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Number 419707 Date 10/31/2012 Status Assignee Actual Savings Amount Disputed Estimated Savings Closed Granados, Elena H $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Location Kennewick - Consumer Protection Division NAICS 541620-Legal Services- All other legal services

Name Christopher Vallos 573 Monroe Blvd Painesville, OH 44077 Phone Day (440) 391-0435 Phone Evening Email (440) 391-0435

Name McCormack Intellectual Property Law 617 Lee St Seattle, WA 98109 Getty Images 605 5th Ave S Ste 400 Seattle, WA 98104 Contact Phone (206) 381-8888 Toll Free Email legal@mccormackl

(206) 925-6753


Name Contact Phone Contact Phone Email

Code 640 Practice Fees

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Catalyst Report
Complaint Description
Description I am being harrased by Getty Images who is using Timothy B. McCormack ( as the attorney. Case number 1091514 My website is and they "claim" I took an image that is represented by them. of a woman holding a tree and displayed this image on my website. They are wanting $1286 as a fee for this. Please help me in this matter. Chris Vallos Expected resolution details: This image is not on my website currently.



From: Chris Vallos [] Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 9:42 AM To: ATG MI Kennewick CRC Subject: RE: 419707 : A notice from the Washington State Attorney General'sOffice Mr. Mckenna, I also filed a grievance with the WSBA office of Disceplinary Counsel against (Timothy McCormack) the attorney handling the claim with Getty Images. WSBA File no 12-03039 I am attaching the WSBA letter requesting information from Timothy McCormack and Getty Images on this matter. According to the WSBA letter, Mr. McCormack and Getty Images has 30 days from the date the letter was sent (November 1, 2012) The amount that they are demanding ($1286) is ridiculous. Chris Vallos