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Preliminary Experiment This procedure is to determine the efficient orientation of the magnetic sensor for the magnetic field measurements all throughout the experiment. First, the Vernier Magnetic Field Sensor is connected to the LabPro Interface. The sensor is switched to High mode. The interface is connected to a computer to be able to display and manipulate the data through the graphing interface. The slinky is stretched to a length of one meter. It is held at this length using a tape and a cardboard. A power supply is connected to the slinky to form a circuit. The use of long connectors is recommended to setup the slinky far away from the power supply so as its induced magnetic field would not interfere with the measurements for that of the slinky.

Figure1. Experimental Setup

Figure2. Block Diagram of the Magnetic Field Sensor and the LabPro Interface

5A. The average magnetic field is calculated using the interface and tabulated for all the positions considered. First.00m. Using the graph interface.25m in length. number of turns. The average magnetic field is again calculated and tabulated. From the magnetic field vs time graph in the interface. the power is turned on and the sensor is used to explore the various positions through the solenoid. the slinky is stretched to 0. it is rotated near the center of the solenoid with the white dot along the slinky’s axis (perpendicular to the magnetic field). Afterwards. From this. A current of 0. . To measure the different magnitudes of magnetic field along the slinky.50m. The Relationship between Magnetic Field and Spacing of Turns This procedure is to determine how the spacing of the coils affects the magnetic field produced inside the solenoid. First. The length. and 1. C. click the COLLECT button to display the magnitude of the magnetic field. the average magnetic field for each length is calculated. the number of coils per meter of the solenoid is calculated. The same procedure has to be done when varying the currents by an increment of 0. The power supply is used to provide 1.75m.5 A is allowed to flow through the slinky by switching on the power supply. The orientation which gives the maximum value for the field is the recommended one to use in measuring throughout the experiment. B. the previous procedures are repeated for varied lengths of the solenoid (0. the power supply is turned off and while the sensor is in position. the graphing interfaced is zeroed.5A until it reaches 2. place the sensor near the center of the solenoid keeping in mind that the white spot should be facing the field. and number of turns per meter of the slinky is also recorded. 0. The number of turns in the slinky is counted and the slinky’s length measured.A current of 2. To determine the efficient orientation of the sensor. Afterwards. The Relationship between Magnetic Field and Current This part is to determine how the magnitude of the magnetic field varies with current.0 A is passed through the solenoid by turning on the power supply.5A of current through the solenoid. 1.25m).