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e Bleach is being marketed and sold as “Clorox Bleach” ( constituting over $2. and they weren’t widely available” . they were very expensive. Clorox Green Works.Student No: 260319626 1) Clorox company employ “ House Blend” architecture.5 billion (2010).0Bn in revenues out of total $ 5. Company’s main product i. We determined that a lot of the competing “natural” or “sustainable” cleaners suffered from a number of challenges. However it is pertinent to mention not all products are sold with company names for e. etc. the architecture coincides with that of House Blend. 2) Clorox has established its brand through series of successful products like Clorox bleach which constitutes over $ 2. but had some aversion to traditional cleaning ingredients or “chemical” as they tended to call them. thereby improving company’s margins and hence profitability. Furthermore.0 billion in revenues out of total revenues of $ 5. The idea of using Clorox is to communicate with the customer that the product will get work done since to customers Clorox means “power and efficacy”. including the perception that they didn’t work. they weren’t very natural. 3) “Research over the years showed that some consumers wanted clean and healthy homes. Brita.g Burt Bee. which as a result deals with customer’s suspicions and doubts about the product effectiveness very efficiently and hence establishes customer’s trust in the product.g Clorox Bleach. this association with company name also helps the company to gain larger market share of relatively new products at a relatively shorter period of time at a relatively lower promotion costs since the brand “Clorox” automatically attracts the customer attention. Since the company is using its name “Clorox” in combination with other brand names for e. This trust helps the company to charge premium pricing for its products from customers whose concern is only about the effectiveness of the product and whose demand is inelastic to price.0Bn).

company made sure that the product works since the name “Clorox” resonates with efficacy. However at the same time the disadvantage of using Clorox is that customers were confused whether the product is natural or not since “consumers equate Clorox with chemicals”. it does not face problem in experiencing the product. By using Clorox with Green Works. thereby justifying the premium pricing on the same. company was able to gain some coverage on CSR. hence explaining the reason why the “repeat with customers who value green products is high. the cleaning product should be natural and it should work. The advantage by using Clorox with Green Works. However at the same time it may have raised the question that whether the premium pricing is being charged because the product is by Clorox or because it is green.Student No: 260319626 For the natural cleaning product like Green Works to be successful. By using Clorox with Green works. . Furthermore Clorox is much more reputable brand and by using the same with Green Works ( relatively new and less popular) suppresses the idea or meaning behind “Green Works” which is natural. company was able to differentiate the product in the sense it works. but trial rate among more mainstream consumers is not high enough yet”. This as a result creates a problem for a customer to learn or connect with the product ( in a customer journey) but once the customer uses the product. thus improving the overall image of the brand “Clorox”. which may have helped the company to improve its sales in the traditional cleaning products but it also pushed the company to declare ingredients of its traditional or less clean products (which may have hurt the company’s sales) and raised the question as to where company as a whole stands on sustainability issue or its complete and firm commitment to cleaner products which may have been hurting the sales of Green Works also.

it fails in connotations and overall liking criterias. Together it will create a positive brand association. Every stop/phase in a customer journey is a touch point opportunity. adoptable and transferable ( in the sense that company can introduce other products in the cleaning category with the same brand name). Brand association is something that is deep seated in customer’s mind about the brand. It can establish this by establishing and publicizing the results of Green Works products against that of its competitors.Student No: 260319626 4) Currently Clorox is using Green Works products with Clorox name/logo on it. meaningful. However in order to emphasize the fact that Green Works is effective and natural. I would suggest using Green Works only without Clorox since it communicates clearly that the product is “green” or natural and it “works” or is effective and it will enable the brand to stand on its own without its true connotations being suppressed by “Clorox”. the products are not being taken “green” in the pure sense since Clorox is associated with chemicals and bleach. thereby enhancing the experiential benefits. In my view this combination is not serving the purpose of effective brand elements. By using Clorox with Green Works. However at the same time the brand is endorsed by Clorox quite does the opposite since Clorox is associated with chemicals.e the product works and is effective). the association with Sierra Club does the job of promoting the fact that the product is green and natural. Even though the brand element is memorable. In case of Green Works. Alliance with Sierra Club and by active advertising company will be able to establish emotional benefits (The product is natural and green). Since the case mentions that Green Works products is having an issue to attract first time customers but the customers who . Brands should be associated with something positive so that customers relate the brand with something positive. company should emphasize more on system of benefits by focusing on core benefits ( i. protectable.

however caution should be made that its doesn’t cannibalize the sales of Clorox traditional cleaning products. connecting and buying components of customer journey. etc and minimize the risks such as high price of the Green Works products. I suggest that the placement should be changed in a way that it should be placed in different shelf and should have its own space ( like Burt Bee products) reflecting that it’s a differentiated product.g Sierra Club) to promote word of mouth recommendation of the products. .Student No: 260319626 buy the Green Works products usually keep on buying the products. Since most of the sales of Green Works has been due to switching of customers from competitors to Clorox. Furthermore the inconsistent pattern in the revenues of the Green Works products ( increase in revenues followed by the fall in the revenues) indicate that the product is at the end of intro phase and near to growth phase. while at the same time it should encourage its customers and environmental organizations (for e. Connect: In connecting phase. Buy: Currently Green Works products are widely accessible and are placed with traditional cleaning products and with that those of competitors products. it should focus its advertising on creating the awareness about the products among mainstream customers ( which will be new customers). Learning: Through advertising company should emphasize the greenness and effectiveness of the products. greater well being. which as a result will help the Green Works products to enter mainstream growth phase of the product life cycle. therefore in order for company to increase its sales. Hence company should first focus on learning. Hence it seems that customers are having problem in learning. Clorox should maximize the rewards such as lower environmental impact. connecting and buying the products and there are minimal issues with the experience of the products. However.

I believe that the company doesn’t need to make major changes in the experience phase and hence should continue with its current strategy.Student No: 260319626 Experience: Since most of the sales of Green Works currently are from repeat customers. .