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BRAC Bank Limited, hereinafter called BBL, is a fist growing third generation-scheduled commercial bank incorporated on 20th May

1999 as a public limited company under Companies Act, 1994 with multinational collaboration including IFC of The World Bank Group & Shore Cap. BBL started its operation BRAC BANK Limited, one of the latest generation of commercial banks which started its journey on the 4th of July 2001 with a vision to be the absolute market leader through providing the entire range of banking services suitable to the needs of modern and dynamic banking business as well as to promote broad based participation in the Bangladesh economy through the provision of high quality banking services .


BRAC BANK LTD. has a reputation of serving the best possible service to their clients. To acquire employees they have a staffing process. They have divided their staffing process in Employment planning and job analysis, Recruitment, Selection process, Training (if needed).


BRAC BANK LTD. recruits people both inside and outside of the bank; according to the post and people they need for the bank. The Bank follows the best practice of 80/20 ratio 4.2.1 Recruiting Within The Bank If the bank authority thinks that the people inside the bank are well qualified, they are offered for the job, otherwise they go for external candidates. 4.2.2 Annual Confidential Report Annual confidential reports are updated in BRAC BANK LTD. once in a year. BRAC BANK LTD. does not follow the traditional rule of making ACR.

4.2.3 Recruiting Outside the Bank As BRAC BANK LTD. follows 80/20 rules to recruit employee they try to find external candidate when they fail to fill up the vacant position by internally. According to the recruitment policy of the bank the authority used some source to recruit outside the bank.
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Employee referrals:


BRAC BANK LTD. thinks that the prosperity of the bank is depends on customer satisfaction. They need that kind of employees who can give them quality full service. BRAC BANK LTD. follows a procedure to select employees for any blank post .The steps are as follows: 4.4.1 Hiring Decision This is the first step of their selection process. When there is any vacancy in the organization, the authority feels that they need employee for the post. Then they make the decision to recruit people there. 4.4.2 Review for Application and Resumes The second step they follow is to make a review of the resumes and applications of the applicants. Then they assess those and see whether the applicants are actually eligible for the post or not. They select those applicants for the next steps whose qualification meet their requirements for the job. 4.4.2 Review for Application and Resumes The second step they follow is to make a review of the resumes and applications of the applicants. Then they assess those and see whether the applicants are actually eligible for the post or not. They select those applicants for the next steps whose qualification meet their requirements for the job. 4.4.3 Selection Test After the review The BRAC BANK LTD. take selection test of the applicants. In this step they follow two different procedures. One is adopted for the fresher or new comers; another is for the experienced applicants. 4.4.4 Employee Interview The applicants, who are qualified in the previous stage, are selected for this stage. In this stage they have to face a whole day assessment program for the final selection. The interviewers assign them different assignment and practical works for the whole day. 4.4.5 Personal Reference and Background Check Some applicants attach some references with their applications. The bank authority sometimes checks the references. If the bank authority thinks that they have some confusion about the employee, then they go through the process. 4.4.6 Final Decision This is the last part they follow for the entire selection process. At this stage they make the final decision about who will be the employees for their jobs.

After passing the all viva test, then HR make an approval and appointment letter for the potential employees and offer them, if employee received the job offer then HR give them a Joining Kit Employees fill-up the Joining Kit & submit all necessary documents (i.e. all attached education certificate, if the candidate experienced then he/she must have submit the previous employer release letter and last month pay-slip) for joining in the bank 4.5.1 Orientation Orientation is way to introduce the newly appointed employee with their tasks, duties, responsibilities, work environment and the culture of the organization. The BRAC Bank Ltd conducts a well structured orientation program


Providing employees with training and development opportunities not only contributes to the quality and effectiveness of the organization it also serves to motivate and retain employees. 4.6.1 Training Programs Include: Orientation Training In-house training Job specific training Need base local/foreign training Peer or Supervisors coaching E-learning: Online training and evaluation


Performance appraisal means evaluating an employees current or past performance relative to the persons performance standard. The major objectives of performance appraisal are: Identifying employees for salary increases, promotion, transfer and lay off or termination of services. Determining training needs for further improvement in performance. Motivating employees by indicating their performance levels 4.7.1 Performance Appraisal At BRAC Bank Limited:

BRAC Bank practices performance appraisal to evaluate their employees performance. They use measurable criteria for evaluating their employees. The core purpose of BRAC BANK LTD.s performance appraisal- is to promote or increase salary of their employees whose performance is better comparing to other employees.


There is no particular definition of compensation. From in depth research we have that compensation is the benefit package for the employees that are offered by the organization, such as flexible working schedules, insurance (health, dental, eye) etc. 4.8.1 Brac Bank Ltd.S Hr Compensation Bonus: Awards: HR Salary Increment Provident fund

I. Major Punishment: II. Minor Punishment: 4.9.3 Punishment 4.9.2 Ground of Punishment 4.9.1 Code of Conduct and Chain Of Command Dismissal Demotion to a Lower Classification Reduction of Pay within a Class Suspension without Pay:

A staff shall face the following disciplinary actions

Dismissal: Suspension without Pay

Reduction of Pay within a Class: Demotion to a Lower Classification A staff shall face the following disciplinary actions