1 Generic Competitive Strategy – Choose best generic competitive strategy that will be used to achieve the General Objective 6.2 Complementary and Other Generic Strategies / Alternative Courses of Action (ACA1, ACA2) – Sets of Strategies 6.2.1 Other Generic Strategies - (e.g. Intensive, Integration, Diversification, Product Development et al) to achieve objectives in 5.1-5.3 GENERAL OBJECTIVE (Philippine Tourism Industry) Construct a cohesive tourism campaign plan that can be sustainable for the economy of the Philippines, elaborating on different social economic, environmental, and technological projects that can be integrated for the development of tourism regions. Sub-Objectives - Improve the current tourism strategy the company is using - Identify the different areas of tourism that needs to be developed - Overlook all the advantages in tourism we have compared to other countries - Create a framework that will not only be for the benefit of tourism, but also for the whole economy of the country In order to aid the discussion of the generic competitive strategies, the paper will be using the grand strategy matrix in determining the generic strategies that the firm could adopt based on its current circumstances. The respective quadrants where the firm belongs as well as the appropriate generic strategies can be found in the figure below:

horizontal integration. There is a higher risk that individuals will now have to make key decisions such as . After determining the alternative courses of action. Firm can maintain compliance as its department could prevent them from Disadvantages This will entail additional costs to the company. It must only be in chosen places that it serves the best. Later on. It can be challenging to micromanage a firm’s employees especially when it is new including the learning curve required in the process. market penetration. they have a number of improvements to do. there are three ways that they can be more competitive. As a general marketing strategy that would help in the betterment of Active Travel and Tours Inc.’s condition is through market development. the firm must establish their human resource department as well. Second.Based on the discussions of the current conditions of the company. The accessibility of highly confidential information related to the firm’s researches or products are at high risk as its staffs have access on them. Lastly. and divesture liquidation. product development. After running through its present conditions. the company is in the second quadrant or that which has a weak competitive position in a fast growing market. In doing so. the primary generic strategy that firms have to select is product development. Alternative 2: Establish its own human resource development department Advantages Employees could now be more equipped with the proper training and development necessary for them to be competitive The firm’s employees would be more skilled and knowledgeable as there will be having a more rigid employment process given the new department focused in handling such. More specifically. company must be able to increase its corporate accounts through social media. In the given situation. the advantages and disadvantages of these courses of action are discussed in order to help the firm have an objective assessment of their plan of action. First is to create its very own marketing arm. its position in the Grand Strategy Matrix must first be determined. they must now be equipped to penetrate the market they are in. given the facts related to the company. Maintenance is required There will be a group of people through their staff who will be more knowledgeable of their products. Alternative 1: Create its own marketing arm Advantages Enhances the firm’s product features that would meet the needs and demands of their consumers Company gets their information and product at a faster pace with people investing and researching on the respective business needs Customization of the product is more accessible for consumers Disadvantages This could entail higher costs for the firm in creating its own arm and creating its own products There are geographic locations in creating one’s own marketing arm. once the company’s product has been developed and established.

There may always be unforeseen events which might be harmful to the company as well This is a cheaper alternative for both personal This may be time consuming for the and business use as most of it are free. training and development could be time consuming. other generic strategies could be used in achieving the sub-objectives. Builds credibility as consumers will be aware that you want to reach them in both personal and professional ways such that the firm would be accessible to them in any way. Moreover. company knowing that there must be frequent updating of different sites at the fastest way possible Easily accessed by consumers Decreases worker productivity as the firm’s employees would be able to access different kinds of social media during work hours. Instead of focusing on increasing its market share.breaking rules and regulations that could be more costly for the firms should there be fines in the event that there would be noncompliance. Alternative 3: Increase its corporate accounts through social media Advantages Builds connection as most if not everybody uses it and word of mouth could be a result of this connection that would be beneficial for the firm. employees’ time is divided in other activities. . After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed alternative strategies. training. and other personal relations. Internal relationships could be strengthened given the programs that the department could implement. Disadvantages There are pieces of information about the company that would now be accessible to the public There is higher risk for scams and harassment despite the security that this alternative may be offering. hiring. Hiring. there is a bigger probability that these individuals will not fully adapt to the nuances of the business.