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Progress Test 1 (Units 1 - 4)

Working with words

1 Complete these sentences with words from the list.
innovation reputation rapport tradition professionalism principles extravagance

3 Complete these sentences with words from the list.

rewards motivate schemes recognition performance achievement morale

2 3 4

One way to_________staff is to simply give them praise. Winning this contract is my biggest _________so far. I dont feel I get any______for the work I do. No oneever says how well Ive done. Maybe youd boost staff_____by holding some teammeetings and offering some incentives.

1 2 3 4

Our famous_____________with customers is builton good quality and a fair price. I dont think he has any_______.As long as it makes money, hell sell it. Ongoing staff training is crucial in order to maintain a high level of_________________. Buying this brand new car was an_________________but its good to spoil yourself sometimes.

We need to improve the overall______of this department - were quite inefficient at some things.

The company needs some fresh ideas and real _________________to bring it into the 21st century. 6

The company offers a number of incentive_______.For example, we give bonuses to effective employees.

Im sad hes going. We had a good________________and relationship, so I liked doing business with him. 7

Getting staff to work harder isnt all about money. There are a number of non-cash _________we can use.

If we stretch the brand to appeal to a younger market, wemight lose the customers who like_________________and have always chosen our products.

______ OUT OF 7
4 Choose the correct answer from the words in italics. 1
2 Everythings going according to plan and were even ahead of / behind schedule. Ive looked at these figures and youre over / within budget. How do you plan to solve that problem? 3 4 5 6 Your lack of / upfront planning shouldnt result in a later breakdown of the project. To avoid delays, we mustnt miss / make the deadline. Ive run out of / into some money. Can you lend me some? How unrealistic / accurate is your forecast for the budget? Can you check it again to make sure its right?

______ OUT OF 7
2 Complete the missing words in these sentences. 1
2 I think all our staff feel v_________and appreciated.Thats why they stay working here. The best benefit of my job is the company c_________.It saves me a lot of money on travel. 3 Giving positive f________ and saying things like Welldone and Good work can be simple but effective. 4 5 My company pays 30% of my private pension p____. I have a low salary but I receive some perks and benefits like private medical i_________.

______ OUT OF 5

Business Result Upper-Intermediate

Spending in your department seems to be completely under / out of control! What you do to cut costs? can

Language at work
1 Complete these sentences with the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets. 1 2 3 We________________ (currently / update) our website. The bus________________ (leave) every half hour. Online ordering________________ (become) more andmore popular with many of our clients. 4 5 Lets talk again when I______________(get) back. The department_____________(work) harder thannormal because two people are off this week. 6 Yes, I_________________(remember) you told me.

Nanotechnology is one of the great technological advantages / breakthroughs of the last few years.

9 10

Dont bother me with theory! I need some key / practical solutions to this problem. We use cutting-edge / key technology in all our phones. No one else uses anything quite as modern.

11 12

One potential benefit / concept is that it could help refugees around the world. A major / revolutionary advantage of using fingerprints is that they are nearly impossible to copy.

13 14

Apple always uses viable / state-of-the-art design which makes its products so distinctive. Im not convinced this is a commercially- viable proposition / potential and so I cant invest in it.

______ OUT OF 6
2 Put these words in the right order to make questions and write them in the conversation. 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B A B A B A B A B A spent you China much time in have you who told Jem do know you that Randall and Sons was with India you from arent youre did she where from come So,1_______________________________? No, only a few weeks. Before that I was in India. Yes, I heard. Really? 2____________________________? Your colleague Jemima.

______ OUT OF 14

5 Complete these sentences with a preposition (e.g. off, up, etc.). 1 2 3 4 5 How did you come up_________such a good idea? The company was set_________ in 1996. My staff have taken________the challenge and are working on ways to reduce delays. Our hard work has paid_________.Results are good! Were over budget. Can we bring_________ travel costs?


Yes, we both began with the same company. Amazing! 4__________________________? It was. Anyway 5______________________? Thats right. My father was Indian and met my mother.

______ OUT OF 5


Ireland. ______ OUT OF 6

Business Result Upper-Intermediate

3 Complete the question tags. 1 2 3 4 Its Anthea,_________it? The speaker wasnt very interesting, _________he? You havent been here before,________you? Everyone liked the entertainment,_________ they?

6 Complete these sentences with verbs from the list. There is one extra verb.
will be able to were able to cant wont be able to can couldnt havent been able to

1 2

I__________ let you know until next week We__________ find a solution for a long time butthen someone in R&D came up with a great idea.

______ OUT OF 4
3 4 Complete this conversation with the present perfect or past simple form of the verbs in brackets. A B So what are you doing at the moment? I _________________(change) companiessince I saw you last. Im with Anateck now. A B A Really? I 2_________________(not / know) that! Do you still work for the same company? Yes, and were really busy. We
3 1

Do you know what the problem is? I ___________access anything on this computer today!

They__________ reduce their prices for over a year but they promise to on this order.

We were lucky because we__________see a gapin the market before anyone else.

The new changes next year mean that our customers _________________check their details online. ______ OUT OF 6

_______________ (just / win) a new contract.

So not much time for golf!What about you? Are you still playing? B Yes. Actually, we 4_________________(have) a holiday in Dubai last week so I
5 6

______________(play) there. _________________(you / book) a

holiday this year?

No, not yet. Dubai sounds nice.

Result_______out of 70 = _________ %
______ OUT OF 6
5 Choose the correct option a-c to complete each sentence.
1 _________there havent been any real difficulties. b Yesterday c A couple of weeks ago

a Up to now

2 We received all the offers by the end_______. a in the last month a already 4 a already b just b ago b of last week c to date c yet c so far 3 They havent made their final decision _______. He booked the hotel two months _______.

______ OUT OF 4
Business Result Upper-Intermediate