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Automated Online Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment

About to start work on a site? Has an UXO Threat Assessment been completed? Is there an UXO Risk? BombRisk can provide you with an answer instantly .

instantly providing an assessment of potential UXO risk. Search Results Within 10km of the site the following potential sources of explosive ordnance have been recorded: Number within 10km 1 47 3 1 8 4 24 45 407 None recorded None recorded None recorded None recorded None recorded None recorded Source Military Airfield Sites Abandoned Bombs Press Articles regarding UXO Finds WWII Defence Related Positions & Pillboxes Historic Army Camps Prisoner of War Camps Heavy Anti-Aircraft Batteries Army Explosive Ordnance Clearance Tasks/Reccess BACTEC Desk-top Threat Assessments Bombing Decoy Sites Military Training Areas and Firing Ranges Pipe Mined WWII Airfields Miscellaneous WWII Pipe Mined Locations BACTEC Unexploded Ordnance Finds BACTEC On-Site Support Services Sites Related to the Manufacture of Explosives and Explosive Ordnance 10 Of these sources. Fast and Effective The on-line system developed by FIND Maps and BACTEC provides a detailed summary of any potential UXO risk on your site. which will be emailed to you. FAST – FIND Maps have developed a bespoke platform for the BombRisk report that can review the site location in conjunction with the geo-referenced database. ACCURATE – BACTEC has been gathering and collating data on sources of UXO risk in the UK since 1991. London UXO Sources www. The report will be delivered instantly so you can make an informed decision of the potential UXO risk on your site. EFFECTIVE – The accuracy and reliability of the data means that manual intervention by a UXO Specialist is not required. Site Selection 2. With over 3000 UXO risk mitigation projects completed in the UK BACTEC has extensive practical experience on assessing and dealing with the risk posed by UXO. BombRisk Website . each assessment analyses over 100 geospatial databases of UXO threats providing a comprehensive geo-referenced database of potential historical sources of UXO risk throughout the UK.BACTEC BombRisk BombRisk provides an instant Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment for your project site in the UK Based on 19 Key Datasets. the following are deemed significant enough to be a risk and therefore warrant further research: Live WWII German Air Dropped 250kg Bomb.bactec.

Accurate! Fast! Effective! BACTEC BombRisk Automated Online Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment .

Quality Assurance London Damage & V1/V2 Strike Map Offline quality assurance will be conducted to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of delivery and service. this additional detailed review could in some circumstances reduce the risk rating. Land use and changes to building layout during WWII will be assessed and local archive information acquired where necessary to fully qualify the risk on site. The PDF report provides a detailed screening of potential sources of UXO with an assessment of risk and recommendations. It is possible that if from the preliminary assessment a risk from UXO is identified. Contents A list of UXO sources which may affect the site. written air-raid precaution records and where necessary local archive research. zoned across larger sites with different levels or discounted altogether. London Bomb Strike Map Additional Contents for London Geo-referenced bomb strike locations from original WWII records. Press articles regarding nearby UXO finds that can be downloaded from a link within the report. Bomb damage area assessment (Central London Only). Locations where BACTEC has conducted previous onsite works or Desk Top Threat Assessments. If a detailed desk study is recommended then the cost of the preliminary study will be deducted from the cost of a full desk study. Conclusions and recommendations based upon the sources of UXO that affect the site and benchmarked against similar sites and actual UXO site projects throughout the UK. . Detailed UXO Risk Assessment Second World War bomb which caused commuter chaos has been diffused Detailed assessments are conducted offline by BACTEC’s researchers and use additional information such as historical mapping. Press Article The lead time for a detailed assessment will vary between 3-10 working days dependent upon the complexity of the site and the additional site specific information required.Why use BombRisk The automated online preliminary UXO Risk Assessment is the first cost effective UXO report that will be provided instantly to the client via email. V1 & V2 strike locations. WWII-era aerial photography. Accurate bomb density map based upon the boundary data from Ordnance Survey Maps 1931-1944.

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