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1. Abaddon Incarnate - Undead Outcasts (Demo 2013) 02:51 2. AeSect - Snipe The Lamb 03:21

Unmixed demo from their upcoming 2013 album, Taken from their early 2013 EP "Buried In The Undergrowth", Re-recording by John Desay. Original track from the 1993 "Touch Of Reality" Taken from their early 2013 album "The Human Burden", Taken from their early 2013 EP "World Without Flesh", Taken from their 2012 album "Death Of A Hero", Previously unreleased demo from the "Tales Of Bloodshed EP" recording sessions, Taken from their 2012 EP "Born From Darkness", Taken from their 2012 album "Nine Waves From The Shore", Taken from their upcoming 2013 album "Resolution",,

3. Afterlife - Evolution (2012) 04:42

4. Atheos - The Human Burden 06:13

5. Atominated - Hook Torn Flesh 03:40 6. Bkken - Voyage Of Aodh 07:43

7. Belinus - The Witch's Spell (Unreleased 2004) 06:46 8. Borderline Prime - Slave 05:33

9. Celtachor - The Kingship Of Bodb Dearg 07:53 10. Chosen - Engines Of Belief 05:30

11. Coldwar - Last Days Of The 4th Sun (Demo 2012) 08:25 12. Dark_Matter - Gates Of Salvation 05:35 13. Dead Aeon - Rise To Power 05:07
Taken from their 2012 album "A Place Of Memories & Ghosts", Taken from their 2012 EP "Apotheosis",, Taken from their 2012 Demo "Inverted Coma", Taken from their early 2013 album "Paradigms", Taken from their 2012 S/T EP, Taken from the 2012 EP "Deadlights",

14. Dead Label - It Burns Within (Demo 2012) 07:33 15. Decryptor - Inverted Coma 03:29
16. Dichotomy - All Seeing Eye 05:26

17. Edenfire - Corruption 04:13

18. Emigra - Deadlights (feat. Jamie Harrison) 03:40 19. Era Vulgaris - More Is Said Than Done (Unreleased 2009) 06:22
Taken from the inreleased/unfinished 2009 Promo "Behind Enemy Lines" Taken from their upcoming 2013 debut EP,

20. Fatality - Sentenced To Death 03:30 21. For Ruin - Cold Call (Demo 2008) 04:00

Taken from the "Last Light" demo sessions,,

Cover artwork for "The First Wave..." music compilation is courtesy of Anas Chareyre.,


22. Gargantuan - I Rot 05:32

Taken from their early 2013 EP "Declarations Of Gore", Taken from their 2012 Demo "The Earth Shook"), Taken from their 2012 S/T EP),

23. Hollow Truth - Terrible Winds 03:17

24. weri - Untitled (Calm After the Storm [edit]) 08:32 25. Killface - Murderers 03:25

Taken from their upcoming 2013 debut album, Taken from their 2012 EP "welcome To Hell", Bonus track taken from their 2013 tape re-release of their 2012 demo "Demo[n]", Taster of what's to come on their upcoming 2013 album "Bastards Of Death", Taken from their "Promo 2011", Taken from their upcoming 2013 debut album "Nascency", Taken from their 2012 album "Lambay", Taken from their 2012 S/T album

26. Negativ Result - Welcome To Hell 03:56 27. Nimh Stil - Torched Land 06:16

28. Ogre - Brain Driller (Pre-Release Demo 2013) 02:04

29. Putrefy - Smashed Down With Iron (Promo 2011) 04:27 30. Scylla - Battle Of Thetford 05:44 31. Sirocco - Mael Suthain 05:54

32. Skewered - Blasphetus 02:34 33. Skewered - Ground And Pound (Pre-Production 2012) 02:27,

34. Snowblind - Birth Of Your Demise (Demo 2012) 04:22 35. Three Hour Ceasefire - Trench Knife 02:42 36. Twisted Wrath - To The Sword 03:04 37. Venus Sleeps - Dawn Of Nova 08:21 38. Vile Regression - Ascension 03:51
Taken from their 2012 EP "Cry Havoc"),,

Taken from the upcoming EP "Madman's Chorus"), Taken from the 2012 S/T Demo Tape), Taken From the 2011 EP "the Pattern Evolves",

39. Warpath - Infectors (Demo 2012) 03:19 40. Warpath - Involuntary Suicide** 04:51 41. Weed Priest - Day Of Reckoning 13:52

** PUTRID PILE Cover. Original version from the album "HOUSE OF DEMENTIA!", Taken from their early 2013 debut S/T album, Taken from the 2012 EP "The Hurrican Season",

42. Zero Tolerance - I Thought The Hurricane Season Was Over 04:16

Cover artwork for "The First Wave..." accompanying eBook of band info and credits is from the original painting "Vision Of The Musical Muse" by Elaine N Cuana.,

Abaddon Incarnate can be characterized as being heavily influenced by both Grindcore and Death Metal as well as many other kinds of genres such as Sludge, Crust, Punk and Doom. Originally formed as Death/Thrash band Bereaved, the decision was made in 1994 to change to a faster and more brutal Death/Grindcore style. So they changed their name to Abaddon Incarnate. Since then the band has released a demo cassette, two promos, four full-length albums and most recently a Split 7" with US grind band Phobia was released in 2011. The band has played alongside notable bands such as Obituary, Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower also performing at the London Death Fest, Day of Darkness, Dublin Death Fest and the Siege Of Limerick. They have toured extensively in Europe including Spain, France, Britain, Switzerland, Germany. They have also toured as far away as Russia, Australia, and were the first extreme Irish metal band to play in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. Abaddon Incarnate are currently recording for their fifth full-length album which is due for release in the Summer of 2013.


* * * * * * * * When the Demons Come (demo, 1995) 2-track Sampler (demo, 1996) The Last Supper LP (1999) 3 Track Sampler 2001 (demo, 2001) Nadir LP (2001) Dark Crusade LP (2004) Cascade LP (2009) Phobia/Abaddon Incarnate Split 7" (2011) /

Afterlife started out in 1991 and were a Dublin based Death Metal outfit. They only released one demo which was well received on its release. 'Touch Of Reality' was recorded in 1992 but wasnt officially released until November. The band were fairly successful on a local level at the time of the demos release and were noted for being a must see live band around the Dublin area. They also had the track 'Hidden Disorder' from the demo feature on two Irish Metal compilation tapes. Eventually the band lost momentum and slipped away into obscurity! But in the last year original vocalist/guitarist John Desay, unhappy with the original demos production, has resurrected the Afterlife name and has taken it upon himself to re-record it.

Venus Sleep...Psychedelic Doom from the foot of the Dublin mountains. And the brain-child of Sie Carroll who recorded the debut 'Demo 2012'. Former Utopian Ruins and Petrochemical Accelerator bassist Sen O'Connor has recently joined the band with a full line-up being planned for gigging and future releases already being written. See contact info below...

ERA VULGARIS were formed in Dublin in 2004 from the ashes of a band called GAMBIT. Their debut album What Stirs Within was entirely self-financed and released through their own Open Your Ears Music label. They secured a full UK and Ireland distribution deal with PlasticHead/Code7. The album has received great reviews. With 'Rock Sound Magazine' listing them as one of their 100 bands to watch in 2007. The band also recorded a version MEGADETHs 'Five Magics' for the compilation Thrash & Burn An Irish Tribute to Thrash released by Underground Movement in 2008. 2008 also saw the band relocating to London. During 2009 they recorded a couple of new tracks intended for release as a 2-track promo. So far only one of the tracks, 'More Is Said Than Done', has been completed and released online.


Celtachor is a Blackened Folk Metal band from Ireland. Established in 2007 as an idea, it became a full working band in 2010, melding the influences of black/doom/folk metal together in one combined force. The band sees themselves as the narrators of Irish Mythology. The bands main goal is to showcase their own vision of those stories, playing the music with passion and from the heart. The band just released their first album in November 2012. Celtachor has shared the stage with the likes of: Skyforger, Primordial, Heidevolk, Suidakra, Cruachan, Wolfchant, Alestorm, Mael Mordha, Waylander,Belenos, Thurisaz, Nothgard, Darkest Era. Irish Blackened Folk Metal played from the heart with no half measures!"

Booking/Band PR ; Contact - Stephen Roche (

Since the groups formal inception at the start of 2005, CHOSEN has always been driven by its two founding members Paul Shields and David McCann. To date the band have released a number of independent and wellreceived demos and promos. And for a time the band relocated to Vancouver, Canada in 2008. However! On arriving back home in 2009 to

Jack Penders (Vocals) Daniel Doherty (Bass) Chris Winsryg (Guitar) Evan McGuigan (Drums)
Contact: Jack Penders (Vocalist/Manager) (0035) 086 7384822

Dead Aeon are a blackened death metal band from Monaghan, Ireland. Formed in mid 2008, the band began as a cover band. After extensive gigging across the country, establishing ourselves as a band that could execute covers with precision, we started work on our own music. We recorded our debut EP, entitled Apotheosis in July of 2012 and released it on the 24th of November of that year. We have been constantly gigging across the country to promote Apotheosis, playing with world renowned acts such as Anaal Nathrakh (UK) and Christ Agony (Pol), as well as the countrys biggest metal acts such as Warpath and Putrefy. Apotheosis continues to get outstanding reviews and due to the success of the EP, we shot official music videos for the tracks Rise To Power and Mass Culture Theory that have collectively gained over 4000 views. We plan to play outside of Ireland in the next 2 years, branching out to mainland UK and central Europe.

DEAD LABEL are a 3-piece from Celbridge, Co. Kildare who formed in November 2008. The band chose the name DEAD LABEL because they don't agree with how metal bands are divided into sub genres or labelled as certain types of metal. Although they take influences from all types of metal their overall sound is heavily influenced by the likes of MACHINE HEAD, PANTERA, CALIBAN and SLIPKNOT. In 2009 they competed in the 'Crypt Trials', an all Ireland 'Metal Battle Of The Bands' consisting of 47 bands in all which they went on to win outright. In October 2010 they went to Komodo Studios where they recorded their debut self-titled EP with Alwyn Walker, of which all physical copies of the EP are now sold out. At the end of 2011 the band went into Westland Studios, again with Alwyn Walker, to record their debut album. February 2012 saw the release of 'Sense Of Slaughter' along with a video for the track 'Self Immolation' to coincide with its release. They also landed the coveted roll as opening support act for MACHINE HEAD for their recent Dublin and Belfast dates at the end of May 2012.

'Debut album... 'Sense Of Slaughter' (OUT NOW)

Dichotomy is a five-piece Melodic Tech-Death band from Dublin, Ireland. Started in 2010, Dichotomy take inspiration from such bands as Carcass, Slayer, Necrophagist and Opeth. Dichotomy combine atmospheric melodies with advanced technicality and precision. The group's first release, 'Paradigms', was recorded by Alwyn Walker of Westland Studios.
DICHOTOMY is... Bass - Neil Coburn Drums - David Fay Guitars - Andrew Kealy Guitars - Steven Rahaman Vocals - Kevin O'Connor BAND SITES/CONTACT...

Formed in 2011 in Dublin, Ireland, The band was originally founded as 'Akraga' but was renamed to 'Atominated' during the mid 2011 month's. The band have self recorded their first demo during 2012 but within weeks of it's completion they entered Trackmix Studios in Dublin with producer Mick Richards to re-record the tracks which have since been released in early 2013 as the 'World Without Flesh EP'.

ATOMINATED Sites/Contact...

We are a 5-piece multi-cultural hardcore/metal band from Cork, Consisting of 3 Polish members Tomaz (drums), Danek (Guitars), Szymon (Lead Guitar) and two Irish members Murph (Bass) and Tony (Vocals). We have been playing together as a full band over two years, we recorded our first e.p titled 'Deadlights' at Stuido 6 Swindon (UK). After that we played our first Festival in Poland alongside bands like Fear Factory, Soulfly, Megadeth, Kreator, Monspell and Dark Tranquillity and many others. Since then we have toured all over Ireland and also Supported Proven (USA) on their 3 day tour in Ireland. We currently released our debut music video for 'Deadlights' feat Jamie Harrison (The Argent Dawn) UK, which can been seen on youtube and on also Scuzz TV in the next coming days. We currently are taking a few months break and writing for our new album which we will be hitting a studio late 2013.

Contact -

FATALITY are a new Irish Metal band who originally formed in 2010 in County Wexford. We will be gigging throughout the year. We'll keep everyone updated on all the gigs we have lined up when we have them confirmed. We have played with much great bands such as Animator, Sins Of The World, Slaves Of Ares, Shattered Skies, Hero In Error, Emigra, Pyskosis, iBurn, Edenfire and many many more... We are currently writing new songs and working on finishing an E.P.

For Ruin was formed in 2003 in Cork, Ireland by John Murphy who recorded three demos (Split, Shade and Obsidian) between '04 and '06 before establishing an initial lineup of the band at the end of 2005. The bands first album 'December' was recorded with a full line-up and was released on Ireland's Sentinal Records in 2007. It's follow up 'Last Light' was released in 2009. In late 2012 the band completed writing for their third album which is to be recorded in Data Studios, Tralee, during April 2013. A digital EP is planned for release ahead of the album during Summer 2013 with the album following shortly afterwards.

Decryptor was formed in mid-2012 by Justin Maloney (ex-Acrid Nebula) and Goran Plecas (exHaunted Abattoir) strongly influenced by Death Metal from the late 80s and early 90s. The line-up was recently completed with the addition of another former Haunted Abattoir member, bassist Hrstivoj Zvezdodrag and drummer Tom Tompkins. Their three bandcamp. track demo is available free from pages/%C3%8Dweri%C3% BA/182510758457647 pages/%C3%8Dweri%C3% BA/182510758457647 pages/%C3%8Dweri%C3% BA/182510758457647 pages/%C3%8Dweri%C3% BA/182510758457647 pages/%C3%8Dweri%C3% BA/182510758457647

Killface arrive with a statement of ferocious intent. Theirs is the way of musical brutality and a strong will to succeed on their own terms. Formed in Dublin in 2008 and borne of a mutual appreciation for the more visceral side of things, they play death/thrash metal with a heavy undercurrent of groove and lyrics that explore the depths of hysteria, horror and ultraviolence. Since the release of their debut EP Faceless in 2010 the band have ploughed their own trench on the Irish metal circuit, supporting genre heavyweights like Exhumed, Aeon and Atheist along the way and gaining a strong following on the back of their viciously tight live shows. Expect chainsaw riffage, pummelling drums, vocals traversing guttural roars to piercing screams and audiences being whipped into a frenzy. Their new album is due for release in 2013 and poised to step up the speed and aggression to levels previously unheard. If its an extreme metal gut punch you crave, Killface provide.

KILLFACE is... Brady-Vocals, Zammo- Guitars, Daryl-Guitars, Dee-Bass BAND SITES/CONTACT...

Enter at your own risk...

Scylla, a Black Metal band, began as a solo project, started by Sohaib Syed (Drums/Vocals/Song-Writer/Lyricist) in early 2011, in Tralee, Co. Kerry. A town in the South-West of Ireland. He recorded rough demos of 8 tracks that he had written for the debut album, 'Nascency'. The band takes influence and inspiration from Mythology.

In the summer of 2011, Sohaib got his brother, Hassan Ali (Guitars/Vocals), and two other friends, Jack Regan-Kirwan(Guitars) and Dusko Kovac (Bass), to form a the complete band line-up. They played local gigs and participated in the Battle of the Bands during the 2011 Rose of Tralee Festival, which they won. In 2012, there was a new addition to the band, when Jack Lucey (Guitars) joined the line-up, temporarily replacing Jack R-K until the upcoming summer of 2013, as he was busy and couldnt gig or practice with the band. Once Jack R-K returns this Summer, Hassan will go on vocal duties full-time, leaving Jack R-K and Jack Lucey on guitars. Scylla went into the recording studio in the Summer of 2012, to record 'Nascency', with an additional intro track, written by Jack R-K. The album is currently in the mixing process and will be released in early 2013. The band has also already started working on a second concept album.


Formed in Co. Waterford in 2003, Sirocco are a blend of thrashy rythms, lead guitar melodies, intricate drumming and pounding bass lines interleaved with dual guitar harmonies and old school heavy metal solos, combined to create a sound which they like to call "Celtic Thrash". Originally an instrumental band, bass player Ciaran O' Cearuill stepped up to the mic in early 2007 for their second album "The March Through Crimson Frost", which was officially released on April 7th 2008 through Code7 Music. Sirocco have played over 100 shows since their inception including support spots for Exodus, Megadeth, Wasp, Suidakra, Firebird, Crowning Glory, Waylander and Wolfchant. As well as playing at the Cork Winterfest 2007 festival alongside Primordial, The DOD 2008 Festival with Watain and the Full Metal Rack 2008 Festival with Pagan Altar. The 4-piece have also travelled to the U.K., where they played a headlining show with U.K. metallers Savage Messiah and Heathen Foray in November 2007, and again in June 2008 to headline the inaugural Summer Solstice Pagan Festival. Their third album, "Lambay", a concept album about the Viking invasion of Ireland was released towards the end of 2012 and saw the bands first shows in Belarus, Lithuania, Spain and Malta. And more recently the band have been confirmed as support for Rotting Christ for three dates in May 2013 in Greece.


Drums - Robert Kiernan Guitars - Jim Tobin Bass/Vocals - Ciaran O' Cearuill Guitars - John Owens

SIROCCO Links/Contact...

(Out Now)


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Formed in late 2007, TWISTED WRATH are a Heavy Metal outfit from the west of Ireland. Without limiting themselvers to a particular sub-genre, the band showcase the Metal drive of bands like Testament, Megadeth, Trivium, In Flames, Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P., Machine Head, Hatebreed, Nevermore, Metallica, Judas Priest, etc. Twisted Wrath proudly deliver Heavy Metal the way they like it. After five years on the Irish Metal scene, the band has worked with numerous Irish bands and promoters, as well as branching out and playing gigs abroad. Twisted Wrath are respected as an active band in the local scene and have had the opportunity to work with various well established international acts, including the legendary UFO in The Academy, Dublin; British NWOBHM outfit, Hell, in The Button Factory, Dublin; and thrash legends Onslaught in The Pint, Dublin. The band released a small EP, "Hath Fury", in 2010 to positive reviews in Ireland and abroad. The Ep was recorded at LSD Studios in Lubeck, Germany with European producer, Lasse Lammert (Alestorm, Gloryhammer). In January 2013, Twisted Wrath recorded the follow up to "Hath Fury", entitled "Madman's Chorus", once again with Mr. Lammert at the helm, showcasing a faster, heavier and more technical sound. "Madman's Chorus" is scheduled to be for a February 2013 release.


Patrick Fitzgerald - Vocals/Guitar Colin Dunne - Lead Guitar David Mahony - Drums Niall McGuinness - Bass Guitar.


VILE REGRESSION are a heavy metal band from Dublin in Ireland. Initially formed in 2007 underthe name VISITOR-Q by former drummer Mick Curtis, Barry Christie (Guitar) and Kenn Christie (Bass), the line up was filled out with the addition of Danny Keogh (Vocals) and Keith Carroll (Guitar). Over the next couple of years the band worked hard on developing and honing their sound which was influenced heavily at the time by progressive metal, gigging around Dublin and the rest of the country as much as possible. VILE REGRESSION began 2009 with the desire to make their music heavier and more visceral. The decision was made to drop the unnecessary frills, and greater focus was placed on solid song writing. In September 2009 their first E.P was recorded at Trackmix studios in Dublin, and released for free online. The E.P received positive reviews. In August 2010 the band parted ways with friend and band mate Mick Curtis and were soon joined by Robb Behan on the drums. In late 2010 Vile Regression joined forces with Independent record label Casket Music U.K, who signed them to a distribution and licensing deal for their next E.P "The Pattern Evolves" which was released in 2011.

WARPATH are a highly respected, hard working 5-piece metal band from Dublin, Ireland. Combining influences from the genres of death metal, heavy metal, grindcore, hardcore and mixing it in with brutality. Deep Guttural vocals, slammin' groove riffing, solid blast beats ,double kick drums with beer, whiskey and aggression is what they bring. Their mission is to dominate the global metal scene. After releasing their debut album 'Gorefare' in 2007 that saw them land support slots with Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Napalm Death, Necrophagist, Prostitute Disfigurement, Vader, Putrid Pile, Cerebral Bore, Dispised Icon, Desecration, they played festivals such as Obscene Extreme 2010, Way of Darkness 2009, Cork Winterfest and recently headlined the Siege of Limerick Festival in Ireland. Touring with Lividity and Requiem in Europe has made WARPATH solidify their aggressive stage presense and become tighter than susan boyle in a catsuit. From this tour came the live Split EP with gore legends Lividity on Underground Movement. Having released their second album 'Malevolent Reprisal' in 2010 the band have recieved great reviews from magazines (Metal Hammer 8/10, Terrorizer 8/10, Zero Tolerance 5.5/6) and E-zines ( 5/5, Pavillion666 7/10). Extended airplay in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Israel have opened up new fan bases for them. They are currently writing material for their third album and plan on touring as many countries as possible while bringing the irish-style madness, brutality and the drinkin' that comes with it to the death metal world once again.

For more information, CD's, tour dates, photos, interviews or drinkin' contests, contact Warpath at.... /


Adam (guitar, vocals), Ragas (bass) and Adrian (drums) were brought together by the love of classic Black Sabbath sound, seventies psychedelic rock, stoner doom, sludge metal and their interest in occultism in 2009. After release of a demo CD in 2011 the trio started composing songs for their debut album. It took over 2 years of hard work and lots of experimenting with different equipment in various recording locations (including Franciscan church in Limerick and Dysert O'Dea castle in Burren). The result in reviewer's BornAgain Nihilist's words is somewhere between the bellicose slo-mo bombast of Sleep at their best, the queasy atmospherics of prime Electric Wizard, [] riffs that pull like tectonic plates shifting, a ritual of hellish stoner vibes and devilishly dark grooves. Weed Priest's territory of lyrical expression lies within the occult, the supernatural, necromancy, witchcraft, psychedelic and religious experience, death. The 60 minute long debut self-titled album comprises of six tracks, released through an independent label HexenHaus Records and is available to stream and buy from at (http:// The album was officially released on the full moon night of the 25th of February 2013. The original video for Final Spell song was shot in Edenvale (Co.Clare): (