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S.F. No. 664 - County Wheelage Tax Authority
Author: Prepared By: Senator Jim Carlson Bonnie Berezovsky, Senate Counsel (651/296-9191) Krista Boyd, Senate Fiscal Analyst (651/296-7681) March 8, 2013


Section 1, subdivision 1, broadens the county wheelage tax to apply to all counties in the state, not only metropolitan counties. The maximum annual tax is increased from $5 to $20, beginning in calendar year 2014. The section removes the exemption from the wheelage tax for electric-assisted bicycles. Subdivision 2 deletes the requirement that the proceeds of the wheelage tax must be paid to the Commissioner of Management and Budget for deposit to the credit of the county’s wheelage tax fund. Subdivision 2a makes conforming changes. Subdivision 3 directs the registrar of motor vehicles to issue a monthly warrant in favor of each county that levies the wheelage tax. Current law directs the Commissioner of Management and Budget to issue a warrant each year for this purpose. Subdivision 4 makes technical and conforming changes. Subdivision 6 a definition of “metropolitan county,” is stricken. Subdivision 7 makes technical changes. BB/KB:rer

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