Семь проектов Project Seven By

C Jay Lenhart

Draft 1 Revisions 5/9/11 Current 10/28/12 C Jay Lenhart, Jodie Sherman


TITLE CARD: "PROJECT 7" The Title fades over black. Each letter flashes between English and Russian until "Project 7" is spelled entirely in English. It disappears with the sound of fingers SNAPPING. 1 INT. DARK ROOM 1

The room is pitch black. The only source of lights is an old lamp sets on top of a grungy desk. Two people are sat on opposite sides. An intimidating RUSSIAN MAN. His hair is long, slicked back, reaching the collar of his messily-worn a business suit. Opposite him is a teenage BOY, also European-looking, dressed in dirty, dark clothing. A tint of red flows through his hair. The boy’s left hand is cuffed to the chair, and his head is down, as if he is asleep. The Man SNAPS loudly. And smacks the boy on the face again. He speaks with a thick Russian accent. MAN Hey. Vake up. He SLAPS the boy once more. MAN (CONT’D) Hey. Vat is your name? The Boy opens his eyes. They are eerily grey. Almost unnatural. His pupils dilate as he immediately adjusts to the light in his face, looking around the darkness. MAN (CONT’D) (In Russian) Your name. The boy stares with a blank face. He speaks calmly, with a slightly softer accent. BOY I don’t remember. The Man sits up in his chair. Leans forward.


MAN You don’t remember? Vell maybe, I has somesing that vill, jog your memory, no? He slides a small box between the two of them. BOY Do you have the time? MAN (sarcastic) Ha. You are funny boy. He flips a switch on the side of the box. A circular light illuminates from the top as a blue, holographic screen appears in between them. The man moves his hand across the air showing an easily recognizable LOGO. MAN (CONT’D) Tell me vat you know about zis company. The Boy’s pupils dilate again, reflecting the logo. QUICKLY 2 EXT. FENCE The Boy climbs down fence, wearing a large backpack. 3 INT. ROOM His hands cover a large, black box with glowing red lights. 4 INT. BUILDING The Boy fights two men in jumpsuits bearing the same logo. REVERSE 5 INT. DARK ROOM BOY They make computers. MAN Yes. Computers for Russian intelligence military. 5 4 3 2

3. He flips through pictures on the holographic screen. They show diagrams of advanced weaponry. And photos of people holding machines. MAN (CONT’D) You steal something from zem. Codename, Project Seven. -Vere is it? The Boy accidentally lets small smirk creep through his casual posture. BOY You don’t know. The man breathes impatiently, folding his hands on the table. MAN If I knew vere it vas, you vould not be here. BOY No. You don’t know what it is. A middle aged WOMAN in a long, red dress appears from behind the Man, fading out of the darkness. Bright red lipstick, heels, and hair curled into a neat bun. She also speaks with a strong accent. WOMAN Ve belive it is a machine. A supercomputer. Capable of military power unlike anything else available in Russia... Or the entire World. The boy looks at her. Still casual. As if they are at the dinner table. BOY And you think I stole it? MAN Ve know you stole it. The Man, again, slides photos onto the screen. An image of the Boy, looking into a security camera. MAN (CONT’D) These are satellite pictures of you leaving the weapons facility in Moscow.

4. The Man leans forward, so far that his face protrudes through the holographic screen. He makes eye contact with the Boy. MAN (CONT’D) Do you remember now? The Boy, keeping his blank composure, flips the switch on the black box with an attitude. The holographic screen disappears. He moves his face even closer to the Man’s. Smart. Ass. BOY Why do you vant it so badly? It’s not yours. The woman glances at the Man. Waiting for something. The Man’s lip quivers at the Boy’s smartness. He leans back into his chair again. The Boy stares forward. Never blinking. The silences forces his expression, as if he has just figured out the answer to his own question. BOY (CONT’D) You’re trying to take over Russia’s largest intelligence agency by stealing their information. Project Seven. WOMAN (In Russian) You are smart for a young boy. He looks at her intently, as she sits down beside the Man. BOY I know you. WOMAN That is impossible. Another smirk. BOY More impossible than a computerized super weapon capable of covert military action and artificial intelligence? The Man’s eyes widen. He leans forward again, trying to cover up his surprise.


MAN Listen to me very closely. You are going to tell me everysing you know about Project Seven. Starting vith how you stole it and escaped from ze most secure military facility in Russia. -- If you do not share zis information, ve vill kill you. The Boy casually leans back in his seat, unwavered by the threat. BOY Well, escaping was the easy part. Getting there was a little more challenging. 6 EXT. MILITARY FACILITY - NIGHT 6

THE LOGO shines from a large building in the background. The Boy slings a backpack over his shoulder and jumps into a sewer opening. 7 INT. SEWER While on a steel ladder. He opens a hatch above, letting light fill the empty space. He is wearing the same clothes as in his interrogation, but in good condition. BOY (V.O.) After sneaking into the building through the sewer system, I had to break into the main hall. 8 INT. BATHROOM He steps out of a bathroom inside the building and walks. 9 INT. LONG HALLWAY The tiled hallway is a straight shot down. Green lights flash along the walls, emitting from small, black objects. BOY (V.O.) After 3 A.M., the entire system runs on an automated digital framework. Usually there’s no personnel on guard, but always hundreds of field detectors. 9 8 7


REVERSE 10 INT. DARK ROOM MAN Field detectors? The Woman glances at the Man, tilting her head in response to his sudden outburst. The Boy notices and smirks again. BOY Yes. They map the magnetic field of the surrounding area, digitally forming the exact shape and material presence of any object. Much better than your poor security. He makes eye contact with the Woman. 11 INT. LONG HALLWAY The Boy sets his bag on the ground and pulls out a large contraption, resembling a car battery. BOY (V.O.) I first had to offset the magnetic field using an EMP... He connects two wires that protrude from the device. BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) ...Which overloaded the mainframe and created a negative reading of magnetism. Also wiping out every security camera. He turns his face away from the wires as they spark and smoke a bit. The green lights flicker off. 12 INT. COMPUTER ROOM BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) The sensors see it as a defect and automatically start a system reboot... 12 11 10


A group of computer screens in a small room. One shows security footage of the hall. Another, a 3-dimensional chart reading "MAGNETIC FIELD". As the chart flickers, the word "REBOOT" appears in Russian and English... 13 INT. LONG HALLWAY BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) Giving me eighteen seconds to run thirty meters down the hall without being detected... He grabs his bag and sprints down the hall. BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) (cont’d) ...And enter the custom algorithm of the security door, which changes every hour, but can be calculated by a mathematical formula using a fourty-seven watt elctro-algorithm transducer. He takes out a small circular device and sticks it onto the lock. He twists it clockwise once and turns his head back. The lock of the door BLOWS off and smokes. BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) (cont’d) Or you can just blow it up. 14 INT. BUILDING 14 13

He runs through another hallway and turns the corner to see Two ARMED GUARDS in matching suits. BOY (V.O.) I then had to take out two armed guards -- which I was not expecting, by the way. With the bag still on his back, they Boy punches the FIRST GUARD and kicks the SECOND GUARD. He grabs the First Guard’s gun and hits him on the head with it, as he falls to the ground. We’ve seen this before. The second guard shoots the gun out of the Boy’s hand. The Boy ducks, then rises up and grabs the gun, keeping it in the guard’s hands. The gun FIRES repeatedly at the ground.


While still holding the gun, the Boy jumps off of the wall and spins in mid air. He wraps his legs around the guard’s neck, ending up on his shoulders. The boy lunges backwards, keeping his feet attached at the guard’s head while his own head and body fall straight back towards the floor. A loud CRACK is heard. The guard’s neck. The boy catches himself on the ground with his front hands. He grabs the Second Guard’s gun from the ground. The First guard begins to stand up as he passes. The Boy, without taking a moment to think, casually SHOOTS the guard as he falls back down. The Boy drops the gun and continues down the hallway. BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) I walked through two hallways before entering the storage chamber. 15 INT. STORAGE CHAMBER 15

The Boy enters an extremely large room. Too large. Almost unreal. There are wires and computer screens from top to bottom. In the center, a tall, clear, tube-shaped mechanism. Inside: A lit-up box with patterns and a glowing, red logo on the outside. The number 7. BOY (V.O.) After offsetting the antifreeze calibration and gravitational tracking system, I just put Project Seven in my bag and walked out the front door. He messes with the wires and buttons on the tube, opens it, and grabs the large box inside. The door slams shut. REVERSE 16 INT. DARK ROOM MAN But you did not have a bag ven we picked you up... The Boy rolls his eyes. 16

9. BOY



BOY (V.O.) After leaving the territory, three men grabbed me from behind. The Boy hops over a fence. Three men, in casual dress, grab him from behind. BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) I assumed they are from the company, considering their tactical skills. They carry him, violently walking. BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) (cont’d) They threw me in a car and took my bag, along with Project Seven. The men shove him in a black car. SLAM the door. 18 EXT. STREET - DUSK The car drives down the open road. BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) Luckily, I was able to take out the one in the back. 19 INT. CAR - DUSK 19 18

The car is driving down a highway. A man is sitting next to the Boy, who is in the rear drivers side of the car. The Boy punches him and immediately shatters the side window. The two men in the front barely get to look back by the time the Boy is half way out of the window. BOY (V.O.) I escaped through the window and jumped onto the roof. The boy climbs onto the roof of the moving car and stands. GUNSHOTS and YELLING in Russian. The Boy balances and looks around. They are now at the top of a highway street, overlooking a large area of grass.


BOY (V.O.) (CONT’D) I jumped out onto the street, and must have hit my head on the way down, where your men found me. The Boy jumps off of the car into mid-air. REVERSE 20 INT. DARK ROOM BOY And then I woke up here. The woman gives the Boy a stern look. She leans forward a bit, resting her arms on the table. WOMAN I am almost impressed, that is quite a story. -- But is it true? The Boy speaks in his usual, surprisingly casual tone, smirking. No. BOY 20

Furious, the Man WHIPS out the gun and violently presses it to the Boy’s face. They are nose-to-nose as he yells. MAN You are testing my patience, boy! Vere is Project Seven now? BOY Do you have the time? MAN If I vill tell you the time, then you vill tell me where is Project Seven? BOY Cross my heart. The Man grunts. Desperate. Still holding the gun to the Boy’s head, he hurriedly shakes his free, left hand to see his watch under the suit. He looks down at it. MAN Six fourty fo-


The boy grabs the gun with his free hand and smacks it against the Man’s face. He shoots the handcuff on the table which immediately frees him, leaving the cuff half on his wrist. He stands, kicks the desk, spinning it around. The boy uses both of his hands to throw it on top of the Man, who has barely had time to grab his face after being hit. While the desk hits the Man, the Boy switches the gun to his left hand and grabs the Woman, she has just began to stand up. He pulls her close to him, his left hand holding the gun as the half of his hand-cuffs dangles, reflecting off of the lamp light, now emitting from the floor. The Boy walks backwards towards the door, now visible in the small light. The Man stands and follows the Boy, who stares at him, serious for the first time. BOY You have no idea what you’re dealing with. You will let me walk out of this building, right now. The Man stumbles to his feet and presses a code. Blinding light pours in as the door slides open. The Boy walks out with the Woman. The Man follows. 21 INT. BRIGHT HALLWAY - DAY 21

They walk backwards through a small hallway to a door. A few people pass by and the Boy gestures with the gun for them to keep moving. Some draw their guns. MAN (In Russian) Wait! Wait! The Man continues to follow as the Boy walks the Woman out of the door and onto the front lot of the property. BOY Stay inside! The Man stops at the edge of the door as the Boy walks about thirty feet away. MAN (In RUSSIAN) Why are you doing this?

12. BOY It’s simple. The Boy pushes the Woman to the ground violently and aims the gun at her. Staring forward at the Man. BOY (CONT’D) I did not steal Project Seven... I am Project Seven. The man’s eyes widen as the Boy raises his gun forward. BOY (CONT’D) (in RUSSIAN) And you are no longer a problem. The Boy immediately holsters his gun, spinning it in the air. The Man stares at him, confused. BOOM The entire building EXPLODES. The windows shatter as fire and smoke protrude from all sides. The Boy’s hair flies back from the gust of wind. While everything sturdy around him moves back from the intense blast, he stands completely still. Inhumanely still. Fire reflects from his grey eyes. As the dust settles, the boy takes out the gun and walks over to the Woman. She is still on the ground, dirty from the smoke and flying dust. He keeps his gun aimed at her. She looks up at him with wide eyes, as he moves his gun closer to her face. The Boy smiles. Fully. The Woman grabs on to his hand as he helps lift her off of the ground. Gently. She adjusts her dress. The Boy’s grey eyes looks up at her. His pupils dilate once again, for no apparent reason this time. THE BOY’S POV Everything is tinted slightly red. Moving lines and dots outline the woman’s face and objects nearby. Not human. BOY Mission accomplished. The Woman smiles, professionally.


WOMAN Ve just got rid of our only competition. They look back walk away, she slightly rolls is tattooed on at the burning building for a moment. As they puts her hand on his shoulder. Her sleeve up as she reaches around his back. The LOGO her shoulder.

They walk away as the shambles continue to smoke. BLACK

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