Jay Ashé

  UCLA: Genesis Vegas: Oblivion Kampala Kaleidoscope Aylands Road Summer Camp Interlude Zone 30 Torino St John Camberwell: Next Lifetime Hayes (Kent) Interlude …Abuja “The well bred contradict other people.” – Oscar Wilde . The wise contradict themselves.

we 'lasted' But you can’t subtract from the beginning. I guess. though I am sure the pills helped soothe your lie(s). one last goodbye.UCLA: GENESIS I would rather Hiroshima twice Over the one thousand and ninety five (Give or take sixty or so) Pieces of shrapnel you left me nursing. I honestly do not mind. might I add). Nowhere in the bible does Eve slay Adam But you managed to make it happen Unintentionally (maybe) you branded your own initials on your wrist. Genesis. By my count you owe me three hundred apologies (give or take five) And most importantly. Or a refund. Genesis. I lost count after your fourth attempt. An act of denial (maybe). Though you were incorrect in worshipping your own imperfections. non refundable. One thousand and ninety five (Give or take sixty or so) I can't be exact. . Not mine. Whichever is easiest for you. I guess you were my Genesis. My guidebook on the correct ways to love and be loved. Three hundred and eighty (Give or take ten or so.

can I just pick one for myself? SHIT!! Let me pick another. Can you change the deck this time? Thank you. Might as well take another one then.Vegas: Oblivion Can you change your dealer please? Thank you. Shit… Could you possibly change both dealer and deck? Much appreciated. Okay. . Shit! Ok. Ok. from the middle this time please. Right. Shit.. this should be… SHIT!!!! How is this possible? How am I getting the sa… Oh.

they are missing. … All these thoughts from a ten second gaze of fascination) need help. my composure and resistance skills. Scream down the walls of my imagination. for that matter. Let out those soft moans that contradict a lie you spent six days rebuilding. As am I. once again. for that matter I doubt my powers. Because of all you do not let surround you.. Enter the matrimonial wetlands where sinners play. The home away from home you should stay away from.KAMPALA KALEIDOSCOPE I (am going to write out a contract That states you must sit in between my thighs Whilst I rub in-between yours. Is there more in the breach for me to play with? Don’t speak. Let your tone of voice give me everything I might desire.. The clause ends on all fours. Unsafe space surrounds you. Unless of course there is more you require me to make you say. And me. I spend many moments grinning to myself Over the love songs you could sing at my hands. And the way I may or may not sound you out Or sleep. Let lust be the tongue we speak and play in. . Or me for that matter.


AYLANDS ROAD My ex hales me a lifesaver. I am sorry. Exhale after forgiveness is said to be present. And also sorry you don’t believe me. I plunge a knife deep into yours Exhale once more. Pushing my luck deep inside you. You gave me no option but to fall in love with your back. Give me the love I am bleeding to need. Once more at reflections unfamiliar to mine. leaving Exhale at the new life I lead. Though you exhale to later reveal that you lied. Exhale as soon as I throw my bone. At no point do I inhale the pellets of Living-hell hailstorms. . down on two of a possible four. Making it the tenth in three sixty-five. Exhale after an apology. Exhale smoke into mirrors set deep inside your eyes. I once again apologize. Once again for the lover beneath. To counter the feeling. You have placed lacklustre trust in all the words I speak to you. I told you I was coming. completed. Thank you for your emotional hospitality And I’m sorry it was just my ego that needed feeding. And again as she drops to her knees. That was a lie. My soul exhales in rare open space. please Don’t leave two souls bloody and needing. Wave as I pass Tottenham Hale. Exhale at new beauty that stands bare before me. So I am searching your shadow’s cracks for glimmers of true forgiveness.

. Don’t worry We will contact you. so that They can be put In a social class of delinquents In order to double the negative feelings Experienced. young black male To slowly entrap And destroy With repeat attacks Of self hate propaganda. How do you apply? Just apply Your full efforts To which ever segment of life You choose to pursue and Do your very best.SUMMER CAMP INTERLUDE Now Recruiting: A powerful minded. and be Nagged out of existence By those that claim love. Candidates must be Both creatively and otherwise Skilled. Otherwise we will not have Any dreams to destroy.


disciples Who fear waking up. . Injured legs Require two crutches. disciples Who can never wake up. Injured legs Require two crutches. disciples Who will never wake up.ZONE 30 Injured legs Require two crutches.

with you. My memories end. And though your eyes told me all I would have taken time to enquire. my grope retired. My handling meticulous. From photosynthesis and desire. I hold much regret for missing our last intersection. I just hope the scars heal and reveal the new old you.TORINO I made you a chain once. You always manage. Mine stayed transfixed on the trickery of your red lip attire. somehow. to speak endless volumes in invisible fonts. so Fragmented in nature. Our perfect silences defiled by Alcatraz atrium chants. Modeling a mysterious elegant midnight hue in your eye And that faint smile of self-protection. I dissected your noncha-wants. as always. And me in debt to the gift of your cry. .


MD. My soul is yours. Dawn walks in the rain and then some. BP. Make your life so I can plan ways to derail mine. And then some. you know this. A hollow heart nursing shallow lungs. LSD. Tattooed on your shackles as in vain. black ties. little white lies. Purple fiend. you try and run. Every now and then I would quiz the latest topic of our silence Over the perfect silent sync of our sirens and drums. lucid dreamer. my friend. Here we go again And again. Switch tickers with a stripper. JOHN Black ensemble with a matching black heart. use medicinal liquor to wash off your tongue OD. Black lipped lover with little white hips. Black knife.ST. I know oh too well. IV and then some. . I recall the storms in Torino. Depression and then some.

.CAMBERWELL: NEXT LIFETIME Chiseled to my ideal Detained by branches of your own tree. never smiling. imperfect lover Always smiling.

Huff puff. Break cigarettes in a coma. Stomach bulging.HAYES (KENT) INTERLUDE Am I postponing my purpose? My emotions are case sensitive. Ignore the smell of stale smoke on my garments. precision roll up. Princess of…. . Puff pass and snooze. Puff puff. Beg for your pardon. Wake up to you. Cure the stress. I sound almost ovarian minus the cesarean requests. Excalibur was stolen from me whilst care-taking at UCLA. Crushed lover. restore me you must. lethargic. My calibre now akin to a three hind-legged mutt But I have you. I want to make the upper case worth it.

My 'thank you'. With both shoulders and hips of a wife.…ABUJA I was lost in a lot. but a dot that needed finding Luckily for me. is spiritually binding. the lot's plot was close to your residing. Selflessly. you took on my life. . though in pencil. Thank you.

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” – Jean de La Fontaine ARTWORK: AYSHA ALI JAY ASHÉ THANK YOU .