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of the P&G Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa Online Application Form This is not supposed to be used as an application form! This is solely for you to prepare offline the questions you will need to complete online (
Procter & Gamble wants to recognise the substantial commitment you have made to you education and career development by thoroughly reviewing your qualifications. This comprehensive application process allows us to examine many aspects of your background and experiences in order to fully and fairly consider how well your personal profile matches our needs. There are no right or wrong answers. We are asking you to provide facts on your background and interests, as well as your point of view on issues related to working at P&G. Be sure your answers accurately describe you and your interests, as this information will be used during the rest of the employment process and thus, may become the basis for discussions during interviews. We appreciate your interest in Procter & Gamble and are pleased to have this opportunity to learn more about you. Your application will be given careful consideration. Which of these subjects did you study most extensively during your studies? (Mark 1, 2, or 3 choices) Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Art Biology Chemistry Economics Geography History Languages Literature Mathematics Music Physics Philosophy Something else

Please indicate your academic standing during each period of education that applies to you. First University Degree         Post Graduate Degree        

Top 5% of students Upper 15% (but not top 5%) Upper 25% (but not top 15%) Upper 33% (but not top 25%) Upper 50% (but not top 33%) Lower half of students Do not know; cannot estimate Not applicable

High School        


Of Ireland U.A. Uzbekistan Yemen Other 2 .What is the location of the university where you have been working toward (or have already received) your first university degree?                                                     Not obtaining a degree Albania Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Egypt Estonia Fed./Rep. Of Yugoslavia France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Israel Italy Kazakstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Lativa Lebanon Lithuania Moldavia Morocco Netherlands Nigeria Pakistan Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Scandinavia Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Tajikistan Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine U.S.K. Rep.

.D. I do not plan any more university studies beyond my first degree Which of these best describes your study habits at the university/college?       Did not study much because you did not want to Did not study much because of other demands on your time Did not study much because it was not necessary Studied hard. please explain: What will be your highest education level (including any degree in progress) at the time you could join P&G on a full-time basis?           Doctoral degree (or other advanced graduate degree) Masters in Business Bachelors in Business Masters in Engineering Bachelors in Engineering Masters in Science Bachelors in Science Other Masters degree Other Bachelors degree Less than a Bachelors degree Are you planning to pursue an advanced degree within the next five years?  Yes  No. I have already received/am currently studying for an advanced degree  No. Masters. or equivalent) Ë Completed a special degree programme for the academically gifted Ë Studied outside my native country for a term or more Ë Received a sponsorship.A.Which of the following have you done as a university/college student? (Mark all that apply) Ë Obtained an additional advanced degree (e. scholarship or equivalent Ë Received special honours for academic achievement Ë Studied at more than one university/college Ë None of the above During your time at your first university/college.B.. M. only before examinations Studied hard regularly throughout the year Studied beyond what was required 3 . in which activity or area were you most successful?       Maintaining high academic standing in completing course work Involvement with student societies Social activities Charity or community activities Athletics or sport Other area If Other. Ph.g.

Secretary. university/college. etc.)? Please include only post16 year old experiences. Volunteer. standing committees. head of any clubs. captain. military service or work experience (president. Please include only post-16 year old experiences. (Mark all that apply) Treasurer. how many times did you hold significant leadership positions during school. either within or separate from university/college/military service. or Other Official Position Member President or Head Position Vice President or Second Position Student Union/Government Student Society/Club AIESEC/BEST or equivalent Young Enterprise University/College Committee Publication Editorial Team Sports Team Representing University/College Other Sports Team Performing Arts Group Charity.Would your academic advisor (or major professor) describe you as being more of a risk-taker or as being more cautious in your work style?       Much more of a risk-taker Somewhat more of a risk-taker Somewhat more cautious Much more cautious Not sure Not applicable Were the ideas for projects and reports you did during your academic training mostly your own or mostly your advisor’s?        Always your own Mostly your own Shared equally between yourself and your advisor Mostly your advisor’s Always your advisor’s Not sure Not applicable or did not do a project Please describe your participation and positions held in various organisations. Community Service Other: _________________________ Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë In total. other official groups. teams. project leader.       None Once Two or three times Four or five times Six or seven times Eight or nine times 4 .

6 months 7 .24 months 25 or more months Does not apply – was never employed Which of the following describe what happened during your most important internship or other position that helped prepare you for a job while you were a student? (Mark all that apply) Did not have this kind of job while a student Completed academic requirements related to the position (if any) Completed duties/projects assigned by employer Took up additional duties on your own initiative Did something which led your employer to praise you highly Made changes that improved something beyond the scope of your project or duties Ë Received an offer to work there permanently after completing university/college Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë The three things you consider most important in a job are: (Mark three) Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Opportunity for advancement Credit from management for good performance High salary Good working conditions Opportunity for individual thought and initiative Job security Alert and aggressive management 5 .A.12 months 13 ..B.       Less than 1 month 2 . or equivalent)  Joining directly after completing military or required service  Leaving some other full-time employer to join Procter & Gamble  Joining as an intern before completing my current degree  Joining in some other way Are you applying for:  A full-time position  An intern position  P&G course or seminar With how many different employers have you had internships or other positions of at least two months duration that helped you prepare for a job?      None One Two Three Four or more What is the longest time you have worked for any one employer? Please do NOT count required military or required civil service.Which statement best describes how you would be joining Procter & Gamble?  Joining directly after completing my first university/college degree  Joining directly after completing an advanced degree (M.D. Ph.

Ë Geographic location Ë Work in line with my primary interest 6 .

coins. to countries outside Europe Ë Painting or drawing Ë Craftwork Ë Team sports Ë Individual sports Ë Electronics Ë Acting Ë Photography Ë Others. to European countries outside my own Yes. please specify_________ In your experience. please specify ________________________________________ Which of the following things involving computers have you done? (Mark all that apply) Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Written letters or papers Used spreadsheet programs Played computer games Created an organised database Used electronic mail or electronic bulletin boards Written programmes in a computer language None of the above 7 . within my own country Yes. which of these is MOST important in influencing other people?      Speaking persuasively Gaining their trust and respect Cooperating with different kinds of people Understanding their needs Something else.What would bother you the most?       Having to finish someone else’s work Getting work assigned “at the last minute” Having to find and fix someone else’s mistakes Being taken off a job before it is finished Receiving incomplete or inaccurate instructions None of these would bother you Which of the following things did you do while in the military or required service? (Mark all that apply) Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Was not in the military or required service Convinced my superiors to implement an idea I had Organised the work of many people Received a special award or commendation Got promoted to a high rank None of the above Which of the following hobbies or activities have you devoted substantial time to? (Mark all that apply) Ë Playing a musical instrument Ë Listening to recorded music Ë Singing Ë Reading for pleasure Ë Writing stories or articles Ë Travelling Ë Collecting (stamps. anything else) Ë Building models Ë Playing chess Have you travelled extensively? (Mark all that apply) Ë Ë Ë Ë No Yes.

8 .

how would you rate your leadership ability?        Top 5% Upper 20% (but not top 5%) Upper 33% (but not top 20%) Upper 50% (but not top 33%) Upper 75% (but not top 50%) Lower 25% Do not know How frequently do you find it reasonable to break with convention to get something done?      Very often Often Sometimes Seldom Never 9 .How are you MOST LIKELY to spend your time when you are alone?         Go to the cinema Catch up on reading Lounge around and relax Watch television Listen to music Work on a hobby Exercise. run or jog Do something else Which do you find most satisfying?      A good discussion Solving a problem Learning new skills Reading a good book None of these Which one of these do you like best?  To work on one thing at a time  To work on 2 or 3 things at a time  To work on many things at a time How often do you take risks?     Very rarely Sometimes Often Very often Compared to other people in general.

on which one of these activities would your prefer to spend the majority of your time?        Initiating new ideas/proposals Planning projects Selling ideas to sponsors Collecting data for further analysis Doing computer analysis Writing reports Making presentations of results 10 .Are you comfortable changing a goal you had set for yourself when circumstances make it seem unreachable?  Yes  No  Uncertain How would others rate your ability to present written information in a clear and understandable way?      Far above average Somewhat better than average About as good as most Somewhat below average Much worse than average Compared to others in your field. how innovative are you?      Much more innovative than most Somewhat more innovative than others About as innovative as others Somewhat less innovative than others Much less innovative than others Which one attribute is your strongest?       High personal standards Patience Willingness to work hard Concern for other people Knowledge and experience Some other attribute. please specify ____________________________________ What would you find most stimulating?      Setting goals for your own work Working with others to set common goals Setting goals for others to achieve Working freely without having any goals Not sure For the future.

how would you rate your ability to perform in your profession?       In the top 5% In the top 10% In the top 30% In the top 50% Not in the top 50% Do not know Which of the following have you done? (Mark all that apply) Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Led a lab group as an undergraduate student Taught yourself a technical subject not covered in a school or university course Devised innovative equipment to support research or technology development Borrowed methods or concepts from some other field to apply in your work Sought feedback for personal development from an academic advisor Published more than is typical for people with the same amount of training and experience in your field Been an inventor on a successful patent application Written a successful research grant or technology funding proposal Persuaded an academic advisor to think differently about an important issue Presented technical work to professional groups more frequently than other people with the same amount of training and experience None of the above 11 .How would you describe your interest in developing new explanations for a complex problem that was only partially understood?  Not interested  Somewhat interested  Highly interested How would you describe your interest in learning and working in areas which are substantially different from your experiences so far?  Not interested  Somewhat interested  Highly interested How much would you enjoy a job as a teacher. or professor?      Would enjoy greatly Would enjoy to some extent Would not enjoy very much Would not enjoy at all Not sure When do you do your best work?      When instructions are clear When working alone When there are no interruptions When under pressure When you really feel like working Compared to others at a similar level of development. instructor.

12 .

or do you try to put them out of your mind?  Tend to have complex work problems in the back of your mind when you are not working  Try to put complex work problems out of your mind during non-work hours 13 . Smithsonian. finance. or the like) Publications related to a hobby or pastime Fictional material Publications focused on business.Which of these do you read on a regular basis? (Mark all that apply) Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Publications reporting the latest research or technical advances in a specific area Publications covering several areas of interest Educational publications (National Geographic. or the like) Other publications Which of these do you consider to be the most important in trying to solve problems?       Analysing information Thinking creatively Formulating alternative actions Being well-informed Challenging the constraints assumed in the situation Something else What kind of problem solving do you enjoy most?  I like to delegate problems to others  I like to solve problems where it is difficult to define the issues  I like to solve problems when the issues have been well defined. economics Publications focused on political or historical topics Current event magazines (Time. but finding the solution is difficult  I like to solve problems where the probability of failure is very low How often have you done an experiment of your own design that you considered a complete failure?       Never Very rarely A few times Several times Many times Not applicable. have not designed experiments How often have you been able to modify a practice. policy or way of work to improve results?      Many times A few times Maybe once or twice Never Do not know Do you tend to keep complex work problems in the back of your mind outside normal work/school hours. Newsweek.

when waking up in the morning. Neither of these Which of the following personal characteristics do you value most?      Hard work Intelligence Creativity Strong desire for learning Good interpersonal skills What is your most likely first reaction to a radically new idea in your primary interest area?     Have some doubt about the soundness of the idea Want to get the opinion of others about the idea Curious. a product. you would rate your selling ability in the:        Top 5% Upper 20% (but not top 5%) Upper 33% (but not top 20%) Upper 50% (but not top 33%) Upper 75% (but not top 50%) Lower 25% Do not know 14 . or to test it in reality before accepting it?      Much more likely to accept it at face value Somewhat more likely to accept it at face value Somewhat more likely to test it in reality before accepting Much more likely to test it in reality before accepting Not sure How often do you find yourself having new insight during the night. or project proposal). or at other times outside normal school or working hours?         Every day Almost every day A few times each week About once a week About once a month A few times a year Once a year or less often Never had this experience The goals you set for yourself are usually:     So high they are often unattainable High enough to be sometimes unattainable High enough to be usually attainable High enough so they are almost always attainable\ Compared with the general public. and no matter what you have to sell (an idea. but inclined not to act until its potential is more apparent Very curious and want to be among the first to test it Are you more likely to accept “conventional wisdom” at face value.

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