50 Creative ideas: AVON BUCKS BUNDLING for Bigger Sales COUPONS Drawing for Avon GETTING MORE CUSTOMERS: Gift Certificate with Avon Ideas: PARTY Party Display PARTY SCRIPT FOR HOME PARTY Realtor Letter Sales Tips Skin Care Survey TAILGATING WAYS TO FIND NEW CUSTOMERS!!! WIN FREE AVON Libraries – selling ideas

1. Write your name and phone number on all your brochures. Design some business cards (have an idea). If you can print some business cards. 2. Make your “warm leads” list. Those who you will announce your new Avon business. Set a time to call them within the next few days. Also list where you will go to drop off some brochures (try businesses where you can get several customers in one place, or think houses for door to door). Set a time to do this. If you want to schedule a New Representative Open House (or Grand Opening), contact your Unit Leader and schedule a time. 3. Read through any material you have to get acquainted with Avon. Schedule your this campaign for your to do list. 4. Contact “warm leads” and offer to drop off brochures and introduce them to your new business. Go to businesses and drop off brochures. Note any places you can hang up flyers. Contact Warm Leads for the open house if you are having a Grand Opening. 5. Continue with Warm Leads and find other ways to expand your business by using the New Representative handbook. Think about fund-raisers, businesses, open houses, fairs, etc. 6. Follow up with everyone you gave a brochure too. Remind them when your order goes in (at least 2 days before call them). If they expressed an interested in anything, let them know what is available with Avon. 7. Consider leadership and beauty advisor and fundraisers. All the career possibilities with Avon. Review these with your Unit Leader and District Manager. If you had any of your Warm Leads interested in signing up, then really consider Leadership. If you can think of at least 3 Warm Leads who might be interested in leadership, consider it because you only need 2 more to become a Unit Leader. 8. Place order on order due date (your Unit Leader will let you know when it is due, or refer to for the date). Make sure you order brochures. Only order what you can afford for yourself, consider a sample or two, and if you can a demo item (from the What’s New brochure) you can showcase (tip: make it something you would like so you can keep it, like a scented lotion). 9. Continue reading your Avon material. Write up orders if you haven’t all ready. Think of other ways to expand your customer base and write down ideas. Write or label the next campaign brochures with your name and phone number. Write a flyer to go with it, if you want. 10. Receive your order, put customer orders together, deliver, collect the money and get paid. Deliver new brochures with orders and samples if you have them. Demo items as you feel like it. Deposit all Avon money in the bank (cash, checks) to pay Avon, after you pay Avon you have your Avon “pay check”.


1. New customer referrals – gift for referral, % off, etc. 2. For customers who refer: $5.00 in product credit for each referral that results in a new customer. 3. Welcome newcomers to town. 4. Contact college sororities and fraternities (makeovers, fund-raisers, etc) 5. Brides/Bridal Showers, baby showers, birthday parties, etc. Give Avon gifts (mention you sell Avon and love the products, so you give them as gifts). 6. Consultations/makeovers with wedding party 7. Casual Conversation – errands, dry cleaners, grocery store 8. Lip Color Sample on Business Card (purchase full size, receive % off) 9. Skin care survey 10. Be your own hostess of a party 11. Opinion Poll Product 12. Offices – employees – professional image seminars 13. Restaurants 14. Health clubs (Wellness line) 15. Weight loss centers 16. Business card on bulletin boards 17. Mother/Daughter 18. your children’s teachers 19. Holiday or seasonal 20. Offer a personal showers for Brides at your house or you host (a non Avon party, BUT you’ll be giving Avon products, maybe serving SlimWell smoothies, etc.) 21. Manicure (sell nail polish in sets, do party, etc.) 22. Networking-referral cards 23. Set up a display at a craft fair or booths at other events 24. Civic groups-group presentations 25. New mothers-watch papers 26. Send business cards/brochures with husband. Coach him what to say 27. Gift giving service 28. Open houses

29. Men’s night (Christmas gifts for wife, anniversary gifts, Valentine gifts, mother’s day, secretaries day, etc.) 30. Doctor’s and Dentist’s offices, (receptionist, doctor, dentist, patients, family waiting for patients, etc.) 31. Gift shows 32. Lunch time shows (makeovers, demo shows, slimwell line, etc.) 33. Hostess contests and preferred hostess program 34. Phone-A-Thon 35. Call customers who haven’t ordered in a while 36. Sample for everyone at work, brochure for everyone at work, etc. 37. Lotion in lady’s room 38. Show and sell baskets 39. Give extra service and time to good customers 40. Talk about upcoming specials with everyone 41. Contact schools (fund raisers, gift giving services, etc.) 42. Give products as gifts or donations 43. Use postcards and/or newsletters to continue to spark interest 44. Flyers 45. Cardboard sign 46. Yard sign 47. House window sign 48. Ask friends to help you get started or reach a certain goal 49. Use your products and samples at home, office, camping, parties, etc. 50. Start an E-mail address book of customers who want to know what the monthly specials are, don’t forget to mention the hostess specials. If there isn’t one, create one. 51. Encourage relatives (sell, refer, helper, etc.) 52. Encourage frequent customers to regularly plan Avon parties 53. Random mailings. Open a phone book and randomly choose 54. Random cold callings. Open a phone book and randomly choose 55. Random businesses. Open a phone book and randomly choose

56. Put your Avon pin on (make one or have one made that says, “Ask me About Avon”)

Tic – Tac - Toe
How to play: Write the names of the people you are referring in the spaces provided. Let them know that your AVON Representative will be contacting them soon. If your referral places an order of $15 or more, you win the prize shown! Get a Tic-Tac-Toe and win a bonus $20 shopping spree with me! Black out the board, and win a $50 shopping spree with me! (*Prizes are redeemable only after order has been paid for.) Customer Name: __________________________ Phone: _______________________ Campaign ______
Buy one get one FREE $3 off any 2 Solutions line products Buy 1 Anew product, get second one ½ off

Name _________________ Phone _________________
Free powder w/ purchase of foundation

Name _________________ Phone _________________
1 Free Sloughing Cream

Name _________________ Phone _________________
99 cents Hand Cream

Name _________________ Phone _________________
$5 off any jewelry purchase

Name _________________ Phone _________________
Free shower gel w/ mist purchase

Name _________________ Phone _________________
10% OFF any Curves purchase

Name _________________

Name _________________

Name _________________

Phone _________________

Phone _________________

Phone _________________

Ways to find customers (con’t)
57. Set up a display at a mall for a drawing. (Check with Mall director). 58. Have you and your family members wear an Avon T-shirt or sweatshirt. 59. Have your husband or significant other promote the products at work. 60. Fund-raising 61. PTA meetings 62. Host an office party or brunch 63. Advertise in your church bulletin 64. Ask friends to have a show/open house 65. Call past hostesses 66. Include a business card or flyer with your bill payments 67. Advertise in your alumni newsletter 68. Advertise in your local newspaper, penny saver type paper, etc. 69. Have a booth at a school fair 70. Have a booth at a job fair (jr. colleges, high schools, job services, agencies, etc.) 71. Contact local businesses to be the vendor to supply gifts to their best clients. 72. Ladies Clubs 73. Do fragrance surveys. 74. Send a brochure to your Tupperware, Discovery Toys, etc. reps or exchange shows. 75. Bring flyers with gift ideas to local firehouses 76. Girl Parties 77. Follow through on every booking lead. 78. Go to local hospitals and give out samples to Nurses. 79. Bring goodie bags to bank tellers. 80. Professional Women 81. Call your Realtor with suggestion of Avon new home gift packages

82. Do a Web Class. 83. Place up flyers in apartment laundry rooms. 84. Have a Referral Club 85. Random mailings. Open a phone book and randomly choose businesses or residences in the area. 86. Do a “fishbowl” drawing in local businesses 87. Ask friends, family or clients to place your brochures within their breakrooms. 88. Set up in a Bridal Shop 89. Put an ask me about Avon button on your purse or coat. 90. Leave your business card with your tip for the waiter. 91. Remember the 3ft rule, hand your business card out to anyone that is in 3 feet of you. 92. Play Tic-Tac-Toe (9 squares each with a product and requirement, when filled in 3 in a row, receive a free gift). 93. Have you and your family members wear Avon T-shirts or sweatshirts. 94. Offer a bridal registry 95. Do a join open house with other in home business. 96. Referral by Friend 97. Put the Avon logo on your car. 98. Do Lipstick Surveys 99. Ask you manicurist if you can place business cards at her station. 100. Brochures placed in Bridal Shop 101. Tell everyone 102. Drop brochures at ATMs 103. hang brochures on the back of bathroom stalls in a building 104. put an Avon sign on your car, house window, yard, purse, coat, etc. 105. Call or write apartment managers to hang brochures with beauty tips on every door.


INCLUDES: • How to make your party a success • Invitation List • Postcard Invitation • Insert for Brochures • Hostess Checklist • Representative Checklist • Tips for Bigger Sales • Customer Thank You • Representative Script • Party Plan Display Items

Dear Party Planner:

Congratulations on your decision to significantly increase your sales through the Avon Home Party Plan! Here are some tips about how to make your party a success.
♦ Review you Representative Checklist Make sure you are prepared. It is important that you get the invitation list back from your hostess so that you can get the invitations out in a timely manner. Followup is key to a successful party! Make sure your hostess calls to confirm how many are coming 2-3 days prior to the party. Keep those invitation lists for future hostesses. ♦ Payments Ideally, all payments should be collected before the end of the party. If the hostess wishes, payment envelope can remain with her with customer’s names and balances to be collected by delivery. ♦ Plan ahead with incentives Part of the success of the Avon Party is making sure there is a next one. Incentivise your hostesses --- fill your calendar! • • 2 Bookings = _________ 3 Bookings = _________

♦ Listen Pay attention to who isn’t buying or making a small purchase. These people may be good candidates to hostess a future Avon Party or to be an Avon Representative in your downline. The big spenders usually love the opportunity to have their own party and get a discount. ♦ Socialize Because this is a social occasion for most of the guests, you should remember to spend time socializing and getting to know the guests. Guests will feel more comfortable if they sense you are interested in them. ♦ Dress for success If you own any pieces of the Avon wardrobe now is the time to wear it. Look your best and wear our color and our jewelry. Look professional. ♦ Help with the clean-up

HAVE FUN with your parties while you take your business to a new level. Let’s Party!

Let’s Party!






• • • • • Skin Care Cosmetics Jewelry Fitness & Wellness Giftables • • • • •

Let’s Talk!

Skin Care Cosmetics Jewelry Fitness & Wellness Giftables

Let’s Talk!


• • • • • Skin Care Cosmetics Jewelry Fitness & Wellness Giftables

Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk!

• • • • Skin Care Cosmetics Jewelry Fitness & Wellness

Date: _________________ TO:________________________
________________________ ________________________


Date: _________________ TO:________________________
________________________ ________________________

Time:_________________ Place:_________________

Time:_________________ Place:_________________

Date: _________________ TO:________________________
________________________ ________________________

Date: _________________ TO:________________________
________________________ ________________________

Time:_________________ Place:_________________

Time:_________________ Place:_________________



Book your Avon home party today!

*Products with this symbol only have 20% earning credit

If your party total is: $125 - $249 = 25% $250 - $399 = 30% $400 - $849 = 35% $850 - $1499 = 40% $1500 plus = 45%


checklists Hostess Checklist
√ OVER-INVITE Not everyone will be able to attend Invite 20 - 30 people √ RETURN INVITATION LIST to your Representative immediately √ THOSE UNABLE TO ATTEND should receive a brochure and order form and you should have their orders in time for party. √ CONFIRM with attendees 2 – 3 days prior to party √ HAVE PENS AND PENCILS ON HAND

√ HAVE A DISPLAY TABLE ready for Representative 2 hours prior to party time

Representative Checklist

√ EQUIP HOSTESS with brochures and order books for those who cannot attend √ MAIL INVITATIONS out 2 weeks prior to party √ ORDER SAMPLES o Fragrances o Lipsticks o Anew o Slim-Well bars √ TABLECLOTHS √ COLOR CHART √ DISPLAY A SMALL SELECTION OF PRODUCTS: o Product Reference Guide o Raffle tickets & basket or bag o Have Skin Care consultation forms on hand o Brochures, order books, credit card forms o Calendar to schedule parties o Door prizes o Hostess gifts o Booking gifts o Skin Care o Color o Fragrance o Gifts o Wellness o Children’s

Bigger Sales Tips

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ • • • ♦ ♦ ♦ Christmas * Naturals Easter * Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring Valentines Day * Lotions Spa * Halloween Children’s * Family Videos, Toys, Clothing Hair * Real Estate Shampoo, Conditioner, Gel, Brush * Secretary Day Anew Skin Care * Bosses Day Father’s Day *Mother’s Day Birthday * Wedding or Bride

* Wedding

BUNDLING Special Offers by Bundle
♦ Shower gels 3 for __________ ♦ Nail polish and Lipstick 2 for __________ ♦ Bubble Bath 2 for __________

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ SPEND $25 GET __________ FREE SPEND $50 GET __________ FREE SPEND $75 GET __________ FREE SPEND $100 GET _________ FREE


Use 3 x 5 index cards with notes to keep yourself on track Hi my name is _____________. I am an independent sales representative with Avon products. I want to first, thank our hostess for inviting all of us here.
► May want to present him/her with a small thank you gift

I would also like to thank you all of you for coming! Let me share a little bit with you about my background.
EXAMPLE: I joined Avon 5 years ago so that I could be home with my young children. My children are now 10 and 12 and we truly are an “Avon” family.---------------------.

Now let me tell you about Avon. Our color cosmetics are designed to work together. I can help you individually coordinate color packages for your eyes, cheeks, lips and nails. Let’s have some fun! On the blank paper make a list on one side of all the cosmetic you use on a daily basis and on the other side, make a list of all the skin care products you use daily. (do not have to be avon) total each column. The one with most and the one with the least are the winners. Give them each an avon color or skin care trial size / regular product. Avon’s new venture is “avon wellness.” It includes fitness equipment and clothing, spa treatment, vitamins, and our new weight loss program.
(Great way to do your holiday shopping!) If they are not booking:

Dear Customer, Thank you for your business and I hope you are happy with your Avon order from the Avon Home Party. Remember, Avon guarantees all their products. If you have any questions or would like to host a party Let’s Talk! Call me: ________________ AVON Dear Customer,

Thank you for your business and I hope you are happy with your Avon order from the Avon Home Party. Remember, Avon guarantees all their products. If you have any questions or would like to host a party Let’s Talk! Call me: ________________ AVON Dear Customer, Thank you for your business and I hope you are happy with your Avon order from the Avon Home Party. Remember, Avon guarantees all their products. If you have any questions or would like to host a party Let’s Talk! Call me: ________________ AVON Dear Customer, Thank you for your business and I hope you are happy with your Avon order from the Avon Home Party. Remember, Avon guarantees all their products. If you have any questions or would like to host a party Let’s Talk! Call me: ________________ AVON

Basic Party Display Skin Care Anew Perfect Cleanser Anew Ultra Cream Cleanser Anew All In One Day Cream Hydrofirming Night Cream Color Powder Eyeshadow Duo Classic Neutral Ultra Rich Renewable Lipstick Brown Linen Perfect Wear Lipliner Neutral Perfect Wear Brown Eyeliner True Color Blush Golden Glow Light Medium Jewelry 2 Toned Etched Beaded Drop Earrings and Necklace Advanced Party Display Skin Care Anew Perfect Cleanser Anew Ultra Cream Cleanser Advanced All In One Normal to Oily Retinol Line eliminator Hydrofirming Night Cream Color Powder Eyeshadow Duo Classic Neutral Ultra Rich Renewable Lipstick Brown Linen Perfect Wear Lipliner Neutral Perfect Wear Brown Eyeliner True Color Blush Golden Glow Light Medium Triple Benefit Eyeshadow Quartz Triple Benefit Eyeshadow Plum Satin Brilliant Moisture Lipcolor Crushed Rose Perfect Wear Lipliner Mauves Perfect Wear Eyeliner Moonlit Plum True Color Powder Blush Rose Lustre Jewelry

2 Toned Etched Beaded Drop Earrings and Necklace Gift And Decorative Items 2 Of Your Choice Apx. $14.99 Each
Deluxe Party Display Skin Care Anew Perfect Cleanser Normal to Dry Anew Ultra Cream Cleanser Normal to Oily Skintrition Clearly C Anew Advanced All In One Normal to Dry Anew Advanced All In One Normal to Oily Retroactive Retroactive Eye Hydrofirming Night Cream Color Powder Eyeshadow Duo Classic Neutral Ultra Rich Renewable Lipstick Brown Linen Perfect Wear Lipliner Neutral Perfect Wear Brown Eyeliner True Color Blush Golden Glow Light Medium Triple Benefit Eyeshadow Quartz Triple Benefit Eyeshadow Plum Satin Brilliant Moisture Lipcolor Crushed Rose Perfect Wear Lipliner Mauves Perfect Wear Eyeliner Moonlit Plum True Color Powder Blush Rose Lustre Jewelry

2 Toned Etched Beaded Drop Earrings and Necklace
Two Tone Cable Cuff To Stretch Watch CZ Stud Earrings CZ Cable Necklace Gift And Decorative Items

4 Items Of Your Choice 2 at $14.99, 2 at 19.99


Lucky Draw Board
1 2 3














16 17














5 Lucky Winners will receive a certificate for $30.00 in merchandise from our New Catalog. (If all of the blocks are not filled in I will divide the amount by $25 and award accordingly) Pick any square and fill in your name/phone #, you can take as many squares as you like. If you date you own Petra party please write party in the square w/your name. The winning square will be drawn the night of the Petra Party. You will receive all credits generated from the sales of these blocks. If you get all 30 blocks filled you will have an additional $150.00 in sales towards your show and that means you’ll also have 5 before I get there. Plus you’ll have almost ½ of what you need in sales/orders to get your extra bonus. I will collect the money the night of your party. Remember to show this to anyone who is not going to attend your party, to people you work with, especially the men. For people who hate to shop this is a great way for them to get their sweetheart something without the hassle of shopping. Gift certificates are another great idea for that hard to buy for person.

If anyone is in the need of extra cash, call me today with their name and phone number write away and if they decide to join the best company in the world, you’ll get the referral fee plus have a party lined up.
Good luck! Hostess: __________ Date of Party: ____________ Time:_____ Total Sold:__________


Refer a Friend – FREE Avon Write down the names and telephone numbers of 5 of your friends or family members who you think would be interested in receiving an Avon brochure on the back of this card. Return this card to me with your next order (or call and I will come pick it up) and you receive a FREE Avon product from my gift basket. No purchase is necessary by any of your referrals.

Name: Address: Phone (day): Phone (evening): Best time to contact E-mail:
1. Have you ever tried a skin care system? Y N 2. Are you currently using a skin care system? Y N if yes, what brand?

3. Have you ever tried Avon skin care?
if yes, when?


4. Would you be willing to try a few Avon products, such as lotion or other skin care (on hand not face)? Y N
5. Would you rather receive your demonstration... ___ alone ___ with friends

FREE GIFT Call me back and receive a free gift (choose from my discount basket!).

*FREE GIFT with your first order *Referral Gift – Pass my brochure and get a gift

*Host a party and receive Free Avon *Free sample products upon request (if available)




Ask me for FREE Samples!

As an Avon Independent Sales Representative I have a lot to offer!
• • • • Fund-Raisers – Avon Fund-Raisers are profitable for your group, club, church, or organization! Avon Parties – Great excuse for a get-together and you get free Avon products! Free brochures, samples. Call me for a current brochure and more! Career Opportunities – Earn an income or pocket money, you decide!



JANUARY: This coupon entitles you to 10% off any candle purchase. Valid Januaray 2003 Only. Your name and number FEBRUARY: This coupon is valid for a Beyond Color Lip Conditioner at ½ price when you buy any two lip colors. Valid February 2003 only. Your name and number. MARCH: This coupon is valid for 10% off any skin care purchase! Valid March 2003 only. Your name and number APRIL: Purchase any fragrance spray or aromatherapy product and get a free roll on deoderant! Valid April 2003 only. your name and number. MAY: Purchase one bubble batch and get a 2nd at ½ price. Valid May 2003 only. Your name and number

JUNE: Buy a foundation and blush, get a free single eye shadow! Valid June 2003 only. Your name and number JULY: This coupon is good for $1.00 off any vitamin or supplement purchase. Valid July 2003 only. Your name and number. AUGUST: This coupon is good for 15% off any item that contains SPF 15 or higher. Valid August 2003 only. Your name and number. SEPTEMBER: Receive a FREE hand cream with any order of 20$ or more! Valid September 2003 only. Your name and number. OCTOBER: This coupon is good for 10% off your total purchase when you buy any Breast Cancer Crusade item! Valid October2003 only. Your name and number. NOVEMBER: This coupon is good for 1$ off any CD or Video purchase. Valid November 2003 only. Your name and number. DECEMBER: Purchase two footworks products and receive FREE nail enamel! Valid December 2003 only. Your name and number.

Found a sample in your order? Try it and call me by ________to receive a 20% discount when you order the full size. Remember, I always have a 100% buy back guarantee. If something doesn’t work for you, just let me know. I’ll get you something that does. Never again have a box of “stuff” you don’t use.

Skin Care Survey
Phone # Date

1. Did you have fun? Yes ____ No ____ 2. How does your face feel?

3. Do you have any questions on how to use the Avon skin care products? Yes ___ No ___ 4. If money where no problem which Avon products would you order today?

5. If you could earn free Avon products and have another facial with friends and family, what day of the week and what time works best for you? Day _________ time ________ How many friends will you be inviting? _____ (maximum of 6 please). Name Phone #

7. From time to time we select people to give their opinion of an Avon home based business. If you were selected, would you give us your opinion? Yes ____ no ____ Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!


Gift Certificate with Avon
For: _________________________________
From: ________________________________

This gift certificate is valued at $______ and may be redeemed for Avon products of your choice. Expires: ______ Redeemable only with:

Does your school, club organization Need to raise money? Avon can help! Products everyone knows, loves & trusts, No need to go door-to-door, Satisfaction guaranteed, Minimal paperwork, Flexible, custom-designed programs

I’ll be with your organization every step of the way to ensure a successful fund-raiser!

Wow! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other or even talked. I feel badly about that; my life has been a little crazy as I’m sure you’ve been busy as well. I do want to catch up on all about you and give you the service that you deserve. Since summer is on us, I want to take this opportunity to send you this gift certificate for free Avon goody bag (small product, samples galore, coupons and more!) with an appointment for a makeover (with a current brochure, to see the newest in Avon and try on the back of your hand, etc). That will give me the opportunity for a quality visit with you and a chance to express my appreciation for all the support you’ve given me in my career. We have so many new products and new color ideas to start out this season! I can’t wait to share the techniques and tips with you. I will be calling you in the next few days to set up a time. We can meet either at my home or yours. Once again I so look forward to seeing you. Sincerely,

Call me to win $15 of FREE Avon! Name: ________________________ Call me to win $15 of FREE Avon! Name: ________________________ Address:_______________________ Phone:___________________ Address:_______________________ Deb Phone:___________________ Avon Ind. Sls. Rep Deb Avon Ind. Sls. Rep





Call me to win $15 of FREE Avon! Call me to win $15 of FREE Avon! Name: ________________________ Name: ________________________ Address:_______________________ Address:_______________________ Phone:___________________ Phone:___________________ Deb Deb Avon Ind. Sls. Rep Avon Ind. Sls. Rep



Call me to win $15 of FREE Avon! Call me to win $15 of FREE Avon! Name: ________________________ Name: ________________________ Address:_______________________ Address:_______________________ Phone:___________________ Phone:___________________ Avon Ind. Sls. Rep Deb Avon Ind. Sls. Rep



Call me to win $15 of FREE Avon! Call me to win $15 of FREE Avon! Name: ________________________ Name: ________________________ Address:_______________________ Address:_______________________ Phone:___________________ Phone:___________________ Deb Avon Ind. Sls. Rep Avon Ind. Sls. Rep

Getting The Most From Your Brochures
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Present 3 Brochures, record names and Ph #’s Present 3 Brochures, record names and Ph #’s Present 3 Brochures, record names and Ph #’s Follow up with Mon prospective customers Present 3 Brochures, record Names and Ph #’s Follow Up with Tue prospective customers Present 3 Brochures, record names and Ph #’s Follow up with Wed prospective Customers Present 3 Brochures, record names and Ph #’s Follow up with Thu prospective Customers Free Day! Present 3 Brochures, record names and Ph #’s Follow up with Fri Prospective Customers Present 3 Brochures, record names and Ph #’s Follow up with Sat Prospective Customers

You can expect 8-12 orders using this method. With more brochures, more contacts can be made each day! If you use this method consistently you should expect…
 …To have earned about $840 by your 5th campaign  …To have earned about $2,382 by your 9th campaign and be half way to Presidents club!  …To have earned about $4,944 by your 13th campaign and Achieve Presidents Club!  …To have earned about $9,744 by your 18th campaign and Achieve Honor Society!  …To have earned about $20,544 by your 26th campaign and Achieve Rose Circle!

1 in 4 customers you meet face to face will give you an order. 1.3 in 100 rolled and tossed in driveways will get you a call 2 in 100 brochures on the porch/hung on the door/placed on a car windshield. will call with an order. Some say it’s 1 in 3, so let’s be optimistic and say it’s that... 3 a day x 6 days = 18 contacts…. 18 contacts x 1 month = 432 contacts…

432 contacts / 1/3 order = 144 NEW CUSTOMERS x $20 avg order = $2,880 !! $2,800 x 12 months = $34,560 !!!
Name Address Phone (h) Cell Phone Birthday Spouse Important names (family,friends, Phone E-mail Anniversary Spouse’s birthday Special Occasions for gifts


Special Request

Product History (favorite products)


Realtor Letter

Are you in need of Closing or Welcome gifts for your clients? My name is Amy and I am an AVON Independent Sales Representative. I offer Gift Baskets filled with great AVON products, designed for especially for Realtors like yourself. I have a wide selection of baskets, at VERY competitive pricing. Please see below for my current Gift Basket offerings and prices. I look forward to being your Welcome/Closing Gift Specialist! Thanks! Think you know what Avon has to offer? Think again! Visit my website today for beauty products, clothing, accessories, jewelry, Kids toys, DVDs, gifts...... Start selling AVON today for only a $10 investment, and earn 50% earnings on your first 4 campaigns!

 Leave your business card in the frame of the mirror in the bathroom at the mall.  Call the most familiar people first.  Give a catalog to the receptionist at your doctor’s or dentist’s office.  use the “power of 3”-make 3 new contacts every day.  .increase the number of brochures ordered by 10 every campaign  start a jewelery club- especially for those who never buy make-up (then start putting make-up and skin samples with their orders).  wear an avon logo pin or shirt- it’s free adverisment to those who don’t know you’re an avon representative.  Sample for everyone at work, brochure for everyone at work, etc.  Start an E-mail address book of customers who want to know what the monthly specials are, don’t forget to mention the hostess specials. If there isn’t one, create one.  Facial Boxes - put in businesses, doctor’s office, restaurants, florist, cleaners, dress shops, etc. (make a box for a drawing and then call the people on the sign up cards, small item can be given away, maybe something you have extra, on hand or want to get rid of, can give 99 cent item to runners up—everyone else)  Welcome Wagon, New Comers to church or neighborhood.  Men’s Wives and Girlfriends - think of the men you come in contact with each day - insurance men, repairmen, husband’s friends, postman, UPS man, etc. also men with whom you work. They all have wives or female friends. Don’t forget them.  Customer sells $400 outside orders-you give her $100 cash-get the names

 Go have coffee or ice cream and get rid of 5 brochures (hang one in the restroom stall; leave one on the table with the tip; on top of the free newstand out side; with the waitress/clerk; a customer; etc.)  Telephone Book – use a survey  Call customers and offer your latest “contest” or “challenge”  Conduct Skin Care Surveys

Table of Contents Chapter 1: The Sky Is The Limit (Motivation) The Booming Home Party Sales Market The Power Of Positive Thinking (Affirmations) Chapter 2: Sparking Interest Enthusiasm is Contagious Leave Your Name Everywhere You Go Spark Interest in The Community Letters Chapter 3: Hostess Helpers Hostess Coaching Ensures a Great Show Hostess Rewards Sheets Chapter 4: Recruiting Be Willing to Share The Opportunity Recruit At the Shows The Hostess Is Your Best Tool Spoil Your Hostess Chapter 5: Party Themes Fun Parties Increase Bookings One-on-One Themes Charity Themes Express Themes: Don’t Have Time.. Mom’s Night Out Themes Bring On The Men Party Themes Seasonal Party Themes Special Event Parties Be Your Own Hostess Themes Misc. Themes Chapter 6: Party Games Recruiting Games Games To Introduce your Products Ice Breaker Games Games To Get them listening to you Seasonal Games Chapter 7: Your Business Follow Up on Every Lead Keep Good Records for Big Savings

Dear (Apartment Name) Manager and Staff,

My name is (name) and I’m an Avon Independent Sales Representative here in (city name). I currently service customers in this area, and wanted to extend my services to you as well. I offer discounts, gifts, and occasionally drawings and parties to my Avon customers. I like to offer the same customer service that I would expect when I am shopping. I would like to offer the staff of (apartment name) a 20% discount in the month of (month) if I may hang brochures on your resident’s doors. I will not knock on their doors to disrupt their privacy. I would simply like to offer the Avon shopping opportunity, or the Avon selling opportunity to more people in this area. If I receive five or more orders in a single campaign from your apartment community, I would like to offer your staff a 10% discount on your personal orders for that same campaign as another way of saying thanks. Please take your time and take a look at the provided Avon brochure. I have also included a sample goodie bag. I look forward to hearing from you soon! My next order goes in (date). You can find the brochure order due date and my contact information on the back of the brochure as well. Contact me as soon as you make your decision so that I may provide brochures for your residents as well. God Bless, and (other closing). Sincerely,

(Name) Avon Independent Sales Representative Beauty Advisor Unit Leader Fund-Raising Specialist (XXX) Phone Number

50 Creative ideas:
detailed ways to leave your Avon brochures, samples, and business cards with potential customers! At the end of this report, I am including a list of uses for Avon Skin So Soft – America’s Favorite Bath Oil! 1. Place Avon brochures, samples, and your Avon business card in the vestibules or community rooms of your local churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship. Include a flier explaining that you can provide a wonderful Avon fund-raising opportunity. You can add this line to your literature: “Your body is a temple. Show your respect with Avon.” 2. Traveling on vacation or for business? Leave a brochure and samples with your E-rep information and your Avon business card on your hotel nightstand along with your tip for the housekeeping staff. “Avon: Look Great, Make Money: The Best Tip Ever!” 3. Most cities and large towns have a Tourist information center or booth. Drop off a stack of fliers with a list of products a traveler to your town might need. Ideas: Forget sunscreen? Call me for Avon SUN Sport! Traveling? Call me for quality women’s and men’s toiletries! 4. Leave Avon brochures with lipstick samples at the Hostess desk at your local popular restaurants. Attach a sticky note: “Waiting for a table? Freshen up on me!” 5. Bus stops! Train stations! Leave a couple of brochures on the bus or train, too, with the added tagline in big, bold colorful print: “Beauty: Getting there is easy with Avon!” 6. Day care centers are wonderful places to drop some Avon brochures. Sometimes I make a special delivery

with colorful helium balloons tied with curly ribbons, an Avon book tied to the end of the ribbon as a weight. Add a cute card with these words: “What about YOU, baby! Moms need care, too!” 7. Firefighters use their hands to carry heavy equipment, and often find themselves with rough, scaly skin. This is a great place to demonstrate Moisture Therapy lotion. You can add this line to your fliers or brochures – and circle the lingerie: “Make your woman even hotter than the fire you put out today! Give her Avon! Call for free consultation!” 8. Does your town have a local newspaper? Reporters, advertising layout designers, paper boys and girls, receptionists – everyone who works on the paper - could be a great customer. Leave your brochures with some samples at the front desk. You can even ask the managing editor if you could pay a small fee and slip a business card or flier into each paper prior to delivery. Don’t forget the “Penny Pincher” types of rags and the alternative weekly. A great tagline to add to your flier? “Erase your “Headlines” with Avon Anew Line and Wrinkle Corrector!” 9. Slip a brochure or a homemade flier under the windshield wipers of cars parked at places your customers frequent. For Avon Ladies, that might include outside of grocery stores, craft stores, day care centers, elementary schools. If the weather looks cloudy or wet, you may want to enclose your brochure in a ziplock bag, and add a few samples, along with a card that says “While you’re driving, you auto know, that Avon’s gonna make you glow!” 10. Feed stores, pet stores, boarding kennels, and farm suppliers are a wonderful place to leave a Skin So Soft flier (See the end of this e-Book for over 100 uses of Skin So Soft!) listing all the bath oil’s amazing uses, including as a flea-repellent, a massage oil for your cat,

dog, pot-bellied pig, horse, or goat. Your flier can say “Give your pet a new leash on life with Avon Skin So Soft!” 11. Tape a brochure or flier to the coin-input slot at your local carwash, along with the list of Skin So Soft uses. This miracle bath oil works great on cars, too! “Make your car a real beauty with Avon’s Skin So Soft – removes nearly everything from your car’s finish!” 12. Stop at all your local libraries and leave your business card or flier inside the front cover of EVERY beauty book and magazine. Don’t forget the cookbooks and romance novels! Any book that a potential customer might open is a great prospect. Leave a brochure and sample or two for the librarian, along with a card that says, “Who wrote the book on beauty? Avon. Every brochure is a New Chapter.” 13. You can find several locations at the gym to drop sales literature. The locker room is a great place to leave Avon samples – especially skin care products. Add these words to your brochure or flier: “After the workout, it’s time to play. Tone up with Avon!” 14. Read the event listings in your local paper. Place Avon brochures and samples in a pretty gift basket and drop it off at the start of each event. Works great for knitting groups, book clubs, wedding and baby showers – any event where yourpotential customers congregate. 15. Stack your brochures on the folding table of the Laundromat. 16. Hairstylists all have waiting areas where customers sit and read the latest fashion magazines. Why not add your own fashionable Avon brochure to the pile? Don’t forget to stuff a few of your Avon business cards inside! You can stamp them with “Your new look

deserves completion. Avon. A thousand choices.” 17. Senior citizen centers are full of women and men who could use a little pampering and care in their life. Bring lots of free samples and brochures, and ask the receptionist if you can leave a stack at her desk for caregivers. You can add a sticky note to the front of your fliers that says “Avon: Since 1886. Not old. Perfected.” 18. The mall has an endless amount of places where you can leave your sales literature – the food court, dressing rooms, restrooms, the information kiosk. 19. Hand an Avon brochure to every clerk when you check out. 20. Leave a brochure for your mail carrier. 21. The community rooms and pool areas of apartment and condo complexes usually have a table and a bulletin board for residents’ use. Pin up your Avon flier, and place your Avon books and cards on the table. Always cover both bases – flier and brochure – when you can. 22. Have a college campus in your town? Leave your Avon brochures and samples in the dormitories, communal eating areas, lecture halls, administrative offices. 23. After you load your groceries in your car, return the grocery cart and leave a brochure in the basket. 24. Movie Theatres! Leave a business card, Avon brochure, samples on your theatre seat, in the restrooms, next to the video games, hand them to the concession workers. 25. Bring plenty of samples and a few brochures to any Bed and Breakfast establishment in your area. Tell the proprietors that you can furnish them with samples for their guests if they place regular orders.

26. Banks! Leave Avon brochures on the table where you fill out your deposit and withdrawal slips. 27. Courtrooms – many people spend hours waiting during trial – why not give them something to read and something to try? 28. Massage therapists and other bodywork professionals can become great customers for skin care products. Drop off brochures and samples for products they would use in their practice. 29. Hospice. I often bring samples and trial-sized products and donate them to the hospice. I never ask for a sale here, but have had grateful family members call me to order more products. 30. Visit every party planner in your city and drop off brochures with cute gift items, sample-sized fun products like seasonal lip balms, and jewelry items circled. 31. Don’t laugh, but plumbers, garbage collectors, and electricians make GREAT Avon customers! When you need your home serviced, prepare a special package for your workman or woman. Include a demo tube of Moisture Therapy hand cream, samples of fragrances, and a complimentary lip balm. It’s hard working with your hands all day, and a little pampering feels so good. 32. Property management companies often have to show rental properties. Bring them the latest Avon brochures where you have highlighted home care items that can help any rental look and smell wonderful. 33. Make care packages for all the teachers in town. Include the latest catalogues and samples,

plus a few sample-sized products. Include a flier that explains that you offer a 10 percent “Educator’s Discount.” 34. Leave brochures and samples at the Police Station. You would be amazed at the traffic through any Police Station in the course of one simple day – men and woman filing reports, requesting information, bailing out friends and relatives – all potential customers! 35. Skating rinks and bowling alleys! Leave brochures and samples in the café area as well as the places where parents watch their children. 36. Every sports season hold Avon opportunity! Attend the local soccer, baseball, basketball, and football games. Parents come out in droves to watch their children play – and you can hand them a brochure and sample. 37. City pool in the summer, and indoor pools in the winter. Perfect location to leave sunscreen samples. 38. Dance studios, yoga studios, Pilates studios – all exercise locations. 39. Airport waiting areas are great places to leave more “reading material” and skin care samples. Leave your e-Rep information so that any traveler can order from you from anywhere in the world. 40. Campgrounds – drop off Avon brochures and samples or demo products of SUN Sport sunscreen and Bug Guard insect-repellent. 41. Most churches have social events such as potluck dinners, lectures, Bingo, rummage sales, etc. Bring your brochures and samples to these events. You can either ask if there is a place for you to leave them for others to enjoy, or

you can mingle with the crowd and hand them out one by one. 42. Leave recruiting brochures and sales brochures at the local Unemployment office. You can arrive early in the morning when most folks arrive to check the job openings and hand them out in person, too. 43. Have a fishing hole or lake in your area? Drop by on a sunny Saturday morning and give the fishermen and women Avon brochures and discount coupons for SUN Sport sunscreen and Bug Guard insect-repellent. 44. Golf Courses – another great place to leave that sunscreen and bug-repellent! Some fancier courses have powder rooms for the ladies. Drop your Avon brochures here. 45. Hostels – a terrific place to leave those little free Avon samples. Most hostel travelers could use a freshen up, and will be thankful for the free treat. You would be surprised how many of them are working men and women looking for ways to save on travel costs. After leaving samples in the Santa Fe hostel, I received over 10 orders for items folks left at home or lost along the way, such as deodorants, shampoos, and fragrances. 46. Landscape workers have been some of my most loyal customers. One you demonstrate one of Avon’s amazing hand creams – or leave a handful of free Avon samples – they are hooked! Everyone – men and women – wants to have soft, touchable hands. In addition to landscape workers, visit the landfill (more thirty, calloused hands!), masonry workers, the cemetery (don’t laugh – these

guy work hard digging those graves!), and the road crews picking up trash and mowing the city parks. Most of these folks have never had anyone give them this kind of gentle attention. You’ll be amazed at how grateful your new friends will be. 47. Housecleaning services usually use fairly harsh Chemicals and bleaches to clean their clients’ homes. Why not drop by their sales office and drop off a flier describing the many uses of Skin So Soft, along with a small discount coupon? 48. Visit the Welcome Wagon office in your town. Give them a box of your Avon brochures along with a “Welcome to town, let me be your Avon Rep” letter. Stuff each brochure with at least ten good samples, and include a New Customer discount coupon. These will be distributed to every newcomer to your area! 49. Bring Avon business cards with a free sample taped to the back to Rock concerts. Stamp them with: “Rock and Roll on some Avon deodorant, baby!” Opera? For a night attending Bizet’s “Les Pêcheurs de Perles,” stamp them with “Throw on some Avon Pearlesque jewels!” Country concert? Stamp your cards with “Get your Dolly on with Avon!” 50. Vintner’s and wine tasting events are a great place to subtly hand other attendees one of your Avon business cards. One the back, hand-write “Red or White? Avon has all your colors.”

Uses for Skin So Soft
Personal Uses SSS is a bath oil and after shower moisturizer.

SSS can be used to remove make-up. Just apply to a cotton ball and rub into your skin. SSS is a wonderful tanning oil – but be careful you don’t burn yourself. SSS is a hot oil treatment to soften cuticles. Pour a little SSS in the water when you soak your feet to help moisturize your feet and relax you. SSS is a great massage oil for tired muscles. SSS cleans off tape marks from bandages on skin. SSS cleans ink from the skin. SSS is a famous insect repellent! SSS helps relieve itching caused by insect bites and dry skin. (And has been said to help the sting of wasp bites.) SSS cleans heavy oil and grease from the skin. Painting something? Use SSS to remove paint from your hands instead of turpentine. SSS sooths light sunburn. Rub hands with SSS before washing. It helps get them cleaner and stay softer. Rub SSS on dry, cracked, and bleeding skin. It stops bleeding and heals skin in two or three days. Put 1 or 2 cap-fulls of SSS in liquid soap and use it for shaving legs and underarms. Helps razor glide over and leaves skin feeling smooth. SSS removes chewing gum from hair and skin. SSS takes tar right off the skin without irritation. SSS helps remove tight rings from fingers. Animal Uses

SSS is a great insect repellent for your pet. Mix five parts water, one part SSS and mist on show animals. Brushing it in makes their coats gleam and keeps insects off so the animal doesn’t fidget in the show ring. Mix SSS in pet’s bath water. Takes the fleas off them and in between baths, spray them with same mixture described above. Rub SSS on your hands before and after working with your pets and farm animals. It will remove the strong smells. Household Uses Sponge SSS around doors, windows, and on screens to keep crawling bugs out. SSS removes ring around the collar. SSS removes scuff marks from patent leather shoes. SSS is a good wood cleaner and conditioner for natural wood. SSS removes soap scum from shower doors, shower curtains, windows, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures. SSS removes lime and hard water deposits from fixtures, tile, shower doors, and windows. SSS is an oil lubricant for fitting pipe joints that won’t slip together. SSS cleans ink from most vinyl and painted surfaces. SSS cleans heavy oil and grease from non-porous surfaces. SSS takes gum off clothing and carpets. Rub SSS on brass ornaments or figurines to help keep them from turning dark. Removes crayon from appliances and most painted surfaces.

Wash cupboards with SSS mixed in your cleaning water to keep ants off and out of the cupboards. Use SSS to discourage hornets from building their nests. After using a hornet killing spray, remove the nest and keep the area sprayed with SSS. They will not rebuild in that area. Use SSS to clean leather - it will keep it soft and supple. SSS cleans paintbrushes easily, and leaves them soft as new. SSS cuts grease and cleans dirt from range hoods and cabinets. A little SSS drizzled down the sides of 2 glasses or glass bowls stuck together will make them easy to pull apart. SSS removes lime and hard water deposits from windows. Automobile Uses SSS removes tar spots from car finishes without damage to the paint. Use SSS to clean vinyl dashboards seats and tops. It not only cleans, but it softens to prevent cracking. After washing your car, use SSS as a tire dressing to keep tires looking like new. Use SSS to wipe down vinyl surfaces in your car. It removes smoke odors left behind by smokers. SSS will remove oil and grease stains from car carpets. Camping Uses Spray SSS on the outside of the tent, especially near the door & windows and it keeps mosquitoes away!

29 MORE Ways to Leave Your Number
1. Your doctor’s office is a perfect place to leave some “reading material.” If you are leaving a brochure, stuff a couple of your Avon business cards and favorite samples inside the pages. A doctor’s office is often an extremely stressful place for folks to wait. A little Avon can cheer up a patient by giving her (or him) something to look forward to. Add a sticky note to the front of your brochures that says “Nothing makes you feel more alive than the perfect shade of Avon lipstick!” 2. If you have young children, hand out Avon brochures and samples to the moms and dads at the playground. 3. Slip your brochures, fliers, and business cards next to products at the grocery your customer might purchase, such as skin care items and shampoos, near the baby care products like diapers and cans of formula. New moms, specially, don’t have time to shop often. If they realize they can stay at home to purchase some of their needs, they will be thrilled. 4. Does your city have an airport shuttle service? Ask if you can furnish brochures for the vehicles. If the shuttle has to travel a ways to reach the airport, your potential customers will thank you for providing some entertainment during the ride. 5. Be creative! Visit the sports bars in your town. Make a flier that says “Treat the Woman in Your Life” and feature a list of the hottest Avon fragrances, fashions, and jewelry. Sometimes men stay out a little later than they should. What a great way to get back into favor at home! Ask the bartender if you can leave your fliers and cards with him or her. 6. Stick a post-it note on the cover of your Avon brochure: “No Contest! Avon is best!” Drop these brochures and some free samples off at all the law offices in town. The receptionists will think it’s a cute

touch, and waiting clients will be grateful for the samples and something to read. 7. Make a flier with the header: “Beauty is the Best Return!” and drop these off along with some samples at the Tax Preparation Centers in town. Taxes are another stressful situation for most people, and a little free sample can bring a smile and a potential sale. 8. Have a telephone call center or other telephone-based service center in your area? The people that work at these locations often end up with sore, calloused hands from the constant telephone work. Bring hand cream samples and Avon brochures and hand them out as they exit their workplace at the end of the day. You don’t even need to say anything! If you hold your hand out with free samples, you won’t be turned down very often. Always, always offer a New Customer discount. 9. Toll-booth attendants are stuck in that little box all day long! Why not surprise them on your next drive-through with an Avon brochure and some samples? 10. Slip your Avon cards into books and magazine in bookstores, and in the books and mags you see at the grocery, convenience store, and airport shops. Write on the back of your cards: “Next Chapter – Chapped Lips Solutions” 11. Parking lot attendants run around all day moving and retrieving cars. Don’t discount any of these professions – even if the worker is a man, he needs personal care supplies, and he may have a girlfriend, and he certainly has a mother! 12. Fast-food cashiers are other workers who are stuck in a booth all day – and most of these workers are women! Write on the cover of your Avon

brochure: “The food is fast, but beauty is eternal!” 13. Gas station workers for self-serve and full-serve stations need Avon! You’re out of gas, and they are out of gel! Hand them a brochure and samples, and perhaps demo a beautifully-fragranced hand cream to counteract the smell of oil and gas. 14. Nursery workers work with their hands all day and end up with grubby, calloused hands. They are also out in the sun all day! The perfect candidates for a little Avon! Stick a handmade bookmark in your Avon brochure and stick it in the nail products section of the book. Write these words on your handmade bookmark: “If you work with plants, these Avon nail products will GROW on you!” 15. Whip out the Avon at your Parent Teacher meetings this school year. Add this tagline to your Avon brochure: “When it comes to beauty, there’s always more to learn!” 16. Leave a brochure at your Dental or Othodontic office. Add a stapled business card to the cover that says “Now that your teeth are straight and white, add some Avon jewels tonight!” 17. Chiropractic patients are usually in pain! Leave a stack of fliers, Avon brochures, and samples, and add this line to your literature in big, bold print: “Now that you’re back is cracked, treat yourself to a soothing Avon bubble bath tonight.” 18. Coffee Shops often have community bulletin boards. Stick your business cards here. Find the newspaper bin and add a few of your fliers. If you write your flier title in hand-drawn colorful magic marker, you will get more eyes taking in your words. 19. Fabric Stores that offer sewing classes have a classroom complete with bulletin board. These customers might make great recruits, too!

20. Bridal Stores and Tuxedo Rental Stores – what better place to find folks who want to look their best on their special day. Make a flier offering a free color consultation. 21. Call your local hospital’s Maternity Ward and ask if you can bring them some New Mom Diaper Bags. Find tote bags at the dollar store and fill them with the current and upcoming Avon brochures, a large selection of samples, and a couple of trial sized products such as lip balms, bath oil, and hand creams. 22. Donate a fancy Christmas display or hot new skin care product to you local public radio station to give away during the next Fund Drive. Not only will listeners hear about your exciting product, they will hear what a generous donor you are. 23. Pizza take-out waiting areas – leave your business cards near the free penny pincher newspapers. Add this line: “Don’t look cheesy! Call me for beauty tips!” 24. Insert your business card into the payment envelope when you send in your bills!

25. Staple your fliers to telephone polls around town. Don’t be shy! The more people who know what your business is, the more customers you will get. People respond to multiple messages. 26. County fairs, flea markets, antique shows – anywhere people meet to purchase or sell junk. Both the vendors and attendees are potential customers for you. Make a special brochure with this heading: “Clearing out your closet? Let me help you bring some new color into your life!” 27. NASCAR races are popular with men and women these days! Hand out Avon brochures labeled with: “Get your lip gloss up to speed!” 28. Cheerleaders need to look their best on the court or field! Go to a Cheerleader practice and offer a spritz of Avon’s latest fragrance. Hand out brochures stamped with “Rah rah rah! SCORE with Avon!” 29. Bring your sales literature and samples to the beach or lakeside. Hand out fliers or brochures stamped with “They all scream for sunscreen! Ouch! Try Avon SUN Sport!”

Sales Tips

Use the “Power of 3” for finding new customers. Give brochures to 3 new people a day to find new customers. Be sure to get their names and phones numbers. Be sure to follow up with those people. Offer a discount or free gift. Free gift works, as you buy more Avon and earn high award sales. Discount works for those who prefer to save money and don’t need another lotion or lipbalm. Use the 10% rule, 10% of their order is what you spend (your cost) on the gift. Same with the discount, 10%. If you give more, make sure you earn more and it’s a rear occurrence (you want to make PC so you do this once a year). You want to earn money so don’t give away your income. Offer your current customers a discount for referring a new customer that places an order with you. The new customer must place an order to quality. Offer your customers a “tax free” campaign. You will be giving up a percentage of your earnings. But it may be less then 10%, a normal discount, and Customers will typically spend more to save the tax. Offer a “free gift” to customers who place an “X” amount order. For instance, if they place a $20 order you could give them a free lip balm or hand cream. For larger orders give them a shower gel or shampoo. You will increase your sales by buying these items to use as “free gifts”. If they like the product they are likely to purchase them from you later. Offer a customer drawing. Enter your customer’s name into a drawing for spending “X” amount on an Avon order. You set the amount. The prize could be for a new product. You could also use a basket of small items you have on hand. Offer a discount to senior citizens, students, teachers, anyone ou think could use a discount. Then offer it to other customers. You can offer an ongoing discount to certain customers, but remember it does cut into your profits. Find “helpers” to collect orders for you. Offer them a discount on their order for doing this. They collect orders for you, deliver the

products and collect the money. This expands your business and helps you reach more people. Print gift certificates for Avon from your computer and let your customers know that you have them for sale. Make sure to include on the certificate a note that says, “only redeemable through __your name, Avon Ind. Sales Rep. Include the current brochure with your information included. These make great party gifts for Keno games, birthdays. Conduct an open house. Display items, offer brochures, introduce yourself to a new group. Have a friend or customer host the event and have them invite their friends and family. Offer the hostess a discount for orders collected. Have a friend or customer to have a “book show”. Ask them to sell from your brochure and collect orders for you. Give them a discount based on the amount of the order collected. Conduct Avon Fundraisers. This is a great way to increase your sales. Be sure to do the online trainings to find out how to get started. Ask daycares, senior centers, nursing homes to let you set up a table to sell from and give a percentage of the sales back to them. Be sure to have your books on hand to give to the shoppers. Be sure to collect the names and phone numbers of those taking your brochures and follow up with them. Become an E-Representative and be sure to include your web address on all your brochures, business cards, emails, etc.




This Avon Buck is valued at $1.00 and may be redeemed for Avon products of your choice. Reedemable only through: <Rep Name> <Rep Title> <Rep Phone>

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • an Avon buck for each referral an Avon buck at parties to redeem for prizes or orders taken or save for holiday spending (save up during the year) to helpers to downline to purchase your inventory at open houses as prizes hand one out with every brochure so potential customers have something to redeeem (“valid one per new order for every $10 purchased”) hand out in goody bags give to customers for every $10 they purchased give out Anew Avon Bucks worthmore or other bucks worth more when they purchase higher priced items New Product Buck—give an Avon buck only for a new product, they purchase the new product and receive a % off or $ off the new item for your anniversary with Avon for their birthday print up on labels and attach to your business card attach to samples, they do the survey they get to use it for anything attach to samples, they purchase the full size item they use it on that item for items that don’t have samples anymore so they will try the item when someone purchases 3 campaigns in a row they get 3 when someone purchases $50 or more in one campaign at Halloween with candy, this is for the mom’s with cards to customers with flyer/newsletter to customers who haven’t ordered in a while to use only in your discount basket/cash & carry basket if they pick up their order

• •

give one and they can use if they pay cash for their order Special: Redeem 2 Avon Bucks for every 10% off your purchases when you order during December 26, 2003 and January 5, 2004. (Not available on items marked with a star/diamond.) for every new customer’s paid order over $10 receive and Avon buck worth $1, so the more new customers you refer the more Bucks for you.

1. FUNDRAISERS: Sell $5,000 - Profit $2,500 / Pay Group $1,500 – Earn $1,000! Begin with several small groups, clubs, or non-profit organizations. You can design your own fundraiser to suit the group. This can be the start of something BIG for the future! Keep lists of customers for future service. 2. HELPERS: A “Helper” is anyone who can get orders for you: family, friends, customers, men, women, even teens. Offer helper $10 in free products (cost to you is approx. only $6). 10 average Helpers could earn you $3,000 a year. 3. PARTIES: Sell $500 – Earn $200. Have 5 large parties or 10 small parties – Earn $1,000! Each party can be a source for booking more parties and new customers. You can have an Open House party or even a book party, with hardly any work. 4. HOLIDAY GIFTS: Sell to Business Owners, Managers, Realtors, & other salespeople. A total of 125 gifts at $20 each could earn you $1,250! Offer a discount or free gift-wrap for large orders. Suggest Avon Gift Certificates. 5. REFERRALS: If every customer gave you one referral, your customer list would double. Start by asking good customers. Offer a free product, samples, or discount. 6. BONUS EARNING OPPORTUNITY! Every time you recommend a friend to sell Avon, you can get a $20 check, valuable prizes, or begin longterm Leadership Earnings. Ask everyone “Do you know of anyone who needs extra money?” Call your Sales Leader ASAP and leave name, address, and phone number of potential recruits with her.

ALL these ideas will add to your sales level and increase earnings on entire order! To select the best method for you, think about your contacts, lifestyle, and needs; then call your Sales Leader or District Manager for more help. The money is there for the people who go after it!

name Avon Independent Sales Representative Phone: Order Online: Email:
Quality Makeup, Skin Care, Wellness Products, Children’s Toys/Books, Clothing, Jewelry, Perfume and MUCH More!! Now featuring a line for MEN and TEENS! Let me be your AVON Lady! There are lots of good reasons to shop with AVON:
True Convenience Frequent Buyer Club Top Quality Products Affordable Pricing 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed FREE Delivery to Home or Office (…area…. )

To obtain ordering information/catalogs please contact me at the number above or email address. You NOW have the option to order AVON 24/7 at my website and still get personal delivery.

New customers receive 10% OFF their first order. And if you refer a friend you will receive 10% OFF your next order!
*New customer discount cannot be combined with any other discount offer and you must mention this ad. ** Friend must mention they were referred by you when placing their order, offer cannot be combined with any other discount offer. FOR ONLINE ORDERS: MUST SELECT REPRESENTATIVE OPTION FOR DISCOUNTS


WHAT IS “AVON TAILGATING?” You have seen or even participated in the SPORTS events Tailgating….people bring out their best food, best souvenirs, and best beverages for a GREAT TIME. Most of the time, if not always, everyone are willing to share with everyone walking by. WE ARE TAILGATING to share our wonderful product and opportunity with others. PURPOSE: TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS! *** Always try to contact your DM or Upline to let them know you want to go. Many times they will help you out by coming along or providing some materails. After all, you are not just helping your business, you are helping theirs also. WHAT YOU NEED (but not limited to)
• • • • A minimum of 2 representatives, but not more than 4 at one time. It can also be your DM and you. BUT DO NOT TRY IT YOURSELF. It is just too much. Also it is safer with a partner. A large or noticeable vehicle AVON BANNER A POSTER with the words FREE AVON on it - use vinyl lettering (6” or larger) or lettering from the computer. DO NOT HAND WRITE THE SIGN - make this professional! DO NOT USE RED LETTERING - use DARK BLUE OR BLACK ON A LIGHT COLORED BACKGROUND *PLEASE NOTE: AVON must be in ALL IN capital letters, as per the advertising policies of AVON. AVON is a registered trademark and logo.

*Samples, trial size products, lip balms and testers (I stock up on the trial sizes, lips balms when they are on special.) *Some full size products to give to someone if they sign up. (If they signed up, I let them pick one from the basket).
*Some baskets or nice containers to put the samples and free stuff in *Recruiting Information and Kits *Current Brochures *Sales Receipts *Pens *Clipboard(s)

*Index cards or something you have professional created on your PC for the potential customer to write their name and phone number on for your follow up
*Another recommendation: Customer Survey - provided on the following pages *IF you have a van you can set up a disply in the back of it with the following: *Nice table cloth or material

*A couple of boxes you cover up with the table cloth. *Some Silk flowers in a vase or basket to dress up the display. *Leave the children at a daycare or babysitter so you can focus on the activity and HAVE FUN! WHAT TO WEAR: • Appropriate to the weather BUT PROFESSIONAL • Some reps wear khakis and a polo shirt. • AVON name badge or pin • A BIG SMILE AND GREAT ATTITUDE WHEN: (not limited to, but recommended) • Friday afternoons 10-2 • Saturday afternoon 10-2 • Sunday afternoons 11-3 WHERE: • Find an empty parking lot or parking space where there is a heavy flow of traffic AND easily accessible by motorists. Avoid construction areas. SET UP AND ACTION: • Each representative should have a sign to hold up- I did not do this. I just taped the signs to mine and my DM’s car. • Park the vehicles in an angle that you can hang the Banner facing the street *** Tie Balloons to the vehicle- Ask you Dm fo some Avon Balloons • Stand by vehicle and wave at passerby’s - LOOK LIKE YOU ARE HAVING FUN, because this is fun! WHEN A MOTORIST/PASSERBY STOPS BY: • To be fair to each other……..rotate who gets the leads • When a motorist drives up, ALL REPS should smile and wave, but ONLY ONE person go up to the car or wait on the person to walk up to the AVON vehicle. • They stop by because they are curious, looking for a specific AVON product or need an AVON representative. • If they fill out the customer questionnaire, give them ONE sample, one brochure and let them know you will take GOOD CARE OF THEM and call them soon! • SMILE SMILE SMILE and be polite and say thank you as you finish the conversation and/or as they drive away. Some Things to say: “Hi, We are giving out some Brochurs and Free Avon today. Do you currently have an Avon Lady?” If they say yes: “Great. Feel free to fill out our drwaing. Here is a current brochure. If fopr some reason you can nbot get a hold of her, just give me a call. Don’t forget to pick up some samples and your free product”

If they say no: “Well, I would be glad to help you out. Here is my brochure. .....(Fill out slip, etc.) Some recruit (Or Helper) lead ins: “Would you be interested in getting your Avon at 50% off?” “Do you have some family, friends or co-workers you can share your brochure with?” I had one women yelling from her car. I loved her entusiasm so this is what I said: “I have to tell you I love your enthusiam and how much you love Avon. Have you ever thought about becoming a representative?” She did sign up. I never used the p[hrase “Selling Avon” . I find that turns people off. THERE ARE NO HARD AND FAST RULES to TAILGATING, this is only serves as a recommendation. Make the event PERSONAL and YOURS, but always keep professional and FUN FUN FUN!!!


“THANK YOU for stopping by today……” Are you currently being serviced by an AVON Representative? YES____NO___ PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION CLEARLY NAME_____ ADDRESS CITY/STATE/ZIP PHONE EMAIL I would like information about (check all that applies to you):
AVON Partner/Helper (collect orders from friends, family and co-workers,etc.) Purchasing AVON products Receive future AVON brochures AVON Fundraising (school, church, family reunion, other charity) AVON Earning Opportunity (starting my own AVON business) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

“THANK YOU for stopping by today……” Are you currently being serviced by an AVON Representative? YES____NO___ PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION CLEARLY NAME_____ ADDRESS CITY/STATE/ZIP PHONE EMAIL I would like information about (check all that applies to you):
AVON Partner/Helper (collect orders from friends, family and co-workers,etc.) Purchasing AVON products Receive future AVON brochures AVON Fundraising (school, church, family reunion, other charity) AVON Earning Opportunity (starting my own AVON business)

Drawing for Avon


Must be 18 years or older Register with me today!!


Do for $100 FREEYou AVON have an Avon Products Representa Registrati ADDRESS on EMAIL PHONE/CELL tive? Location

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Libraries – selling ideas
• Make some book marks and put everywhere! i. Romance novels ii. Home business books iii. Job finding books iv. Resume writing books v. Magazines vi. Ask to put a pile for free for everyone who checks out a book Place brochures in the what’s new bag and hang on stalls Look on bulletin boards for things that will help your business i. People needing money or fundraising ideas ii. People looking for jobs iii. Classes to help you build your skills iv. Classes you can host Check out a book or two to help you build your Avon business (could even a self esteem or other book) and casually talk with the librarian.

• •

Representative Selling Tips Increasing Your Business In 6 Campaigns Or Less!!!
1st Campaign Tips For Increasing Customers: *Be Proud Out Loud - Let Others Know You Sell Avon *Carry A Brochure Everywhere! Tips For Increasing Sales: *Pick One Product - Be Excited About It And Promote It To Everyone Tips For Building Order Size: *Order Samples *Remember To Put A New Sample In Each Order To Promote A New Product *Remember To Ask The Customer How She Liked It 2nd Campaign Tips For Increasing Customers: *Get Referrals From Last Campaign's Customers *Ask Each Customer If She Knows 2 People Who Would Like To See a Brochure *When A New Customer Places A 1st Order -Be Sure To Thank The Customer (Maybe A Trial Size Product As A Thank You Gift) Tips For Increasing Sales: *Encourage Customer To Purchase The Companion Product: Nail Polish With Lipstick - Talc With Fragrance Conditioner With Shampoo - Bracelet With Necklace 3rd Campaign Tips For Increasing Customers: *Sell To Workplaces *Develop Helpers At Other Workplaces Tips For Increasing Sales: *Recommend A Hand Cream To Each Customer As An "Add-On" Order Tips For Building Order Size: *Look At The "What's New" - Choose An Item You Would Like To Have On Hand To Show Your Customers *Purchase A Bottle Of Fragrance - Use As A "Tester"

4th Campaign Tips For Increasing Customers: *Order Extra Brochures – Leave Everywhere - Neighbors, Bank, Dr.'s Offices, Schools & Daycares Tips For Increasing Sales: *Look In Back Of Purchase Order For The Sample/Trial Size Ordering Section Order New Samples For Customers To Try *Get Samples Out To Potential Customers Tips For Building Order Size: *Give samples to customers and ask for feedback on them, offer % off if order item 5th Campaign Tips For Increasing Customers: *Fundraisers *In-Home Trial Offers *Open Houses Tips For Increasing Sales: *Fundraisers - Order The Fundraiser Presentation Packet & Fundraiser Getting Started Packet - Show To Groups At work, schools, churches, scout troups,Etc. Tips For Building Order Size: *Study Your Product Guide And Suggest Products To Customers *Have A Skin Care Seminar/Home Party 6th Campaign Tips For Increasing Customers: *Organize Your Time & Consistently Follow Up On Brochures *Call Back On People Who Have Not Purchased From You Yet Tips For Increasing Sales: *Recommend Customers Use Their Charge Cards - They Order More And Are More Likely To Buy "High Ticket" Items *Always Sell The First Week To New Customers Before Your Oder Returns Tips For Building Order Size: *Encourage "Product Bundling Example: Offer A Discount When They Buy The Cleanser,Toner & Moisturizer Or When They Buy The Fragrance Spray, Talc & Body Lotion