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ebruar-t 21 . 2013

To the patients of Kaslo Primary Health Clidc:

It is with reglet that I inform you tlat I will no longer be contuacted by lnterior Health Authority as a physician at Kaslo Primaxy Health after Maroh 31,2013. You are likely aware ofthe difficulties that the physiciaa teau has had here tying to maintain services in tbe cliric and the emergency room. These difflculties have plogiessed to a point where I feei I can no ionger provide safe, appropriate care to my patients, aod IHA has elected to not reoew my contact for

Your medical needs will be undertaken by locum physicians until new permarrent physicialt can be recruited. The coEmudry group is worki:rg with II1A to solve this problem lf you feel that your care will be compromised in the new situation, I would be most happy to assist you in establishing with a new family physician in Nelson. Yo1rI Dedical records will be kept secure in our office. Our office \4iil be ?leased to forward your medical recolds to a new physiciar of yow choosing without ohaige to You,

My commitment to you is to atteropt to fit in those patients who 4eed to be seen by me prior to March 31. For all patients, I will eosure the oharts axe complete so aly new physician involved can easily aocess the appropriate records of our work together' Ar1y test results thal ale you are outstanding at the time ofmy departure will be addressed by tie locuE physicians, and welcome to discuss the results with them.
It has been my pleasure and hooour to serye you individr-ially ald as a coomu:rity I sincelely hope the challenges facing Kaslo Primary Healtl and the emergency toom come to a prompt, aoceptable conclusion, aad that each ofyou caE ooEtinue your health care herc in confidenae'

With best wishes for the future, aEd good health,

3h)"*=Linda JohaiDson MD, MSc, CCFP, Dip.Sport Med.



Dear patients,

io inlorm you that I am leaving Kaslo Prirnary Health in order to pua sue my own private medical clinic in Kaslo. I will be working at Kaslo Primary Health until March 23, 2013. I anticipate opening a private clinic in Kaslo in Oc" tober 2013 so there will be a period of time when 1 am rJnable to attend to your health care needs. I have been informed by lnterior Health that physicians dt Kaslo Primary Health will be able to help yorl in the interim. I am working on a process with lnterior Health so I can fill out any health care forms foI my patients during this interim period.
I would ljke
I would have Ilked this to have been a seamless and uninterrupted transition of your health care, but I regret that circumstances did not permit this to be. For tl-is, I woulo like to apologiTe to my parrents.

would like to invite my patients as well as the general poplrlation of Kaslo, N,4eadow Creek, Argenta, Cooper Creek, South Fork, lMirror Lake, Fletcher, Woodbury and Ainsworth to join me in my new clinic this tall.

lwill keep

yor.r informed of new developments.


Denis Thibodeau