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Spring, spring is coming soon, Grass is green, and flowers bloom, Birds returning from the south, Bees

are buzzing all about,, g Leaves are budding everywhere, Spring, spring is finally here!

Spring is here here, Let’s give some cheer! Flowers bloom, trees grow, Fl bl t Water falls, winds blow. Bees buzz, kids play, Say hooray! Spring is today!

When the snow melts away, And it’s rainy and gray it s gray, And the birds are beginning to sing… Trees have tender green buds, And the Earth turns to mudThat’s how you can tell it is spring! No more mittens and boots, boots No more bulky snow suits, It’s too warm to wear all those things! Flowers bl Fl bloom everywhere, h Their perfume fills the airThat’s how you can tell it is spring!

March wind is a jolly fellow; He likes to joke and play. He turns umbrellas inside out And blows hats away. away He calls the pussy willows And whispers in each ear, "Wake up you lazy little seeds; Don't you know that spring is here?"

Winds of March, We welcome you, There is work For you to do. Work and play And blow all day, Blow the dry Leaves away.