, Rev. Copyright, Introduc-

of Illustrations, Rev. blank, Title, Rev. blank. Text consisting of 75 unnumbered leaves (4i8th leaf being blank to indicate a leaf missing in the manuscript, and rev. of last leaf blank). Note of edition,
Rev. blank, 2 blank leaves.
(Vol. II)



blank. Frontispiece
in the

(+ 15 Illustrations) :— 2 blank leaves. Title, Rev. Map of Northern Spain, showing towns mentioned


of the Cid, Title-page, Rev. Copyright, Dedication, Rev.

blank. List of Illustrations, Rev. blank. Title, Rev. blank,

ing of 75 unnumbered leaves (48th leaf and rev. of last leaf blank), Note of edition. Rev. blank, 3 blank leaves. (Vol. Ill) 111 leaves (+20 Illustrations) :— 2 blank leaves. Title, Rev. blank. Frontispiece: Manuscript of the Poem of the Cid, Titlepage, Rev. Copyright, Dedication, Rev. blank. List of Illustrations,
Rev. blank. Title, List of Abbreviations,



Map of Spain, Notes pp. blank page, Note of edition. Rev. blank, 3 blank leaves.

The text is given in a line-for-line and page-for-page reproduction of the original. The illustrations are taken from photographs made by the author, or under his direction, of places and objects of importance in the Poem.

Edition of one hundred numbered copies. 1. 4°., uncut. Text and Translation in black letter. Vol. I printed June 1897, Vol. II, April 1902, and Vol. Ill, July 190S.

Per volume


These will be found in their alphabetical places in this Catalogue. They consist of such reprints and facsimiles as were made by Mr. Huntington at various times previous to the organization of the Hispanic Society^f ^America. After that organization these volumes, or such of the various eoStions as remained, became the property of the Society, which proposes, at intervals, to continue their

See, in this Catalogue, the following:

Account of the Departure of the Prince
of Wales, 1623 Ars Moriendi

Guzman Suares
Hierro Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Barahona Barahona de Soto

and Miniatures




from the

Mozarabic Manuscripts Domingo de Silos

Cancioneiro General Cancionero General Cancionero Llamado Danga de Galanes Cancionero llamado Vergel de Amores
Cartilla para

Lena Leon

Mandamet der

Libro de los Tres Reyes de Oriente Keyserlijcker Maiesteit


Catalog! Librorvm Reprobatorvm.
Pinciae, M.D.L.I.

Oliveros de Castilla Ortiz

Catalogue of Ferdinand Columbus Library Catalogvs Librorvm Reprobatorvm.
Toleti, 1651 Cathalogvs libroru, qui prohibetur

Pinto de Morales

Romancero General
Sdnchez SantiUana
Scriva Sepiilveda






Ferdinandi de Valdes


Spanish Documents from the British

Censvra Generalis contra Errores Cervantes Saavedra. La Galatea Chronicle of the Cid, 1S26 Chronicle of the Cid, 1512 Cronica Rimada

Tamariz Timoneda
Tirant lo Blanch Torre Torres Vega, Garcilasso de la Vega Carpio. Rimas de Lope de

y Ziiniga. La Aravcana y Ziiniga. Segvnda Parte de Aravcana Escobar j Mendoza
Ercilla Ercilla
















See Alvarez de Aillon y Hurtado de Toledo.

See, in this Catalogue, the following;

Catalog! Librorvm Reprobatorvm. Pinciae, M.D.L.I. Catalogvs Librorvm Reprobatorvm. Toleti, 1551 Cathalogvs libroru, qui prohibetur mandato . . . Ferdinandi de Valdes Hispalen. Censvra Generalis contra Errores Mandamet der Keyserlijcker Maiesteit

| |




I | | |







107 leaves: 2 blank, Note of edition, Rev. blank. Title, 2 blank pages. Facsimile page. Note, Rev. blank. Title-page, Rev. Copyright,
Dedication, Rev. blank, Introduction, Description of Manuscripts, 1

blank page,


30,844", 1 blank page. Initial

Letters, 1 blank page. Printer's stamp, 5 blank pages. No signatures, 1. 4°.



Edition of three hundred and fifty printed 1904






Real Profeta Dauid Co

vn a6lo de contricion, y conuerfion, y lagrymas del pecador. For Fray Hernando de lefus, Relir giofo Defcalfo Mercenario. (Vignette) En Barcelona, Por Lorenfo Deu, delante Ven defe en la mefma Enprenta. el Palacio del Rey. Ano 1632.






24 leaves: 7 blank pages. Note of edition. Title-page, Rev. blank, Text, 4 blank leaves. No pagination. Signatures A 2-A 7 of 16

leaves, sm. 4°., uncut.

Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903







vida de


Lazarillo de Tormes,


H 5 ^ des


| I

de la (Vignette:



y de sus fortunas y aduersidaPOR R. FOULCHfi[ 1






"L'Aven9" Ronda de I'Universitat, 20 MuriUo Alcala, 7 1900
| |


Libreria de


:— 1 blank, Title, Rev. "Macon, Protat Hermanos, ImpreTitle-page, Rev. blank, Advertencia pp. V-VI, Text 1-67, Apsores,"
41 leaves
pendix 68-72,







dido por







ROSO DEFENuafleroSuero de Quinoncs.
Cffiltdo dfvnlibrt autiguo it

PASSOHONdido por elExcelcnteCa*
numtfirF. hand*

WneJj lijligiofo^ieU OrdtndcS

YDirigi Jo a Don Manrique de Lira,Con(le i9 Valencia, Virey y Capitan general de Cataluiia.

€m ictndd. En StUmantAff Endafade Corneljofionardo*





Note of edition. Dedication. En cafa de Cornelio Bonardo. en la tierfidad de | F. No pagination.. 92. CaSalamanca. 8°. p. Cat^ogo. I | Por Vnir el | P. Conde de Valencia.. uncut. vol. Casi hubiera sido de desear no hublese alterado y desfigurado tanto el testo primitivo. de Lara. : 152 leaves:— 2 blank. Vendefe en la mefma Enprenta. sm. Preface. vol. "El P.PUBLICATIONS lente Ca- | uallero Suero de Quinones.50 4(! LEON (LUIS de) EXPOSICION thedratico de nette) I del Miferere. (Escutcheon) Con licencia. Signatures ^ 2-f 3. : — A A Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . B-B 5 to T-T 5. Juan de Pineda no fu6 un mero editor de este tratado singular. adar6 pasajes oscuros y f0Tm6 un verdadero epitome. delan- te el Palacio del Rey.. p. Colophon.. Author's dedication. que es libro rarisimo.. Luys de Leon. Catdlogo. Note of edition. Text ff. $3." (Salvd." (Salvd. $6. Jos6 Miguel de FWres la reimprimid en 1784 4 continuacion de la Cr6nica de D. 92. II. 4°. II. por la dedicatoria de Pineda. Text. 1-139. M. micut.. Antonio. M. Rev.) Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . sino que abrevi6 la obra. all of 8 leaves except T-T 5 of 6 leaves. Vifperas. of 4 leaves. y por el principio y final de la obra. Dedication. (Line) Ano. Alvaro de Luna.00 {„ 5 ' LIBRO ^ '^ de los ENGANOS Libro de los engaiios Z los asayamientos | I | de las mugeres | | PUBLI- ' ' CALO ADOLFO BONILLA Y SAN MART^T 47 (Vignette: Blbllo- . luan de Pineda Religiofo de la Orden de Y S Francifco..D. y en el prdlogo se dice de esta primera edicion.. (Vig\ | En | Barcelona.LXXX| | | I I | Dirigido a Don Manrique vnL| License.) "Esta obra no vid la luz publiea por segunda vez hasta que D. \ | CopUado de vn | libro antiguo de \ mano por F. 3 blank leaves. Virey y Capitan general de Cataluna. Ano 1632. Title-page. \ 18 leaves: 5 blank. Por Loren90 Deu. Title-page. segun aparece por la licencia para la impresion. En Salamanca. Tabla. Rev. Signatures 2— 4 of 8 leaves. como parece darlo & entender Nic. 4 blank leaves.

In North America we find the regional names "Lavoradore. hasty examination of the date suggests the reading 1S87. Although a. No pagination. Milan. M. . | facsimile reproduction in four sheets of the parchment map of the world preserved in the Biblloteca Ambroslana. DIE. ." To the northward of "Stretto dubitoso. Edition of one hundred copies $6." Along the Atlantic coast. 1 blank page. Dedication. A." notably "Francesca" in which country the French flag is particularly conspicuous. DECENBRIS. Note of edition. This map exhibits certain very striking features. which has the erroneous and rapid trend eastward so characteristic of early Spanish maps. "Caregi. The original is in two sheets. numerous French names appear. 10 leaves: 2 blank. 1 blank page. . Vesconte de MaloUo held a place of first importance among the cartographers of his day." A 48 . Rev. Miniato). 7 | | | de I'Unlversi| | | 1904 | 38 leaves :— Title. The parts are not so drawn as to admit a perfect adjustment. it does not call for the trained eye of the paleographer to detect in the original as we now Until Desimoni. 20 I BARCELONA "L'Aven9" Ronda MADRID Libreria de M. Title-page. Rev. 1 blank page." this coast extends in wide sweep almost parallel to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. 19-65. Murillo AlcaM. notably the Pacific coast of the Western Continent. Advertencia pp. the other 93 by 60 cm. Note of acknowledgment. a forgery.00 — V45 MAIOLLO (VESCONTE de) | VESCONTE DE MAIOLLO CONPOSUY HANC CARTAN. "Saminito" (S. approaching the Atlantic seaboard in the region of the Carolinas. . . New York 1904 | | blank." "Terra de luchatan de Spania. altered date. Edited by Arthur James Welse. blank. Title-page.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA theca hispanica) tat.00 LIBRO de los I TRES REYES | | de ORIENTE | | Libro de los Tres Reyes de Oriente Published in Facsimile from the Manuscript in the Library of the Escorial By Archer M.. IN JANUA ANNO DJJY. XX. however. Colophon. Italy. the one measuring 82 by 60 cm. | Huntington | . called attention to the find it. clearly the two parts of one map. Indice 70-72. Plate. but is "Terra incognita. For South America it is continuous. 2 blank leaves. Glosario 67-69. 1 blank page. Adiciones y Correcciones 73-74. they are. Note of publication. 1527. a few years since. Text pp." "Corte-Reale. 7-17. most of which are repeated in the Verrazano map. $1. Text. "Tera Florida. the reading 1587 had been accepted. 1 blank page.

M.PUBLICATIONS Mandamet d'eclaratic der KcyrfcrliickcrMaieneit/vu/tgOefeue intlaerxlvi.g^cfcgtcc biiden Docroren inde Facultcy( van TQcolo^ic in Dii' oiuerfitcy t van Loeucn^Duer bordonnantte eudc beud bertduetlL n* G^druckt Tc Locuen by Seruaes van Saftcn. xlvi* CCum Gratia 6cPtiuiIegio* CaPme: Michiels. Met Dintfculatiecade vande^ereprobcerdeboee ken. N»46 49 . d.

Text. The Molucca or Spice Islands are conspicuous.and Haiti are each without a name." "Anguileme. and ships sail the seas over routes now well known. Rev. | Faculteyt van Theologie in Dudordonnantie ende beuel der feluer | | | van Saffen. D. de germano. Rev.50 MANRRIQUE (JORGE) See Barahona. Bonn. M. $35. stamped (?) on original: "CaPtfie: Michiels. flags are numerous indicating the respective claims of those nations participating in the recent discoveries. Bibliotheca bibliographica. | ghefchiet bijden Doctoren inde niuerfiteyt | K. of C [viii] is signed d. Privilege. This reproduction is in the colors of the original.. are especially referred to on this map. Dedication. the signatures d i— d v. and e v each appearing on rev. p." "anaflor. cf. | | ken. It was also published in French. e i— e iii. The outline of South America re- sembles that of the Turin-Spanish map with the exception that Maiollo has the hypothetical western coast. Reusch. 50 .00 46 MANDAMET der KEYSERLIJCKER MAIESTEIT Mandamet der Keyferlij cker Maiefteit/vuytghegeue int laer Met Dintitulatie ende decl|aratie vande gereprobeerde boec | | xlvi. Compass roses and loxodrome lines are numerous. M. the exploration of Verrazano." "Valle Vnbrosa. and Petzholdt. 113. a ij to The original of this volume is in the British Museum. yet it seems evident that it was designed to call special attention to recent French exploration. Only the explorers Corte Real. or of those supposed to be important. blank. $5.. I." Cuba. e v is repeated in its proper place. 137. of preceding leaf." —2 —a V blank. 5 blank pages. that is. xlvi.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA "Norman "diepa. Title-page. The Old World has been well drawn." "S. but omits the eastern coast of Asia. Note of edition. The map is highly ornamented with buildings indicating the location of important cities." Villa. though names are given to many of the islands of the West Indies. Columbus and Magellan. Duer Ghedruckt Te Loeuen by Seruaes Gratia & Priuilegio. I C Cum van Loeuen. Rev. blank. | At foot of 45 leaves: natures : title-page. vol. Edition of one hundred printed in facsimile 1896 . No pagination. Sig- e— e v of 8 leaves (last leaf blank) . p. It is believed to be unique. Der Index der verbotenen Biicher. the rulers of little known regions appear ih state.. 1883-85.

PUBLICATIONS Zj98 3iiU«i9dt>e^>ern9tido N''48 51 .

Protat Hermanos.xc. VIIVIII.. dias del mes de mayo Ano de nueftra redempcion mil. Signatures a ii to d— d ii of 4 leaves. | (Vignette: SVAVE SEMPER GLOVIS) : | 22 leaves 2 blank.ix. Dedication. Text in double columns. 4°.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA 47 MANRRIQUE (JORGE) JORGE MANRRIQUE (Line) Coplas por la muerte de su padre [PRIMERA EDICION CRfTICA PUBLICALA R. uncut. Murillo AlcaM.00 leaves: —1 blank. No pagination. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . 7 blank pages. 20 de M. Introduction. Rev. MERINO (HERNANDO) Las lulianas de Hernando | Merino efpaiiolo.. blank.. 48 See Canerio. Title. Maiollo. At foot of page "Hasta uerme en mi deseno todos los que me ueran Torre nigra me diran.50 49 OLIVEROS La hifto I de CASTILLA ( ria delos nobles | caualleros oliue | ros de caftilla y | artus dalgarbe bendita virgen nueftra fefiora redemptor jefu chrifto % dela maria fue acabada la prefente obra enla muy noble % leal cibdad de Burgos a. Rev. 7 I MADRID Libreria | 1 "Macon.xxv. First four 52 . Title. Note of edition. Rev. blank. Hondius. sores.". Title-page. Letter. blank. 3 blank pages $1. MAPS. blank. Text. Title.cccc.. Rev. : — Black letter. Rev. Note of edition. Quotation. Text. $3. FOUL\ | [ | | CHE-DELBOSC (Vignette: | | Bibliotheca hispanica) | | BARCE| LONA 28 "L'Aven9" Ronda de I'Universitat. Rev. Index. Note pp.. 3 blank leaves. : (At end) A loor % alaban9a de nueftro f ancta 58 leaves: —3 blank. Dedication. ImpreRev. Text pp. Dedication. 1-43. Vignette with legend: VANITAS VANITATVM MVNDVS.

PUBLICATIONS n^Btbs nobles au^Ueroa olftie ro0O2:aftilIa^* N°49 5S .

El tercero. de la Orden de S. En Barcelona: Por Lorenzo Deu. Facsimile of only copy known. 4 blank Signatures: No pagination. sm. pp. of 4 Black-letter. $3. del primer pecado del | | | | | | | \ | \ \ | | 16 leaves leaves. hombre. (Vignette) CON LICENCIA.00 50 ORTIZ (ALONSO) CVRIOSO TRATADO DE TRES Romances I | nueuos a lo diuino. Signatures: aj-aiiij to gj-giiij> leaves hj- hiij. $10.. j El primero. Typographic ibdrique. all of 6 leaves. 1639. 30-32. cf. Haebler. uncut. 4°. Text. El fegundo. : — 7 blank pages. del Refello de la moneda.. buelto a la Refurreccion de nueftro Sefior lefu Chrifto.. un- Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 190S . Framcifco.. vnas alaban9as de nueftra Sefiora. Title-page. Note of edition. Impression of the original ascribed to Fadrique de Basllea. Very interesting on account of the 41 handsomely executed wood-engravings and its xylographic title which imitates the original French engravings of Verard. . Alonfo Ortiz. 4°. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . . y fatiricos que hafta oy fean | | [ | | | 54 . A 2— A 4 of 8 leaves. burlefcos. Compueftos por Fr.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA leaves without signatures. de) 61 PINTO de MORALES (JORGE) MARAVILLAS DEL PARNASO Y FLOR DE LOS MEIORES ROMANCES GRAVES. cut. buelta al Santifsimo Sacramento.. formerly in the Biblloteca Mird and afterwards in the possession of Mariano Murillo of Madrid. PINEDA (JUAN See Lena. junto al Palacio del Rey. except aj-aiiij of 8 leaves (last leaf blank). and hj-hiij.50 PACHECO y NARVAEZ See Tamariz. wood-engravings.

CON LICENCIA. En Lisboapor Lorenzo Ano 1657. RECOPILADOS DE GRAVES Autorespor lorf^ePinta eU Moratis C»fttan entrttenidQ. Cortc. Ciasbec^ N051 S5 .PUBLICATIONS MARA VILLAS DELPARNASO Y Flor DELOS MEIORES ROMANCES GRAVESj burlefcos y fatiricos cjoe hafla oy fean cantado en la .

West 156* Street. p. The tries price of subscription for current year is 20 francs for all coun- within the Postal Union.00 52 REVUE HISPANIQUE I | Recueil consacre a I'etude des langues. All communications regarding editing and exchange of the Revue Hispanique to be addressed to M. . (Vignette) CON large Pimto de Morales Capitan LICENCIA. N-N 3 of 4 leaves. Rev. Text fF. Foulche-Delbosc. Title-page. vol. boulevard Malesherbes. Ticknor refers to this book but once and then gives its date as 1640. 1-96. Approbation. Communications concerning subscriptions to be addressed In America. Paris... R. RECOPILADOS entretenido. The Revue Hispanique periodicals.. forming each year two volumes of about 600 pages each. 5 of 8 leaves. Paris. $8."— Brunet. | - Numero | (Seal of 1 The Hispanic Vols. Paris. 156. Manuel du Libraire. Index. Society of America) | NEW YORK PARIS 1906 I-XIV (1894-1906) Hispanique Conditions and is Manner of Publication — The Revue published every three months. S6 . [ ] DE \ \ | | | I | 106 leaves:— S blank. Klincksieck. 670. des | litteratures et de I'histoire des pays castillans. of which a copy sent to M. 20 francs per year. 2 blank leaves. New York City. 1637. Signatures: A2-A5 to M-M uncut. rue de Lille. Ano 1637. boulevard Malesherbes. V. IV. In Europe. blank. Audubon Park. R. 11. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . En Lisboa por Loren90 Crasbec. which is no doubt the edition of Barcelona cited by Brunet and Graesse. Rev. Note of edition. 8°. Foulche-Delbosc. vol. I rOULCHE-DELBOSC Tome XIV. to the book-store of C.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA GRAVES Autores por cantado enla Corte. pamphlets or is Price of back numbers. Single copies not sold. 301. wlio also make mention of the 1637 edition: "II y a une premiere Edition de Lisbonne.. I par I R. Tr^sor de Livres rares et prdcieux. Catalans et portugais | DIRIG:^ '45. Dedication. advertises or reviews the books. 156. License. See also Graesse. to the Secretary of the Hispanic Society of America.

License. — Rev. A cofta de Miguel Martinez Text ff. 3 blank leaves. | \ impreffo..50 SAN PEDRO (DIEGO de) t. blank. sm.. Ano 1642. Title-page and text within ruled border lines. | I . Errata. | dido a fu Criador. ] de Romanceros. de amor | $3. Text in double columns. Two volumes. 1 blank page. uncut. No pagination. \ AORA NVEVAMENTE Por Luis Sanchez. licencia. 20 | BARCELONA "L'AMADRID Libreria de M.53 ROMANCERO (Vignette: [GE] | PUBLICATIONS NERAL. Vol. 7 | I'Universitat. Title-page.^ 1492) ven9" I (Vignette: I Bibliotheca hispanica) Ronda de Alcala. of 16 leaves. Title-page. 1 blank page : — 57 . Con | el | \ \ H ] \ | | \ 24 leaves: 7 blank pages. Vignette. En Barcelona. delante el Palacio del Rey. Title-page. blank. Note of publication.7(^ DIEGO DE SAN PEDRO 55 (Line) \ | Carcel | (Sevilla. Tasa. 8°. 1-208. Rev. (Vignette: I S) CON LICENCIA. Rev. Text. 44 leaves $1. 209-368 (very Signatures : faulty numeration in both vols. Mu] rillo I 1904 | Title. 5-86. A-A 5 to Z-Z 5. Por Loren90 Deu.. Signatures: A 2— A 6. Note of ediRev. \ Ano CiELESTIS ORIGO) 1600 Con En Madrid. Rev. blank.. Compuefto por Pedro Sanchez del Quintanar de la Orden. 7 blank pages. I contains tion. 4 blank leaves. EN QVE SE | CON] | tienen todos los | Romances que andan impreffos en las nueue partes anadido.).. all of 8 leaves except Yy-Yy 2 of 4 leaves. Colophon. 222 leaves: 2 blank. Index. — Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . Dedication. Vendenfe en la mefma Emprenta.— 2 blank leaves. Title-page.00 Text pp. Aa-Aa 5 to Yy-Yy 2. Vol. uncut.00 54 SANCHEZ (PEDRO) ARREPENTIMIENTO QVE EL ALMA TIENE DE | ] auer ofen- examen de la conciencia. Note. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1904. y el a<5lo de contricion. y emendado. ^ 3-f 4 plus HH-HII 2(8 leaves). 4°. II. Note of edition. Per volume $15. ff.

THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA iil^^il?SS^:?<Sr^:S^<?'^mt^i*^'^J^^:^^JSS^^-J3S^f^:' becbo po2 copied! poiel mdrqucd oeSanllana enoerccaooalonqt^ N°56 58 .

: — Black-letter.D.XXXVII Engraved (At end) : title-page. Uik impr. IV. El marques Yiiigo lopez. No pagination. in-4.. (At end) tres dias del : C Efta obra fue ymprimida enla muy noble y muy cibdad d' SeuiUa por Staniflao polono. 7 blank pages. Dedicatory letter followed by biographical sketch of Bias. Manuel du Libraire. Tr&or de Llvres rares et pr6cieux. Rev. Text (Dialogue between Bias and Fortuna in rhymes in double columns). Title-page. ImpreiTa enla nobiliffima Ciudad de Venecia: alos doze dias del mes de April del ano de nueftra redempcion de M. p. .00 '57 SCRIVA (LUDOVICO) VENERIS TRIBVNAL woman seated | (Figures supporting roof. See Brunet.. | : | | | Title surmounted by vignette representing Bias and Fortuna. Prologue. Dedication.PUBLICATIONS 56 SANTILLANA (miGO LOPEZ | de MENDOZA. s6par6ment en 1602. Ano d'. p. Rev.. hecho por coplas por el marques de Satillana endere9ado al duque dalua. Margin to left of vignette stamped with words: CONDE DE EZPEleal LETA(?). marques de) Bias con= tra Fortua. 26 leaves: 3 blank. XXXVII. II. 3S9. anno d" y quientos e dos annos a tres dias del mes de Abril (Maittaire. Bias contra fortuna. D. Index. Ill. y 4niStos X." Also Graesse. al conde de alua. . uncut. M Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . blank. Frontispiece (woodcut of pope kneeling at altar). goth.. Con gracia. 1163. and by sentences attributed to him. cibdad de SeuiUa por Stanislas Polono. Note of edition. per Aurelio pincio Veneciano publico impreffor. below which is on throne) LVDOVICO SCRIVA CAVALLERO | | | | VALENCIANO . vol.. vol. 4°. avec cette suscription: Esta obra fue ymprmiida enla .M. $5. M. "Le traitd Contra fortuna a. 38). b— b iij of 6 leaves and c— c ij of 4 leaves. : C 59 . Signatures a ij a iiij of 8 leaves. dos anos a mes de abril.


Tabla. Vignette. 137).uamente facados de hiftorias an= tiguas dela cronica de Efpana compueftos por Loren90 de Sepulueda. Dedication. Text fF. Author's dedication.bla parece. Title-page. $30. Rev. Dedication. | 268 leaves:— 3 blank. . Note of edition. vol. Aiiadiofe el Romance dela con= quifta dela ciudad de Africa en Berueria. Prologue.. Note of edition. 7. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 .. uncut." (Salvd. 1-259 (Titlepage.PUBLICATIONS 76 leaves: 2 blank.. 8°. Prologue. 8°. containing 149 romances.. $10. RES PARViE CRESCVNT) En | Anuers. all of 12 leaves. Signatures: '+ ij (of 4 leaves). | M. Rev. Reprint of the 1st edition. $6. 67 colophon. D. 8 leaves except I-I ij of 4 leaves (last leaf blank). L. 3 blank pages. II. ff.. como por la Ta. 1-67. It is in prose. Text). Signatures: 2-A 7 to 7 of 11 leaves. except A Y-Y Y-Y uncut. 59 SPANISH DOCUMENTS Collection | of | Spanish Museum nette) New York 1903 | published in Facsimile | Documents Manuscripts in the British by Archer M. LI. — Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . of f. (Vignette: [ | | | | | | I | | CONCORDIA. p. Catdlogo. but have never seen it. 2 blank leaves. y otros diuerfos. Reprint of un "libro de insigne rareza. A-A iiij to I-Iij. They refer to Nic. Antonio and are in doubt as to whether it is in prose or verse. . en el aiio M. Rodriguez and Jiraeno mention this book.00 58 SEPUL VEDA (LORENZO de) Romances Nue. Huntington (Vig| | | | I Ten in number.00 SILVIA de LYSARDO See Brito.00 Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 61 . | En cafa de luan SteeFio. D.

blank. Licencia del Ordinario. y [ prouechofas fentencias. y de los Autores que refiere. Text pp. Villancicos. 126 leaves: —3 blank.. Note of edition. (Engraving) | | | C Enfados de muy grandes grande amigo de | | auifos. y fu | ] | | I | | ] I \ \ I Reynado. 18 and 19 1 blank page. 7 blank pages. en Sevilla. | Pueftos a gef to por rigidos al Mon- | tidea.". de la Cmdad de SevUla. 8°. A— 4 to N— 4 of 8 leaves (last A N leaf blank). | C Di| muy | experto. Rev.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA 60 TAMARIZ (NICOLAS) CARTILLA. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . de libros. Dedication. | (Engraving) | C Cancionero Uamado Ville | te de Amor : copuef to por Baptif ta | Mon tidea. Dedication.00 61 TIMONEDA ( JUAN de) Villete de Amor. Mercader | And: H tanto def= ta como Diego Moreno el q otro tiempo tuuo' cuydo de fu muger: agora la mata de celos.. C experto. Licencia del Juez. C Vende fe en cafa de loan Timoneda.co Luys QuirofiUo Truban examinado en Corte. Censura. Mercader de libros. ni viftos hafta agora. Ano de 1696. Rev. §-4. Introduction. Approbation.. NICOLAS TAMARIZ Teniente de Maeftro Mayor. page with Diagram "De- mostrazion de los nveve medios proporsionados. Y LVZ EN LA VERDADERA DESTREZA. Rev. (Engraving representing Diego Moreno and his wife) Coplas en que fe tra | | | | | 62 . nun ca impreffos. y auifado 1». blank. Verses. Diamonte. POR D. 44 and 45. | minado en Corte. | | | los He- | rederos de ] Within ornamental border. Title." Between pp. par Thomas Lopez de Haro. uncut. 1—205. En el | y otras obras diuerfas.. ] $9. (Line) Con licencia. Canciones. Rev. Signatures: * 2-* 4 of 6 leaves. Between pp. LVIS PACHECO Y NARVAEZ. 1 | | I qual f e contienen Dirigido al muy [ (Line) I Together with Villete de Amor. C y auifado lo co Luys QuirofiUo Truban exaVende fe en cafa de loan Timoneda. SACADA DE LOS ESCRITOS DE D. Diagram "Demostrazion de los cinco caminos.

. N°60 68 .SACADADE LOS ESCRITOS ^.j^ redcr OS de Thomas Lopez p . '^ los ^ f m y de Autores c[Ue refiere. de § P ^ Con licencia f« Sevilla p^r J He. .TILLA^ Y LVZ| |en la verdaderaJ k DESTREZA. /o ^ </« 1696.D. LVIS H g ^' j^ PACHECO Y NARVAEZ. o R g i.D.NICOLAS TAMARIZ | ^ Tetjiente de S p ^ p • /^ Macjiro Mayor O'udad de SevtUa.PUBLICATIONS |C AR.

i. black-letter. 2 blank pages.iiii." Salvd. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . and condenses in a few pages the results of a study begun fifteen years 64 .z. p. 297-9 of vol. "Indudablemente impreso en Valencia hdcia 1565.. cccc. 8°. Isidro Bonsoms y Sicart and Discurso de Contestaci(5n del Sr.. 15 pp. 1905. and especially of Barcelona.— . 7 pp. A publication of the current year.— r. 395. 1.iij. Second title-page. xx.i.. Rev.iii. Text.iiij. Isidoro Bonsoms y Sicart el dia 9 de Mayo de 1907. and the author of the Iconografia de las Ediciones del Quijote.-Z.A.iiij.iii. (8 leaves). of text.a. Faster y Cerdd. $5. (5). Title-page. No pagination..a.i. The whole is practically a manual treating exhaustively of the Tirant lo Blanch. Note of edition. en 1490.ii." cf. most opportune in its relation to the present issue. pp.ii. I concern the Tirant lo Blanch. Cotejo de los tres ejemplares impresos en "Valencia. in other forms of r and s) . 2 blank leaves. D. Sub-title and text 8 pp.s. also Barrera y . double columns. Index. 3 blank pages.00 m TIRANT Tirant lo lo BLANCH Blanc | Reproduced in Facsimile | from the Edition of 1490 I (At end): Fon Ciutat de Valencia (sic) a. large paper volume of 170 printed pages entitled Discursos lefdos en la Real Academia de Buenas Letras de Barcelona en la Recepcidn Piiblica de D. .iiij. and the special distinction of Senor Bonsoms. uncut. I. In his history. all of 8 leaves. (. is the handsome. The two discourses are entitled respectively La Edici6n Principe del "Tirant Lo Blanch".iij.i.-. Dedication. Unknown to Nic. Leirado.s.i-Y.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA 22 leaves :— 3 blank. vol.i. 207. "mi ejemplar es el linico de cuya existencia tengo noticia. Note of edition. Antonio. . Y. linicos conocidos hoy dia. (6) and Z. uncut. por D. to whom the facsimile above described is dedicated. Barcelona. blank leaf.A. a. of 8 leaves.—X.. folio. 171.. Cited by Salvd. Four valuable appendices accompany the first discourse. repeated) to zi— . both in its bibliographical and literary aspects. Jimeno. .— a. blank. p. Text in In the winter of 1856-7 Ticknor saw and studied at the Sapienza the copy of the Tirant lo Blanch referred to above. Rev. — 8°.lxxxx. The discourse of welcome by D.. as the collector of a monumental Cervantes library. 393 leaves: 2 blank. Antonio Rubid y Lluch. to the publication and study of Cervantes. (including additional signatures r. and . No pagination.. Antonio Rubi<5 presents the services of Catalonia. of text. del acabada d' empremptar la prefent obra en la mes de Nohembre del ay dela natiuitat de noftre fenyor deu Jefu crift mil.ij— . the patron of investigation. Signatures: a ij-a v to b ij— b v. Signatures: a. Black-letter.iiij. Title-page. Dedication.— X. Catdlogo.

particularly those relating to the purchase from the Roman University... blank. XXXI. In it Don Antonio finds rapid dialogue and excellent description and narration.. blank. : Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1904 . Title-page. As a monument of the Catalan tongue it is also of rare importance. Tasa. Introduction. Rev. Approbations. Traducciones de Horacio y Maestro Sanchez ff. viz. Marques | \ de Toral. The appreciation given by Don Antonio Rubi6 is a felicitous commentary upon the whole of the criticism of the curate in Don Quijote and especially upon the words: "aqui comen los cabaUeros y duermen. Note of edition. From the family of the latter it came unto the hands of Quaritch. are of great interest. He sold it to the Baron AchiUe de Seillifere. Angel Aguil6. that of the British Museum and that of the Sapienza. Men^ndez y Pelayo is cited as declaring that it is one of the best books of chivalry that have been written in the world. . There exists no more perfect bibliographical study than that which Seiior Bonsoms has made of the three existing copies of the Valencian edition of 1490. The Sapienza copy was sold in 1861 by the Cardinal Ludovico Altieri with the consent of His Holiness Pius IX to the Marquis of Salamanca. the latter as shown especially in Boccaccio. del Petrarca del 2 blank leaves. Errata. uncut. 8°. con otras cosas de que todos los demds libros deste g^nero carecen. Dedication. Privilege. DC.00 ..A 4 to R-R 4 of 8 leaves. Dedication. Signatures §§-§§ 4. . y mueren en sus camas y hacen testamento antes de su muerte.PUBLICATIONS ago of the literary significance and value of the Tirant lo Blanch. Text. A. that of the University of Valencia. Rev. sm. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 65 . A cofta de Domingo Gon| | \ de libros. En Madrid en la Imprenta del (Line) Ano de M. &c. Duque de (Vignette) | | | Medina de las Torres. \ 158 leaves: —3 ff. In his third appendix Sefior Bonsoms presents the typographical variants and a facsimile of the first and second pages of the three copies and gives their water marks and those of some leaves of a fourth copy owned by D. y la proteccio del EXCELENTISSIMO SENOR Ramiro Felipe de Guz\ \ | I | | man." The Tirant lo Blanch. but also passages of desperate monotony. ILVSTRALAS CON EL nobre. Reprint of 1st edition. The history of each copy so far as attainable is also given. First 8 leaves without signatures. | Reyno. Francifco de Queuedo Villegas Cauallero de la Orden de Santiago. : 1-126 (should be 122). 1 | | | Dalas a la imprefsion D. falez mercader CON PRIVILEGIO. The details of the story. 131-144 (should be 123-136).00 63 TORRE (FRANCISCO de la) OBRAS DEL BACHILLER FRANCISCO DE LA TORRE. $6. as the other two Catalan fictions of the same class. shows the Breton cycle brought to earth and fact under the joint influence of the Catalan national character and the Italian Renaissance. now in the possession of the Hispanic Society. $70.

Note of Rev. en la Emde Loren9o Deu. Rev. Ano 1632. y cador. Hieronymo Torres Frayle Capuchino. Vendefe delante el Palacio del | \ | M leaves :— 7 blank Text. Title-page. blank. Rev. (Line) \ ] | Penitencia | de amor | 1514) I | Reimpresion publicada POR R..50 '65 URREA (PEDRO MANUEL de) PEDRO MANUEL DE URREA (Burgos. blank.64 TORRES (JERONIMO) CONVERSION Y ARREPENTIMIENTO muy deuoto para el peI | Religion. Facsimile title. Por Pedro Crasbeeck.\ \ el | mundo. Rev. Dedication. | tas Caftella- | nos. Title-page. Rev. 3—70. $3. Colophon.hombre de la Camara del f erenifsimo Archiduq de Auftria Leo. blank. 66 — . FOULCHE| DELBOSC "L'Aven9" I | (Vignette: Bibliotheca hispanica) | BARCELONA | Ronda de | I'Universitat.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA . uncut. Note of edition. 2-A 7.poldo. EN LISBOA.nerfe en Religion. leaves. | | I | \ \ [ | | | . | | | | \ \ \ dexar prenta Rey. que fanta gloria haya.. 1626. DEDICADAS A Don Vicente Noguera Referendario de ambas fignaturas de fu Santidad. $1. Licenses. Dedication.. Fr. Impreffor del Rey N. y lo hiZo quando eftaua para po. sm. Rev. i Catholica Gentil. of 16 No pagination. Title-page. Text pp. 4 blank leaves.. Rev. Note of edition. 4°. MuriUo Alcala. Signatures: A Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . publication..00 66 VEGA (GARCILASSO de la) OBRAS DE GARCI LASSO DE LA VEGA | I I Poe- Principe de los Cuidadofamente reviftas en efta ultima edicion por el Do6ior Luis Brizeno de Cordova refidente en Madrid. S. pages. Con todas las licencias neceffarias. | | I | | | I | ] 90 leaves: 3 blank. 7 1902 38 leaves: blank. Escutcheon with Latin quotation. blank. 8° — Page with title. Comy para qualquiera que fe quifiere entrar en puefto for el P. (Vignette) Con licencia en Barcelona. etc. | 20 | MADRID Libreria de M. del Cofejo de las dos Mageftades Cefarea.

Aa— Aa 5 to title. The second part was also issued Lisbon 1605. II is composed of poems in various metre. Catdlogo. Author's dedication prose and verse. 8°.. A cofta de Alonfo Perez Librero. and Vol. f 2. Subin — Vol. sm. Rev. uncut. Two volumes. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903. 102-208. la Via Crucis. B-B 4 of 4 and 2 of 4 leaves (3 pages blank). I. uncut. Title-page. of. 2 blank A-A 5 The Vol. y en * quinze.00 57 VEGA CARPIO (LOPE FELIX de) RIMAS DE LOPE DE VEGA CARPIO. ff. Verses. 1602. quatro Confideraciones muy deuotas. Privilege. Dedication. Alvarez j Baena. blank. I Alio (Vignette) 1609. as "primera parte" of the Rimas. ff. 1-141. 1 Han fe | | | | | 67 . p. also Salvd. \ (Line) \ | Por Alonfo Martin.. 366. Author's dedication. Epigram and Index. Prologue.. p. 2 blank leaves. among which are three iglogas and the Arte de hacer comediag. including Letter. Rev. AORA DE NVEVO anadidas. sm.te I | | \ \ | | tiempo. Approbation. 114 leaves: 2 blank. pp. Title-page. Index. f-f 5 of 8 leaves. 1—101. $5.. CON EL NVEVO AR. Madrid. blank. Hijos de Madrid. Text ff. Ill. Rev. Con las Eftaciones de redempcion con Dios.50 38 VEGA CARPIO (LOPE FELIX de) ROMANCERO ESPIRITVAL. Sonnet.PUBLICATIONS Prologue. Signatures: 1" 2-^ 5. Compuefto por Lope de Vega Carpio. Text. II:— 2 blank leaves. Errata. which previously appeared at the end of the author's Hermosura de Angilica. K K-K Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 . 2 blank leaves. 8°. | | EN MADRID. to Z-Z 5. I contains two hundred sonetos first edition mentioned is Lisbon 160S. Signatures: ^ 2-^ 4s. PARA RECREARSE | | I el ahna humano.. Per volume $4. cadavna delas cifco.te de hazer Comedias def. 202 (should be 102)-210 (should be 208. vol. blank. vol. 345. Rev. Tasa. Note included in leaves. A-A i to K2 all of 8 leaves except f 2 of 4 leaves (2 blank). Verses. Note of edition.-169 and 170 omitted in numbering). 7 blank pages. Cc-Cc 5. a detwcion de los Hermanos de la Tercera Orden del Serafico Padre San Fran| Y del genero | | | \ \ anadido en efta imprefsion tres Eftaciones.

THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA Oetodos Io8 pmJncsOd £rpana:bailad$o:a nuncavJiloicnelql altarlqlquicr vhjc^ quicri andaVmuy^ uec&Dfo|>a todo6(o8caminantC8* pucftopo2pero3fnan vfllugavaleciano* Co /Con pjiailegt'o JmpcrdiU Nogg 68 .

p.PUBLICATIONS (Line) del Con licencia: En Pamplona. 8°.. $5. M. | Afio. Impreffor Reyno de Nauarra. por Pedro de Caftro impreffor de libros.. 8°. nofa. . Ano 1624. Rev. f 4. Errata. 5-136. Dedication. Rev. d'. 7 blank pages.00 69 . 368. | | | | 142 leaves:— 2 blank. A cofta de luan de efpifeys aiios. | (At end) : C Fue impreffo efte Reportorio de caminos: en medina del capo. I. Text IF. Note of edition. 7 blank pages. ni por Alvarez y Baena. Hijos de Madrid.. Colophon on f. blank.. torn. H-H "Edicion no mencionada por los editores de las Obras sueltas de Lope. Index.00 VERA (DIEGO See Cancionero de) Uamado dan9a de galanes. vol. I-I 5 of 8 leaves. Ill. of 8 leaves. pdg. Signatures: A 2-A 9 to 9 of 16 leaves. Note of edition. $6. mercader de libros."— Salvd. Approbation. 136. Co Con andar muy p uechofo puefto por pero luan viUuga vale- q quiera | priuilegio Imperial. No pagination. "69 VILLUGA (PEDRO JUAN) C Reportorio vifto enel ijl 1 | de todos los caminos de | | Efpana hafta agora nunca : | | | allara qlquier viaje | pa todos I los caminantes. 3. Title-page. sm. por luan de Oteyza. sm. Text. Certificate. : — This book is believed to be unique.xlvj. Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1902 . Rev. uncut. License. Dedication. Ano de mil ^ quinientos Z qrenta Z * 126 leaves: 2 blank. Signatures a ij -a iiij to p-p iiii. | ciano.. uncut.. Title-page. 174 Edition of two hundred printed in facsimile 1903 .D. f.. Prologue.


Price . Rene Maizeroy and M. The HisThe subjects treated include the Cid. The lectures of this ^q distinguished scholar delivered at Columbia University and at other I Universities in this country in 1907. Gil. $1. 161 & 196 . TRUest of 3Broa5wai? LATEST PUBLICATIONS NOT IN CATALOGUE 70 CELESTINA. under the auspices of panic Society of America. 1499. J. by Don Miguel Utrillo. Romancero. on hand-made paper. followed by appreciations of the press. Facsimile of the first known edition. B.. 2 . Cervantes. Burgos. modern Spanish nov- Octavo. Ticknor says that "down to the days of the Don Quixote. pp. Octavo. the Lope de Vega." Illustrated. which left marked traces on the national drama. $8. Cloth. elists. three French] ON THE ART OF IGNACIO ZULOAGA. 194 pp.. Christian Brinton and William E. . K\ U Reproduced from the unique original in the library of Mr..^i^ Zbc Ibispanic Societie of IRew 13orft Cftj? Hmedca I56tb Street. Camille Mauclair. Cloth. Elisabeth Luther Cary. Morgan. Starkweather. Gabriel Mourey. 458. and presented to The Hispanic Society of America by Mr.. Arsfene Alexandre. HI. $7. Price .. no Spanish book was so much read at home and abroad. Calderon. Henri Rochefort. reprinted on the occa- .00 71 IDT-0 FITZMAURICE-KELLY.50 FIVE ESSAYS [two Spanish.75 net 72 EIGHT ESSAYS ON JOAQUIN SOROLLA Y BASTIDA By Aureliano de Beruete. Pierpont Morgan.73 vols. 454. dark red buckram. Leonard Williams. James Gibbons Huneker. Of this dramatic story. Octavo. JAMES CHAPTERS ON SPANISH LITERATURE. X-260 pp. .

contemporary accounts of the Co- "A real storehouse of information about the Spanish stage from the fifteenth century to the middle of the seventeenth. 166 pp. This that appeared in 1903. p." Copious index and extensive list of Spanish actors and actresses 1560— 1680. 38 illustrations $0. THE SPANISH STAGE IN THE TIME OF LOPE DE VEGA. 158 pp. 1909. 134 pp. . the Translation is metrical." "A scholarly work of painstaking erudition. media. The Text is a faithful reproduction of the unique manuscript.00 RENNERT.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA sion of the exhibition of the paintings by Ignacio Zuloaga. is an edition in smaller form of the work prepared especially for the use of Universities and Colleges. Volume I Text. 3 vols. It has been . exhibited by The Hispanic Society of America. Each 77 vol. costumes. Volume II Translation.50 75 ZULOAGA CATALOGUE Catalogue of Paintings by Ignacio Zuloaga. with introduction by Leonard Williams. the autos sacramentales. ARCHER M. D. D. Medium octavo. March 21.50 76 HUNTINGTON. exhibited by The Hispanic Society of America. 156 pp. Spanish text with translation and notes. dark red buckram. and for others interested in Spanish history and literature. POEM OF THE CID. net $1. the actors. February 8 to March 8. Containing chapters on early religious representations and the early Corrales. Volume III Notes VIII-199 pp. Narrow octavo.50 to April 11.00 net . HUGO ALBERT. Price . illustrated $0. dark red buckram. March 21 to April 11. XIII-636 pp. $0. private representations before the King. and the Notes are exceedingly copious. $3. p. 1909. Ph. 120 pp 74. D. SOROLLA CATALOGUE Catalogue of Paintings by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida. D. with introduction by Christian Brinton. 1909. the staging of the Comedia. p.

with brief introduction and list One of the most interesting and valuable atlases of these charts constructed in the early years of great geographical discoveries. Colored frontispiece. Facsimile British of Manuscript in of charts. 52 plates $0. Raymond : — [basque. red buckram. the purpose and character of which are thus stated in the preface to the first volume. De Forest. bohemien. the origin of the great and character. ba j o los auspicios de The Hispanic Society of Anieriea. 1911. 1905. ATLAS OF PORTOLAN CHARTS. with original contributions. Price Octavo. first. and. If this date is correct. Non seulement les livres et brochures. mais aussi les articles de revues ont ete repertories. secondly. M. Museum." Four volumes $1. In these two lectures (in Spanish) the eminent historical critic and philologist of the Madrid University discusses.25 net 79 BARBER [EDWIN ATLEE] Catalogue of Mexican Maiolica belonging to Mrs. langues americaines. RAMON EL ROMANCERO ESPA^OL.PUBLICATIONS 78 ^ ^ MENENDEZ PIDAL. the transmission body of Spanish ballad poetry known as the Romancero. Price. An annual publication. Catalans et portuLes langues d'origine non latine gais. langues asiatiques] ne rentrent pas dans notre cadre . EDWARD LUTHER.25 net have been issued. pp. $1. 1907 and 1908. aux litteratures et a I'histoire des pays castillans. it is not only the oldest known Portolan Atlas on whose charts any part of the New World is laid down.50 iSO BIBLIOGRAPHIE HISPANIQUE Compiled by the distinguished editor of the Revue Hispanique. en Europe et hors d'Europe. 1906. exhibited by The Hispanic Society of America. Robert W. . D. February 18 to March 19. each volume J' 81 STEVENSON. Foulche-Delbosc. . IV-131 pp. Ph. issued in 1905 "La presente Bibliographic est consacree aux langues. but the oldest known atlas in which the coast regions of a very large part of the entire world are represented with a . 151. apparently as early as 1508. Conferencias dadas en la Columbia University de New York los dias 5 y 7 de Abril de 1909. D. p.

bus. This artotype facsimile is issued in size of the original.75 net STEVENSON. Price $7. of first turies by reason of Narrow quarto. reproduction of the section of the text containing the Coplas of Bosc^n. D. 11 X 8^ inches. their origin D.50 net 82 STEVENSON. its age and the character and fullness of its rec- maps of Hondius and Canerio are respectively numbers one and two. and is bound in maroon leather closely resembling the original fair cover.THE HISPANIC SOCIETY OF AMERICA approach to accuracy. EDWARD LUTHER. in the earliest examples known. and scriptive list of those belonging to The Hispanic Society of America. they were constructed and employed by seamen in the period of great maritime explorations. with critical notes and discussion of the date of publication. 84 KENISTON. LAS TREINTA OF JUAN BOSCAN. 14. Critical Text approximately 100 pp. D. Portolan charts are the first modem scientific maps. Four special charts exhibit parts of the New World. with the caption title Coplas de hoscan y otras del marques destorga. and date. edition printed before his Description of a four-leaf pamphlet. with a de- PORTOLAN CHARTS. . Ph. It is printed on the finest quality of Imperial Japan paper. A map to which peculiar interest attaches by reason of ords. Being primarily navigators' charts. They succeed in logical development the ancient periplus and the medieval portolan and have a place importance among the geographical records of earlier centheir near approach to accuracy and their highly artistic features. The map belongs to a period of transition.57. exhibiting an effort to bring into harmony the third of the series of which the ancient and the medieval geographical ideas with those of the years immediately preceding the great enterprise of Christopher ColumFacsimile in colors and in size of the original. In Press. characteristics. Fifteen of these most important charts appear in full-page artotype reproduction. in the Library of The Hispanic Society of America. Ph. from about 1300. Ph. GENOESE WORLD MAP. VIII-76 pp 83 $1. HAYWARD. 42 x 81 cm. An death. In Press. The EDWARD LUTHER.






i^'-i^j. .

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