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*************************************************************************** * CHAMP Ms. Pac-em, ver. 1.

1 * * Registered version * * Copyright 1996 CHAMProgramming * * 11/25/96 * *************************************************************************** ---------------| INTRODUCTION | ---------------CHAMProgramming is proud to present our latest release, CHAMP Ms. Pac-em!! Based on CHAMP Ms. Pacman, this version offers superb graphics, Soundblaster support and enhanced gameplay that truly makes you feel like you're in an arcade! A completely re-designed user interface is now easier and more powerful than before. A complete remake of the look and feel has created a truly enjoyable game. We hope you enjoy the results. ============================================================================ ----------| CREDITS | ----------CHAMP Ms. Pac-em is a result of almost 2 years of hard work. The following people have had significant contributions to the making of this game: John Champeau Christina Jackson Dan Van Buskirk Paul Champeau Game Game Game Game Design, Programming & Sound. Design and Testing Design, Graphics and the CHAMP Sidebar. Design and Testing. Also the creator of CHAMP Cable!

Special thanks to Lynne Kaschke for her work on the intermission songs. --------------------| LICENSE AGREEMENT | --------------------This is the full version of CHAMP Ms. Pac-em. As the user, you are entitled to make a backup copy of this program for archival purposes only. Unauthorized duplication or distribution of this product is strictly prohibited. Though every effort has been made to ensure that CHAMP Ms. Pac-em will operate with any PC that meets the requirements specified, CHAMProgramming is not responsible for anything that may occur as a result of the use of this program. CHAMP Ms. Pac-em is sold "as is". Though comments and suggestions are welcomed, CHAMProgramming cannot promise that any changes will be made to this product at any time. --------------------| REGISTRATION INFO | ---------------------

This copy of CHAMP Ms. Pac-em is registered solely to you, the user. A unique registration file is included on this disk that specifically identifies you as the owner and registered user of the disk. Since this program will not operate without a valid registration file, you must contact CHAMProgramming directly to replace this file should it become corrupt or deleted. ---------------| REQUIREMENTS | ---------------CHAMP Ms. Pac-em requires the following to run: * * * * 386/33Mhz or better IBM PC or 100% Compatible DOS ver. 3.1 or better VGA Graphics 450K of free conventional memory

CHAMP Ms. Pac-em also supports the following: * 1 or 2 analog joysticks * Soundblaster card or compatible * Microsoft compatible mouse * Digital joystick using CHAMP Cable(tm) The * * * * * following configuration is recommended to play CHAMP Ms. Pac-em: 486/33 Soundblaster 16 VESA compatible VGA card 550K of free conventional memory Digital joystick using CHAMP Cable(tm) or Gravis PC-Gamepad

-------------------------| INSTALLING THE PROGRAM | -------------------------To install CHAMP Ms. Pac-em, first insert the CHAMP Ms. Pac-em disk into drive A . The following instructions will be determined by the operating system you are using: DOS Users: 1) From the command line, type A:\INSTALL and press ENTER. Follow the on screen prompts to install the program. Windows 3.x Users: 1) Start Windows. 2) Select File, Run. 3) Type A:\SETUP and press ENTER. Follow the onscreen prompts. Once the installation is complete, a group called "CHAMP Arcade" will be created with an program item called "CHAMP Ms. Pac-em". Windows 95 Users: 1) Click on Start. 2) Click on Run.

3) Type A:\SETUP and press ENTER. Follow the onscreen prompts. Once the installation is complete, a group called "CHAMP Arcade" will be created with an program item called "CHAMP Ms. Pac-em". CHAMP Ms. Pac-em has been successfully tested under the following operating systems: DOS 3.1 and greater Windows 3.x and greater Windows 95/NT OS/2 and OS/2 Warp

Note that although CHAMP Ms. Pac-em will run under Windows 3.x, Windows 95, OS/2 and OS/2 Warp, you should run the game under DOS for optimal performance. ----------------------| RUNNING THE PROGRAM | ----------------------The following are the files CHAMP Ms. Pac-em needs to run. CHAMP Ms. Pac-em wil l NOT run unless these three files are found: * MSPACEM.EXE - This is the program. * MSPACEM.BIN - Contains necessary graphics and sounds. * MSPACEM.HLP - Contains on-line help for CHAMP Ms. Pac-em The * * * following files are created after running CHAMP Ms. Pac-em: MSPACEM.CFG - Configuration file. MSPACEM.HOF - Top ten hall of fame. JOYSTICK.CFG - Joystick calibration values.

DOS Users: To run CHAMP Ms. Pac-em, switch to the directory where you have copied the progr am and type 'MSPACEM' and press ENTER. If you have trouble running CHAMP Ms. Pac-e m, see the Troubleshooting section. By default, CHAMP Ms. Pac-em is installed in the directory C:\CHAMP\MSPACEM. A batch file has also been set up in the CHAMP directory. To run the program from this directory, switch to the directory, type 'MSPACEM' and press ENTER. Windows 3.x Users: 1) Open up the CHAMP Arcade group. 2) Double-click on the CHAMP Ms. Pac-em icon. Windows 95 Users: 1) 2) 3) 4) Click on Start. Select Programs. Select CHAMP Arcade. Select CHAMP Ms. Pac-em.

Once the program loads, you will see the CHAMP Intro screen. Next, the CHAMP Ms. Pac-em title screen will be shown: * START GAME (1P/2P): Press ENTER to play the game; use the arrow keys to change between 1 and 2 players. * OPTIONS: Choose this to view the many options available for CHAMP Ms. Pac-em . * EXIT GAME: Choose this to exit CHAMP Ms. Pac-em. NOTE: You can press F1 at any time to get context-sensitive help. ----------| OPTIONS | ----------There are several options available in CHAMP Ms. Pac-em: * * * * * * GAME SETTINGS CONTROLLERS SOUND VIEW HIGH SCORES CREDITS/SCORING INSTRUCTIONS

GAME SETTINGS ------------Choose this option to set the number of players, difficulty level, game mode and game speed. Note that there are two different game modes: CLASSIC Classic Mode plays more like the arcade, with arcade levels and bonuses. CHAMP CHAMP Mode includes the Classic Mode with more enhancements, including more levels and bonuses! CONTROLLERS ----------Choose this option to set the controllers for both players. Selections include Joystick (A or B), Keyboard (1 or 2), Mouse, or CHAMP Cable. Note that each controller has it's own option: Joystick A or B: Keyboard 1 or 2: Mouse: CHAMP Cable: Enable/Calibrate Define Keys Adjust sensitivity Choose the port it's connected to (LPT1, 2, 3, or none)

Navigating menus: Once a control is active, you can use it to navigate through the menus. Unfortunately, if you don't calibrate your joystick correctly, this could cause problems. If this occurs, press F4 to disable all joysticks. SOUND -----

This option allows you to turn sound on and off and choose the way sounds are played during the game, as well as adjust the volume (Soundblaster only). You can also disable and configure your sound card here. INSTRUCTIONS -----------Choose this to view the many pages of on-line instructions for CHAMP Ms. Pac-em. VIEW HALL OF FAME ----------------This will display the top 10 scores and the names of the players who accomplished the feat. CREDITS AND SCORING ------------------Choose this to view the names of the people who made CHAMP Ms. Pac-em possible, and get all the scoring for the game as well. -------------------| PLAYING THE GAME | -------------------The object of CHAMP Ms. Pac-em is to eat as many dots, fruits, and pretzels you can while avoiding the four goblins. With each maze you clear, the goblins become faster and more difficult to avoid. In the corners of the mazes are power pills. If Ms. Pac-em eats one, the goblins will turn blue for a few seconds, at which time she can eat them! Be careful, though, because once the goblins flash back to normal they'll be after her again! After certain levels, an intermission screen will be shown which tells the story about Ms. Pac-em and Pac-em. CHAMP Mode Enhancements Playing Ms. Pac-em in CHAMP Mode is similar to Classic mode, with these additions: More Mazes! CHAMP Mode allows you to play with 9 different mazes during a game, including the special CHAMP Maze! You can select which mazes to play and in which order by choosing SELECT MAZES under GAME OPTIONS. The Dot Machine --------------This is the machine that puts down the dots for each maze before you play. Unfortunately, if you take too much time to clear a maze, the Dot Machine will come out and start dropping down more dots to eat! The Dot Machine stops when you eat it or when it runs out of dots to put down. Eating the Dot Machine scores 100-1000 points, depending on how many dots it has left. As many as two Dot Machines can appear at once. The Dot Machine only appears after Level 2 is cleared.

The Chill Pill -------------The Chill Pill is a special power pill that makes it's way around the maze looking for a way out. Eating the Chill Pill will freeze the ghosts for a short period of time. Once they're frozen, you can ram the ghosts for 400 points each. Be careful - when the ghosts start melting they're ready to start chasing you again! You can pass through ghosts while they're freezing or melting. The Fast Button --------------In both Classic and CHAMP Mode, you can press the joystick button to speed up the game. Be careful though - both you and the ghosts go much faster! Keyboard users should press the key defined to the fast button (usually the Control key) and mouse users should press the left mouse button. Game Notes ---------During the game, you can press any of the following keys: * * * * * * * F1 F5 F6 F9 F10 F12 Esc Brings up the help screen. Brings up the Controller options. Brings up the Sound options. Toggles the sound on and off. Resets the game. Pauses the game. Press the spacebar or tap a button to resume. Brings up the Options menu. Press ESC to resume the game.

-------------------| TROUBLE SHOOTING | -------------------The following switches are used from the command line to disable certain auto-detection features of CHAMP Ms. Pac-em if you are experiencing problems running the program: -s -j -d -m -3 Disable the auto detection of the sound card. Disable any analog joysticks that are being used. Disable any digital joysticks that are being used. Mute all sounds. Disable the auto-detection of a 386. Use this ONLY if you 386 PC or better! -a : Disable the auto-detection of the sound card. This should when the auto-detection routine is incorrectly identifying sound card's settings. Be sure to manually configure your by choosing the Configure Soundcard option under Sound. -t : Skip the CHAMP title page. For example: To disable the sound card detection, you would type: MSPACEM -s Sound Card problems : : : : :

have a be used your card

You must have a 100% compatible Soundblaster card. To manually configure your sound card, choose Configure Sound Card in the Sound menu (from the Options menu). You will be prompted for the PORT, IRQ, and DMA of your sound card. Please consult your user's manual of your sound card for these values. You can always select Auto Detect and let the program try to determine the values, though this may lock up your computer. If you continue to experience problems, please Email CHAMProgramming's technical support at: Also, other technical support is available at the CHAMProgramming web site, located at: --------------| CHAMP CABLE | --------------Play our games the way they were meant to be played! What is CHAMP Cable? CHAMP Cable is a 3-foot cable that allows you to plug a standard 9-pin digital joystick (from the Atari 2600) into a parallel printer port and play all CHAMP Games!!! * * * * Digital response -> faster response than analog NO CALIBRATION!! Works on LPT1, LPT2 and LPT3 Supports joysticks from the Atari 2600/7800/400/800/1200/130xe, Commodore 64/128, and Colecovision. Also supports digital Wico joysticks. * Lifetime warranty!! Where can I get those old joysticks? * Your attic * Your cellar * Your friend's attic or cellar * Garage and yard sales * For-sale sections of magazines To order your CHAMP Cable, send a check or money order for $17.95 plus $2.00 shipping to: CHAMProgramming 34-3 Shunpike Road, #187 Cromwell, CT 06416 Please allow 2 weeks for shipping. Joysticks not included. --------------| OTHER GAMES | --------------CHAMProgramming is currently working on or has released the following games: * CHAMP Kong * CHAMP Ms. Pac-em

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For more information on these games, please visit our web site at: If you have any comments or any suggestions for future CHAMP games, feel free to contact us at: Thanks again for your support! jwc 4/25/96