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These foods not only have a direct affect on your physical health (obesity. TRANSITION TO AN ALKALINE. you detoxify your body. substantial salad into your day. Your thoughts and emotions become more positive and loving. but rest assured the benefits are well worth the effort. effort and support. you can make the changes gradually. high in raw. at a pace you are comfortable with. Transitioning to a plant based diet high in raw. Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. You are able to handle stressful situations with much more grace and ease when eating a clean. Start out slowly and commit to one or two changes that you know you can make before introducing any others. 6 week sessions and 12 week sessions depending on their goals. PLANT BASED DIET The Standard American Diet (SAD). When you eat lighter. some fruits. heart disease. which is high in processed . With the help of a coach. and animal products like meat and dairy. like worry.getsomezen.10 ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION 1. Address: www. is very acidic. When you transition to a more plant based diet. diabetes and cancer). Commit to adding more green vegetables into your diet or drinking one green smoothie or green juice per day. Or perhaps start with the goal of drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. Eating a high quantity of animal products like meat and dairy contributes to lower level emotions and thoughts dominating your mind. I work with my clients in individual classes. living foods is a process and it takes time. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. you feel better about yourself and typically that translates into being more loving and compassionate towards others. stress. East Quogue. and drink alkaline water. Box 1051. nuts and seeds.O. plant based diet. you raise your vibrational frequency and open up both your creative channels and your connection to the divine. sugar. your mind and your soul. Once you have mastered that and it has become a part of your daily routine. more alkaline foods such as green vegetables. living foods. then choose another goal such as adding one large. and whole grains. For example. anger and depression. but on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well. anxiety.

Consistently quieting your mind will reduce your reaction to stressful situations and will eventually cultivate an inner feeling of peace and calm. be more productive throughout the day. focus on your breathing. Sit quietly. When you make a habit of investing the time to quiet these thoughts and practice being present it enables you to think more clearly. Amazing how nature works! Set yourself up for success! If you try to make too many changes at once. so if you can stick with it for 21 days. in the moment. through each chakra. until it reaches the crown of your head. leaving clear water. An easy meditation to begin with is to sit . East Quogue. Address: P. either in a chair with your feet touching the floor or sitting cross-legged on the floor with a straight spine. MEDITATE AT LEAST 20 MINUTES A DAY Imagine a bucket filled with water.O. it will become part of your daily www. 2. you are likely to end feeling like a failure and return to your old ways. If your mind is filled with worry or anxiety. On each inhale repeat “I belong to love” and on each exhale “I am safe in the universe” (or substitute mantras of your own). keeping your awareness on the breath.getsomezen. The water looks all cloudy and agitated. moving gradually upwards. from the crown to the base of the spine. The mantras will Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. you are living in the past or future. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. and approach your tasks from a place of inner wisdom and mindfulness. close your eyes. Clarity. Allow the bucket to sit and be still for a few minutes and the sand settles to the bottom. Box 1051. The constant chatter going on in your mind causes you to miss out on what is going on in your present life. Close your eyes and place your hands on the tops of your knees. Slowly inhale and watch with your mind’s eye the breath rising from the base of your spine.As you introduce more nutrient dense. After taking 3 or 4 breaths like this. Once you have mastered the 5 minutes in the morning. add in another 5 minutes and continue to do so until you are meditating for 20 minutes consistently each morning. rather than the present. Commit to five minutes out of your day. and just be present in your body. add in a mantra. they start to “crowd out” the less healthy choices until you eventually completely lose your desire for them. then slowly exhale and watch the breath move down the back of the spine. It takes only 21 days to form a new habit. Start off small. healthy foods into your diet. Now add some sand into it and stir it around.

or you feel an inch or two taller. 3. with gusto and competitiveness. just acknowledge their presence.O. just in a round about way. we are quite different than India and thus. your life force. It’s like a drug. I have clients who report back to me that meditation has transformed their lives! They are sleeping better. you will find that your sleep becomes more restful. yoga is very different that here in the United States. flexible. Over time. We are a type A nation and attack our yoga mats as we do our lives. Rather lofty goals for a newcomer. Culturally. Box 1051. preventing your mind from www. East Quogue. release them.crave it…absolutely need it in your very bones. In India. and dealing with interpersonal issues from a much calmer place. the more you want it…. what keeps people coming back is the emotional. The more you experience the high.keep your attention focused throughout the meditation. Address: P. being more productive at work. The secret most seasoned yogis know is that even though you may begin a yoga practice to get more flexible and to prevent or correct certain physical injuries. muscles. aggressive styles of yoga such as Bikrim and Hot Yoga. The emphasis is more on breathing (pranayama) and the meditative aspects of this ancient practice rather than the physical postures. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. Who doesn’t want a yogi’s body? Strong. If you do find that thoughts start to enter your mind. our approach to yoga is quite different as well. spiritual practice of yoga. your productivity increases. mental and spiritual benefits of the practice. They have learned through meditation how to reprogram how they react in certain situations. but don’t let that prevent you from embarking on what very well could be a life changing course. Once you’ve walked out of that first yoga class and you feel a lightness to your step that has been missing for years. Yoga has a way of sucking you in.getsomezen. which explains the rising popularity of “gym” yoga and sweaty. your ability to handle stress improves greatly and your creative channels open. and bring your awareness back to your breath. Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. toned abs. with a consistent meditation practice. The end result is that more and more people are getting introduced to the deep. DEVELOP A DAILY YOGA PRACTICE The ultimate goal of yoga is to quiet the mind and to reach a state of enlightenment. Most Westerners are initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits. you become hooked and want more. impeccable posture and a youthful .

com www. There are more options than ever today to being your own practice. 4. find one online or purchase a DVD. but I walked out of there feeling like a completely different person that when I walked in. I look at my life in two distinct segments: before I began practicing yoga and after. I couldn’t even do half of the poses. It continues to grow and enrich my life as I deepen my own practice and improve my teaching skills and I look forward to seeing where it takes me in the future. stopping and taking a few deep breaths can help you to reset and reprogram your reaction to the stressful situation.getsomezen. Most people tend to take very shallow breaths throughout the day never fully allowing oxygen to get to their cells. but can also slow down your heart beat. You will be able to handle stress easier. Box 1051. Even just fifteen minutes upon waking and/or going to bed will make a noticeable difference not only in the way you feel physically. If you can’t attend a class at a local gym or yoga studios. but emotionally and mentally. and it will enhance your creativity as well. start slowly and gradually. Yoga completely changed my life and put me on the path to where I am now. lower high blood pressure and reduce anxiety. By breathing deeply and . I was instantly hooked! Flash forward ten years and I’m now teaching yoga at the very same gym where I was initially introduced to it. If you have never practiced yoga. DEEP BREATHING EXERCISES Deep breathing exercises tend to accompany most styles of yoga and can be practiced before and/or after yoga. (There was nothing else on the schedule at the gym that morning!). sleep better. focus better at work or in school. I though it was all mellow stretching and breathing and thought I would give it a try.O. you not only oxygenate your cells. Personally. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. In moments of extreme stress. They are beneficial if done even for a few minutes. My love affair with yoga began in a gym when I blindly walked into a yoga class.That’s the way I feel about yoga. not knowing anything about it. loving every minute of it and never underestimating the responsibility that goes into introducing newcomers to the practice. What I encountered was far from what I expected. East Quogue. Address: P. Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. Your breath is your life force…you are literally breathing life into your cells.

5. I end up feeling anxiety and tension and do a disservice to my clients and family alike since I am not fully present when I am with them if I have neglected my own needs. friend. Inhale stomach then chest…exhale chest then stomach. and I am more productive when I put my own needs first. Personally.O. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. Retain the exhale before slowly beginning the cycle www. lie flat on your back with your eyes closed placing one hand on your stomach and one on your chest. when the kids are napping. Slowly inhale through your stomach first. Get creative…carve out time during your lunch hour. massages. Write it in your daily planner and make it a priority. Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. when you feel nurtured and are practicing self-love. Say no to commitments that aren’t going to bring joy into your life and use that time to go for a walk or write in your journal instead. Those activities take priority over my work commitments. pedicures and the like. mother. If I neglect them. feeling it rise. PRACTICE EXTREME SELF-CARE It’s an unfortunate fact of modern day life that when finances or time gets tight. Try it for a week and you will see…you’ll not only feel . Address: P. I plan my yoga and tennis schedule for the week before I schedule any client appointments.Before going to sleep at night. Get your morning run in even if the laundry is piled sky high. It may seem selfish to the uninitiated.getsomezen. I challenge you to take at least a half hour every day this week to do something for yourself…whatever it is that brings you pleasure. You will be in a better frame of mind to tackle life’s mundane chores if you’ve had the chance to clear your head and get those endorphins going. retain the breath for a few moments and then slowly exhale through the chest cavity first and then the stomach. feeling it too rise. we cut back on those things we deem to be non essential in our life such as our gym or yoga membership. but you will be better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. Upon completion of a full inhale. You will be a better wife. In actuality taking time to care for and nurture yourself is not a luxury…it’s a necessity. Box 1051. or before everyone wakes up. East Quogue. but my work ends up getting done. (Think of the rule on the airplane---place the air mask on YOUR face first…THEN your child’s! Keep this concept in mind as you go through your week). etc. Repeat this cycle several times to reach a deep state of rest and relaxation. Once it is full allow the breath to enter your chest area.

be grateful for the nagging feeling of angst that brought you here. No matter how dire the circumstances are. Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. East Quogue. At first it may be difficult to find things to be grateful for if you are going through a challenging . Use a tennis ball under your feet or your back to work out knots or just use your hands to relax tight muscles and relieve tension. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. and go from there. Take a walk…anywhere you happen to be. PRACTICE GRATITUDE The simple act of practicing gratitude can have a profound effect on your life. This releases toxins..Some easy self-care rituals anyone can incorporate into their life: Aromatherapy baths—sprinkle sea salts and some aromatherapy essential oils into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes. The very act of being grateful attracts more positive experiences into your life. Express gratitude for both the good and the bad. but you can always find a few moments to give yourself a neck or foot massage..getsomezen. tv and phone and sit in a comfortable chair with a cup of herbal tea and read a www. Keep your focus on what IS working and those things will begin to expand. Address: P. Start with basics such as being grateful for the sun rising and setting each day. It’s rejuvenating! Self massage—schedule and finances don’t always allow for a trip to the spa. there is always someone. for all the wonders of nature that surround you and work in perfect harmony with one another. but gradually you will be able to fill pages with things you are grateful for. someplace who is worse off than you. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while who always makes you laugh. Box 1051. in search of something more in your life. some sort of fulfillment you can’t quite put words to yet. Dry brushing: before getting into the shower or tub. dry brush your skin in upward sweeping motions to stimulate the flow of blood. Turn off the computer. you can find the time to unplug and walk in nature. Even if it is for only 10 minutes…feel the tension leave your body with each page you turn.O. A good belly laugh relieves tension like nothing else! 6. remove toxins from your skin and give your lymphatic system a boost. relaxes sore. tired muscles and enables you to sleep better.

Notice how your outlook becomes more positive and your interactions with others filled more with compassion and love. and solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems appear out of nowhere. Address: P. Continue this simple practice and watch doors start to open. You can write your gratitude in a journal. you would not be where you are in your life. Box 1051. or trying to figure out the solution to a .O. East Quogue. detach yourself and not Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. either recalling or rehashing things that have happened to us in the past or spending time anxiously worrying about events that have yet to occur in the future. the more productive you end up being. you will remain stuck. Let it unfold as it is meant to. To sit and just BE seems lazy…seems to lack motivation and drive. opportunities present themselves to you. you turn off your thinking mind and just let life happen. or say in silently in your head on your walk. Our natural tendency is to live in the past or the future. constantly on the go and very task or goal oriented. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. Indulge in the ritual of expressing heartfelt gratitude and feel your emotions lift and a lightness enter your heart. Ironically. BE PRESENT Staying in the present moment takes practice. Without them. Your mind works more efficiently when it has had a chance to settle. If you are spending a lot of time worrying. the more time you spend being present and still. 7. So be grateful for ALL of your life experiences to date. Yoga and meditation help to cultivate the practice of staying present by training the mind to stop the chatter and just be still. especially if you are a Type A personality. If you just let go. A gratitude practice is the simplest tool of all to begin with. speak it out loud in the shower. Be grateful every step of the way as you journey through this lifetime. This isn’t easy.Both the positive and negative experiences you have had in your life have contributed to making you who you are today and to will help you to discover ultimately why you are here. keeping your trust and faith in God and in the www.getsomezen. By staying in the present moment.

imperfections and tragic events that have occurred in your life. The first time my therapist told me that I was taken aback. he did…”. Be open and receptive to receiving all the good the universe has in store for you. “But. “But. you will remain stuck. Quiet the mind and allow the rest to unfold.getsomezen. It only adds to the layers of anger and resentment that reside within you. Believe me. You need to have faith in the process and get out of your own way. from reaching your fullest potential. Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. the solution will work itself out in unexpected ways. “But. This pattern of self-blame. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. he said…”. Box 1051. the slower the process of transformation becomes. Address: P. for circumstances or events in your life keeps your energy blocked and prevents you from moving forward. what about…”. Nobody is holding you back or preventing you from living the life you dream of except www. PRACTICE FORGIVENESS (TOWARDS SELF AND OTHERS) Holding onto resentment and anger can ruin the quality of your life. There is a divine pan at work that we know little to nothing about. etc. except myself that is. East Quogue. 8. This pattern was created in early childhood and has followed me through to present day…the pattern of putting others needs before my own. The “buts” kept spewing out of my mouth. And harder yet has been to stop all the self-blame. guilt and criticism that has been my go-to behavior for as long as I can remember. Criticizing or blaming yourself. well maybe more than a few times. guilt and criticism represents a roadblock between your current state of being and that of your higher self’s fullest potential. The more resistance we give to the changes that are happening to and around us. or another. for it to finally take root and for me to acknowledge deep in my soul that nobody was to blame for me not living up to my potential…nobody. Stay present. That can be a tough pill to swallow.worry about the “how to” of the situation. Know that you are 100% responsible for how you experience your life. etc.O. flaws. If you keep blaming yourself or others for mistakes. I know this from experience! Blaming yourself or others for past mistakes does not help in the healing process. of taking on the role of feeling responsible for how others feel and feeling guilty when I don’t please them. It took hearing his words a few .

com www. You may not even realize just how much anger and resentment resides within you until you start digging. watch the breath move from the base of your spine upwards until you reach the crown of your head. Know your truth and don’t compromise. the words and intention will have an impact.O. Forgive yourself for past actions and behavior. Releasing these feelings through practicing forgiveness. Forgive yourself. Forgive your parents. Move forward. Forgive your spouse. This simple yet powerful exercise can be applied towards another person whom you wish to practice forgiveness towards as well. Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. Forgive whomever you are holding anger and resentment towards. Forgive others for what did or didn’t do to you in the past. Stay true to yourself always. Synchronistic events start to occur more frequently. you are perfect as you are. This attempt is misguided. The universe will respond by fully supporting your efforts and bringing the positive flow of abundance into your life. As you slowly inhale. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. Repeat the mantra “I love myself” as you exhale. you must forgive. divinely created individuals loved by God and created in his likeness. You will feel more peaceful afterwards. meditating and journaling. unique.To welcome positive flow into your life. but it all starts with . Continue to repeat this cycle of inhaling and exhaling mindfully while repeating those two mantras for ten to fifteen minutes.getsomezen. Even if you don’t fully believe the mantra in the beginning. Bring your awareness to the base of your spine. East Quogue. You did the best you could with the knowledge and wisdom that you had at the time. trying to overcome these so called flaws as they strive towards some ideal they believe will make them feel happy and fulfilled once reached. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and your spine straight. Once you reach the crown of your head slowly begin to exhale. As you are inhaling repeat the mantra “I forgive myself”. most people don’t see themselves that way. watching the breath move from the crown of your head down the back of your spine until you again reach the base of the spine. Forgive and move on. Unfortunately. We are all spiritual beings. releases energetic blocks in your chakras and deepens your connection to the divine. Try this simple forgiveness meditation. and “flow” begins to happen in your life. perfect just as we are. You may need to dig deep to discover who that is. Box 1051. They see only the imperfections they perceive to exist and berate their self. Address: P.

It is a place to work out your inner struggles.O. Regular journaling helps to manage and reduce the stress in your life by allowing you to release pent up emotion. or what someone else will think about you when they read it. If you are feeling something. 10. Keep your journal safe so you can write freely. which leads to resentment and anger if kept inside. smell the fragrance of the flowers that Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty. East Quogue. Just stepping into that space will begin to get the emotions and words flowing out of you. The very act of getting the words out of you can have a healing effect on your psyche. Address: P. Box 1051. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. Practice being present when you are outside in nature…quiet your mind and bring your awareness to the wonder of what exists around you. I say my prayers of gratitude as I am walking my www. Oftentimes just putting the words on paper has a therapeutic effect.9. I consider it talk therapy. KEEP A JOURNAL Daily journaling is a way of releasing unexpressed emotions. it is never insignificant. Just write. Your journal is a safe outlet. Observe the trees swaying gently in the breeze. Whether you write with pen to paper or on a computer doesn’t matter. If you are fearful that the words will be read. Buy yourself a beautiful journal and pen. The best times of day to journal is immediately upon waking. You will begin to know your true self and what your higher self desires by writing from your heart.getsomezen. and set aside a special spot in the house or outside that is your journaling place. free from criticism with no right or wrong answers. directly after meditating or right before going to sleep at . CONNECT WITH NATURE Being outside in nature connects you with the divine. Don’t even go back and re-read what you wrote. This is not a place to worry about sentence structure or grammar. Journal about anything you are feeling. without holding back. breathing the fresh air deeply into my lungs. Your journal is a place to write any thoughts or feelings you are experiencing. without fear of judgment or ridicule. regardless of whether you deem it to be petty or insignificant. then rip the pages out after you’ve written them…you will have still received the benefit of having written them. Get the words out.

FINAL THOUGHTS Feel free to combine many of these tools…write in your journal as you sit under a tree. Box 1051. turn your yoga practice into a moving meditation. or sit with your spine against the trunk of a tree. Your life will transform once you adopt these tools. NY 11942 631-235-3816 Email: carol@GetSomeZen. or just tune in and listen to the silence. The choice is yours! desire? Are you willing to do what it takes to live the life you Tel: © Copyright 2012 Carol Galanty.getsomezen.are blooming and hear the sounds of the birds. Two people can experience the exact same stressful . connecting to the living pulse of the earth.There is no way to completely eliminate it. but choose to react to it in completely different ways. grounding yourself. say your prayers of gratitude as you walk through the woods. do deep breathing exercises as you get a pedicure. Stress exists in everyone’s life…. connected to every other human being on this planet and connected to the planet Earth herself. but you CAN learn to manage and reduce it. One can react calmly and under control and the other can explode in anger and rage and feel extreme anxiety. East Quogue. Address: P. Whenever possible. remove your shoes and walk www. Slow down and really connect with the divine force of nature and know that we are all one consciousness. Be creative…make it your own.O.