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First Response Letter to Lexi Neal’s “AQAL Cube Octo-Dynamics” By Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera After reading the

first pages of AQAL Cube Octo-dynamics (found in )I have the following remarks: Letter to: Lexi Neal From: Giorgio Piacenza C. March 10, 2013 After briefly reading in Scribd the beginning of his AQAL Cube Octo-dynamics I agree with Lexi Neal that important implications of Wilber’s 2006 ‘inside’ & ‘outside’ distinctions were not clearly defined. They were a logical distinction and natural extension that was ready to be made. I agree that the ‘insides’ describe non-local expressions (from the perspective of a local, classical physics). They also represent autopoiesis and social autopoiesis in the exterior quadratic perspectives. Timeless and space-less Subtle non-locality may manifest in the physical realm as autopoiesis. What Lexi Neal calls “AQAL Consciousness” and which displays the non-locality of quantum physics in the inside autopoietic Exteriors would also exist within the inside of Interiors or what could be called the “intimate Interiors.” This is in contrast with what Lexi Neal calls “AQAL Life” in which I think that Consciousness (as the only actualizing factor) expresses as its own representations in self-generated projections called “objects.” However “non-locality” is not synonymous with “consciousness” as what we deduce as non-local need not be without a material substance. However this material substance still capable of expressing the experience of Exteriority is different than physical substance. If all types of matter (broadly categorized as Physical, Subtle and Gross) serve to allow for varieties of dual experiential perspectives, this particular substance would be a form of “Akasha” (a form normally called “Chittakasha” in the Yoga Vashishta) which I also call “representational substance” (res imago) because it exactly represents what is inside Subjectivity and expresses the dynamics of existence in the Subtle Realm. In terms of causality, as of the Subtle Realm, the exteriors and interiors, the objective and the subjective perspectives/expressions/aspects would be equally dominant, while in the Physical Realm the exteriors would be causally dominant. Furthermore, in the Causal Realm, Interiors would be dominant and, without any of the three main realms; without exteriors, NonDual, All Embracing, Limitless, Pure Actuality would simply “be.” It would simply be self-referential Being without qualifications. I think that in the Subtle Realm, quadratic exterior perspectives still exist but in such a way that the physical experiential dimensions of “space” and “time” are interior to those representation quadrants. The determining factor would be the logic which accompanies causality in terms of

In this environment knowledge is direct experiential power. the possibility of interaction between realms arises. Singular and Plural which give rise to the mutually irreducible (thus either-or) quadrants. “both-and” is a logic that arises when duality expresses at the level of the fundamental distinctions of Interior. mutually embedded principles that (in their highest degree) almost perfectly represent the state of non-duality. I also think that the power of “both-and” relations among quadrants manifests with the inter-realm connections. The subjacent and more encompassing logic suitable to the Subtle Realm in which exteriors and interiors have equal sway on each other is relational. It’s their metaphysical principles which fundamentally differentiate them and this would tie in a fundamental metaphysics with rules for different kinds of objective experiences. If the expressions between interiors and exteriors are unequal between realms. a “both-and” relational logic closer to the source as non-duality but still a subset of the “neti-neti” (neither-nor) logic more suitable to the Causal Realm in which that which is without dependence or qualification (the experience of exteriors) dominates experiential perspectives almost entirely. Those exteriors would be what (from our classical perspective) we could call ‘timeless’ and ‘space less’ exteriors. Its logic transcends and includes the one prevailing in the Physical Realm. non-dual consciousness. the Subtle exteriors are not exact representations of pure consciousness and their “nonlocality” is not a pure representation of consciousness but of what consciousness can instantly and without the need for distance represent to itself. Thus. the patterns of individual consciousnesses coordinate with those of others to create varied environments of experience in the Subtle. The autopoietic organizations can be holistic and non-local. To represent the relation with the Causal (between the Subtle and the Causal) a further extension of the AQAL Cube would be necessary to represent a further polarity between a deeper Non-Local . infinite “experiential space” that reflect all-organizing. However. This interaction could be causal must be distinguished from equal or mutually necessary types of relations. This is because the quadratic components of different objects are dissimilar.instantly representational exteriors.” classical logic and is more appropriate between physical objects or between objects that express quadratically. we shouldn’t confuse anything Subtle and non-physical with the mystic state of pure. The figure of the cube can indeed represent this by adding a hypothetical spatial dimension to a flat quadratic representation. In fact. It is appropriate to objects that differentiate. With 8 options in the quadrants we can connect the quadrants “inter realmly”: I think that the autopoietic. In my view. The causal logic of interactions between differences is an “either-or. “non-local” insides of physical exteriors may correspond to the outsides of Subtle Realm exteriors. Exterior. subjectivity doesn’t almost require an exterior and the quadrants are like a vast. consciousness would even be able to exteriorly represent to itself linear experiences or simultaneous experiences according to its development and how acquainted it is with the Subtle environment. Furthermore. In this latter logic.

” .Subtle in the insides of Subtle quadrants and what would correspond to it in the outside of Causal Realm quadrants. I think that in the Subtle Realm. the non-possessive personal pronouns are a good way to extend the embedded (life) into the non-local quantum (consciousness) of the original insides in the 8 fundamental “hori-zones. I think that Lexi’s idea of “AQAL Consciousness” manifesting within the insides of “AQAL Life” also expresses in each realm since each realm may have inside and outside quadratic perspectives. Also. the insides of the Gross Realm quadrants are the outsides and its insides are the outsides of the Causal Realm quadrants. However.