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List of Metaphors

A re you in s earc h of a lis t of metaphors ? Well, you have c ome to the right plac e as here you will find many s ad and funny metaphors here. So read on... A metaphor is one of the important figures of s peec h in the E nglis h language. A metaphor is us ed for c omparing two things indirec tly. U nlike a s imile, the words 'like' and 'as ' are not us ed, in fac t no direc t words are us ed for c omparis on. O ne might then wonder how to rec ognize a metaphor. U s ually, the c omparis on is made between an inanimate and animate objec t through whic h we c an unders tand that the inanimate objec t is c ompared to an animate objec t. Ext ensive List of Met aphors A laugh in the s ea of s adnes s T he nois e is mus ic to his ears H e s wam in the s ea of diamonds H is belt was a s nake c urling around his wais t L ove is a growing garland Y our friends hip is the pic ture to my frame A uthority is a c hair, it needs legs to s tand up O nc e your heart's been broken it grows bac k bigger H is hair is a white s nowflake and his hair is a mes s y hays tac k H e is all heartbroken T he pigeons fountained into the air H er hair was bone white H e tried to help but his legs were wax I t's raining c ats and dogs Words are fals e I dols I deas are wings Kic ked the buc ket T he s ea is a hungry lion She is a dog when s he is hungry A heart of gold A light in a s ea of darknes s Strength and dignity is what s he is made of H eart of a lion H e is the s un of my s ky L ight of their life P ull your s oc ks up L ife is a mere dream, a fleeting s hadow on a c loudy day D rowning in the s ea J umping for joy Rolling in dough A pple of the eye I t rained c ats and dogs I nformation travels fas ter in this modern age as our days s tart c rawling away

L angs ton H ughes . whic h als o inc lude an extended metaphor poem. And boards torn up.Reality is an enemy T ruth is food for him Fear is a beas t that feeds on attention Spiritual s eeking is treas ure hunting L ife's journey is a bic yc le ride down the hill I deas are water T houghts are a s torm. bringing foam and dying leaves to the s hore. I t's had tacks in it. don't you turn back. s on. And reachin' landin's . perching in his chair. And life for me ain't been no crys tal s tair. unexpec ted Ext ended Met aphor A n extended metaphor is a type of metaphor whic h is als o known as a 'c onc eit'. I 'll tell you: Life for me ain't been no crys tal s tair. thras hing agains t the trees limbs . s ank his talons into their pages . it is nothing but a metaphor whic h does not end in the firs t s entenc e. Don't you s et down on the s teps . So. Don't you fall nowâ" For I 's e s till goin'. Their waves clas hed brilliantly with the water beneath. The winds were ocean waves . honey. boy. And s ometimes goin' in the dark Where there ain't been no light. T he following are s ome examples of extended metaphors . I 's e s till climbin'. The teacher des cended upon the exams . And turnin' corners . 'Caus e you finds it's kinder hard. The gales remained thereafter. But all the time I 's e been a-climbin' on. only ceas ing when the s un went down. And s plinters . by . ripped the ans wers to s hreds . and is c ontinued in the next s entenc e too. and then. And places with no carpet on the floors Bare. began to diges t. Mot her t o Son Well. Love Met aphors L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove is is is is is is a nutrient a journey a unity of parts a bond a fluid in a c ontainer fire .

L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove L ove is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is an ec onomic exc hange a natural forc e a phys ic al forc e a c amera. .com®. you might end up making your own metaphor lis t one day! By G irija Shinde L as t U pdated: 6 /2 8 /2 0 1 2 A bout Buzzle | P rivac y P olic y ©2000-2012. full of memories an opponent a c aptive animal war a s oc ial s uperior rapture/a high a thrill ride a fine wine a garden a battlefield the air an experiment like an adventure a fragile flower opening to the warmth of s pring a lemon . you s hould s tart with a lis t of elementary metaphors and who knows . All rights reserved.either bitter or s weet I f you are trying to unders tand metaphors . 2013 Buzzle.