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October - November 2012

Live Christ, Share Christ
(excerpts from the CBCP Pastoral Letter on the Era of New Evangelization)

“Go and make disciples…” (Mt. 28:19)

Looking Forward to our Five Hundredth


e look forward with gratitude and joy to March 16, 2021, the fifth centenary of the coming of Christianity to our beloved land. We remember with thanksgiving the first Mass celebrated in Limasawa Island on Easter Sunday March 31 that same blessed year. We remember the baptism of Rajah Humabon who was given his Christian name Carlos and his wife Hara Amihan who was baptized Juana in 1521. Our eyes gaze on the Santo Nino de Cebu, the oldest religious icon in the Philippines, gift of Ferdinand Magellan to the first Filipino Catholics that same year. Indeed the year 2021 will be a year of great jubilee for the Church in the Philippines. We shall therefor embark on a nine-year spiritual journey that will culminate with the great jubilee of 2021. It is a grace-filled event of blessings for the Church starting October 21, 2012 until March 16, 2021. How opportune indeed that on October 21 this year, the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI will add another Filipino to the canon of saints of the Church, our very own Visayan proto-martyr Pedro Calungsod who have his life for the faith on the morning of April 2, 1672 in Guam. This “New Evangelization” is primarily addressed to those who have drifted from the Faith and from the Church in traditionally Catholic countries, especially in the West. We are challenged anew to foster in the Church in our country of a renewed commitment and enthusiasm in living out the Gospel in all the diverse areas of our lives, in “real-life practice”, challenged anew to become more and more authentic witnesses of our faith, especially to our Asian neighbors as a fruit of our intensified intimacy with the Lord.

WHAT WILL THIS ERA OF NEW EVANGELIZATION FOR THE PHILIPPINES CONSIST OF? The task stands on four pillars: Fostering and fulfilling the “mission ad gentes”, as a special vocation of the Church in our country, effectively involving our laypeople, our “Christifideles” brothers and sisters; our priests and seminarians; men and women in consecrated life. Secondly, “bringing Good News to the poor.” Again and again, Filipino Catholics coming together to discern priorities, have seen that the Church here must become genuinely “a Church for and with the poor.” Thirdly, reaching out to those among us whose faith-life has been largely eroded and even lost due to the surrounding confusion, moral relativism, doubt, agnosticism; reaching out to those who have drifted from the Faith and the Church, and have joined other religious sects. Lastly, awakening or reawakening in faith, forming and animating in Christian life our young people and youth sector groups, in both urban and rural settings. A nine-year journey for the New Evangelization has already been chartered climaxing with the Jubilee Year 2021.

These are the nine pastoral priorities of the Church in the Philippines.

2013: Integral Faith Formation 2014: The Laity 2015: The Poor 2016: The Eucharist and of the Family 2017: The Parish as a Communion of Communities 2018: The Clergy and Religious 2019: The Youth 2020: Ecumenism & InterReligious Dialogue 2021: Mission ad gentes
In the time before us, we will focus on these dimensions of faith, evangelization and discipleship, one by one. And it is most propitious that as we received the faith 500 years ago, so with the Year 2021 we envision to become a truly sending Church. May our Lady, Mary Mother of Our Lord, lead us all in our longing and labors to bring her son Jesus Christ into our time and our world, our Emmanuel – our God who remains with us now and yet whose coming again in glory we await. Maranatha, Amen. + JOSE S. PALMA, D.D. Archbishop of Cebu President

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We will see!
•Fr. Dennis Soriano• Parish Priest Our Lady of Pentecost Parish

Homily for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2012


esus asked the blind man, “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man answered, “I want to see.”+ Pope Benedict XVI, in talking about faith, wrote that faith makes us see. Faith makes us see beyond the physical, beyond what we can touch or understand. Faith makes us see God, working in and around us. Faith makes us see Christ in our neighbors. But sometimes there are obstacles to this faith. There are hindrances that blind us spiritually. Allow me to give three. When we are full of ourselves – our successes, our achievements, our opinions – we begin to believe we are self-sufficient. We cling to the illusion of total independence. We fail to see what good other people offer us. We fail to see how much we need God. Then, pride blinds us. When we are in pain and we allow it to close our hearts and to focus only on ourselves, making

us withdraw from family and friends, then, we fail to see the giftedness of people around us. We fail to open up. Then, pain blinds us. When we are too satisfied with how things are for ourselves, too comfortable, we become complacent. We fail to become sensitive to needs of other people and realize what we can do to make things better for our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Then, comfort blinds us. Pride, pain and comfort; they can make us spiritually blind. May kasabihan po sa Pilipino: Mahirap gisingin ang nagtutulog tulugan. Mahirap makakita ang nagbubulag bulagan. We may be spiritually blind and not know about it, or we may know about it and we just don’t care. The gospel today invites us to “Take courage; get up, he is calling you.” The Lord is calling us. He is calling us to see with the eyes of faith. But we need to take courage, to get up and to pull down the blinders. When we do so, we will see!

Upcoming November Activities
Worship • Re-commissioning of Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion •Renewal Formation of Greeters •Formation meeting for Ministry of Lectors and Commentators •Solemnity of Christ the King on November 25 (Vigil at Xavierville 1 Chapel, Procession) Catechetical Ministry •Seminar for parents and children re: the Sacrament of Baptism – November 9 •Baptism of Catechetical students – November 10 •Confession of First Communicants – November 17 •First Communion Mass for Catechetical students – December 1 Social Services and Development Ministry •Medical and Dental Mission – November 17 Public Affairs Ministry •UBAS Orientation – November 6

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Spirit in the Wind

Rosary Month
•Kang Acevedo•


t. Dominic, the founder of the Dominican order in the year 1208, received the personal instruction on how to pray the Holy Rosary by our Blessed Mother. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, instructed by the Blessed Virgin as well as his own experience, Saint Dominic preached the Rosary for the rest of his life. He preached it by example as well as by his sermons, in cities and in country places, to people of high station and low, before scholars and the uneducated, to Catholics and to heretics. He also especially shared the Rosary to the soldiers of the Christian armies to protect them from the pagan enemies. During those times, battles were done at sea. The most known of these battles was the Battle of Lepanto. For this reason, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary was called the Virgin of La Naval who has interceded in helping our Christian armies to win the fight. In 1946, during the Spanish times, the Dutch wanted to invade the Philippines using

15 warships while the Spaniards had only 2 galleon ships. With their strong faith that our Lady of La Naval will help them, the Spaniards won the battle. Our Lady has revealed to several people that each time they say a Hail Mary, they are giving her a beautiful rose, and that each complete Rosary makes her a crown of roses. So the complete Rosary is a large crown of roses and each chaplet of five decades is a little wreath of flowers or a little crown of heavenly roses which we place on the heads of Jesus and Mary. The rose is the queen of flowers, and so the Rosary is the rose of devotions and the most important one! The Holy Rosary is recited daily before the 6:30pm mass from Mondays - Fridays, and before the the 5:30 pm mass on Saturdays and Sundays, lead by FRC members. Last October 27, a Marian procession in honor of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary was held to culminate Rosary Month.

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish

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Immaculate Conception Cathedral named as Pilgrim Church
•Bishop Honesto Ongtioco, DD•


he Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, DD, Bishop of the Diocese of Cubao has designated the Immaculated Conception Cathedral of Cubao as a Pilgrimage Church during the Year of Faith from October 11, 2012 to November 24, 2013 to give the faithful an opportunity to gain a plenary indulgence. In his pastoral letter, Bishop Nes said that the faithful may gain a plenary indulgence by making a pilgrimage to the Cathedral and take part in some sacred function or at least pause for an apt time of reconciliation with pious meditations, concluding with the recitation of the Our Father, the Profession of Faith,

invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary and, according to the case, to Holy Apostles or Patrons.

intentions. The person must also sacramentally confess their sins and receive Communion up to about 20 days before or A plenary indulgence also after completing the other requires the individual to acts. be in the state of grace, have complete detachment from Those who cannot attend sin, and pray for the Pope’s celebrations for serious reasons may still obtain the indulgences if they pray an Our Father, the Profession of Faith and other prayers that agree with the objectives of the Year of Faith. The Year of Faith is meant to “recall the precious gift of faith” and “its correct interpretation.” It marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council.

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Spirit in the Wind

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The Imitation of Pedro Calungsod
•Eric De Quiros•


ctober 21 will be a special occasion for our nation. On this day, Pedro Calungsod, a Filipino Roman Catholic, blessed and martyr will be canonized in Rome. I am sure that most of our countrymen are already filled with excitement. Who was Pedro Calungsod and why will he soon become a saint? Why and how can we strive to be like him?

received the sacraments, especially of baptism. However, Choco, a Chinese circulated false accusations that they were spreading poison through the ritual of the pouring of water, as in baptism and Catholic Masses. Thus, Pedro was killed in Guam in 1672. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on March 5, 2000. How can we be like him? Not quite easily, by being “missionaries” in our very own homes and workplaces, serving God and others, through our thoughts, words and deeds. This means choosing the road less travelled, taking the narrow and difficult path, which leads to eternal life. Remember, that like blessed Pedro Calungsod, God has a special plan for you and me. In the stillness of our hearts, let us listen to His voice. Heed his call. And follow Him.
Reference: http://www. pedrocalungsod.net/

These data answer our first question. Now we proceed to the Research tells us that he second question, why and how was born in 1654 and grew can we be like him? up a skilled sacristan. He Why be like him? accompanied Blessed Diego Simply, because he lived a holy Luis de San Vitores to the and spiritual life, spreading, Marianas Islands now Guam. preaching, and more importantly Through their efforts, many living and dying for God’s Word.

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San Pedro Calungsod,
Inspirasyong Ikalulugod •Mara Melanie D. Perez•
(Isinulat noong Oktubre 21, 2012, Araw ng Kanonisasyon ng Bagong Santo)

Blessing & Procession of the statue of Pedro Calungsod
a loving gift to the Ateneo de Manila Grade School through the kindness of Fr. Jose Quilongquilong, S.J., in thanksgiving of the saint’s canonization 22 October 2012 Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angels & Heritage Room, Ateneo Grade School with Fr. Catalino Arevalo, S.J., Fr. Kit Bautista, S.J., Fr. Bert Ampil, S.J. and Fr. Tony Pabayo, S.J.

Kung sa tingin mo, ikaw ay isa lamang bata at wala ka pang malaking magagawa, tingnan mo si San Pedro Calungsod: Ginamit niya ang kanyang talino at enerhiya sa pagiging laykong katekista. Sa murang edad ay nakatulong na siya sa pagbibinyag, pag-aayos ng misa at pagpapahayag ng Mabuting Balita. Kung ikaw ay napupuno ng lumbay dahil hindi mo kasama ang mga mahal mo sa buhay, Si Pedro ang iyong magiging karamay. Sa pagtira sa isla ng Ladrones, kahit malayo sa kanyang pamilya, malugod pa rin niyang ginawa ang mga tungkulin niya. At alam mo bang ang ibig sabihin ng Bisaya ay masaya? Ganyan nga si Pedro, ang batang Bisaya. Ang paglilingkod sa Diyos, sa kanya’y nagdulot ng ligaya. Kung may nagsasabi ng hindi mabuti tungkol sa’yo dahil ginagawa mo ang nais ni Kristo, huwag kang mangamba o manlumo; Gaya ni Pedro, at ng mga kasama niyang misyonaryo ipinagpatuloy nila ang kanilang gawain sa kabila ng pang-uusig Choco at ng ilang katutubo. Regular silang nagdasal, nangumpisal at nagsakripisyo at kay Birheng Maria, sila ay naging deboto. Kung ikaw ay natatakot dahil sa lakas ng kalaban mo, huwag na huwag kang aatras o susuko. Tularan mo si Pedro sa pagtatanggol sa Heswitang si Beato Diego. Kahit na kayang-kaya niyang tumakbo at magtago, mas pinili niyang labanan sina Matapang at Hirao. Kaya naman ngayon ay tinatawag na martir si Pedro. Hanggang sa kamatayan, siya’y naging sundalo ni Kristo. Samakatuwid, isa talagang inspirasyon ang bagong santo para sa mga kabataan, katekista, guro at layko. Tunay na maipagmamalaki siyang huwarang Pilipino dahil kinikilala na ang kanyang kabanalan sa buong mundo.

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish

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he Family Rosary Crusade’s “2012 Try Prayer, It Works” Creative Contest held its awarding ceremonies on October 12 at the Pius XII Catholic Center, Manila. Rev. John Phalen, President, Holy Cross Family Ministries, Rev. James Phalan, Director, Family Rosary International, Rev. Roque D’Costa, FRC Executive Director and Rev. Francis Sebastian, CSC, awarded the prizes. Each of the 24 winners received a cash prize of P5,000.00, a medal and a certificate. Their institution received a glass trophy each. The winners came with their parents and school principal/ representatives. Certificates of merit were given to all the finalists. The contestants, composed of students from Grade 4 to 12, competed in three categories: Art, Prose and Poetry. This year’s theme was: “Joy to the World”. More than 1,000 entries from over 70 schools nationwide joined the contest. ART WINNERS: Grade 4:Ainer Brean Padrigo, Philippine Tiong Se Academy Ma. Catrina Chan, Antonio Regidor Elementary School Grade 5: Irylle Buenconsejo, University of Perpetual Help System Dalta (Bacoor) Grade 6: Chelsy Jessame Chan Ng, Chiang Kai Shek College Grade 7: John Neil Mahusay,

Balara High School 1st Year: Francheska Jeanette Aytona, Nuestra Sra. Del Perpetuo Socorro Parish 2nd Year: Christian Cedrik dela Paz, Rizal High School 3rd Year: Ia Mae Buenconsejo, San Beda High School (Alabang) 4th Year: Paul Ryan Cuevas, Saint Columban’s College PROSE WINNERS: Grade 4: John Drexler Cubebe, Limay Elementary School (Bataan) Grade 5: Ysabelle Mojica, Vel Maris School (Cavite) Grade 6:Joaquina Nadine Altavas, Miriam College Grade School Grade 7: Andrea Lyn Banocnoc, San Isidro Catholic School 1st Year: Victorina Francesca Mendoza, Miriam College High School 2nd Year: Anna Ysabella Yao, Paco Catholic School 3rd Year: Mariela Visaya, The Sisters of Mary School (Girlstown) 4th Year: Yvonne Fantilanan, Manuel L. Quezon High School POETRY WINNERS: Grade 4: James Patrick Kok, Chang Kai Shek College Grade 5: Andrea Tiongson, Everest Academy Grade 7: Kim Alexander Miguel, Ina ng Buhay Catholic School 1st Year: Shania Rejeana Tengco, Miriam College High School 2nd Year:Etheleina Jie Red, Espiritu Santo Parochial School 3rd Year: Ysabel Acosta, Miriam College High School 4th Year: Geolynne Marie Adel, Paco Catholic School

Jolo Crisol, Ateneo Grade School In a world dim as night, In a world full of fear, They needed a light, To make the path clear. They knew it was coming, It was promised to be theirs, But when it did come, Many had not cared. Amidst the bustling city, Full of homes, full of people, Who were resting, eating, And enjoying their time together, Stood a couple, Not one house they could find, Many doors had been shut on them, Yet they still remained kind. A manger stood strong, Full of animals and hay, There instead the gift was born, ‘Twas the Lord’s will, be it as it may. Whilst the gift was cradled, In the arms of the woman, Three men made it, They hid the word from this villain. That moment was of great significance, Although only few knew, For it would be the gift’s grandeur, Which would change the world anew. From then on, the world was filled With triumphant sounds; ‘Twas the end of the night Because of the light, the gift that counts.

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Children’s Mass



ur first-ever OLPP children’s mass was presided over by our parish priest Fr. Dennis Soriano. It is a milestone for our catechetical ministry as they took the initiative to train the children as lectors, offerors, and choir members with the able assistance of the other ministries, i. e. LCM, MBG, Greeters and Collectors, and the Music Ministry. Kudos to Fr. Dennis for the very apt homily for the children.”


he Public Affairs Ministry under its Good Governance advocacy is holding an Ugnayan ng mga Barangay at Simbahan (UBAS) Basic Orientation Seminar on November 6, 2012 at the Diocese of Cubao Multi Purpose Building from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. The orientation seminar is meant to concretize the partnership signed on April 07, 2011 between the Barangay and the Church together with Bishop Tobias, then Sec. Robredo of DILG, the Mayor of Quezon City, Caloocan and Malabon, the National President of League of Barangays, and the President of the League of Barangays in Quezon City. The seminar hopes to promote the creation of Action Teams and foster areas of partnership for the community, especially in the distribution of much-needed services. In line with this, the Public Affairs Ministry of OLPP wishes to invite volunteers for the PPCRV to sign up at the parish office. This is in preparation for the May 2013 elections. Deadline is on January 31, 2013.

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish

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(November 1) Gerhard Ludwig Miller From: The Key to Faith


ne can detect the beginnings of the veneration of the saints by the middle of the second century. The martyrs were the first to be so honored, and very soon the apostles were equated with them in liturgical observance as public witnesses to the faith. Special veneration was then also extended to those who had suffered imprisonment, torture or exile for the sake of the faith (“confessors”). As the liturgical year nears its end the Church looks in a special way toward those of its members who have already stepped through the portals of death and enjoy eternal fulfillment. It is of them that Revelation says: “See the home of God is among mortals. He will dwell with them as their God; they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and

pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away,” (Rev. 21: 3-4) One can call the feast of All Saints a harvest celebration for the fruit of the paschal mystery, for the saints are indeed the fruit of God’s victorious grace, a joyous ode to the divine plan of salvation and Christ’s saving grace. The Preface of this feast makes it clear that the saints in heaven include not only those who because of their heroic love of God and neighbor have been canonized through a public process, but also all “our brothers and sisters…who sing God’s praise forever.” If we take seriously the promise of “sanctifying grace,” then these also are part of the heavenly company of the

saints, even if no spectacular miracle have so far taken place through their intercession. But from this it follows that we are close to them in the medium of the divine love that encompasses all things, and that we may converse with them and ask them to intercede for us, even if this is only allowed in the private sphere. In this sense the feast of All Saints can take on a personal character. The Church can only go out to meet its approaching Lord and place its hope in Him if it becomes a witness of his presence for others. Those who lead their lives as followers of Christ concern themselves for a humanly worthy life for others, with food, clothing, shelter and education in a social context of political and social justice. They are concerned about everyone in the human race, not only those who share their beliefs. It is only in doing good, moreover, that Christians, with their eyes on the Lord who is approaching, achieve the righteousness, the ultimate communion of love with Christ and the Father that gives them eternal life.

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(November 2) Fr. Dennis Soriano, Parish Priest by Walbert Buhlmann Our Lady of Pentecost Parish
uman experience can give us no information as to what transpires during and after a person’s death. We know from experience the fate of the body: it decays and falls apart. But the body is not the entire person. As Joseph Ratzinger wrote, “what is essential about a human being, the person, remains.” The human being as a person is the one who dialogues with God. It is to this one that God has given the divine Word and proclaimed eternal fidelity. It is this one “who even though he/she dies, will live.” God does not permit us to fall; God does not forget us, because God has taken us up in love: “I have written you on the palm of my hand.” Because through faith and grace we belong to Christ’s mystical body, as human persons we participate in Christ’s resurrected body.


Spirit in the Wind
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If we speak of the “poor souls”, we should not overlook the fact that in a certain sense they are also “rich souls”, to the extent that they have died in the grace of justification, sanctifying grace, and for that reason are certain of their eternal happiness with God. What is to be completed for their final perfection through the pains of purification can only take place at the spiritual level. We do not need to whisper in God’s ear how heaven should be. That could only correspond to our human understanding; the latter, however, is light years below what God has in store. Let us then leave the how to God’s own care, and let it be God’s surprise. We can only say that something is waiting for us that is far more we could ever expect!

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish

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Ang Tagumpay ng Paghahari ni Kristo
•Fr. Dennis Soriano• Parish Priest Our Lady of Pentecost Parish
Ilang araw na lang ipagdiriwang na natin ang Dakilang Kapistahan ng Kristong Hari. Sa huling linggo ng kalendaryo ng simbahan, at sa pagsisimula ng bagong kalendaryo sa pagpasok ng panahon ng Adbiyento, nararapat lamang na ipagdiwang ang paghahari ni Hesus sa ating buhay. Sa lingo-linggong pagdiriwang natin ng misa, pagpupuri at pasasalamat sa kanya, sa araw-araw na pagsisikap sumunod sa kanyang mga h a l i m b a w a nararapat lamang na ipagdiwang natin ang kanyang tagumpay, kapangyarihan at kaluwalhatian. Ano nga ba ang palatandaan ng tagumpay ng paghahari ni Kristo sa buhay na ito? Ano ang palatandaan na si Kristo ay ating Hari? Batay sa ebanghelyo si Kristo ay tunay na naghahari sa atin kung ang mga nagugutom ay may pagkain; kung ang nauuhaw ay may tubig; kung ang dayuhan ay tinatanggap; kung ang walang maisuot ay may damit; kung ang maysakit ay kinakalinga; at kung sa napipiit ay may nagmamalasakit. Samakatuwid, ang tagumpay ng paghahari ni Kristo ay nasusukat sa pagmamalasakit ng tao sa kapwa tao; sa pag-aalala hindi lamang para sa sarili kundi para sa mga nangangailangan; sa pagtalikod sa kasalanan at pagsunod sa kalooban ng Diyos. Ito ang tanda na tunay ngang naghahari sa atin si Kristo – kapag ang puso natin ay naging tulad ng puso ni Kristo, sumusunod sa kalooban ng Ama at may malasakit sa nangangailangan. pagkatapos ng ilang taon, sa kanyang hangaring magbago, sa kanyang pagsisikap maglingkod at manghikayat ng kapwa na mapalapit kay Kristo, makikita natin na gaano man kasama ang mundo, gaano man kadilim ang buhay, nagtatagumpay pa rin ang paghahari ni Kristo.

Minsan pagkatapos ng misa may Madaling isipin na ang tagumpay isang binatilyo ng paghahari ni Kristo ay ang ang lumapit pagbagsak ng mga makasalanan. sa akin. Sabi Subalit ang totoo, ang tagumpay niya, “Father, ng paghahari ni Kristo ay puede po bang makikita hindi sa pagbagsak magkumpisal?” ng mga makasalanan, kundi sa I k i n u w e n t o pagbabago nila upang magbalikniya sa akin ang loob sa Diyos at magsikap lahat ng kanyang magmalasakit sa kapwa. kasalanan. Sabi niya, “Kahit bata pa The victory of Christ the King po ako. Ginawa ko na is not the downfall of sinners. yata lahat ng kasalanang The victory of Christ the King is kayang gawin ng kabataan.” the transformation of sinners Sinabi nya rin na dati-rati hindi to become servants of the Lord. siya makikita sa loob ng simbahan. Pagtalikod natin sa kasalanan Kung magsisimba man, nakatayo at pagmamalasakit natin sa lang sa labas ng simbahan. Binigyan nangangailangan – ito ang ko siya ng absolution at umalis na sukatan kung si Kristo nga ay siya. Makaraan ang ilang linggo Hari natin. Amen. nakita ko na siyang nagsisimba. Tapos nagsimula siyang tumulong sa mga gawain Solemnity of Christ ng simbahan, the King (Nov. 25, 2012) nagbahagi ng kanyang talento Schedule at kakayahan - 4:00 to 4:30 pm: Vigil at nanghikayat at Xavierville 1 Chapel ng iba pa upang - 4:30 pm: Procession mapalapit kay to OLPP Kristo. Hindi ko po - 5:15 pm: Benediction sinasabi na banal na ang binatilyong - 5:30 pm: Eucharistic ito. Ang sinasabi Celebration ko lang, sa kanyang pagkukumpisal

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