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Gabrielle Albertha C.

Burgos AGRI 121 X

March 12, 2013

Reaction on Strengthening Palay Seed Systems in Southern Tagalog and Bicol Regions (Dr. Jose E. Hernandez) March 5, 2013, a professorial chair lecture was conducted in the Agronomy building

rom 101. One of the speakers was Dr. Jose E. Hernandez. His topic was “Strengthening Palay Seed Systems in Southern Tagalog and Bicol Regions”. The research of Dr. Hernandez was funded by the Department of Agriculture to improve the palay seed system of the two regions. The goal of the research is to attain farm self-sufficiency and to increase farmer’s income. According to Dr. Hernandez, to attain farm self- sufficiency, there must be an improvement with the seed system, strengthening of Extension System and a Revised Provincial Action Plan. In search for the solution for improving the seed system, Dr. Hernandez conducted Interviews, Rapid Rural Appraisal, Group discussions, research from secondary data, trainings on entrepreneurship and seed certification, Palay Seed System Study, and Roundtable discussions and workshops. Adopting the CRDES Program framework, Dr. Hernandez used 3 strategies in order to conduct activities relevant to achieve farm self-sufficiency. He used Technical assistance, trainings, and government policies. Some of the policies governing palay seed system are as follows: the RA 7308- Seed Industry development act of 1992, RA 9168 – Plant Variety Protection Act of 2002, RA 7607 – Magna Carta of Small Farmers (1992), and M.O No. 20. Guidelines on the Implementation of Community- Based Seed Banks (2011). Dr. Hernandez did not neglect the role of the farmers in the study. In order to know and arrive with the solution to the Farming System, it is important to know the situation of the respondents, and in this case, the farmers. The group discussions with the farmers helped in the brainstorming of ideas and arriving with possible solutions. As Dr. Hernandez did his research, he took notice of the ideas of the farmers and with this, it contributed to the progress of the study. Seed certification ensures the efficiency of germination of the seeds which is why he conducted trainings on seed certification as well as workshops. The speaker focused on a small level, starting with the farmers in improving the system. In his lecture, he highlighted the importance of food security. Food security is demanded by the supply and demand. It is that an area, say a region, has food security if the supply meets the demand. For short there is an equilibrium between the supply and demand. In focusing on the smaller level, it gradually changes the supply and demand curve to meet equilibrium. If there is food security, is also a factor of farm self-sufficiency which was the main goal of the research.