Summary – The Lost Wallet

The story entitled The Lost Wallet is a narrative story and has a few main ideas with good supporting details. The story starts by describing the features of a wallet and the usage of it. The sentimental value is also touched. The next point was elaborated on how the wallet was lost. The wallet was lost when the writer went to the Keys. He lost it as he placed on the top of the car roof and drove off. Next point is when the search for the wallet was done and how it turned out to be a failure and a disappointment. Then, the following point is on how it was retrieved via a sheriff who contacted the writer’s grandmother. Lastly, the writer concluded the story by expressing his gratitude on how he learnt a good lesson and will always think before act and not to be careless by misplacing his belongings. ( 152 words)

I also gained the knowledge of understanding differences between a narrative and a descriptive essay. as an overall I have a new perspective towards the English essays and the way of writing English texts. I also manage to gain some knowledge in using graphic organiser and to utilise it in indentifying the main and supporting details. Thus. In addition. (105 words) .Reflection The process of completing the whole assignment helped me in understanding English better especially in differentiating different types of essays and texts. The facts that there are differences between formal letters and also between the informal letters show that English varies in their formats of writing.

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