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Worded Problems

I. II. III. IV. V. The Math class contains 5 more girls than boys. There are d girls in the class. How many boys are there? Joe’s score in an examination was p marks. If the score is decreased by q, what is the final score? The width of a rectangular room is a metres. The length is three times the width. What is the length? What is the area? John has three times his brother’s marbles. Together, they have 48. Write an equation to illustrate this information. An apple costs $2 more than a mango. The total cost of three apples and a mango is $50. Write an equation to illustrate this information.

June 2010 Write the following phrases as algebraic expressions. (i) Seven times the sum of x and y (ii) The product of TWO consecutive numbers when the smaller number is y. June 2008 Change the following statements into algebraic expressions: (i) Four times the sum of x and 5 (ii) 16 larger than the product of a and b Jan 2007 The cost of one muffin is $m. The cost of three cupcakes is $2m. (i) Write an algebraic expression in m for the cost of: a) FIVE muffins b) SIX muffins (ii) Write an equation, in terms of m, to represent the following information: The TOTAL cost of 5 muffins and 6 cupcakes is $31.50 Jan 2008

June 2005 Adam, Imran and Shakeel were playing a card game.  Adam scored x points.  Imran scored 3 points fewer than Adam.  Shakeel scored twice as many points as Imran.  Together, they scored 39 points. (i) Write down, in terms of x, an expression for the number of points scored by Shakeel. (ii) Write an equation which may be used to find the value of x. Jan 2009 A drinking straw of length 21cm is cut into 3 pieces.  The length of the first piece is x cm.  The second piece is 3cm shorter than the first piece.  The third piece is twice as long as the first piece. (i) State, in terms of x, the length of EACH of the pieces. (ii) Write an expression, in terms of x, to represent the sum of the lengths of the three pieces of drinking straw.

Form 4 Mathematics Worksheet

Prepared by Melissa Harrichandsingh

(ii) The total number of donuts sold was 195. The donuts are sold in small and large boxes. Type of cake Sponge Chocolate Fruit Cost ($) (k+2) K 2k No. Calculate the number of donuts in a a) small box b) large box Form 4 Mathematics Worksheet Prepared by Melissa Harrichandsingh . (i) Write an expression in terms of x to represent the TOTAL number of donuts sold. (ii) Write an expression for the total money collected. (iii) If the total money collected was $140.Jan 2008 The table shows the type of cakes available at a bakery. sold 2 10 4 (i) Write an expression for the money collected from sponge cakes for the day. The number of donuts in each type of box is given in the table below: Type of Box Small box Large box Number of Donuts per Box x 2x+3 The students sold 8 small boxes and 5 large boxes in all. Jan 2011 The students in a class sell donuts to raise money for their school project. and the number sold. the cost of each cake. determine the value of k.