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Realize Your Power - Estimating your worth

Take a small seed in your hand and look at it. It appears so lifeless, tiny and almost
insignificant. But with some soil, water, sun heat, air and the fusion of cosmic spark - that little
seed transforms into something thousands of times bigger than itself.

Note the scale and see that there is a large tree hidden in that small seed. Quite similarly, in
your almost invisible, quasi-forgotten soul - lies a huge universe that is hidden and inherent
like tree in the seed.

You are capable to do almost anything you can dream of; you carry the whole universal energy
in and around you. Many of the low times in life, we think ourselves worthless, incapacitated,
virtually enslaved and at times surprised 'man what am I doing here? what is our mission on
this earth etc'.

I inform you - You do have an important mission and you are already contributing to the visible
world - through your talent, hard work and pool of energy. Never under-estimate yourself nor
feel lonely. Your world is created by your work and creativity. You only have to act - the BEST
you can, the real DOER is the creator - who like a prompter of theatre delivers you the script.

Something that holds your growth? IS IT FEAR?

When you get up in the morning - make a point that you get up like a lion - sure of yourself,
bold and fearless. Before that you may have to work on the fear.

Fear starts from 1st day of life, out of insecurities or of feelings of losing what you have. Fear is
NEVER of unknown but the known and what you 'possess'.

You fear, of what you already KNOW quite well. Fear resides in deep pockets of mind like a bug
- hidden but lively. Fear can be one of the basic reasons of failures of life.

Fear creates walls around us, forces us to take incorrect decisions, on the other hand,
fearlessness will give you boldness, peace, preserve energy.

BUT NEVER run from fear - running from it IS real fear. Stop, think, and follow the track of fear
back in your mind's archives. Find it, face it, and deal with it now.

You must REMOVE it by surgery of deep meditation, by ceasing all knowledge stored in mind. I
Repeat that fear resides in knowledge not in the unknown. Your life will be on the super fast
track after this silent process.

Should you be waiting for that perfect great moment? How to dis-attach from a
conditioned life and get going?

While it is important to plan with prudence, wait for the right moment to take the decision for
important and not-so-important things of life; many times we forget to enjoy the present,
thinking that one fine day when a certain thing happens we will do so. Expecting that a certain
thing will happen at a certain moment and then a certain idea will come to mind and then from
thereon you will start enjoying life; is nothing but a deception that actually take us far from
reality of life. This conditioning of mind in reality makes our life conditioned. Anything that
takes us far from reality is unreal and one cannot live waiting for the unreal. How many great
works of art are conceived but not created, how many great relationships start but die an
immature death, how many great decisions of life are to be made by us but missed and thus
are missed great opportunities of life. It is not that opportunities do not return, they do almost
every day, but they are not the same. Apparently, Time passes through us, unknowingly we
assume we pass through time, although in reality time neither passes nor moves but our own
reality does passes and moves to another reality.

If you are able to see the big picture of your life and can plan at least certain things as per your
desires, and take the right decisions in their right time, it is fairly good. In this case, even if you
miss few opportunities, it won't affect your overall actions. However if you are stuck in one
fixed place for long time without moving anywhere and feel that life is nothing but a boring
routine, without any joy and a repetitious exercise that never ends, you need to do some
introspection and look within carefully that which is holding you from taking important
decisions. If nothing is happening in your life and you find it boring, it means that you are not
taking your decisions in their right time but keep them suspending in an interminable unknown
future that swallows all your good times. Lets make our mind cold, warm our heart up to
evaluate this important fact of life. If Earth waited for better and more, it would stop orbiting
and soon collide and disintegrate. Each atom all around you and inside is full of life, vibrating
at total noiseless speed, enjoying the music of life, living right beside you.

You live a conditioned life whereby you say, that one day you will have this and then you will
do that. This conditioning of life is in reality self-framing yourself in a box where you put your
self and cover with the lid of excuses. The excuse to NOT live your life is a serious denial of life.
When we deny the reality of living, we are not living but lying like a vegetable that expects to
be eaten or be disintegrated by microorganisms, in other words we are letting nature take our
decisions and remember that decisions taken by default or by nature are neither going to be
fair nor as per your dreams. If you don't live each moment of life now, you are not living fully
as you should be doing. Please be good to yourself, review your life and straighten out all loose
ends and define your living. Once you do define then just reverse the course and undo all what
you do. This is the precious moment that you have been waiting for. Each impulse of life that
makes this moment precious is worthy to appreciate wherever you are, whatever you do, in
whichever state of mind. Remove the self-imposed conditioning and start living.

Once you change your attitude of will-do-when-that-happens to lets-do-now; the surroundings

and ambience around will change instantly. Do not attempt to store this fleeting life. See the
essence of life that is pure love. Try dehydrate your resentment, guilt, anger, frustration to
failures of past and let them dry and disappear. Water the fruits of love and compassion and
see how your life grows wild like a tropical tree. Do not block your present for a beautiful
future. It is ok to save some money and resources for future but don't save your love,
goodtime, hot foods and your smiles for future. They are only good while they are fresh. Stale
love, times and foods make you sick. Reverse your attitude and DO whatever you want to do
today. The horrible people will become friendly, dry will become green and bored life will
become interesting. Do not wait for the BETTER or MORE. It can't be better than now. Accept
the ENOUGH in hand as optimum and stop chasing for more and better. You will start living
with joy. Feel the joy in you and everything will be full of joy all around you. Now don't hold life,
let it live please.

Your real you ? Are you really aware of your genuine personality or you are just
living a quarter or half life? Personal Growth � How to really achieve more and
grow fully?

Every single living human being is an extremely complex yet a complete and perfect creation
of this universe. The enormous synchronization of billions of cells constantly keep creating us
and giving us new life, renewing us yet how many of us live a total and complete life?

I find that in the entire humanity only about 2 or 3% of people really LIVE their life to their
fullest potential. Majority of us are in reality living from 5 to 30% of our potential. People give
zillion causes like poverty, environment, government, god, religion, education and social
conditioning and many other ready made answers to their situation to defend their partial
living. If you start thinking NOW you will also find many excuses to justify your situation.

The truth is that the majority of humanity is lost in so many self created webs and threads that
we become like spiders running around the threads but the tragic thing is that instead of
getting out of the comfortable webs, we weave more and more silky threads to create more
and more prison like encasing of our soul and our personality.

Without getting offended and being as realistic as possible, sit down and think if you are really
living a life to your fullest potential? I do know your answer in advance.
Let us find out what exactly happens to us once we are created and why do we volunteer to go
to the self created prison and hide ourselves there. The reality is that most of us do not sprout
the seed of real self or personality properly and in many cases its growth is hindered by our
own mis-actions and lack of understanding the totality.

I am not talking success or failure here as those are totally virtual, rather unreal states of mind
nor I mean any achievements. Our real personality means our true potential and how do we
liberate ourselves from the self created web and RELEASE ourselves from the closet or seed.

A personality that is not totally liberated or free is in reality hidden in a secret box. What you
exhibit, show or demonstrate to others is only a very limited view of our total sum of
personality. Why? Because we inhibit our real self. You may have noticed that we keep the best
dresses and personal things in closets self assuring that we will use them on a certain
occasion. Likewise we keep the best of our qualities hidden in our seed thinking one fine day
we will unlock or manifest those qualities. However the truth is that those beautiful dresses
remain most of the time hidden and become part of your private museum and likewise the
most beautiful of your qualities remain hidden in your private mind which later on become
cumulative guilt and unfulfilled desires and the consequence is that we remain unfulfilled and
we live only partially with casual dresses and with 'casual' qualities.

A semi-grown or half growing personality is an inhibited and imprisoned personality. The word
Inhibit also means choke, constrain, constrict, crimp, curb, diminish, discourage, dissuade,
forbid, hamper, hinder, imprison, interdict, oppress, prevent, prohibit, quench, repress,
restrain, retard, snub, stifle, stop, suppress, veto, withhold and forbid... Trust me this is exactly
we DO to our personality and we lock our true potential and never can really grow. It is like a
seed planted in a small pot in a nursery that never actually is re-planted to really start growing
on its own.

IF you sit down today and observe you will see how many of these verbs with the same
meaning apply to you and the sadness and frustration that will engulf you by knowing how you
have been restricting your own growth is exactly I want you to feel because if you do realize
that we have diagnosed part of the problem and thus we can go ahead and find the right
remedy for you to remove those lids and let you grow and let you re-plant in the open skies
where you can grow like a wild shrub, unlimited, unhindered and to your fullest potential.Why
don't we develop those qualities why don't we wear those dresses? I will unlock the secrets of
developing your personality now so please read my message very carefully.....

How does it all start?

The constrained and repressed personality is inhibited and while it attempts to express itself to
be ITSELF - the failure to grow adequately or fully expresses itself as frustration.

The frustration is the lost steam and dispersed energy that should have gone into the
repressed personality to contribute to build it but the inhibition causes it to evade and get lost.
We will review the secrets of the half baked or semi grown personality and try finding some
alternatives and solutions so that you can draw the best of your resources from within and
grow as a giant that you are.

What exactly happens when we inhibit ourselves and our personality. The first of its symptoms
are timidity and shyness. From very young age we need encouragement and constant support
of our parents, teachers and other adults to express ourselves but the truth is shyness is
mainly caused by our self inflicted restraining. Some overly protective parents keep
discouraging the child by saying don't do this, don't do that, stop, you will fall, you will fail or
you must not do this or that.

This excessive negative protection cause inhibition and the child thinks that everything it does
is wrong or it is wrong to do anything. Most parents do not realize what they are doing. They
want to train their kids instantly and expect them to behave like them. Many kids in place of
opening up, start growing inward and start repressing most of their expressive feelings. If you
grew up in this environment you do have residuals of these inhibiting remarks.
Its time that you release this timidity, shyness to let your mind be free. Try still your mind and
go backward and review what happened in your childhood. Try removing gradually those scars
that still make you over protective and enclose you in a shell. Slowly you will learn to be free
from those scars and heal.

The inhibitive personality also causes hostility, nervousness, irritability, feelings of constant
guilt for no apparent reason, an innate fear to speak in public, an unspeakable uneasiness
about dealing with others, an insecure feeling of lack of confidence that causes you to miss
opportunities and diminish your possibilities to defend yourself in times of crisis etc.

If such personality does not get channelized in time it either goes into oblivion or in extreme
cases it erupts as a cruel, dictatorial, violent and unsocial individual, thus giving statement to
all the unspent energy in its due time. To have a harmonious, peaceful world we need to be
complete, fully living and growing individuals whereby it is essential that we untap our
personality and let it grow in harmony.

The worst and biggest frustration of all is that when you can not really be YOU and yourself but
you start pretending, faking, putting different masks and distancing from your ownself. One
starts denying one's own personality, the true self and always attempts to BE someone one is
really not. This causes invasion of fantasy, creation of unrealistic images and a personality that
has nothing to do with your real self.

This serious conditioning and masking is repeated so often that one loses the real personality,
making us lose precious time, create a zigzag in our regular straight track, alter our destiny to
our loss and in reality live times of UNLIVING.

Many talented and extremely bright people get lost in delirious creation of an artificial
personality and all this in extreme cases causes many apparent psycho-physical problems like
sttutering, stammering, failure in studies, failure to maintain significant relationships, hidden
depression, lack of confidence, fear to failure and success, a negative behavior and
unhappiness in general. Next we will discuss deeper why all this happens and the solutions to
unlock your hidden dormant personality..

We now can see that inhibited and semi-grown personality has negative impact on overall life
and its total growth,

we will first find out the deeper reasons and causes. Simultaneously, we will look into the ways
to correct or rectify the inhibition and how to dis-inhibit, untap the personality by opening the
closed tin of our talents and to find out means to open up, recognize the faulty areas and start
the overall deserving growth, to make you totally successful, fully grown in all dimensions and
directions, physically, emotionally and materially.

Once we work on these subtle exercises you will be surprised how much weight has been lifted
from your mind and with that lighter load you could speed, achieve more and feel more

Some of the things may appear to be trivial or overly common knowledge. Your mind however,
already has all the secrets yet you may not be aware of them or you may not have given
careful attention.

When we are born in a life act, we do bring in a carry forward residual of our karmic files to
each current life. The identity and your previous life's labels are reset and deleted but the
essence of your past lives does remain in the soul that comes to reside in a new personality.

The system is so perfect and wonderful that each and every living being is given a fresh
chance to grow his or her personality but due to our acquired genetic structure, upbringing,
cultural spices, pseudo-religious drama, ethno-racial groupings, colors, flavors, crazy content
of literature and media beams, nationalistic nonsense and the mindset of the parents and
family; the personality is completely overpowered and sooner or later we are engrossed and
absorbed by the environment around us. We think we are ALL THAT and unconsciously we start
identifying with all these distractions and influences.

Many times a soul comes prepared and ready to do great actions but while the shape of body
is still being formed, mind of the recent born child starts getting noises, influences around
finding itself in severe agony and shock.

When it finds sincere love, affection and care it opens up and grows very quickly but if it finds
hostility and negative vibrations all around it starts inhibiting. A child comes with great
awareness as its recent connection with the creator has fresh memories on totally clean slate,
immaculate without any bit of fear, anger, guilt or expectation and its mind is fresh like a
morning flower.

Soul's thinking section called mind is innocent and pure and it manifests in the beauty of smile
of the child. A child is just a mirror version of the creator and ignorant adults around it treat it
as an idiot, little toy like creature as if it was an extra-terrestrial being, well in a way it is an
extra-terrestrial being as the soul enters in the womb only about 90 days before the birth.

The soul - is completely aware, full of true and immaculate knowledge but the magical pain of
birth and dis-attachment of umbilical cord from the mother with whom it gets attached; does
get out to the world to find bewilderment and joy. It is like landing from ethereal world to
physical world again. The shock is neutral but fascinating. Imagine you on non-stop flights for
72 hours and how do you feel after landing? You look at you and say oh I am still in one piece &
feel relief.

The first few days - if it perceives positive and loving vibrations - it feels good to the child. A
soul as freshly born child can ONLY perceive through its feelings. There are no emotions grown
around it as yet. The child's extra sensory antennas are extremely sensitive and it can feel
instantly if someone is evil or noble. Everything looks great but just after few days, the
nervousness, fear, anger, guilt or any other negative vibrations around are perceived and the
child starts getting tense.

Most of our later growth depends on the first few months of our arrival on the planet.

The very begining of moulding of our personality..

We understood that our personality starts taking shape when you arrive in this world in this
shape and form and not at 25. Once on the planet, every soul born as a child has to go through
the process of evolving physio-chemically but each child gets a different environ to grow like
each seed that is blown by winds grows in different climates.

The personality of soul is unique with its past experience and its vivid karmic acts that has
shaped its own evolution but once the soul chooses a new life, it deletes its past lives from
conscious mind and everything is buried in the deeper archives of subconscious mind.

Once into a new born baby, soul has to adapt a new world, a new culture, a new set of beliefs
those followed by its conceiving parents, a fresh life that gradually keeps receiving stamps of
different thoughts. Many times the soul has a good plan to continue its destiny as the births
are planned or desired by the coming soul; once born it gets to lose much of its vigor and
karmic agenda causing it a very deep concern and hurt as it has to adapt and wear a new cap
and a new dress to its mind. The conflict does start here.

The conflict between the original purpose and mission of soul that it conceived or desired
intensely in the past life act and the new shape and many unexpected impressions it gets in
the new adapted world.
The little baby that you see as a dove eyed, innocent little toddler in reality is perplexed and a
bit worried as how its going to coop with the new realities that are to come.

Most babies are in a way in a thinking mode, like a profound philosopher, which to an
uninitiated person may seem to be normal; but in reality the baby is attempting to connect to
its subconscious mind where all its memories are residing but the noises and distractions and
attention by people around it keep alerting its conscious mind and prompting it to be aware of
what is going on around the house.

The babies until their mind has been polluted by the content fed by the new world; are in the
purest mode of consciousness and they can perceive the past, present and future. That's why
many times the babies laugh and smile at adults reactions. They are fully aware and in touch
with the cosmic connection they just left. But since they can not express themselves like a
grown up, they merely look deeply, perceiving the feelings of any type of energy around.

The child at this time does not discriminate nor it has any fear, guilt or any other negative
aspect of emotions. The possessiveness or attachment insecurity to the mother is due to the
bio-chemical reality but otherwise the child is as pure as it gets.

It is like a blank slate where there are no messages.

Invisible Influences shaping our mind from the start..

We understood that soul as new born baby has an immaculate state of mind yet it can perceive
both dimensions through feelings. The positive and negative emotions vibrating and emitting
around the child are received by the soul and it starts piling that information that later shapes
and forms its mind.

Most people think that a child is like a battery-less toy that giggles or cries all the time and it
only becomes educated when it is sent to educate to a school. The truth is that just after about
a week of landing, after recuperating from its long voyage it opens up its eyes and while its
body starts evolving, its mind antennas are up in the air to start perceiving the floating

It also tries to confirm what it heard while in the womb and it tries to connect with the new life.
As you understood the soul's conscious mind or random access memory is reset and deleted
once life act is over and upon entering in a new life, it can only feel the deep knowledge base it
inherited from the carry forward of past lives.

Coming back to our subject in question, the indiscriminate, pure and compassionate mind of
child begins to register the floating emissions of energy. The problems start right here.

Adults start feeding the infant with fear, frustration, anger, intolerance, selfishness, guilt,
greed, cover ups and lies. The purest form of humanity starts getting stained and the
personality starts getting inhibited, constrained and thus the growth starts with all good and
bad aspects of life that prevails around the contemporary life. Of course the comfortable
argument is given that if the child is not aware of the malicious world it wont be able to survive
the falsehoods and evil. To comply with that idea the child is fed the same stale content that
has been around for thousands of past years. The subconscious part of soul does carry the
past information but that�s the karmic data and a sort of logbook of its voyages without
emotions that are only felt and perceived while in human life.

With hyper life styles today things are worse as children are left in front of televisions for long
hours alone and the subliminal beams of much violence emitted from media stations start
deforming the child's mind.

The excited parents think oh the modern children are very smart but little do they know that all
the violence, frustration and negative vibrations of adults and their treacherous world is fed in
capsule to the little kids, most of the time, unconsciously.

Just a few hundred years ago before the prevalence of industries and media, life of a new soul
took several years of repose, good care by family and perceived a cleaner and more positive
outlook of life. But with this instant world, the growth of child is also considered instant. The
extra-smart experts and educators start feeding the kids with so much junk information that
the spiritual and natural growth of the child is hindered and it becomes like a robot with a great
load of negative feedback.

Thus starts our first stages of inhibition and suffocation and mutilation of soul in this modern
world that we are so proud of today.

Your real you ? Are you really aware of your genuine personality or you are just
living a quarter or half life? Personal Growth � How to really achieve more and
grow fully?

After the background analysis on the circumstances and unseen influences when we are born,
lets now observe what happens when we grow up. Each individual grows as per the amount of
love received. This love includes affection that works as security, faith [nothing to do with
religious faith etc.], trust, and support system that works like a natural fertilizer to help us grow
unhindered. Formation of the Personality of the person is also molded by soul's original plan
and its karmic sequel. Added to all this is contemporary circumstances, events and behavior of
others around. That includes influence and shadow of others' destiny, their 'accidents' and life
style. Even in the similar circumstances of birth, each person has a different rate of growth due
to all these elements.

Lets say you give away 6 packets of flower seeds to 100 different people. Each person will
react differently. Some will plant them and take care of them and watch them grow. Others
may just think of planting them later and few may even eat them or some will abandon the
seeds in some kitchen cabinet and forget them altogether or give them away to some friend.
Each seed although came from same origin, has a different destiny under different hands.
Likewise our personality to much extent depends on our guardians till we have sufficient
growth to sustain our own life.

To a great degree, it depends how our parents or guardians behave among themselves. We try
to simulate and copy their good or bad behavior. We also inherit their emotional and hidden
desires, fears and instincts till we are formed fully.

This becomes one of the biggest blocks of growth of our personality. We keep those influences
and shadows in our subconscious mind as part of OUR personality. It is like a permanent
eclipse on our growth. Most people are afraid to recognize their real self as for each and every
decision they must think of their parents. You may be one of them.

Just think how many times you have to make your mind for taking a decision and you have
thought about your parents. The parental influence is recorded for a long time and this
invisible umbilical cord keep us connected with them. A decision when taken, with alert mind,
can shape and form our own destiny. Each decision is a major turn of event in our life. But if
you notice carefully today, you may find that behind every single life turning decision your
parents or family stamp is there.

You may deny this but the reality is that most people are following someone else's instructions
for major part of their lives. Does that mean that we should start a protest march against our
parents and exclude from our lives? Should we simply ignore or lie to them and imply that we
are now free? No.. That's not the idea. I want you to do some thinking in a careful manner and
realize if you are living or planning to live your OWN life or you will continue living a life
designed by other people.

We don't have to disrespect or disobey all good things taught by our guardians but there has to
be a limit and a clear cut line where every body else's influence ENDS and your own life
STARTS. You will be shaping your own destiny. You should be following your own destiny after a
certain period of awareness and preparation.

If you really want to grow fully - you must practice an exercise of observation of your life and
your major decisions. You will be surprised to know the difference when you make the most
vital decision of your life and that is to BE on your own and to let your personality grow as it
should naturally. This again does not imply that you need to physically leave some place where
you are - it is an internal process and you must work on this today.

How to really make our personality grow?

We now realize that without much realization or knowing we are nothing but a stamped copy of
our parents. Despite a certain independence, education or even having your own family, you
still depend on SOMEONE else for most decisions. You may not be with your parents or other
family but they always remain and reside in your mind. They keep reminding you that you are
merely a branch of such and such family and clan or caste or community or religion etc. A
great deal of questioning about your role in life, your assumptions, and your overall purpose in
life arise.

You become acutely aware of the way in which your parents, guardians, uncles, aunties, grand-
parents and other family members have influenced your life, and how your own lack of self-
confidence or fears have affected your decisions.

Now we are not going to put all blame or credit for all failures or hits on all those who made
decisions for us. One cant do that. Even if the decisions were taken or were influenced by
others, their outcome affects you, your destiny path and your own happiness.

By own happiness we don't mean to be self centered at the cost of them but a personal feeling
of satisfaction that only can belong to your self. I am neither asking you to be totally selfish or
focused on your self without taking THEM into consideration. The idea of taking your own
decisions as per your own instinct but considering others Viewpoint will shape your destiny
than merely being a passive witness to the shaping of your own life path where OTHERS take
your decisions.

You will ask what is wrong in relying on others to take your decisions as that makes your life
easier, blame free and almost trouble free. You just believe that everything is acceptable to
you, because you trust your family and friends. You believe that by NOT taking decisions on
your own you don't have to aggravate yourself by seeing the reality face to face.

Lets see what exactly is taking a decision. When you choose, select an option or go for a
certain way, you make a decision and state to the world that you are someone with a
personality and you know who you are.

If however you never want to expose your real personality and your true self, you should never
take any decisions. Isn't it better to be a fly than being nail of a bull. Yet by taking your own
decisions you are not going to be smaller or isolated or broken from your family and friends but
on the contrary you are going to be telling them that you do have your own persona and you
know how to drive your life on your own. That also shows that you are responsible,
trustworthy, reliable and absolutely certain about your worth.

If however you want to continue to keep playing safe and UNSEEN you better don't take any
decision on your own. Next we discuss what will you achieve by taking charge of your own life
and how could you do that to achieve more from life without getting trampled in the process
and without altering any other persons' life. ..

How to be STRONGER Successful - Reconsidering your total life... Isn't now a time for change...
a positive change...

Do not wait for more disasters, a reduced life and worsening the grip of your life by letting it go
down the hill, lost in the eternity without realizing your real potential. Get up and go. I will go
with you till you need my help. Just hold my hand and let us walk together to change our
failures into successes and our bad times into the good times.
If anybody abandoned you, you must not abandon your hope.
If you have not achieved much so far, its because achievements are to be ACCOMPLISHED and
not merely given.

Success is always in you but you need to awaken your dormant life..I will not abandon you till
you run and get going wherever you want to go.. I will love you and pray for you..
Your brother - maitreya

What will you accomplish by taking charge of your own life how could you do that to achieve
more from life without getting trampled in the process without altering any other persons' life.

It is safe to be passive but then it is not your real self; your mere shadow that is exposed. You
start believing in your passive shadow personality which puts a lid on your mind forever, by
keeping all your potential growth subdued and controlled. You will be afraid at times; oh no I
cant be that bold. I may be an outcast and not be loved and cared. No. You may not do that if
you are a minor child and in that case you may keep this knowledge on your sleeves that one
day when you grow you are going to take your own decisions to be your real you.

However if you are an adult and decide to take your own decisions, initially you will face
challenges and scenes because you will be saying ok now onwards I will not accept what you
want me to BE but I am going to be what I want to be and what my potential is. It's never late
to realize your potential.

Once you demonstrate that you mean business by being responsible, mature and a good
decision maker; the whole world around you will accept your REAL you. You will be appreciated
not despised. You will be respected not thrown out. You will remain you yet you will be
different. This absolute clarity of mind and your decision to be yourself will boost your self
confidence also known as self-esteem and your REAL personality will shine like a jewel after
polishing. If you wish to become stronger, your real YOU, then stop blaming and growing in a
nursery. Re-plant yourself in open skies of total confidence and your real self.

Have you heard ever, an authority in power to say, if you don't vote for me or don't obey my
decisions, I am going to call my Dad or will report it to my mother? The only secret of their
being an authority is that they don't bring their family, neighbors or other supporting friends
into every decision they take, that shape not only their destiny but many times of a large
collective or a country or at times the human world. The very foundation of their success in
becoming an authority is for their determination of putting an end to dependence on others for
their decisions.

It does not however mean that the decision makers don't listen to their families, spouses or
friends, they do, probably more than a passive person. A wise decision maker knows how to
listen all views, observe the big picture and then THINK on his own and gauge the possible
outcome to take an optimum decision. It is a different story that selfish decisions or self
serving actions on the cost of severe damage to others are not appropriate.

We have to think about OUR decisions that shape our life and destiny and in this process some
people may get hurt as you cant please everyone. But if the hurt is merely a protest that you
didn't agree to THEIR plan; is ok because that's a temporary turbulence that will bring deeper
calm in time to come.

If you do not take decisions for you, as you are responsible for your own life; others will do but
in that case you cannot complain or protest as by just being passive or non-active; you lost the
chance to take your own decisions, as per your destiny and karmic path.

At times I see people lamenting and blaming on others to justify a failure. Listen - blaming is
accepting your passiveness and lamenting is accepting failure. You must accept all the DONE
as done, without wasting time in WHY but probably learning HOW it all happened. If you do
that and take a decision to be decisive and hammer when the metal is red hot; with care that
you don't hurt yours or others fingers when hammering; you will be successful. You will be a
decision maker and your own destiny will follow you instead of you following your destiny.

How Sacrificial self-victim mask can mutilate a personality?

We learned that to be our original self we need to recognize our true self and that is only
possible if we know how to take proper decisions in the right time in due course.

There is never any time or age for changing. Physical age is relative. Our real self never really
changes, we grow physically but our mind usually remains the same. The same fears and same
inhibition follows us most of our life till we REALIZE one day, that all those fears and excessive
overcoats of inhibition were not worth the pain.

In other words your real growth only starts when you grow internally and start creating a
personality of your own. We now look into other internal blocks that hinder our development as
complete persons that will help us introspect our selves and find out how are we doing.

One of the biggest joys or rather a sadistic pleasure; when the personality is dependent and
inhibited, one receives by feeling intentionally victimized, helpless and totally passive.

This habit forming trend starts from early childhood with careless parents when the child learns
to create tantrums to get any favor or little things.

Self-destruction, victimizing oneself & masochistic behavior becomes norms and one BELIEVES
that by posing as a victim the family and the world around will come to rescue and wipe out
the false tears.

This extremely dangerous tendency can destroy the growth of a person and can even sabotage
and destroy relationships of all kinds specially the family and matrimonial relations.

When someone decides to blackmail emotionally on a regular basis one actually stops being
real. One believes that by actually creating the mask of perpetual sufferer, forever crying
victim one can get away with all other possible wrongs, misactions or non-actions and can
control everyone around.

This appears very 'funny' when children do out of ignorance but if it is encouraged and adults
do it, it can destroy any otherwise good relationship folowed by a chain of failures and

The self-sabotage scheme of attracting others by hurting oneself is a dramatic lack of self-
esteem, emotional poverty and lack of courage - caused by little or no love from parents. If you
stab yourself and expect others to FEEL your pain or a cozy feeling that others are now going
to suffer and bleed of guilt, you are wrong.

No sane person will support or nurture such nonsense once the reality is exposed. Never use
this masked behavior to ALTER other people's attitudes towards you as expectation of such
sympathy is a severe block on your growth.

The martyr or sacrificial victim complex and ploy have been used in human history for millions
of years but the truth is that all such victims of self destruction are eventual losers. Be your
self and let the reality take its course. Do not become passive anymore nor waste your time in
such ideas. You can achieve much more by being your self than by binding both hands and
expect others to feed you.

Your real you ? Are you really aware of your genuine personality or you are just living a quarter
or half life? Personal Growth � How to really achieve more and grow fully?

Seeking perfection and fault finding - Is it an addiction?

At times prudent parents criticize the kid when it makes a mistake twice, seemingly to improve
its performance. It's wise to do so at times if they also appreciate the kid when it excels or
performs a good job. But there are overly enthusiastic parents who only put down a kid always
apparently to expect a better performance. In few cases some kids do take that as a challenge
and improve themselves. But in most cases, at the end such constant negative feedback has
opposite results.

The kid may attempt to do better for the fear of potential ridicule or criticism but at a later
stage this habit can become an obstacle to grow its real personality. Excessive criticism
without any appreciation in due course, creates total negative programming in mind and one
cannot get rid of it even after many decades. This can become a cause for failures in work &

When someone is told constantly that whatever you do is wrong; instead of modifying the
course or making it better by altering the mechanism, the mind just gives up thinking it is
useless to do anything.

This appears unimportant but the subconscious mind gets programmed to such level that such
persons can feel failed even though they have all the potential to be successful. They also tend
to be perfectionists and destroy much of life's pleasures by never being satisfied with whatever
they do. This creates a personality that finds faults in others.

This fault finding process can become so intense that without any knowledge some people
become obsessed in looking for imperfections and faults wherever they can and unknowingly
they isolate themselves from lively process of living and start thinking themselves as superior
or perfects.

Seeking Perfection in engineering and technology definitely helps us innovate and make our
lives better but in general life and work this can actually hinder our performance and overall
growth. This creates frustration, short temper ness and sadness as seeking perfection and
better performance becomes an obsessive compulsive necessity to survive.
This can happen to anyone and you need not put yourself down.

To improve this unknown, subconscious obstacle; whenever you feel like finding fault in others
and wasting energy in frowning; think about reversing your reaction and ONLY say positive or
neutral words of appreciation for whatever good the other person you are trying to make
better, performs. This little compassion will produce love and definitely better performance
from you and the other.

The other aspect of this phenomenon is I AM never good. This is a major problem whereby one
feels that whatever one does is incorrect, even though it is all right. Such persons create high
standards for them, forever polishing, perfecting and wasting their life in self-depreciation.

This creates a lack of fulfillment that one is never good enough despite a great job. The zealot
mind tries to get approval but even at total acceptance he says, oh no I am totally useless. I
don't deserve this or he will think of approving person as ignorant with no standards for quality.
This can happen to anyone at a given time in life. Do not degrade yourself ever. It's ok to be
humble but please accept any compliments for your work graciously and if others do not
appreciate your work, feel the satisfaction that you have done a good job to the best of your
abilities. Feel good and of course a little self critical review from time to time is ok, but do not
make it a habit.

Raise yourself from self depreciation and avoid drowning in the seas of depression - JUST
accept yourself as you are - remember you can never be perfect in everybody's eyes nor you
should worry about others. Just be yourself & feel good about yourself. Keep smiling and
remember to praise yourself few times a day. It will change your life to come.
What others are saying or WHAT you presume others SAY

All our achievements depend on our own decisions. All decisions have an impact on our
coming times. Many of our decisions are never taken because we hesitate for to take action for
fear of what others might say.

Being part of social fabric makes our life more active and meaningful and many times we have
to take into consideration other people around us before we take an action. It is ok to be
sensitive to your environment and respect all around but If the action is not going to affect
anyone in any negative way and it is quite perfect for us to act for our own good, you do not
need any approval from any other person but your own conscious mind.

Imagine you are driving a truck with 3 others. Will you let co-passengers to help you steer? If
you do chances are you will be off the road soon and may end up in a ditch. This is what
happens when we let others steer our decisions.

Many people become overly concerned about others and constantly think of their reactions,
disapproval deviating from their path. When we consciously try to make a great impression on
others one ends up making a rather negative impression.

Becoming overly careful to make great impressions, getting everybody's approval and thinking
of their potential poor feedback can actually take away our energy and any act with this
attitude, can restrain our personality.

When you are always thinking of what your neighbors, friends or family going to think for any
of your acts, you are actually giving your empowerment to other people and thereby you may
surrender most of your free will and freedom of action even before you have taken a decision.

When that happens we become a roadblock and impediment to our own growth and thus the
shifting of our real energy to others become an invisible process. Our acts and decisions are
then colored by a potential approval or disapproval of others, who in most cases may not even
be concerned about those acts.

If we constantly worry for others approval we are repressing our own self as the fear of
performing something that may be a cause of ridicule or upsetting others overshadows our
energy and thus our acts become either fruitless or neutralized as the sheer fear inside keep
repressing us, in consequence we may lose many vital opportunities.

You need not worry about others' visa or yes-it-is-ok stamp for your personal decisions and
actions. Unless someone is directly involved or affected by our decisions, we should not be
affected by any unconscious fear.

If you review the past; many of the opportunities may have been lost by fear of what-they-will-
say. Focus on your self; without being affected by others; take your decisions as life is yours to
steer. Don't take collective decisions for your life. Think of what is the best for you and just
take that decision in due time.

The High cost of success.. Drive to succeed with a tunnel vision takes away vision

Some people are to follow an environment of 'excessive success' in which they have grown.
Every body in their family tends to 'succeed', no matter what cost. The kids are given all
incentives to be successful and be the best in all fields. The success is a relative term and its
misuse and misunderstanding is common. The social pressure to succeed is like an epidemic.

Success of what? The end product of success is considered material achievements, social
prestige and being the best of the best. Some people actually destroy their good destiny by
getting caught in the middle of hurricane of success. After years of struggle they realize that
they had taken a road where they wouldn't have gone, if they knew what all that success
I am not telling you not to succeed in life. If you work hard following your nature and instinct
you hit success, its great but if you have been pushed by force in a rat race just because some
people in your environs wanted you to succeed at any cost, you had better think few times. I
am not saying success in itself is wrong but deviating from our natural path, neglecting most
other aspects of life and just killing to succeed as a goal to be the best or to keep comparing
with others can be fatal to our real personal growth.

The compulsive obsessive desire to be the best or to compare with others and follow a rival,
creates a trap that can actually generate hostility, violence and a loss of good things of life.
Success comes at a very high cost. There is nothing in this world without a cost.

By any mode, success by evil means or immoral ways creates a very bad karmic act and the
consequences of such achievements are extremely expensive at a later time and are paid with
a heart-breaking bill sooner or later. But we are talking about regular worldly success for which
many sacrifice their lives or major chunk of the best part of life to later realize that it was all
not worth after all. I repeat - I am not telling you to give up, quit and watch birds whole day. We
are talking about some people who create the trap of success around them and they have to
live up to it at any cost.

Idealized images and chasing dreams with a tunnel vision drains the energies as drive to be
the best or number one or ten etc. become nightmares and when the person reaches to the
desired goal, there is already someone else waiting to challenge and subdue him.

They spend incredible amount of time & life in achieving unknown treasures, in conquering the

Those who conquer the world will be soon replaced by the next conqueror. Conquer your five
senses and the 'sixth' sense - the mind and you will have become the greatest person. By the
way the biggest treasure in the world is your contentment not the 'world' or crowns of metals
and stones.

Secret of the Personality growth?

While talking of our personal growth and let our personality grow in a natural manner we are
looking into extremes of our behavior which we should take as a constructive step. The only
way to grow is to not only know our strengths but also our weaknesses.

We all go into extremes few times in life but after some learning we try to balance our act as
one can never really grow fully when in extremes. When we talk about negative extremes do
not be offended nor take it as a criticism but just try to visualize and review if that applies to
you. If it does not, think of someone near you on whom does that apply.

Try to understand the cause of their weakness and then help them if you can. If it does apply to
you, do not be embarrassed, deny or reject it as too-good-to-be-true attitude but just close
your eyes to see if we can work on it and attempt to improve our self. There is nothing in this
world which we can't fix, we just need to learn about it, its nature and by going deeper into it &
introspection we can find a remedy. As I said all locks have their keys but we got to find the
key, which is always hidden somewhere inside our own mind.

Excessive Control mania can destroy a personality growth

Anywhere around you will find someone or the other who insist on controlling everything
around them. This happens due to lack of faith, trust, agility and flexibility, the control-all
phenomenon can become an obsession and destroy a person's smooth growth and it also
impacts very negatively people around the controller.

We are not talking about a corporate controller or one who manages potential risk or damage
etc. This can happen to almost anyone anywhere but especially at homes and work
In all growing civilized periods of history there has been the factor of control, controlling
people, their freedom, spouses, children, workers or anyone who is original and challenging.

Humanity has been bulldozed millions of times by 'control' freaks using their powers or
pretexts of religion, beliefs, political, management and social orders. Control is a seed which
germinates out of lack of security, excess of fear and an extremely focused vision that gets
stuck and mind becomes rigid. It's a toxicity that overpowers mind, they start abusing their
power, capacity to inhibit their own fears and constrict all others as they manipulate
everything and everyone to their tune thus giving birth to dictatorships, wars, broken families,
unhappy people and the chained human souls.

Just open any history book or your newspaper, on every page you will find such people. Entire
civilizations, countries, nations and families have been destroyed by this mental rigidity. Most
dictators in variable fancy garbs at the control of a country, organizations or family have a
deep need to control and manipulate to sustain their fixedness, their rigid way of thinking.
These tyrannosauruses devour great chunk of humanity.

Everything must be under control or they lose their temper and sleep. This self torturing
masochism in reality becomes sadism and it destroys the harmony of individuals. Do not follow
any control freak. On the contrary, when one has faith, trust and compassion, you leave
everyone free to their will and never force anyone to do anything, we see people grow, family
prospers, individual personality open up to its maximum potential.

If you anytime catch this fever, just collect your forces, free yourself of all fears and extract all
insecurities, reservations, bad faith, doubts, suspicions from your mind and let everyone live as
per they desire. If you are responsible, be strict, disciplined, disciplining but do not punish or
impose force & pressure. Give space, trust, compassion & you will be loved, will have more
control over self & anyone.

If you do not like to be controlled, throw the idea of controlling others. One never wins or gains
anything by that. Let others come to you for your suggestion for your good heartedness, you
will be always respected, loved and praised.

How can excessive worry, grief and suffering become pain in itself? How to lighten the load?

All worries and sufferings are like shirts. One cannot wear the same garment forever. Even the
modes of worries and sufferings need to be changed periodically or the attachment to them
becomes permanent. Excessive worry, too many thoughts and too many pains mean there are
no distractions and the wheel is moving but it's stuck in mud.

This state of turmoil occurs for excessive greed. Greed not only for material objects but for
emotional and potential fears is equally dangerous. We cannot have it all. We cannot have all
the pains, all the things, all the people and all of anything. We must set limits or the flood of
greed will flatten our life.

Greed for all things, all thoughts, and all relationships actually destroy our harmony and we get
stuck in the infinite wheel of turmoil, that runs on oil of your joys and good health.

Once stuck we lose the richness of life and personality growth virtually stops. Bring about
diversity in life. If you are suffering for 12 things, start suffering for one every day, if you are
worrying for 20 things, make a list of all worries and keep one hour per worry. If you are
enjoying too many things simultaneously, try to reduce the sources of enjoyment and focus on
one source of joy at one time. Sounds crazy? Well once you apply it, you will see that your joys
are becoming more intense and your worries are diluting.

At least a quarter of humanity at any given time is thinking excessively even while trying to
sleep, do an important job or in a moment of joy. These anxious people usually are living a
continual critical state of mind worrying about things they will never be able to resolve.
They think that by spinning wheel, non-stop, 24 hours they will be taken seriously or they will
accomplish a lot more than people who stop and rest and play.
Spinning or speeding the wheel of mind will never lead to any solution and only suffocate one
by aggravating the grind, as the mind gets so heated up that the process of staying alive
becomes staying in a perpetual coma.

This happens because we forget that each sentence must have a stop or period [.] and the day
must be punctuated frequently for a diversity of activities. We must stop the spin and circling
at least at the end of day but ideally every 3 hours of your awakened time. Just stop thinking
and try to cool down, put a mental red light and or park your mind for a while and take a rest,
look for beauty of nature around you, play, listen to relaxing music, read something light, look
at birds, flowers and thank to people who bring joy to your life.

Do something other than WORRY. Forget about your suffering and grief. Do not swallow pills of
worry all the time or they will become immune to you.

Your real you ? Are you really aware of your genuine personality or you are just living a quarter
or half life? Personal Growth � How to really achieve more and grow fully?

How can excessive worry, grief and suffering become pain in itself? How to lighten the load?

Continuing our exercise on the wheel of thoughts lets find more ways to deal with this difficult
process of simplifying and reducing our worries to more manageable size.

Without THINKING observe new ways to make your life more entertaining, meaningful and
playful. If you think by circling around the clutter, by working nonstop and by grabbing all what
you can hold in your mind, stomach or soul - you are going to be feeling great, achieve a great
deal, be number-this-or-that or please the whole world - you may be on a dead-end sooner or
later. Excess worry is like slowly digging our grave. This whole process is so internal, boiling up
quietly in our mind that years go by and we don't realize but this becomes cause of major
ailments, disorders and sadness of mind, body and soul. have an answer and you will say must not I worry to compensate for all the
failures, pains and disasters of my life? Why not!. I do agree that all your current worries are
consequence of something in past; of this or previous lives, but if you do not become more
discriminating with your mental activity and keep spinning your mental wheel at high velocity,
you will not be able to accomplish anything except drowning yourself in a sea, the size of a
bucket. Yes right... whole day dealing with excessive worries and suffering is like attempting to
drown our self in a bathtub. We try but it doesn't work.

We make an ocean of few gallons, a little failure as irreparable loss. Magnifying something
small at times, not even existing in reality, merely a potential fear & WHAT-IFs can take away
big part of our day and life. The impact of this fast spinning on our work, relationships and
growth is very deep, without our realization.

Diversify your every day and make it more living and delightful without leaving the worries for
tomorrow to grow smoothly, to keep your personality evergreen. Do not postpone and keep
forwarding the worries. Its like having a bad debt which we keep accumulating and the interest
goes exponentially high, likewise worries become unmanageable after a limit. The ideal is to
write on a white paper all that worries you and then allocate one or two hours in a day or few
hours per week. The worst you can ever do to harm you is to keep denying with oh-no-I-have-
no-worries while you are crucified. Recognize, enumerate, enlist, and accept all those infinite
worries and work on them.

Thinking of past is comforting and easy but its not very productive. Future may seem at times
hard & challenging but its more creative to work today to build future. Future is built every day
with your little actions, decisions. If you do something new every day in the fields of your
interest expect new and interesting future events and if you just spend all day in thinking of
that lost person, opportunity or any other loss - future is going to be worse than today. You can
change that. To make your future paintings colorful, work on gray areas today and keep adding

Expecting from others!

If you thought the friendship means to expect your friend to be on your side in your need, you
are looking at the passive side of the definition. The real friendship is expect nothing from your
friend but you as a friend fill your friends' expectations and hopes when he least expects it.
The expectation less friendship is real act of compassion otherwise it's a business. In a
business transaction you expect as a buyer or seller, the explicit expectations as per the
written or verbal contract. In a sincere relationship based on pure love, expecting from others
become redundant.

The education, customs and social, family systems condition us to expect from others to fix our
needs and problems. The truth is that gradually this conditioning becomes a great source of
disappointment, pain, betrayal, suffering and overpowers our real personality by making us
dependent, emotional invalid and let us lose precious opportunities which if we were not-so-
dependent would have changed our 'destiny'. Yes, when we just expect from others we are not
following our own destined path but someone else's. If you really want to grow fully to your
potential, gradually, reduce expecting from others and you will see revolutionary changes in
your life. A conditioned mind expect us to get resolved the problems, to inherit lifeless
properties, to receive love, to get sympathy, compassion and to come to rescue whenever we
are stuck. You have to prepare yourself to resolve your own problems to the best of your
abilities as in resolving our own puzzles is real growth.

Expecting from others is a passive approach to live, where we wait others to come either for
who we are, our special relationship with them or simply a hidden thinking that by expecting
help we will be more secure and kind of emotionally insured. This may appear very cold and
unreal but expecting ANYTHING from others, unless business, is sooner or later going to be a
cause and source of grief for us.

In any case, the reality is that most of the times when you expect, you are going to be
disappointed. If you instead give, do something for others without anything in return you will
feel fulfilled and you will never need to expect anything from anyone. You will be supported
automatically without any of your calls or silent expectations. Most parents teach kids to
expect from others, instead of teaching them on how to rely on own self. Teach, try to give,
learn and love without expecting anything in return.

Learn to rely on your own self, your own destiny, your own worth, and your own hard work,
prepare yourself to give as much as you can. When you least expect but are giving, sacrificing
and helping others in their needs and bad times, you will be helped by invisible forces in a very
unique way and you will always be rewarded richly.

When you do those acts of compassion, you are letting your real persona to grow, become
stronger and letting your real destiny to take you to the riches of life.

When you expect, you are bound to pile many disappointments, surprises and sadness. Be
strong and try to reduce your dependence. Just see what can you give. In giving compassion,
we receive love, in giving help, we receive true contentment. Giving enhances life. Expecting
creates anxiety and insecurity.

How to know your true worth and how to shine it?

In building industry there are experts who value and appraise a property. They check each and
every corner of structure, foundation, built-up area, the quality of each installation, detailed
contents, facilities and the ground where it stands. Besides they also check some unseen
values of the property which include non-building factors like the location, neighborhood or
block, the security, the facilities around it, distances, age and how was the property used and
other hidden and unseen factors. On the other hand, an inexpert person will only see the
property by comparing like an image and merely from outside facade or the polish, paint or
glitter etc. Very similarly MOST of us are like that inexpert person who just values anybody by
images or by comparing. The problem is that most of us value our own self from outside
without much idea of our real self worth.

What is our self worth exactly?

Well it is our real total content and our hidden talents which are usually constrained and
suppressed. The total experience of many lives resides in our current life. Due to our foolishly
programmed and stupid system we label ourselves as per our parental heritage, cultural or
ethnic background, acquired education, religious, class or caste based groupings and other
social or self-defined falsehoods that drive us to exhibit a 'type' of personality that has been
molded by all above factors added by forces called 'circumstances' and necessities to survive
or to just do 'something'.

These are fake facades, like facades of incredibly beautiful buildings made for dramatization or
movies. This is not your real YOU. If you are assessing or appraising your self as an inexpert
from the eyes of the 'world' by comparing, by merely looking at skin, you are not evaluating
your true self correctly. You are wasting your time in this life by doing things you hate or

You are merely living for the sake of feeding and getting basics covered. That is also done by
any form of life on earth including little bugs and flies. They know how to feed and survive.
Your human birth is extremely precious gift of the creator for you to shine and do your real
mission and not just merely eat, sleep, dance and box the body for disposal. Please wake up.

This is not your real you. Does not matter what you do or your level of satisfaction, if you are
unaware of your true worth and your real value you are doing gross injustice to you by
deceiving your own self. It is not your degrees, your properties, possessions or your job but it is
if you are really doing what you should be doing to make your life more meaningful, to live to
your fullest extent possible and to FEEL really fulfilled.

Today you are going to ask your self some questions? Today you are going to evaluate and find
out your true assets, abilities and qualities. After that we will appraise your true value and
worth. Even if in one way or the other you consider yourself satisfied do this exercise to re-
discover your self.

You ask these questions and write clear, concise and sincere answers :

What are my real qualities besides academic qualifiers?

Is my educational background the only apparent asset?

Am I undervaluing my real unknown or undiscovered qualities?
Am I doing something everyday which really manifests and exposes my real talents?
Am I really satisfied with my current work, profession or job?
Did I just study whatever I studied to please my parents or to chase a childhood dream?
Am I under-educated or under achiever?
Am I over-educated and yet unsatisfied with whatever I perform?
Am I really HAPPY ?

Ask any other relevant questions and write them down.

Next we continue on how to really evaluate the real value of self!
Finding Evaluating and assessing our true assets?

Imagine you owned a piece of land but there was no water, no vegetation, no living conditions
around, only dry desert or barren rocks - when you appraise it you notice that its your property
but - practically useless. Now imagine an expert comes to value the land and you are told that
the land has large deposits of precious metals or mineral rich liquids. You will possibly not
believe but you will leave all aside and work hard to exploit that land and the same useless
land will appear to be a rich mine and source of wealth.

Very similarly many of us think ourselves as useless, with no value and no potential but please
make note of my words. Every single human being has a special talent and very unique
qualities which must be appraised and valued properly. Our cruel chaotic system buries and
ignores millions of talented jewels rejected as barren desert land but we must not let our
qualities go waste. You are here for a purpose.

You have to work on your unique and special talents and polish them further.

If you have been able to indagate and dig into your mind on what are your true assets besides
the very obvious or 'seen' ones; you would have noted that at times we carry on a work, a
business or job just because that was the best at the time you were preparing to enter into
practical life; but after some time, we find that you may have miscalculated or you were not
finding the real satisfaction, what you initially thought you would get or you were content with
what you had achieved so far but you found yourself in an invisible 'psychological' shell where
your real self was hidden or trapped.

Whatever the case, there comes a point after every 7 year cycle where you stop, think, re-
think and analyze your progress. Most people just get so trapped that they are afraid to break
the pattern in the fear that they will not be able to adapt to changes or to switch to something
they would really like to do or where their talents will have more light to shine.

Coming back to the appraisal of building and its real hidden valuation, you got to evaluate your
self from all possible angles and dimensions and see what are your real abilities, capacities and
talents. If you collect all your forces and think of all your hobbies, studies, interests and desires
you will find that there are certain things where you are better than many people. These are
your real assets.

Now we have to look at our possibilities. Do not be afraid and do not reject and undervalue
yourself. If you are satisfied and happy, its a good news you should see if you could do a better
job and if you could make your work process easier, more interesting and fulfilling. If you are
not pleased with your current situation, you need to value your true assets and be aware of
your capacities. Whatever you did so far was great but whatever you can do in days to come
will change your destiny forever. You can do virtually anything you decide to do. You just have
to first find your assets, appraise and value them in the most impartial manner.

If you are unable to judge your own self or are overly self-absorbed; engage a friend who can
do it for you. You do not have to compare yourself with the superlatives nor popular figures. Do
not judge yourself harshly blaming your luck or your harsh circumstances. Just be realistic but
leave a space for creative imagination where you can vision, dream and view a future for you.

Do not be discouraged what OTHERS may have told you, just ignore anyone who rejected or
discouraged you. Look at your weaker points, enlist them and write some practical solutions to
fix them.

Focus now on your real values. If you have been forced or typified into a track by
circumstances or necessities, you need not worry, you can still change your destiny. You must
try to focus on your dreams and imagination. With some discipline and practical use of your
time you can program your destiny now. Do not just sit back and throw yourself to pessimistic
or self-imposed routine. Come out of your shell and start your reviewing process again to know
your true potential. I will go with you as far as you want till you find what you seek.