004. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Rome (Land and Water Development Division) www.fao.

org/ag The Land and Water Development Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) maintain a website with documents for downloading on various aspects of soil and water management. (Agriculture) 005. Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi

http://www.icar.org.in/ Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) coordinates agricultural research and development programmes and develops linkages at national and international levels to enhance the quality of life of farming community. It established various research centers, agricultural universities, and Krishi Vigyan Kendras for training, research and demonstration of improved agricultural technologies in different parts of the country. (Agriculture) 006. Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI), Ahmedabad, Gujarat State , India http://www.sristi.org/ The Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat , maintains an innovations Database with several entries on indigenous soil fertility and soil conservation technologies. (Agriculture)

Subject Index

Rural Development

http://www.rdfindia.org/# The long term Vision is “To see the rural landscape in India transform into a prosperous countryside with good infrastructure, health and education facilities”.

The Mission we have embarked on is "To make a lifelong difference in the lives of rural underprivileged children through education and give them the hope and the opportunity to break their vicious bonds with poverty and ignorance. To achieve this mission, we have set for ourselves the Goal "To establish and run schools, vocational training centers and junior colleges in rural areas, in partnership with other persons and/or institutions who share our values and are willing to share in the financial burden".

http://www.card.org.in/home/index.htm Established in the year 2000 under the societies Act 1860, CARD is a national level non-governmental organization, which is addressing the social, policy and technical needs related to the development of agriculture. CARD is dedicated to give voice to the cause of farming community and to strive towards improving the quality of life of rural masses.

http://www.nabard.org/ NABARD is set up as an apex Development Bank with a mandate for facilitating credit flow for promotion and development of agriculture, small-scale industries, cottage and village industries, handicrafts and other rural crafts. It also has the mandate to support all other allied economic activities in rural areas, promote integrated and sustainable rural development and secure prosperity of rural areas. In discharging its role as a facilitator for rural prosperity NABARD is entrusted with

http://www.dardni.gov.uk/index/about-dard.htm The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) aims to promote sustainable economic growth and the development of the countryside in Northern Ireland. The Department assists the competitive development of the agri-food, fishing and forestry sectors of the Northern Ireland economy, having regard for the need of the consumers, the welfare of animals and the conservation and enhancement of the environment.

http://www.agriworld.org/about.php To be recognized as the leader in advancing the quality of information, education and extension systems in the food, agribusiness and rural development sector. To

advance the quality of information, education and extension systems in the food, agribusiness and rural development sector.

http://www.ruraltech.org/about/ Mission: Empower the existing infrastructure to use better technology in rural areas for managing forests for increased product and environmental values in support of local communities.

http://villagevolunteers.org/who.php Village Volunteers works in collaboration with rural non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to implement sustainable solutions for community survival, education, and growth. Village Volunteers brings together self-sacrificing and passionate community leaders who empower local people, rely on indigenous resources, and build upon their existing cultural and economic context.

http://www.ncaer.org/research03.html The programme area has continued to focus on reforms and trade liberalisation in the agricultural sector, initiated more than a decade ago. Recent studies on issues relating to the WTO Agreement on Agriculture (AoA), rural infrastructure, rural credit, and rural development have tried to carry forward the research agenda of the programme area. http://www.aardo.org/ AARDO, formed in 1962, is an autonomous inter-governmental organisation comprising thirty members from Africa and Asia. AARDO is devoted to develop understanding among members for better appreciation of each others' problems and to explore, collectively, opportunities for coordination of efforts for promoting welfare and eradication of thirst, hunger, illiteracy, disease and poverty amongst rural people.

http://www.crdev.org/mission.asp Centre for Rural Development (CRD) is a professional Developmental Organisation registered under. To organize, promote, develop, improve, support

htm The RTIG is established by The Gujarat State as Service Institute and is the first of its kind in country.org/about--us/odyframe.The American India Foundation (AIF) is a leading international development organization charged with the mission of accelerating social and economic change in India. . AIF’s initiatives center around education.htm International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).rtigujarat. http://www. and HIV/AIDS.org/about/default. and training to underresourced schools. The endeavor of the Institute is to coordinate the efforts to promote the concept of appropriate Technology for the Rural Development in general and for the benefit of rural artisans and cottage Industries in particular.aifoundation.htmAbout AIF . Internet. livelihood. and public health projects in India – with emphases on elementary education. By mobilizing people and resources across the United States. which develops young American leaders by placing them with Indian non-profits based on skills and need. women’s empowerment. To organize and promote interest among the villagers in the utilization and consumption of different Agricultural and Animal Husbandry & Veterinary services and also in setting up independent service center based on local needs for supporting the development process. research institutes. AIF also administers two programs: (1) the Service Corps. which bridges the “digital divide” by providing computers. (2) the Digital Equalizer. AIF has raised over $40 million since its inception in 2001.org/english/topics/livestock/index.ruraltech. http://www.ruralpovertyportal. the rural poverty portal is a website where rural poor people.and maintain rural development activities and management of balanced physical environment To create an information base for identification location and intensification of agriculture and livestock production activities including the support services. respectively. http://www. http://www. donors. policy-makers.org/about/ Mission: Empower the existing infrastructure to use better technology in rural areas for managing forests for increased product and environmental values in support of local communities. nongovernmental organizations and other development partners can share information about eradicating rural poverty.

org Focus/Area of Specialization: Action without Borders connects people.The current implementation of the portal has been made possible thanks to the generous contribution of the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID). organizations. We are a free online service providing you with access to the very best web resources for education and research. in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect General http://www. Use this free.intute.igovernment.ac. or religious creed. political ideology.vts. and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives.intute. peer-to-peer platform that aims at providing e-Gov champions with information on better strategies and policies for good governance. interactive tutorial to improve your Internet skills http://www.uk/healthandlifesciences/medicine/ This service was formerly known as OMNI.ac. .in/site/india-to-support-ngo-work-on-poverty-eradication/ i-Government is a interactive. Our work is guided by the common desire of our members and supporters to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems.uk/he/tutorial/nature Would you like to learn how to use the Internet for natural history. evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists. Welcome to the medical pages of Intute. Name of the NGO: Idealist.AWB is independent of any government. http://www.

MCAT. we provide services such as a calendar of events.uk/ The Intute: Virtual Training Suite provides free Internet tutorials to help you learn how to get the best from the Web for your education and research.ac.uk/ BRIDGE supports gender advocacy and mainstreaming efforts by bridging the gaps between theory.ids. the genocide in the Sudan.vts. This site has been set up as a ‘virtual bookcase’ where you can download copies of all BRIDGE publications.000 hand-picked educational resources for high school and college students as well as a directory of online degree programs and admissions test preparation resources (SAT. comprehensive resources that will make your lesson planning easier. LSAT. GRE.net/ The SD Gateway integrates the on-line information developed by members of the Sustainable Development Communications Network. Our tutorials are written and updated by a national team of subject specialists based in universities and colleges across the UK. policy and practice with accessible and diverse gender information in print and online.ac.Online Degree Programs . Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive from your visit to the Gateway: http://www.http://www.org/ The Gateway to 21st Century Skills in an effort to provide you with free. USMLE. Afghanistan Reconstruction.sdgateway. TOEFL). Academic Info Educational Subject Directory . and the War on Terrorism .Test Preparation Resources Academic Info is an online subject directory of over 25. a roster of mailing lists(listservs) and news sites dealing with sustainable development http://www. a job bank. In addition to over 1.intute. We also offer timely news and analysis of critical events including the Iraq War.bridge. GMAT. the Sustainability Web Ring.200 documents available in SD Topics.thegateway. Hurricane Katrina recovery. You can find these either by theme or by type of publication using the menu bars http://www.

Law. GEsource (Geography and Earth Sciences). NELH (Health). Type keywords describing your subject into the box above to find websites in your subject area that have been selected by specialists in that field.intute. Browse for online resources in your subject: AHDS (Arts and Humanities).http://www. The database contains 118588 records. and Social and Political Sciences).ac. EEVL (Engineering).uk/artsandhumanities/ Welcome to the Arts and Humanities pages of Intute. Law.uk/ Intute is a free online service providing you with access to the very best Web resources for education and research.ac.intute. Intute (Arts and Humanities). colleges and research organisations in the UK.ac.000 Web resources listed here that are freely available by keyword searching and browsing. http://www. Also see HERO . SOSIG (Business. Artifact (Art and Architecture). Browse for online resources in your subject: AHDS (Arts and Humanities). NELH (Health). PSIGate (Physical Sciences). PSIGate (Physical Sciences). The service is created by a network of UK universities and partners.ac. and Social and Political Sciences).uk/ Intute has a comprehensive list of quality online resources across the whole range of academic disciplines. Artifact (Art and Architecture). Also see HERO .cam. Type keywords describing your subject into the box above to find websites in your subject area that have been selected by specialists in that field. BIOME (Life sciences).uk/electronicresources/Index. Intute (Arts and Humanities).bristol. SOSIG (Business. There are over 18. OMNI (Health).aspx Intute has a comprehensive list of quality online resources across the whole range of academic disciplines. BIOME (Life sciences). Subject specialists select and evaluate the websites in our database and write high quality descriptions of the resources. http://www.lib. GEsource (Geography and Earth Sciences). http://www.intute. selected and evaluated by a network of subject specialists.the official gateway to universities. We are a free online service providing you with access to the best Web resources for education and research.ac.uk/is/library . colleges and research organisations in the UK. EEVL (Engineering). http://www. OMNI (Health).the official gateway to universities.

The focus of this business is on new and emerging industries as a means of diversification of rural enterprises in Australia. the resources are more likely to be relevant and authoritative. They are produced by subject specialists and information professionals. creation and preservation of digital resources in and for research. http://www. At the time of writing these were all available. (Remember: this is a list of free-access resources only. partially (often excluding the current volume/issue) or in their entirety.ahds.uk/ The Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) is a UK national service aiding the discovery.uk/is/webjournals. This role is enhanced by responsibility for research and development for a range of established rural industries and for key generic issues confronting the rural sector.gov. Most information gateways contain summaries of the contents of resources and provide an index.library. ie.au/search/gateways.html About Information Gateways Information gateways are also known as subject gateways and provide links to high quality subject-specific resources.scre. please contact SCRE Information Services.html This page links to free-access journals and newsletters of relevance to educational research. teaching and learning in the arts and humanities. a substantial majority of the contents must be freely available to non-subscribers).edu. http://www.au/about. . Information gateways index a smaller number of Web pages than search engines and subject directories.Welcome to the library services area.html The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation manages and funds priority research and translates the results into practical outcomes for industry development. where you can find information about library branches.ac. however.ac. we cover five subject areas http://vein. services and resources http://www.usyd. Currently.rirdc.If you have any problems with these links or any corrections or suggestions to make. online.

org/index. ICT http://www.ictard. food and forestry pages of Intute.intute.ac.au/fullreports/aft. Water http://www.http://www. GATEWAYS . Food and Forestry This service was formerly known as AgriFor.gov. equitable and decentralized paradigm for water management with the objective of making water everybody's business.rainwaterharvesting.Agro forestry & Farm Trees Research Reports http://www.org/ ICTARD (Information Communication and Technologies for Africa Rural Development) is an organization in Uganda (East Africa) that is using ICT to eradicate poverty in rural Africa fronts use of a bottom up approach in its efforts to eradicate poverty and facilitate development.resilient Agricultural Systems Research Reports http://www.html Index of full Research Reports .htm campaign for participatory. Welcome to the agriculture.au/fullreports/ras.html Index of full Research Reports . We are a free online service providing you with access to the very best web resources for education and research. evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists.gov.rirdc.rirdc.uk/healthandlifesciences/agriculture/ Agriculture.

ac. organisational learning.uiowa. organisational learning Good overall KM resource..gla.contentMD K:20939032~ menuPK:204788~ pagePK:209023~ piPK:207535~ theSitePK: 213799.lib. . htm Knowledge Sharing .brint. Ernst &Young Information on their KM approach and results Knowledge management. html Knowledge Management: the E&Y Differentiator .edu:8080/sfx_local/a-z/default?perform=search This is about only e-journals site also not updated Web resource on Knowledge management http://www. http://www. Practical examples.shtml Search the Internet : Subject Gateways NEWSPAPERS http://www.onlinenewspapers. com/km/ Knowledge management.org/WBSITE/ EXTERNAL/ WBI/0.uk/Resources/subject. http://web.lib. org/km/index.. George Mason University . case studies.00. com/ ICASIT'S KMCentral .kmworld.http://www.com/ Thousands of world newspaper at your fingertips e-Journals http://infolink..worldban k. Schoolof Management Comprehensive collection of KM links.icasit.articles and books http://www. general business content Excellent knowledge management (KM) site with special business features KMWorld Newswire Broad coverage including reviews of other KM sites. World Bank Institute The bank's informative pool of current knowledge sharing and knowledge management resources.

School of Education Knowledge management.access. A list of resources that are widely cited or that we have found informative and helpful to those investigating or practicing Knowledge Management. organisational learning Resources. and you would like it to be considered for inclusion.newslette rs. com/resource. htm http://www. html Knowledge Management Resources Key knowledge management resources.ca/resources/ km_resources. including online resources..wordpres s.com/ A Sample of Journals Using Open Journal Systems This is not a comprehensive list of the over 900 titles using OJS (as of March 2007) in ten languages. but includes those who have indicated an interest in being listed. ac. html Other Knowledge management resources from these Links:http://www. http://carbon.media. If your OJS journal is not on this list.qnet.uk/collection s/informationSys tems/resourcesAn dLinks/Default. ca/ojs-journals Knowledge Management Explorer > Periodicals Here are the in-print and on-line magazines. and is intended to illustrate the diversity of journals using system. edu/~mryder/ itc_data/ org_learning.smithwea versmith.lse. htm Knowledge Management News & Resources http://knowledgeman agement.sfu. http://www. http://pkp. books and journals / magazines.Knowledge management.Organizatio nal Learning and Knowledge Management . general business content Online magazine: KM.kmnetwor k.http://www. com/global/ Content.ey. cudenver.nsf/ US/Knowledge_ Management_ -_Overview Knowledge Management magazine. please register it using this form. mb. University of Colorado at Denver. from rhetoric to business reality. htm http://www. readings and corollary sites. and journals devoted to knowledge .com/ resources.com/ http://www.

Several of the print magazines have content-rich web sites. htm 100 Computer & Software WWW Magazines & Journals :This site links to many useful resources via www. software. Earth Sciences. semiconductors and other computer-related products http://www.netvalle y.Health Sciences.brint.. http://netvalley.. Mathematics. http://www. ac. php @Brint. Physics & Social Sciences. Media and Communication.management and related areas.uk/collection s/informationSys tems/resourcesAn dLinks/freeOnlin eJournalsOnIS. Information Technology. com/archives/ 0596top100mag.com/top100am_ vendors...kmresour ce.com/exp_ periodicals.in/ejournal/ ejournal.JavaScript . html Links for web design and scripting This site gives links to Web design. Material Science. peripheral units. Life Sciences.Security and the web. General Works. Chemistry. com/ Resources and links : Free online journals on information systems http://www. LibraryScience. Guides to HTML.Engineerin g. html Computer Industry Trends: Top 100 Companies computers. List of Web Sites of 100 American Biggest Computer Companies that provide the Magazines with a great deal of the computer & software related info.html Top 100 Computer & Software WWW Magazines & Journals http://netvalley. networks. htm GATEWAY FOR FREE E-JOURNALS Access > 700 Free E-journals covering Subjects like Business & Managment. http://www.. Environmental Sciences.icast.com index of Management Information Systems Research resources http://www.lse. org. com/archives/ 0596top100mag.

au /finding/collection s/digital _theses Caltech Electronic Theses and Dissertations Searchable and browsable repository of theses and dissertations from Caltech.clair. so that. http://citeseer.lse. http://opensource. are attempting to establish a community in which information will be freely exchanged.edu/home. Source : http://www.ist. hu-berlin. ait.th /FreeTheses.uk/collection s/informationSys tems/resourcesAn dLinks/webDesign AndScripting. html AIT Library: Free E-Theses & Dissertations http://www. de/index _en.Web maintenance tools. uts.lib. ac. htm Australian Digital Theses Program http://www. Provides free access to publications.edu/ Document and Publication Server of the Humboldt University of Berlin. http://edoc. electronic e-print journals [site in english/german] .edu.psu.ac. edu/ETD-db /ETD-browse/ browse?first _letter=all CiteSeer.php . mit. htm Free / Open Source Research Community . http://etd.may further the understanding of open source and its implications outside the realm of software development.etc.caltech.resources. theses and dissertations.IST A developing free scientific literature digital library which includes citations and articles on scientific topics (the main focus at present is computing).a collection of research resources including full papers and working papers from MIT/ Sloan Free and open source software (F/OSS).

nt.com/disserta t ions/ Virginia Tech .thesis.studentp roblems.net/ http://www.edu/about /units/reference/ dissertations .hcs. theses and dissertations in PDF format [site in german].edu /instruction/ courses/cs/ csgrad .de/diplomarbeiten_ eng.html http://www. unr.angeneti k.Elektronische Bibliothek der Staats. http://www.uni.html ETD Digital Library .Electronic Theses Searchable and browsable digital archive of theses and dissertations from Viaginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. and some online theses from 1998.html .und Universitätsbiblioth ek Bremen Digital archive providing full-text access to papers. harvard.com/ thesis/ http://www. http://wwwlib.de/ Computer Science: Graduate Student Projects http://www.bremen. tuwien. suub. http://elib.Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations http://www.net/ http://www.collecti onscanada . org/ Proquest Digital Dissertations Thesis Canada Searchable database with records of all Canadian theses since 1965. gov/rr/main /alcove9/education/ theses. patent -invent.html The Harvard College Thesis Repository http://www. umi.library.toptermp apersites .ac.indstate .loc.edu /thesis/repo/ Free Dissertations/ Theses http://www. at /research/rapid/ thesis/free -theses/ http://www.ndltd.ca/thesescanada/ index-e.html http://lib.fu-berlin .

isibang. lib.html LIBRARY & INFORMATION SCIENCE .http://www.edu/ sepb /rgen.BOOKS 1 Digital Libraries.clir.JOURNALS 1 General Electronic Publishing http://info.in /library/FreeLib.com /theses-online.edu/ sepb /sepb.buy. by C.arl.free-philosophy . ac. edu/~jryan /infopro/special. uq.au /training/thesis_ finding.com 7 Infolibrarian .cs.upenn.pdf Houston:University of Houston Library.uh. -http://info.htm 2 Online Full Text Journals -List http://www. googlepages.uh.uk/ Keith /Preface.htm http://www.thesis.edu/ wya /DigLib/index.garfield .dcs. 2005 http://info. org 6 Emerald http://emeraldinsig ht.edu. Bailey. html 9 Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography/ compiled by Charles W. by William Y. Jr. by . J. gla.com/ 8 Eugene Garfield (Information Scientist) Publications http://www. htm 3 Information Resources http://web.html LIBRARY & INFORMATION SCIENCE . html 4 Council on Library and Information Resources www.edu/ sepb /sepb.html Free Databases by title http://nouruzi. Arms http://www. com /Databases. van RIJSBERGEN http://www.edu/pub.uh.the LIS Information website http://www.html 3 Strategic Issues in Training and Development in the IT Service Industry at Kolkata Region: A Study.syr.library .library. html 2 INFORMATION RETRIEVAL. lib.ac.org 5 Association of Research Libraries http://www. cornell.infolibr arian. lib.

submitted by December 2. http://etdindividua ls. org/implement /leadirs. 2007. http://www. now boasts 1000 repository entries from across the globe. com/products. org/standards /resources/Understa ndingMetadat a. Use your imagination to suggest what good comes from bringing down barriers to the free exchange of information.which contains an authoritative list of institutional and subject-based repositories.jisc. com/products.org /details. 3rd edition. ac. Barton and Margaret M.vt .pdf 7 Creating an institutional repository: LEADIRS workbook by Mary R. by Sun Microsystems. http://www. http://www. http://www. inist. http://www.dlib. http://dspace.fr /wwsympa.sparkyaw ards.php .n -solutions/edu/ whitepapers /digitaltoolkit.niso.sun.uk/news /stories/2007/ 11/sherpa. MIT Press.Waters .fcgi/ lists OpenDOAR now includes 1000 repositories SHERPA has announced that its OpenDOAR directory.n -solutions/edu/ whitepapers/ pdf /digital_library_ trends.Anup Kumar Das.pdf 8 IFLA List Servers http://infoserv.sun. aspx The SPARC Discovery Awards challenges you to illustrate in a short video presentation what you see as the value of sharing information. html 5 The Digital library technology trends by Sun Microsystems. 2004.pdf 6 Understanding metadata by NISO.edu:9090/archive/ 00000183/ 4 The digital library tool kit.

imagesource.gettyimages.com www.nic.html http://www.com www.com .com/morelinks.clipartconnection.in/plans/planrel/fiveyr/welcome.samachar.com http://planningcommission.clipart.Online e-Resources www.edu/ http://infochangeindia.com www.in/ www.org/index.com www.indianngos.jsp http://panchayat.library.upenn.webpromotion.indiastat.nic.html http://www.com/ http://onlinebooks.

in/exe.com www.org/research/agesource/ http://www.uh.tees. covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library. archives and museum materials. and lots more.edu/ Stanford University Libraries provides this "full text library of conservation information.stanford.com http://highwire.stanford.com/curmudgeony Features a variety of librarian-oriented merchandise -.edu/lists/freeart.pdimages.org .org/wildfinder/ http://www. Disaster Planning.com http://www. Pest Management.worldwildlife." Topics include Electronic Materials. Refdesk.nic.htm Everything about GOI: www. Mass Deacidification.com/ http://palimpsest.aarp.edu/engines/epi2009.dtl http://ngoinabox. butt http://goidirectory.www.techbooksforfree. Mold.htm http://www.cafepress. http://www.sarkaritel.

wikipedia.uk/libwww/irn/pinakes/pinakes.com/: (Information Please is the world's largest free reference site.infoplease.mahiti. A current and comprehensive encyclopedia covering all the major branches of knowledge) http://www.org website which conveniently brings t a large no. and still growing.http://www. Pl see the website www..ac. . Over 7 million in over 200 languages.com: (Make research projects easier with our FREE online library of educational resources like Dictionaries.hw.) http://www.encyclopedia.com/: .html online encyclopaedias www.worldbook..org/: (The biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. of subject gateways in many disciplines. Encyclopedia Britannica and millions of ) http://www.

uk/ http://eos.wdcb.1911encyclopedia.uk/ http://www.to you World Book Concise.bized.hw.uk/libWWW/irn/pinakes/pinakes.org: Brows able. first published in 1911.ac.nmm. a free online encyclopedia) http://www. Based on the eleventh edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.in/Agristatistics.html http://www..ac.sosig.ac. http://www.uk/ http://www.in/ Web Links of State Governments and Union Territories Online Newspapers Available Statewise Andhra Pradesh Assam Delhi Gujarat Karnataka Kerala .nic.ac. .htm http://agricoop.htm http://agricoop.(World Book Encyclopedias: The #1 selling print Encyclopedia in the world..port.com/Comprehensive online encyclopedia www.ru/icsu/navigator/navy.nic.bartleby.

asp India--Maharashtra--Bombay (Mumbai).com/index. Daily Anandabazar Patrika http://www. Daily Akiladaily (Gujarati) http://www.com/default2.Maharashtra Orissa Punjab Rajasthan Tamil Nadu Uttar Pradesh West Bengal Online Newspapers of India The Afternoon Dispatch & Courier (English) http://www.org/redirect?item=21234&url=http://www.National.ipl. Daily Amar Ujala (Hindi) http://www. Horoscope Andhra Prabha (Telugu) http://www. Daily Features: Sports.asp India--Andhra Pradesh--Hyderabad.com/ India--West Bengal--Calcutta (Kolkata).org/redirect?item=21289&url=http://www. Editorial. News .cybernoon.akilanews. Business.andhraprabha.com/ India--Gujarat--Rajkot. News .amarujala. Daily .org/redirect? item=21224&url=http://www.International.ipl.org/redirect?item=21301&url=http://www.com/ India--Uttar Pradesh--Bareilly.ipl.org/redirect? item=21311&url=http://www.anandabazar.ipl. News Local.ipl.

Editorial.asianage.com/ India. News .com/ India--West Bengal--Calcutta (Kolkata).com/ India--Punjab. Editorial. Editorial. National and International.com/ India--Delhi--New Delhi. and Sports.International.bhaskar.deccan. News . Daily Features: Business. Editorial.Local. Daily Dainik Jagran (Hindi) http://www. News .ipl. Entertainment Assam Tribune (English) http://www.org/redirect?item=21367&url=http://www.org/redirect?item=22056&url=http://us. Business.ipl.jagran.ipl. Features/Lifestyles.National. Classifieds. Politics.com/ India--Assam--Guwahati. Daily Features: Sports.org/redirect?item=22081&url=http://www.ipl. Daily Features: Sports.International. News . Politics Daily Ajit http://www. News . Classifieds.ipl.ipl.asp India--Uttar Pradesh--Kanpur. Entertainment . The print version of The Assam Tribune online is published from Guwahati and Dibrugarh in Assam.ajitjalandhar. News Local.com/home. News .ipl. Daily Daily Panjabi-language newspaper published in Jalandhar. Deaths/Obituaries. Weather. Daily Features: Sports. Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi) http://www.com/ India. Politics The Assam Tribune is an English-language online newspaper featuring General Interest News .business-standard.org/redirect?item=55848&url=http://www. Daily Features: Sports.National. Politics.National.org/redirect?item=70279&url=http://www.The Asian Age (English) http://www.org/redirect?item=22055&url=http://www. News . Business Standard (English) http://www.Local. Classifieds.assamtribune.National. Business.Local.org/redirect?item=21594&url=http://www. Obituaries. News . Features/Lifestyles Deccan Chronicle (English) http://www. Business.

News .com/ India--Kerala--Cochin. Deaths/Obituaries.ipl.National. News .deccanherald. English) http://www. News . Politics Deepika Daily (Malayalam.National.National. News .National.org/redirect?item=22120&url=http://www.ipl.org/redirect?item=22083&url=http://www. Editorial.org/redirect?item=22082&url=http://www.Local. Daily Dharitri (Oriya.ipl. Comics.com/ India--Kerala--Kottayam.orissakhabar. Features/Lifestyles Deshabhimani Daily (Malayalam) http://www. Entertainment Dinamalar (Tamil) http://www. English) http://www.com/ India--Tamil Nadu--Chennai. Daily Features: Sports. News .org/redirect?item=22131&url=http://www. News . Editorial.National.ipl. News International. News . News . Daily Features: News .International. Classifieds. Daily Features: Business.Local Dinakaran (Tamil) http://www. Science/Technology.org/redirect? item=32302&url=http://www.Local Dinamani Tamil Daily (Tamil) http://www.ipl. Business. News . News .org/redirect?item=22179&url=http://www.org/redirect?item=32299&url=http://dinamalar.Deccan Herald (English) http://www.Local.ipl. Editorial. Features: Sports.com/second.deepika.com/ India--Karnataka--Bangalore.htm India--Tamil Nadu--Chennai.deshabhimani.dinamani.Local. Daily The Economic Times (English) .ipl.dinakaran. Daily Features: Arts.com/ India--Orissa--Bhubaneswar.com/ India--Tamil Nadu--Madras.

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2/month Features: News . Politics.ipl. Features/Lifestyles The Milli Gazette (English) http://www. Classifieds. Editorial.org/redirect?item=23211&url=http://ww3. Sports. Features/Lifestyles Mathrubhumi Daily (Malayalam) http://www. Features/Lifestyles Mumbai on the Web (English) http://www.org/redirect?item=23304&url=http://www.urdunaidunia.National.Local.com/ India--Delhi--New Delhi. Daily Features: Sports. News . Daily Features: Sports.National.International.org/redirect?item=23136&url=http://www.Local.ipl. Daily The New Indian Express (English) .ipl.mangalam. News .ipl.Local. Classifieds. Business.ipl.org/redirect?item=23319&url=http://www. News .com/ India--Maharashtra--Bombay (Mumbai).naidunia.munsifdaily. Deaths/Obituaries. Daily Nai Dunia (Urdu) http://www. News International.com/ India--Kerala--Kottayam.org/redirect?item=49443&url=http://www. News . Classifieds.ipl. News .http://www.com/ India--Kerala. Editorial.Local. Entertainment The Munsif Daily (Urdu) http://www.ipl. News International. Classifieds. Features/Lifestyles.milligazette.org/redirect?item=23320&url=http://www.mathrubhumi. Horoscope.org/redirect?item=23160&url=http://www. Editorial. Business. Deaths/Obituaries. Comics. Business. Weekly Naidunia-Indore (Hindi) http://www.National. Deaths/Obituaries. News .mid-day.com/ India--Andhra Pradesh--Hyderabad. News .com/ India.com/ India--Delhi--New Delhi. Daily Features: Arts.

Local Nobat Daily (Gujarati) http://www.prabhasakshi.ipl.com/ India--Gujarat--Jamnagar.National News India--Times Online (English) http://www.National.International.aspx India--Maharashtra--Bombay (Mumbai). Travel.org/redirect?item=23702&url=http://www. Daily . Business.ipl. Daily Features: News . Editorial.org/redirect?item=32484&url=http://www.http://www. News .esakal.rediff. News .com/ India--Delhi--New Delhi.ipl. Politics. Daily The Pioneer (English) http://www.ipl.com/ India--Gujarat--Ahmedabad.National.sandesh. Classifieds Sakal (Marathi) http://www. Daily Rediff (English) http://www.com/esakal/esakal/rightframe.org/redirect?item=30103&url=http://www.com/ India--Delhi--New Delhi.National.ipl.newsindia-times. Editorial Prabhasakshi (Hindi) http://www.newindpress. Daily Sandesh (Gujarati) http://www.Local.com/ India. Business. News .ipl.ipl. News .ipl. News .org/redirect?item=23989&url=http://www. Entertainment. Daily Features: Sports.org/redirect? item=23963&url=http://www.org/redirect?item=23409&url=http://www. Weather.nobat. Daily Features: Sports.com/ India.org/redirect?item=23870&url=http://in.International. News .com/Index. Business.html India--Maharashtra--Pune. Classifieds. News .org/redirect?item=34165&url=http://www. Features: Sports.dailypioneer.

asp India--West Bengal--Calcutta (Kolkata). News .ipl.ipl.com/ India--Assam--Guwahati. Politics.ipl. News .thestatesman.org/redirect?item=70007&url=http://www. News . Editorial. Daily Features: Business. Arts. News . Horoscope.com/ India.Local Thina Boomi (Tamil) http://www. Editorial.ipl. News .com/ India--Maharashtra--Bombay (Mumbai). Daily Features: Sports.International Timesofindia. News .Sanjevani (Kannada.National. Editorial. News . Entertainment.Local The Statesman (English) http://www.ipl. Daily Features: Sports. Daily The Times of India (English) http://www. Editorial. The Tribune (English) . News .Local. Features/Lifestyles.com/section/frontpage/index. Daily Features: Sports. News .ipl. Daily Features: Sports. Education. English) http://www.National.sanjevani.telegraphindia. Comics.sentinelassam.National.org/redirect?item=23993&url=http://www.net/ India--West Bengal--Calcutta (Kolkata).com specializes in breaking news and has exhaustive India-specific coverage with more than 1.International.000 stories every day. News .thinaboomi.org/redirect?item=24201&url=http://www.timesofindia. Entertainment The Times of India (English) http://www.com/? India--Delhi--New Delhi.org/redirect?item=24037&url=http://www.org/redirect?item=24340&url=http://www. Daily The Sentinel (English) http://www. Business.timesofindia.National. Business.org/redirect? item=24330&url=http://www.ipl. Entertainment The Telegraph (English) http://www.Local.com/ India--Karnataka--Bangalore.org/redirect?item=24370&url=http://www. Business.

. Business.paralink. Online Dictionary . Indonesian. financial dictionary. Daily Features: Sports. medical dictionary.com/ India--Andhra Pradesh--Hyderabad. Weekly Online Dictionary.com/ Free Translation and Professional Translation Services from SDL .... Horoscope.org/redirect?item=21300&url=http://www. . News .. Russian and Spanish languages.ipl.freedict. Russian.org/redirect?item=24434&url=http://tribuneindia. Daily Vikatan (Tamil) http://www.com Free Software! CleverKeys · Dictionary.vaartha.National. Finnish. computer dictionary. Spanish.com/ India--Punjab--Chandigarh.International. translation2. French. www. Latin.ipl. .Multiple dictionaries including: English dictionary. Education.com/ India--Tamil Nadu--Madras. SDL International is the world's number 1 provider of free and professional language translation services for websites and documents.thefreedictionary. French..Local.. Portuguese. Danish. Japanese. Classifieds Vaartha (Telugu) http://www. Free access. legal dictionary. .ipl. Italian. News .com/ Dictionary. Arts. www. Italian.. Norwegian.freetranslation. German.http://www. Portuguese.com Toolbar · “Word of the Day” Flash Widget New! Put “On this Day” on your iGoogle page New! . Encyclopedia and Thesaurus. News .org/redirect?item=24519&url=http://www.com/ Free Online Dictionaries English to/from Afrikaans. Hungarian. Dutch. www.com/ Free Translation Online Free online multilingual translation software for English. Editorial.vikatan.

com/ Cambridge Dictionaries Online .uk/fol doc/ Dictionary & Thesaurus .YourDictionary YourDictionary is a free online English dictionary and much more. and other English language resources.dictionary. World bank. www. extra example sentences.ac.com/dictionary/ free on line dictionary of computing foldoc. www.m-w.com/ Add IDRC..org/ Free online dictionaries Do you need to consult a dictionary? Then you have found the right site. spellcheckers. census of India. dictionary. Magazines.directories.. .. The free dictionary search gives you definitions. planning commission. thesaurus. thesaurus. word games. and much more! .reference. This page contains a large number of free online dictionaries.freebyte.Cambridge University Press Subscribe to Cambridge Dictionaries Online Extra for audio pronunciations. thesaurus entries.com/ Merriam-Webster Online Merriam-Webster provides a free online dictionary. audio pronunciations.ic..doc..cambridge. www.. FAO. .yourdictionary. gateways etc . Word of the Day. spelling.

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