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YW / SUEL TUoS POC Yorshire Forward /SUEL 2008 YW 2008 MHT Technology 2007-10 Rolls Royce Fuel Cells



2006-11 EPSRC total
SummaryPI co-I Sum

601.643 .382 £3.389.Current Grants as Principle Investigator Title Novel aerator development Ozone plasma microreactor development Concept Fund: Ozone plasma microreactor development and field trials Dispersed air flotation trials for the micorbubble generator LNG rollover prediction model maintenance Case Award: Multiphysics SOFC modelling with degradation Current Grants as co-Investigator Gel-free proteomics: high-throughput microfluidic shotgun analysis for complex organisms PLATFORM: Pennine Water Group: Developing Knowledge and Tools for Sustainable Urban Water Services in the 21st Century £1.990.261 £2.

355.500 £7.Amount £42.000 £69.340 £7.840 £1.811 £371.000 £16.000 £151.000 £10.961 £1.727.772 .

Sheffield EPSRC GR/K76887 NATO NSF .Date Sponsor 2003-6 2005 EPSRC GR/S08695 USheffield Proof/Concept Food Processing Faraday Partnership 2005 2004-6 DTI KTP EPSRC GR/A01435 EPSRC GR/S67845 EPSRC EP/D004748/1 2000-5 2004-5 2005-6 2002-3 2001-2 2002-3 1998-2001 1997-2001 1997-2000 1997-1999 1995-6 EPSRC GR/R72754 EPSRC GR/N20676 British Council European Commission Zeneca Shell HEFCE EPSRC 1995-6 1995-6 1995-7 1995 1991-3 1988-91 total GR/K78973 Leverhulme Trust Shell HSL.

2000-2001 1999-2001 1997-1999 1997-1999 1997-1999 1997-2000 1994-6 1994-6 1994-5 1994-7 Shell EPSRC GR/M62297 EPSRC GR/L61668 EPSRC GR/L61996/ EPSRC ROPA EPSRC IMI GR/L65956 EPSRC EPSRC INTAS NATO £ .

750 Lumped parameter modelling of time to rollover in liquid natural gas storage tanks with £104.200 £15.040 £97.000 £56.550 £10.168 Fluidic electricity generation by electrohydrodynamical flow of colloidal particles Role of helicity on the quality of microchannel plasma generation £103.237.854 £16.000 Fluidic oscillator driven aeration £11.000 £14.987 Kinetics of break down of dispersions in multiphase flows in pipes and fittings French Alliance Programme. Paris Modelling of buffer tank usage and oil separation CASE studentship Liaison on cellular neural network technology and applications Fellowship in Sciences and Engineering grant Graduate research fellowship £97.Completed Grants as Principal Investigator Title Amount Novel merging swirl burner design controlled by helical mixing Stirring rate inference £252.500 £56.850 £1.000 MHT Technology Models of helical mixing and reaction: a new approach to chemical reaction engineering.421 . £237. GA Khomenko of Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique. ERBFMBICT972488 Oily water effluent treatment Eng D sponsorship: Process intensification due to mixing and reaction by helicity in inline mixers Total Technology CASE sponsorship Oily water effluent treatment Development of two continuing education modules in offshore engineering Investigation of the use of cellular neural network automatic control for the froth flotation of coal Fellowship for Prof.235 £15.000 £15.000 £28.000 £1.500 £30.148 Measurement and Modelling of Radial Convective Flow Patterns in Microchannel Flow – £59. Chemical reactions controlled by helical mixing.293 £10.346 £5.

505 £113.000 £873.000 Detection and control of multiphase flow for the initial separation of advanced phase £91. MG Velarde collaborative research grant £83.000 £6. PI: GA Davies BRITEST: Batch route innovation technology evaluation and selection techniques.Completed Grants as Co-Investigator Fluidic electricity generator £32.".430 £113.''.505 £28.000 £213.347 separators Characterisation of petroleum emulsions under dynamic conditions. PI: PN Sharratt Study of flow coalescence and separation of dispersions in plate separators and structured packings Study of flow coalescence and separation of dispersions in plate separators and structured packings Nonlinear problems in fluid physics and physicochemical hydrodynamics: solitary waves and wave trains.610 .331 Development of methods for addition and control of chemical additives into production separator systems Cellular neural network image reconstruction for multi modal sensors to examine the structure of multiphase flow.'' coordinator: PI: Prof.492 £131. £61.