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1.0 APPLICABLE STANDARDS : Except when they conflict with the specific requirements of this specification, the insulators shall comply with IS:5300 - 1969 or the latest version thereof. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: The porcelain insulator shall be sound, free from defects, thoroughly verified and smoothly glazed. The design of the insulator shall be such that the stresses due to expansion and contraction in any part of the insulator shall not lead to its deterioration. The glaze, unless otherwise specified, shall be brown in color. The glaze shall cover the entire porcelain surface parts except those areas that serve as supports during firing. TYPE OF INSULATORS : The standard guy system insulators shall be of designations 'A' and 'C as per IS: 5300. The recommended type of guy strain insulators for use on guy wires of overhead lines of different voltage levels are as follows: DIMENSIONS: The dimensions of guy strain insulators shall be in accordance with respective DISCOM specifications. BASIC INSULATION LEVELS: The test voltage of the insulators shall be as under: Designatio n of Insulator A B 6.0 one-minute frequency voltage (KV power withstand rms) one-minute frequency voltage (KV power withstand rms)





Dry 18 27

Wet 8 13

MECHANICAL STRENGTH: The insulators shall be suitable for the minimum failing loads specified as under: Designation of Insulator Minimum failing load (KN) A 44 C 88 TESTS: The insulators shall comply with the following routine, type and acceptance test as per IS: 5300. Routine Test: Visual Examination Type Test Visual Examination Page | 167


7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4

7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 7.9 7.10 7.11

Verification of Dimensions Temperature Cycle Test Dry One-Minute Power-Frequency Voltage Withstand Test Wet One-Minute Power-Frequency Voltage Withstand Test Mechanical Strength Test Porosity Test Acceptance Tests: (to be conducted in the following order) i. ii. iii. iv. Verification of dimensions Temperature cycle test Mechanical strength test Porosity test


MARKING: Each insulator shall be legibly and indelibly marked to show the following a) Name of trade mark of the manufacturer b) Year of manufacturer c) ISI certificate mark, if any. d) Marking on porcelain shall be applied before firing. PACKING: All insulators shall be packed in wooden crates suitable for easy but rough handling and acceptable for rail transport. Wooden separators shall be fixed between the insulators to keep individual insulators in position without movement within the crate.


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