Process and quality control with thermal spray diagnostics

HCAT April 1.-2. 2003 - San Diego, CA by Mr. Ismo Lindén President Oseir Ltd.
4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 1

Diagnosing Thermal Spray


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Diagnosing Thermal Spray WHY ?
Higher quality of thermally sprayed parts Better coatings – competitive edge Better reproducibility - yield Less coating defects - yield ================================= Cost savings & Customer satisfaction =================================
4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 3

Measurement Is the Basis of Quality Quality Control Measure .through control . 4 .through measurement 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

5 .For high quality process you need to: - know what really happens in the process understand why something happens develop understanding how to achieve the best quality for your coating collect and analyze data for quality files save information for tracing needs 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

in-process continuous process monitoring automatic alerts if exceeding set limits data logging for further improvement Oseir Ltd.Process control basics - proper process characterization with real and actual process parameters establish process limits real time. 6 4/15/2003 .

7 .Diagnosing Thermal Spray WHERE ? SprayWatch-2i images the particle flow and measures the most significant characteristics of the particles just before they form the coating on the target surface Torch Substrate Spray plume Particles 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

Diagnosing Thermal Spray WHAT ? 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 8 .

9 .SprayWatch-2i 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

SprayWatch – 2i 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 10 .

SprayWatch – 2i 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 11 .

-2. 0 degr.5 degr. 12 . 0 degr. +-0 +-0 +-0 +-0 35 45 25 15 Oseir Ltd.5 degr.Coating quality control Process Parameter Particle Velocity Particle temperature Spray angle Spray Position Particle Flux 4/15/2003 Plasma Zr2O3 150 m/s Plasma Al2O3 180 m/s HVOF ABC 600 m/s HVOF XYZ 700 m/s 2250 C 2150 C 1400 C 1400 C -2.

13 .Trouble shooting of your process measured directly detected indirectly 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

Diagnosing Thermal Spray WHOW ? 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 14 .

SprayWatch – Imaging Daignostic System for Thermal Spraying Processes Based on modern CCD camera and image processing technology Features on-line. 15 . inprocess measurement of most important spray and particle parameters 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

16 .Diagnosing Thermal Spray •Optical Stripe Filter (pat. pending) enables simultaneous measurement of particle velocity and temperature using a single CCD camera 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

SprayWatch-2i Principle of Operation Particle detection & velocity measurement Exposure time 5-50 µs Temperature measurement 1-10 ms Large measurement volume enables detection of hundreds of particles per second and makes the system sensitive to even the smallest changes in the spray wavelength (nm): 400-1100 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 850 700 17 .

1000 m/s.5 m/s • No re-calibration needed 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 18 . resolution ~ 0.SprayWatch Technology Velocity Measurement •A Digital image processing algorithm developed by Oseir detects the particles automatically • Velocity of individual particles is measured by time-of-flight method •Range 10 .

resolution ~ 5° C 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 19 .SprayWatch Technology Temperature Measurement • Optical Stripe Filter (pat. pending) enables simultaneous measurement of particle velocity and temperature using a single CCD camera • The spray is imaged through the filter using 1-10 ms exposure time • Average temperature of particles is measured by two-color pyrometry at wavelenghts 700 and 850 nm • Range: 1000 – 3500 °C .

20 . significant data – scanning of spray not needed Easy to install with the help of visual image Easy to operate and fast to set up for use In process measurement with actual production settings 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.Advantages The whole spray width measured simultaneously for fast reliable.

21 .Substrate IR measurement option .90 and 180 degree options SprayWatch-2i/portable system .multiple interface unit 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.HiWatch laser option for cold spray etc.SprayWatch-2i product family SprayWatch-2i standard system .SprayWatch-2i/compact system . .

SprayWatch-2i system CCD camera based diagnostics system for thermal spraying 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 22 .

SprayWatch-2i/compact -intended for continuous process monitoring and mounting on a robot -only abt. 23 . 2 lbs weight -same performance as the standard model -manual focus distance setting 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

24 .SprayWatch-2i/Portable For work on the road 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

other ranges possible with different sensor 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 25 .IR substrate surface temperature measurement option Range 0 – 500 C.

26 .SprayWatch-2i/laser option 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

Diagnosing Cold Spray 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 27 .

28 .Diagnosing Vacuum system 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

29 .Diagnosing inside plasma flame 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

Applications Yield maximization through – Better process understanding and control Product quality development Process development Real-time process monitoring & alarms Basic research of Spray processes Quality control 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. 30 .

vacuum systems etc.Tested with Industrial plasma systems from 2. wire arc.5kW to over 200 kW power and from abt. 5g/min up to 500 g/min powder feed HVOF. large number of various manufacturers spray systems Ceramic and metallic powders 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd. detonation systems. HVAF. 31 . cold pray.

32 .Summary Spraywatch-2i is a tool for improving your: customer satisfaction bottom line – profitability/competitiveness coating characteristics process control quality control life 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.

com ITSC2003 booth #511 4/15/2003 Oseir Ltd.Q&A Web pages: www.oseir.linden@oseir. 33 .com Contact: or ismo.

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