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S.F. No. 256 - Expanding Requirement of Display of Vehicle Lighting (with A-2 Amendment)
Author: Prepared By: Senator Ann H. Rest Krista Boyd, Senate Fiscal Analyst (651/296-7681) Bonnie Berezovsky, Senate Counsel (651/296-9191) March 10, 2013


Section 1 requires vehicles on highways to display lighted daytime running lights, fog lights, auxiliary low-beam lights, or head lamps at all times when vehicle lighting is not already required under law (i.e., night, inclement weather, or other poor visibility conditions). This requirement is subject to exceptions for parked vehicles and law enforcement vehicles. Section 2 states that convictions for violations of the daytime lighting requirements in Section 1 shall not be kept on the driver’s record. This section does not apply to violations occurring in a commercial motor vehicle, or to violations committed by holders of class A, B, or C licenses. Section 3 states that for 90 days following enactment of the provisions of this bill, law enforcement may issue only warnings for violations of the daytime lighting requirements in Section 1, and must not issue citations. Section 4 specifies that the bill is effective August 1, 2013, for violations committed on or after that date. KB/BB:rer

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