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The Amazons Defend the Nation
Amazons were warrior women, who are described in the Iliad as "antianeirai", meaning: those who go to war like men. The name Amazon is believed to descend from the word amazoi which in Greek means "breast less", deriving from the legend that says they removed their young girls’ right breast, so as to facilitate the drawing of the bow, as the bow and arrows were their main weapon. (Makes you wonder about the suitability of women for battle, as they are forced to remove a nurture aspect of the body to enable destruction.) It is believed they resided in Pontus, modern-day Turkey. In medieval times their kingdom was called ‘Femyny’(!). Quoted from The Australian, September 28, 2011, under the heading Women win their battle to fight on the front line: General Molan said removing the last barriers on combat roles for women would pose a short-term risk to infantryfighting effectiveness but the transition would be successful because the integration of men and women in forward units was already advanced. "What the government is now saying is that women can go into units that are optimised for killing at close quarters. And if society wants that, then society can have it -- and bear the consequences," General Molan said. Former army commander and onetime head of UN forces in Cambodia Lieutenant General John Sanderson had reservations about the move. "There are experiences associated with this in other parts of the world where battles have been fought. It's worth our while to look at those," he said. Walter Roderick, who served ten years on a submarine, writes in National Christianity and Culture (Examiner.com), February 10, 2012: God has designed men to provide and protect, and He has designed women to support the man in his role. Neither position is more honourable or valuable than the other. Both need to operate together to get the best results, each fulfilling their God-given task with the goal of honouring God in all they do. Egalitarianism says that men and women should be treated as equals - without regard to their created purpose. The Bible says that men and women are equal before the throne of God, but that each sex has specific roles and responsibilities to perform - and it is not proper for one sex to usurp the responsibilities of the other. That does not honour God who made to us to be men and women - unique in sexuality and unique in our abilities. Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, who was seeking his party's presidential nomination when the Pentagon made its announcement to consider placing women in combat roles, opposed the move. He expressed concern that men would feel emotionally obligated to protect their female fellow combatants in the heat of battle. He worries that this distraction would cause male soldiers to lose sight of their mission. Fox News commentator Keith Ablow shared a similar view, saying that women ought to remain a protected class of people. It feels natural to him, he said, that boys shouldn’t hit girls, and that the logical extension of that would be a policy keeping women away from imminent danger in the military (www.bestthinking.com/trendingtopic/permalink/359).


It is interesting to read other statements as quoted above which hold no principled world view position. Of course. not on a Bible-centred. as he compared Israel with other nations he knew that this nation was the most secular place from all he had visited. if God’s Word is not the guide on such an ethical issue. the conclusion must be that. This was not in order to put women in a place of inferiority.’ Matthew Henry makes a beautiful statement regarding the creation of the woman out of the man’s rib: “She was not made out of his head to rule over him. creational role-understanding. Roderick makes the point very well regarding the economic distinction between men and women as instilled by God. but still maintain that ‘something feels wrong. Oct. During such a meeting the women would take their places on the back rows of the seating arrangements. at 9:30 AM ET). the Maōri meeting place. if Henry is right. 2012. Looking at the State of Israel. under his arm to be protected. In the Western concept of warfare men now not merely are faced with the moral issue of hitting or not hitting women. but rather whether to put bullets in them! While living in New Zealand.The lowest level. We had our meetings on the marae. to assist him to live well. If one were to look in other non-Western cultures the same phenomenon can be observed in one form or another. to which a man could sink. A well-travelled cousin of mine spent considerable time in Israel as part of his engineering studies. He reported that. but rather founded on traditional perceptions propagated by ultra-orthodox rabbis (as per the article quoted). if Calvin is right. should the meeting turn ugly (and. then there is no reason why only the nation’s sons should be sent to the front line. it surprised me to notice that there has been a draft for women in the army since the modern state’s inception.” John Calvin writes (Commentary on Genesis): “… that woman is given as a companion and an associate to the man. and the many internet arguments bear this out. Since the year 2000 women are also entitled to serve as fighter pilots. And thus the Minister of Defence in Australia declares. In our home this was argued from the Biblical understanding the man was to protect. It is safe to say that the currently rising aversion to female service is not Torah-based. resulting from a court case won by a woman. but over time this has become more and more the case. Women were to be protected and looked after by the men in their lives. Man is created in God’s image and God has imprinted ethical awareness in terms of earthly stewardship on the soul. then to see women at the front line draw a bead on men to kill them appears to be contradictory to their calling in life. so I was told while growing up. care for her and the woman was to be the helpmeet in the relationship (Genesis 2:1825). with the men fronting. judging from history some tribal confrontations did turn to passionate extremes). it was done so that the men would be a protective wall in front. the daughters are not to be denied their right to kill and die on the field of battle. nor out of his feet to be trampled on by him.” For those who take the Bible seriously as the Word of God. women are having a really hard time showing men how to hold a rifle. is to hit a woman. However. I was privileged to partake substantially in the nation’s Maōri culture. they merely have a different task in God’s vicegerency. 11. Initially women were not in the frontline. "When it comes to 2 . Women are not inferior to men. lately the situation appears to become increasingly problematic as fundamentalist religious men refuse to tolerate women in the army. but out of his side to be equal with him. By Elana Maryles Sztokman| Posted Thursday. and near his heart to be loved. as some egalitarians might surmise. especially when those women instruct men (“No Touching” As Israel’s military becomes more religious.

including in combat roles. an opportunity for women should be determined on the basis of physical and intellectual capacity. not on gender.women in the ADF (Australian Defence Force –HZ). the Maōri answer and God’s answer to this question will meet with strong opposition in the kingdom of Feminy." Should Amazons defend the nation? The answer really boils down to the world view held by the person answering the question. In a nation sadly removed from the authority of God’s Word. “The quest for peace begins in the home. 18th Governor-General of New Zealand Dr Herm Zandman 12/03/2013 3 .).” Silvia Cartwright (1943. in the school and in the workplace.

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