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S.F. No. 800 - Classification of Data Concerning Road User Fee Test Participants and Construction Manager/General Contractor Contracts
Author: Prepared By: Senator Bobby Joe Champion Bonnie Berezovsky, Senate Counsel (651/296-9191) Krista Boyd, Senate Fiscal Analyst (651/296-7681) March 8, 2013


Section 1 classifies mileage-based user fee participant data as nonpublic or private data. The department of transportation may use the private information to produce summary data, as long as participants’ identifying characteristics are not ascertainable, and it must produce nonpublic data in response to a valid probable cause search warrant produced by law enforcement. Section 2 classifies certain data related to the construction manager/general contractor procurement process as protected nonpublic, and specifies the point in the contracting process at which data loses this classification. When a project is awarded, all data becomes public. BB/KB:rer

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