Proposer: John Prendegast

Seconder: Cian Dennehy

Manifesto: Manifesto for Recording Secretary, 84th Session UCC Law Society.

A cháirde, My name is Eoghan Lordan and I am running for the position of Recording Secretary for the 84th Session of UCC Law Society. In this manifesto, I seek to outline why I am running for Recording Secreatry and what qualities I possess that would make me a suitable and a competent Rec Sec. In addition , I would like to illustrate how I believe the dilligent work done by the current Committee of UCC Law Society for the growth of Law Society as a whole can be furthered and emulated . I will do this by outlining my ideas regarding the developement of a number of aspects of the Society and how I believe each aspect could be improved upon from last year.

Without further ado, I’d like to thank John Prendegast and Cian Dennehy for proposing and seconding my nomination respectively, and Mary Kate Portley and Enda Kerr for helping to advise me on what role I should run for. I would like to give them all a big, big mile buiochas ó mo chroí , for their selfless

donation of their time , as well as for their general soundness, so go raibh mile mile maith agaibh leaids 

As most of you probably know , I am currently a first year Law and Irish student. Next year, please God, I will be a second year Law and Irish student , provided I pass my exams ! From my experiences in first year, I believe I have learned a great deal, not just in the class , but from outside of the lecture theatre also. In college, an awful lot of important law related stuff happens outside of Aras na Laoi. I believe that by seeing how the Law Soc was run this year, I have observed and learned what is neccessary to be a committe member and especially, the commitment and dedication that goes into this job. Through this, I have learned that I will have to donate a lot of time, working hard behind the scenes also. Ill also have to put in a lot of effort, as it is a very big responsibility. As a second year, I will have a lot of time as well as my first year’s experience which will help put me in a position to put in this strenous effort, to not only fulfill my own duties, but to be the Social animal that John Prendegast or before him, Conor Breen have been, immersing myself in the Society and to help ensure its correct and proper running! While it is the auditor’s job to ensure that everything is in correct working order and everyone is working as required, Law Soc should not be a fragile rainbow coalition in which each person looks after themselves. I am prepared to help any of the rest of the members of the Law Society wherever and whenever possible, should my

help be needed. I have always been a team player ; in contract tutorials when Steve Hedley is asking us a question and only one person knows the answer, (Paddy Roche) I always try and give a hand to others anyway. Therefore, I am prepared to carry on with the principles I have learned in my first year and help out other people wherever I can. Furthermore, I would not limit my backing up of others to other members of the Law Soc alone. As an honest guy, who’s only lies have come from when I started the occassional rumour about Cian Ryan on Facebook, I would like to stand as a window between the Society and the rest of the society. From my first year alone, I have taken part in many events, such as Take me Out that have helped me to get to know people from other years. I dont think any of these people that I have met would say that I was ever shy, or afraid to speak up or in front of crowds. I would say I’m as approachable as Casper the friendly ghost and I am always willing to accept people’s opinions , however wrong or intoxicated they may be and help them in any way that I can. Another aspect of first year that I have learned is that in Law Soc, nothing can be put on the long finger! I believe that I have gained a skill that is even more important than ILAC, in realising that neither Contract Assignments, or even worse, Constitutional assignments should be left until the last minute. I promise that if I were to be elected as Rec Sec, that I would meet my duties with due care and not allow any complacency to sneak its way in at any time while fulfilling my duties.

Also, it has been pleasing and encouraging to hear of talk to ensure House meetings be held more regularly, while still protecting the quality of the meetings . I believe that there is a chord, a way in which we could strike a balance between the two, without either affecting the other negatively. I believe that with good organising and booking of rooms in time, as well as a clear and comprehensive and a hilarious minutes, each person involved in the Comittee can digest the minutes of what has been said, and also enjoy a laugh about the last meeting again at the next meeting. If we can do this, thenI feel we can gain the most from the House Meetings as is possible.

The responsibility of being a Rec Sec is a large burden , and one has to be as organised as a filing cabinet to carry the task out correctly. However, if I was afraid of hard work, such as the work associated with ensuring that the records of Law Soc remain organised correctly, then I never would have bothered to write a manifesto in the first place. I vow to carry where John left off and to continue an obair dian, dicheallach a bhí á dhéanamh aige. I wont promise 110% because thats mathematically impossible, but I will offer you 100% in the same way as I have always endeavoured to do so with my local GAA team, Dromcollogher Broadford. In many ways, Law Soc reminds me of my parish team, even though there are 11 people on Law Soc, which makes it more like a soccer team ! Its through

Law Soc that you actually work together with people and more importantly, work for Law students in UCC. Each player on the team has his own role to fulfil, each person fighting their corner and helping other players out, where needed. In all my years growing up in the ghettos of Wesht Limerick, I have always worn the parish jersey with pride and given my all for the benefit for the team. I am no stranger to teamwork or to working my socks off. I have always made sure to fight my own corner to the best of my ability and not relying on anyone else to do my job for me, as well as bursting a lung to help someone else out on this team, if it is required of me to do so. I believe that I can apply these experiences of teamwork to the Society and work as hard as is required of me for the benefit of the society. Some may say that the job of Rec Sec is just a symbol, just for someone to provide a bit of light hearted entertainment and also, to just read the minutes. I dont agree with this. A symbol is something immobile that stays still, representing something. I see Rec Sec as a dynamo, another useful person in the Society to help out where needed and to be a ready supply of energy when needed.

Furthermore, I promise to provide the same level of energy for Rec Sec as the Duracell bunny that is John Prendegast . I feel that I can communicate and engage with the audience, while still listening and taking a detailed note of whats going on. I would follow in the footsteps of John and his predeccessor

Conor Breen and add a personal flair of character, while also providing enough humour and the latest “sca”s to keep people entertained , without satirising the event completely. With a positive and friendly attitude, and a pledge to work like a team with every other member of the Society, I believe that I can build stronger links within the society which will allow us to remain strong as a group.

Secondly, I would just like to outline the few ideas that I have regarding the growth of Law Soc and the expansion of the Society. I am a firm believer that all good ideas and all good drink should be put on the table and shared out amongst everyone. As a first year student, I must admit, it is a very hard task to try and pick any flaws with the Law Society from this year. Both the Law Ball and the Law Dinner , as well as every one of the debates were very professionally and efficiently organised. However, I have experienced a few areas in which the Society could contribute even better to Law Students in UCC.

Through my course, Law and Irish, I know a lot of people in other courses such as Arts, PE and Irish and Commerce and Irish for example. This would allow me to easily get into contact with other courses Class Rep’s , so that I could help build up the contact list with other courses, as envisaged by a number of

people in their manifestos and in their advice to me on running for this post. This would be useful for a number of reasons; first and foremost, for getting in touch with other societies, if there was a problem with booking a room or something that needed to be sorted, or for organising joint class parties, which is a nice way to meet new people in other courses. A system of close contact with other courses could also be useful during RAG week, to build on the success of the Law cup and to put our money where our mouths are and have a tournament between 2 or 3 courses, and raise money for charity. I often book astro fields and squash courts at the Mardyke ,so I would try to organise a charity event there, in which everyone would be rewarded with a game of soccer to thank them for their donations . This could be our RAG week’s big event in the future, branching off from John Prendegast’s wonderful idea this year to stage the event. Also, Enda’s idea on outgoing members writing end of year guidlines or manifestos, is another brilliant idea. Their experience would be like genetically passing down information that would enable the new Law Soc to be ready from day one. By providing advice and guidelines, and providing themselves for questioning by the incoming Society members, the transfer to the new Society would be a far more easy affair. In addition to this, I believe that my experiences from having attended Law Soc and Philisoph debates at UCC will help me for next year. While all of these

debates were interesting, I believe that in order to keep the Society from stagnating, fresh ideas would be needed. For example, one speaker who visited UCC, was a local boy named Michéal Martin. Because Martin and Fianna Fail are now in the opposition, he only sits in the Dáil from Tuesday to Thursday. This idea has nothing to do with getting guest speakers to speak on politics, but to share their wealth of information on topics such as the government’s legislative duties and the separation of powers for example. This would represent a great chance for students to broaden their knowledge of the legislative system, as well as give them a chance to ask questions of those directly involved with such areas.

In conclusion, I believe that above being skilled and talented, a great deal of determination and willingness to put in effort is required to be Rec Sec. If I were to be elected, I feel confident that I am in a good position, regarding the neccessary skills required, to comply with my tasks accordingly. However, I am fully certain that I would work “d’arrache pied”, and to the best of my ability in this role. I enclose my email adress so that you may contact me if you have any questions on my manifesto , or any ideas you feel I should include as part of my manifesto for Rec Sec.

A cháirde Gaeil, is mise le meas.

Eoghan Lordan Xoxo gossip girl