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Zephyr Zero Gravity Fountain Pen

Shinde Ameet Narayan

Indian Business Academy. Greater
Marketing Mix
 Zephyr Zero Gravity Fountain Pen is an innovative product
It works on zero gravity technology consisting of pressurized
ink cartridges
It can write Upside down, Under water, over
wet and greasy paper or at any angle

 It also works at high altitude (12,500 feet)

which makes it possible to use in airplanes too
The Ink cartridges are replaceable

 It comes in four elegant colors viz., Shiny

Black, Metallic Silver, Aqua Blue and Pink

 Zephyr Zero Gravity Fountain Pen targets

premium segment customers, it is priced at 1500

 The replaceable Ink cartridges is priced at 500


Print ads will be placed in Business

magazines like Business travelers Asia Pacific,
Business India, Business world and
technological magazines like Digit India,
Electronics for you, etc.

It will also be placed in leading Business

news papers like ET, Financial Express
and Business Standard, etc.
Zephyr Zero Gravity Fountain Pen will be launched in four
metros of India namely, New Delhi, Kolkatta, Mumbai and

In addition it will also be launched in

technological and manufacturing hub
cities like Bangalore and Pune
Unique Selling Proposition
The USP of Zephyr Fountain Pen is
its unique Zero Gravity Technology
which create a complete new
category in Fountain Pens
Market Segmentation
Target Market Segmentation:
The target market audience for Zephyr Zero Gravity Fountain
Pen is premium segment customers like business executives and
techno savvy affluent class.

1. Geographic:
Metro cities, Technological &
Manufacturing hub like Bangalore and
2. Demographic:
o Age- Above 20 Years
o Gender –Unisex
o Income Group – Upper Class
o Occupation- Industrialist, Businessmen, Senior
Executives, Celebrities and Frequent Fliers

3. Psychographic:
o Personality- Ambitious and Status Oriented
o Life style- Techno savvy
360 Degree Communication
o Corporate Presentation
o Direct Mails

o Promoting the Product through Print Ads
o Magazines (Business travelers Asia Pacific,
Business India, Business world), (Digit India,
Electronics for you)
o News papers

The brand name for the product is chosen as ‘Zephyr’ as it

means soft gentle Breeze or mild flowing Breeze
Thus it represents the unique characteristic of the pen i.e.
soft and non – stop flow of writing
As Breeze flows without any restriction, Zephyr fountain
pens also writes without any restriction
The tagline for our product is – ‘Azadi Likhane
 It aptly describes the complete writing freedom
which an user will get after purchasing Zephyr
zero gravity fountain pen
Media Planning
o Budgeting for Magazines

o Budgeting for News Papers

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