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[Authors Note: The term cunny is prevalent in the anonymous erotic fiction of Edwardian England.

It is roughly analogous to the word pussy and is used in this manner. None of my research revealed a similar term that is congruent with the time period of this story, which is late 17th century. If any of my readers know of a less anachronistic term I would greatly appreciate them writing. - C.T. ] ***** The Lady Abigail Rodgers stood at the rail of the sloop of war HMS Indomitable. She was a small woman with flaxen hair and pale blue eyes. The dark dress she wore made her appear even smaller with its wide skirts and voluminous petticoats. She was the very picture of an English Lady out to get some air on a long voyage, but this was no pleasure trip. Each passing moment the fast little ship was carrying her towards an uncertain fate. The deep azure blue of the Atlantic had already given way to the bluegreens of the shallower Caribbean. Soon St. Eustacius will be in sight and not long after that the end of my world, she thought bitterly. Even the sea seems to pity me. Why must my father do this to me? Her father was the Governor of the tiny island and had arranged a marriage for her. Abigail and her father had never been close. He was a cold man, stubbornly prideful and very ambitious. When her mother had died in an outbreak of the plague he had left his only daughter in the care of her grandparents and gone over seas. Abby had been seven at the time and was now a beautiful young woman of nineteen. She did not know him, save for the infrequent letters she had received over the years. She had grown up under the care of her grandparents at a small estate in Yorkshire called The Brambles. Her grandfather had been a vigorous man in his early fifties and had made the family fortune privateering in the Caribbean during one of the many protracted wars between the colonial powers. He had returned to the islands after her grandmother died and Abigail finished her schooling with an aunt in France. She could still remember crying as she left the old manor house, grief over her grandmother's death, her grandfather's departure and the selling of the old estate to strangers all mixed to form one of the saddest days of her life. Now her wedding day would take the place of that day she feared. She was betrothed to a most horrid little man, the scion of a wealthy family on St. Eustacius. Sir Gerald Abercrombie had come over to personally escort his pretty bride back home. He was a vain, shallow, arrogant man in his mid thirties. Thin and short with milky white skin and a black scraggly beard that grew in patches on his heavy jaw he looked less like a man than one of the mangy hounds her grandfathers neighbor used to keep. He was an odious toad in Abigail's opinion and the lecherous stares he gave her left little doubt that he was anxious to truly claim his bride. Abigail felt her stomach turn just thinking of physical contact with the man. Her father had no concern for her as a person, for her likes or dislikes. She felt that to him she was nothing more than a pawn to be used to gain advantage for himself as he tried to be elevated to the peerage. She would not be allowed to marry for love and after nearly three months in Gerald's company Abigail had come to believe she would never love any man. The members of the crew were all animals, scum taken from Liverpool's docks and jails. They had seemed nice a first but she had quickly realized they wanted her for the same reason Gerald did. The captain was a fat man, pompous and prideful. He

seemed to have more interest in polishing the many brass buttons on his Royal Navy waistcoat than he did in any of the day-to-day things on his ship. Her entire trip had been one of fear and aching loneliness. Her dismal reverie was disturbed as her betrothed exited the small cabin he occupied and approached her. He wore his sailor's outfit today, the white shirt open to reveal a shrunken chest covered in a patchwork of hair. Lace decorated the cuffs and collar, and the breeches were of velvet. Abigail cringed as she imagined his body close to hers and she looked around quickly, hoping for someone nearby to talk to, anything to avoid him. "Sail Ho!" the sailor in the crow's nest called out. The crossing had taken nearly three months and all heads turned towards the distant spec curiously. Gerald went to speak to the captain, mercifully sparing Abigail his presence. She stayed at the rail, watching the spec slowly grow, first to a sail, then to a toy sized ship and finally to a majestic Barque built on the Spanish model. It was beautiful to behold as it danced across the calm sea leaving a frothy white wake behind. The lines were clean and sleek and for a moment she was reminded of the hunting hounds Lord Tort kept on his estate in France. The ship was definitely a runner, built for speed. It was carrying full sail now, the white cloths filled with the gentle breeze that Indomitable had been fighting all morning. She flew the Dutch flag, which Abigail found curious, since the Dutch usually used fat, squat trading vessels. All hands were watching when the Dutch flag came down and another was raised, a red flag with a black bird of prey on it. Abigail was trying to make out what kind of bird it was when a horrified shriek behind her announced "It's Black Lissa!" She recognized Gerald's panic stricken voice as the sailors exploded into action around her. Black Lissa? She thought. The notorious pirate? The one they called the Queen of the damned? Even in her sheltered life in England, and later France, Abigail had heard of Black Lissa. She was Spanish or French, no one knew for sure. Brought over to be a "companion" to a Spanish Governor she had been taken by pirates when the ship she was on had been seized. She had proved to be more than the pirate captain had bargained for and killed him when he came to claim her. She was a classically trained swordswoman, and had killed several crewmen before the others backed down. By some obscure rule of pirate etiquette she had become captain. For the last three years she had been the scourge of the Eastern Caribbean, raiding as far as Trinidad in the South and Bermuda in the north. Horror stories of the way her crew brutally dispatched prisoners vied with stories of how she took captured women to her bed as a man would in the lurid press of the times. Abigail discounted much of what she had heard; no one person could have done so much mischief in so short a time, in her opinion. Still, men spoke the name Black Lissa with a dread that only Lucifer could rival and she had certainly killed many people. Abigail felt the cold fingers of fear clutch at her heart. She made her way amid the chaos to where the Captain, Mate and Gerald were holding a heated conversation. "We will stand and fight," the Captain said. "Fight? You idiot! That's Black Lissa!" Gerald nearly screamed. His face was ashen, the small bit of

color drained from it, and he was obviously terrified. Abigail thought she had already seen the worst in him, but he was more afraid than she was and it sickened her. "Quite right, and that is why we will fight. This is a ship of the line and she is a wanted pirate," "She has the deadliest, blackest crew at sea! This ship stands no chance against her. You are supposed to see me safely to St. Eustacius, or have you forgotten?" Gerald whined. The fat captain got mad then and struck Gerald with a backhanded blow. "This is a ship of her majesty's fleet, not your private yacht! Man the cannons!" he roared. Gerald ran screaming to his room as the first shots were exchanged, totally forgetting Abigail in his panic. She watched the battle from the rear of the ship, not sure whom she wanted to win. If the ship were lost she would be in the clutches of pirates, but what could they do that would be more loathsome than marriage to Gerald Abercrombie? She thought. The battle was short and brutal; the Indomitable exchanged a broadside with the pirate ship as the two passed. The guns roared and a thick grayish smoke obscured everything, but Abigail was sure that neither ship had sustained much damage. She felt her pulse quicken and the thrill of it all nearly overwhelmed her. The pirate ship, called the Raven, tacked quickly to bring her guns to bear from the rear. Captain Wilkinson may have been a pompous windbag, but he was no fool, he ordered his own ship to mirror the pirate's turn. This kept the sloop ahead of the Raven and thus out of her main gun's deadly arc. It did not, however; protect his ship from the lethal fire of the cannonade mounted on the pirate's forecastle. These small cannon blasted the sloop with a withering volley of shot that left several crewmen down. Their bodies were shredded and had great holes torn in them. The screaming was frightful and when the blood began to run through the scuppers Abigail turned her head and vomited. The sloop was smaller and faster, but the wind was with them and the barque was able to keep up with them using her extra sail. A second volley of cannonade killed more of his men and Captain Wilkinson ordered the sloop to heave to. Apparently he planned to tack back across his track and brave a broadside from the barque. Once clear the little sloop would have advantage as the barque would have to fight upwind, something she could never hope to match the sloop in. As Indomitable tried to tack grapnels shot out from the Raven, men jumped to cut the lines with axes, but the pirates kept up a deadly fire on the rails with muskets. Unable to break the lines, the sloop lost steerage and was dragged inexorably closer to the pirate ship. Abigail moved to the far rail, hoping she would not be shot by accident. "Prepare to repel boarders!" the fat Captain roared over the noise of battle. His men all armed themselves and waited. When the two ships crashed together a flood of humanity washed over the rails. Abigail watched in horror as the pirates swarmed on board. They were a motley collection of men, dressed in outlandish clothing. There were tall men with blonde hair from Scandinavia, short swarthy men from the Mediterranean, even a pair of giant Negroes. Every race and country seemed to be represented in their company and they were all brandishing swords, pistols, billhooks or even more fantastic weapons. The crew of the Indomitable was outnumbered, but suffered from an even greater handicap. Black

Lissa's crewmen were known as some of the most depraved, sadistic, evil men on the high seas. Their fearsome reputation unmanned many of the sailors and these threw down their weapons at the sight of the pirates. The pirates looked as fearsome as their reputation and the battle was short and relatively bloody where those men who chose to fight made their stand around the forecastle. Around Abigail the Englishmen dropped their weapons and begged for quarter, individually and in small groups. In fifteen minutes the survivors were all rounded up and the battle was over. Several wild-eyed men speaking a host of languages confronted Abigail. They leered at her and made obscene gestures that were universal and needed no translation. She was terribly frightened, but remained quiet. That changed when a short swarthy man boldly stepped forward and roughly grabbed a handful of her hair. Abigail screamed as he viciously pulled her to the deck. She felt hands all over her then, pulling at her bodice, ripping away pieces of her petticoats and forcing her legs apart. She screamed again as she was rolled over onto her back and found the swarthy pirate on top of her. His leering face was ugly and filled with lust. Suddenly a second bloody smile appeared on his throat, as if by magic. His startled eyes filled her vision for a fraction of a second and then he was dragged bodily off of her, splashing her bodice in blood. A tall, lithe figure hefted the smaller pirate above its head and threw him overboard. The figure turned a baleful eye on the men gathered around her. "Get back ye dogs," the woman commanded. It was a woman, and what a woman, Abigail thought. She was at least six feet tall and her flaming red hair was tied back under a black kerchief. She wore a black silk shirt that was stuffed into black breeches and tall sea boots. The outfit seemed to cling to her curves, and her legs seemed impossibly long and shapely. Instead of a sash she wore a belt of black leather with a Rapier and dueling dagger hanging from them and a brace of pistols tucked under the belt. Abigail had never seen anyone so handsome, so elementally powerful and so commanding in her short life. "Aww Cap'n , we wasn't gonna hurt her, we just wanted a little sport," one man volunteered "Fools, do I have to do all the thinking here as well as the fighting? That's Governor Rodger's daughter. Unspoiled she will bring us a handsome reward, but if she is damaged goods he probably won't even want her back," "It's not like she is going to admit the whole crew had a go at her, Cap'n" "Nay, but that skinflint Rodger's will probably demand she be examined. Are you willing to risk casks of doubloons for a roll with the wench?" The assembled pirates muttered under their collective breath, but none made any move to voice his objections if he had any. "Pete, take her to my cabin and watch the door," The Pirate Queen said as she drew her sword, "Or perhaps one of you would care to argue with me about it?" The men seemed very unhappy, but none seemed willing to take her up on that offer. A grizzled old man grabbed Abigail by the arm and practically dragged the dazed Englishwoman aboard the Raven. He led her into the Captain's cabin in the aftercastle of the ship and closed the door.

"Are you hurt?" he asked in a thick Irish brogue. "No," she replied in a whisper. "It was an ill wind that brought you here lass. I will do what I can for you, but my advice to you is to do whatever Lissa wants and stay out of trouble until your father can pay for you," "Why would you help me?" "My name is Peter Lewllen and I came here on the Shark nearly thirty years ago," "The Shark? My Grandfather's ship?" "Aye lass, had the Captain not told us who you are I would have never known. Since I do know I will try to help you, I knew your grandfather well. God rest his soul," "He isn't dead. He lives on Manservant now. My grandmother is the one who passed away, God rest her soul," "Indeed? Then I shall have to go and see the old liar. He was always good to me, and I am getting to old for this line of work," the old man said with a grin, "Now you be a good lass and mind Lissa. She isn't as bad as you have heard, but she has the devil's own temper," he said as he left through the only door to the room. Abigail wandered around the large room. A big four-poster bed sat on one wall with a night table and a washbasin beside it. A writing desk and chair were on another wall with a sideboard that held a crystal decanter and goblets on a silver tray. Two small cannon were set up facing outward and Abigail realized that during battle they would be manned like any others. There was a heavy sea chest at the foot of the bed and a wooden table with four chairs. The room was richly appointed, but Abigail was surprised at how messy and mismatched it was. She would have expected it of a man's quarters but not a woman's; it definitely needed what her grandmother had always referred to as "a feminine touch". She strayed to one of the stained glass windows and discovered that it would open and she pushed against it and found herself looking out at the deck of Indomitable. The survivors were in a small group surrounded by pirates. She recognized Gerald, the Captain, Ansil, the cabin boy and a few others. The mate was not among them nor the old cook. Lissa was pointing at Gerald with her sword and speaking. "What on earth is that?" "Damned if I know. Its dressed like a woman but I don't see no teats," one of the pirates jeered. "Can't be a man so it has ta be a woman, but damned is she ugly," another called. "Only one way to find out, strip it," Lissa ordered casually. Gerald yelled and fought weakly as several pirates ripped his expensive clothes from him. When they stepped back he was naked. His skin was even whiter under his clothes and reminded Abigail of a fish's belly. She had never seen a man naked, and her curiosity over came her reluctance as she glanced between his stick-like thighs. His member was tiny and a bluish-purple color, it reminded her of the

worms that she had seen floating in puddles of water after a rainstorm and she was sorry she had looked. The pirates all laughed and jeered, throwing insults at the nobleman, who stood there with his hands over his privates. Abigail was a sensitive soul and even though she hated the man, she felt sorry for him. No one should have to face such humiliation. After a while the tall woman spoke again. "Enough, we have to get the booty aboard and get out of here," "Should we kill them all?" a burly pirate asked. "Nay, I am in an expansive mood. Put them on the longboats and give them food and water for five days," "Aye, Cap'n" "Now get the loot aboard and fire the ship, we are bound for the Tortugas" A raucous cheer went up and the pirates began to haul aboard everything on the small sloop they could use. Abigail watched as the men worked like ants, swarming from ship to ship with arms laden. In a little under three hours they had stripped the sloop completely. A thin pirate descended into the hold with a lit torch and came running out to leap aboard the pirate ship as his mates hacked the lines and the Raven began to pull away from her victim. Abigail watched the sloop from the window as flames began to lick up from below decks. Soon the beautiful little ship was engulfed in a raging inferno as pitch, tar, sailcloth and wood succumbed to the hungry flames. She heard the pirates calling out curses and insults as Raven overhauled and passed the two long boats. The Captain and his sailors refused to be baited and did not look up from the oars as the swift pirate barque overhauled them and then left them behind. Abigail said a prayer for the men in those boats. She had just finished when the door opened and the captain sauntered in. She ignored Abigail and went to the sideboard where she poured herself some of the amber liquid in the decanter. She then leaned against the sideboard and stared at Abigail. The eyes were green and deep and the frank admiration in them made Abigail blush. "You are far too pretty a prize for the likes of them," the pirate remarked at last. Her voice was softer now, still raspy, but not harsh. The words were spoken in English with just a trace of a French accent. "What are you going to do to me?" "I think I will take you to my bed, at least until I tire of you. It shouldn't take long for your father to pay the ransom for you. He needs you to marry off to some fat, limpdicked heir no doubt," "You wouldn't dare!" Abigail said indignantly. "Aye, why not? You're a pretty enough lass. Or perhaps you would prefer it if I turned you over to the crew?" the Captain replied, with just a trace of the harshness returning to her voice. So the rumors are true, she thought. Abigail had never imagined doing anything with another woman.

The scriptures forbid such relationships as unnatural and blasphemous. She felt trapped. Old Pete's advice had been to do what the captain wanted, but did he know this was what would be demanded of her? For that matter how far could she trust him? Her grandfather had never mentioned a Peter in his sea stories. The pirate put her drink down and with a startling suddenness crossed the few feet between them and pressed Abigail against the wall. The Englishwoman found her hands imprisoned in one of the pirate's and she felt the Captain's hard lips pressed against her own. She felt the redhead's tongue pressing against her lips, demanding entry, but Abby held hers tightly together. The Captain's free hand roughly seized one of her breasts and began to knead it. Abbey wanted to fight, but it felt wonderful and she was powerless in the larger woman's grasp. When Lissa's fingers found her nipple and squeezed Abbey gasped. Her lips parted for a fraction of a second and the other woman's long tongue darted between them. Abbey was shocked, but as the warm tongue began to explore her mouth she felt herself beginning to respond. As the kiss continued, Lissa's other hand released her wrists and traced down her arm producing a delicious tingling sensation. The pirate relinquished her hold on Abby's breast and both of the pirate's hands journeyed down to her rear. Abigail gasped again when Lissa's seized a globe in each hand and dug her fingers into the yielding flesh. Abigail's own hands went to the pirate's chest, to push her away, but Lissa pressed her thigh between Abigail's thighs. The contact with her cunny caused Abby to moan, and her arms slipped around the pirate's neck seemingly of their own accord. Lissa pulled away from her as suddenly as the attack had begun and laughed deeply. "You English women are all the same. So prim and proper, but underneath lives the soul of a harlot. I have things to do, but I will be back this evening. You have until then to decide where you would prefer to spend your nights. I promise you my bed is more comfortable than the hold," After she left, Abby sat heavily in one of the chairs and began to cry. ---Evening came all to quickly for the captive. She was in such a state of emotional turmoil that taking her own life had occurred to her as the only way out. Knowing that it was a one-way trip to hell she had discarded the idea and realistically assessed the two options that Lissa had given her. On the one hand she could stay with the handsome woman. While it was a blasphemy, it meant decent food, a warm bed and at least some protection from being abused. On the other hand she could be turned over to the crew. There was no less sin involved in fornication with all those men than there was in lying with a woman. The choice seemed very simple. The problem was in her feelings. Abigail had never experienced anything like that single kiss with the Pirate Queen. In her sheltered life she had not ever kissed a man, and the few experimental kisses with her friends at the academy had been nothing like the exciting kiss of Black Lissa. While she could easily rationalize the choice she made, and even ask forgiveness, she realized that she wanted to feel the tall woman's hands on her again. She had been in a state of excitement since the pirate had left her, and she wanted more. Does that make it more of a sin? She thought. I'm sure I can be forgiven if I'm forced into such a deed, but what if it isn't against my will? God help me. The door opened and she started, but it was only old Pete with a plate of food. He placed it on the table

before her and turned to go, but then looked at her curiously and stopped. "Are you all right lass?" "No. That wicked woman wants me to join her in her bed! What shall I do?" Old Pete looked at her and smiled. "Is it such a terrible fate? Most of the men in these Isle's would give their right arm for such an invitation," "But I am not a man and it's blasphemy!" "Blasphemy doesn't go out here," Pete snorted, "For better or worse you are in the Carribs, if you want to survive you had better put your bible away. This isn't genteel society, its dog eat dog, and while you may lose your soul, if you try to play it by the good book you will definitely lose your life. Now eat up, if the Captain is going to tumble you, you will need the energy," Abigail picked at the food after the old man left. He seemed totally unconcerned with her plight. Abigail found her mind returning to the Pirate Queen and that single kiss. Just thinking of it caused her to flush and her breath to quicken. The priests had always told her that women were wanton creatures and she was ashamed of the desire she felt. The door opened again and the tall pirate entered. She sat at the table across from Abigail and drank deeply from a bejeweled flagon. She seemed amused by the fear and trepidation she saw in Abigail's expression. "Well my pretty, have you decided?" "Yes," Abigail said hesitantly as she lowered her eyes. "And?" "I will stay with you," she murmured. The redhead laughed softly, "I somehow thought you would," she said, "Come sit in my lap," Abigail rose slowly and moved around the table. The pirate turned her chair slightly and opened her arms. Abigail daintily seated herself in the woman's lap. Lissa's arms snaked around her waist and held her tightly. She felt the captain's breath on her ear, and then those soft yet hard lips on her shoulder. She felt herself shiver despite the warm night air. "Your skin is so soft," the pirate whispered. Abigail shivered again as the warm breath of the pirate was replaced by the tip of her tongue. She felt a strange sensation in her stomach; a tightening that seemed to be almost painful, but not quite. "Have you never shared your body with another woman?" Lissa whispered. "No, never," Abby replied. The redhead's hands moved up to cup her breasts. She could feel their warmth through her chemise and dress. When Lissa gently squeezed them Abby groaned.

"Relax then, I will show you everything," the Pirate breathed and then Abby felt Lissa's lips on her neck. This is so wrong, she thought, but the thought fled under the intensely pleasurable sensations Lissa's mouth and hands were causing. Abby was aware that something was happening to her, her nipples felt stiff and ached while her stomach was tight and her cunny felt hot and itchy. Abby arched her back when she felt those wonderful hands gently pinch her aching nipples. "You see?" the pirate whispered. "Yess," Abby hissed. The redhead's hands slid down her sides to her hips, and then to the juncture of her legs. Abby was not sure what to do with her own hands and finally placed them both on the chair's arms to support herself. The pirate queen was slowly pulling her skirts up, and soon they were bunched around her waist. Only the thin linen of her pantaloons covered her most precious treasure now. Lissa cupped her sex then and pressed in gently with her fingers. "Oh!" Abigail ejaculated as the strong bolt of pleasure shot through her. "Have you never touched yourself there?" Lissa asked, sounding incredulous. "No," "Good God woman, are you a nun?!" Before Abigail could answer the pirate's hands tugged the drawstring on her pantaloons loose. Abigail felt one of the pirates hands slide into her waistband, and across the luxurious down of her pubic triangle. The Captain's fingers on her bare skin sent an electric charge through her and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. A long, stiff finger pressed against her slick lips and then into the warm furrow of her slit. "Oh God," Abby groaned "God can't help you now," the Pirate said with a smirk. She then proceeded to gently stroke Abigail's cunny, making sure her finger brushed the Englishwoman's clit with each stroke. Abigail felt like she was about to explode. A tension was building in her, starting at the knot in her belly and radiating outward. She heard herself whimpering pitifully. That finger, Abby thought. That finger is driving me insane. What's happening to me? Her hips began to rock of their own accord in the pirate's lap. Abby tried but could not stop them. Her breathing was ragged and punctuated by small squeaking sounds she had never made before. The small woman shuddered once, violently and then cried out as the damn burst and her first orgasm rocked her. A powerful contraction in her loins set it off, and then thick heady waves of pleasure pulsed through her. Abigail tired to fight the rising tide, but it was too much. As the pirate's finger continued to stroke her, Abigail was carried away on the tide of sensation and only slowly returned to her senses. Abigail's first reaction was shame, but that did not last. Nothing had ever felt so good in her life. She blushed just remembering it and then an aftershock rocked her small frame. If this is sin, then I am doomed, she thought.

"That's what your priests are trying to protect you from," the pirate said quietly. "I never..." was all Abby could manage. "No, but tonight you shall," Lissa said with a laugh. The Pirate stood up and led Abigail to the bed where she began the complicated procedure of undressing the English lady. Abigail felt the pirate's fingers deftly undoing the small buttons of her dress. Once it was loosened, the tall woman helped Abby out of it and attacked the complicated ties of her petticoats. Abigail cringed when she saw how much damage the pirates had done to the delicate garments. Once they were removed, she felt the exquisite relief of her corset and stays being removed. When she stood in her pantaloons and chemise the pirate hugged her tightly from behind. "Quite a bit of digging to get to that buried treasure," Abigail blushed then, she had been so impressed with the woman's skill in removing her clothes she had not even realized she was almost naked. The redhead's strong arms around her waist made her feel safe and protected, as well as tingly. Lissa gently nibbled on her ear and Abigail felt that strange, but no longer frightful, tightening in her belly. The pirate released her and stepped back from her and Abby turned to face her. Lissa caught hold of the hem of her shirt and whisked it over her head. The captain's upper body was bronzed, like her arms and finely muscled. Her breasts were tiny, almost flat against her chest. Abigail could easily make out the ribs and the bands of muscle that crossed the tall woman's abdomen. Lissa smiled and removed her sword belt, placing it over a hook near the headboard. Abigail realized that the hilt would be close to the woman's hand, even when she was sleeping. She also noticed a brace of pistols on the night table, apparently the captain trusted her crew none too much. Lissa then sat on the bed and held her leg out. "Help me off with these boots," Abigail held the toe and heel as the pirate pulled her foot out and then did the same for the other. Abby took both boots and carefully sat them at the foot of the bed, noting that Lissa seemed amused by this. The Pirate untied the strings at her ankles and then stood and undid the drawstring at her waist, the breeches fluttered to the floor and Abigail found herself staring. The pirate's legs were very long and shapely. Her hips were slim and almost boyish, but the fiery red pubic thatch and pouting lips of her sex left no doubt she was a woman. Abigail was stunned by the woman's beauty and by her aura of power. Abigail's eyes seemed to be drawn to the woman's sex, like a moth to a flame, she could not help herself. Abby had never seen another woman's cunny before, even in school she had been very sheltered. Abigail found herself staring at it in fascination. "I apparently meet with your approval, how `bout showing me your charms?" Abigail blushed like mad and quickly averted her eyes. The small blonde had not been naked in front of another person since she was a child. It took a great deal of will power for her to remove the little she still wore, but she had known this was coming and had been preparing herself for it all evening. She slowly raised her chemise over her head and folded it. When she turned back to face the pirate she

heard Lissa's sharp intake of breath. "Go on," Abigail shyly undid the drawstring and let her pantaloons fall to the floor. She stepped out of them and stood naked before her captor. "Gods, woman. With a body like yours how can you be so inexperienced? You were made for pleasuring," Lissa exclaimed. Abigail smiled in spite of her fear; Lissa's praise made her feel so good. She had never received many compliments and the pirate's admiration was welcome, even as it caused her to blush. She knew she should be ashamed, but curiously, she wasn't. The pirate stepped forward and enfolded Abigail in her arms again and bent her head to kiss the Englishwoman. This time her lips found Abigail's soft and yielding and her tongue slipped easily into the sweet cavern of her captive's mouth. Abigail's arms twined around the redhead's neck. She was unsure of what to do, but her tongue seemed to know and the kiss quickly became passionate and mutual. When this kiss broke Abby noticed that it was the pirate's face that was flushed. Lissa stooped, picked her up and then fell on the bed, her body on top of Abby's. Abigail wasn't used to someone's weight upon her, but found that she liked it. The pirate began to kiss and lick her neck and she felt herself getting excited again. Lissa's hands moved up her flanks to her stomach and then to the domes of her breasts. Abby groaned when Lissa took a tit in each hand and began to massage them. Lissa's mouth trailed down her chest and when it engulfed one of her nipples Abby cried out in pleasure. The Pirate's mouth was warm and soft and as her tongue began to flick over Abby's nipple she moaned. It felt indescribable, a warm pleasurable feeling punctuated by jagged shocks of a more powerful nature with each caress of the redhead's experienced tongue. Lissa moved from one nipple to the other, while her hands continued to knead the soft flesh that surrounded them. Abigail wrapped her hands in the Pirates luxurious hair and held her tightly to her breast. I hope this goes on forever, she thought. It was not to be, and soon the pirate's mouth traced down the bottom of one breast and along her sensitive tummy, stopping to nibble at her navel. She moved lower then, kissing and licking towards the juncture of Abigail's thighs. "W... What are you doing?" Abby managed. Her voice sounded husky and breathless. "I am going to lick your cunny," the pirate said between kisses. "Oh! You can't possibly! That's so wicked!" "Aye, and you are going to love it, too, my little tart," Abigail tried to move, but the pirate lowered her face and kissed the top of the blonde's slit. Abigail's entire body spasmed and her thighs gripped the pirate's head tightly. For a moment she was paralyzed by the shock and Lissa took advantage of it to force her tongue between the slick lips and gently drag it

across Abby's clit. "Oh my God," the blonde babbled. Abigail was unprepared for the sensation that shot through her body. She cried out inarticulately as the redhead's tongue danced over her sensitized clit. Her hands clutched at the comforter as the gripping sensations tore at her sanity. This is so wrong, her mind screamed, but her body didn't care. Abigail felt like she was being devoured alive; the pirate's tongue seemed impossibly long and soft. She felt the now familiar clenching and unclenching of her inner muscles that announced her climax was near. "No," Abigail moaned, she fought to keep herself from enjoying it. She knew she couldn't give in to the pleasure without loosing her immortal soul, but it felt so good. In the end she shrieked in pleasure as the bottle burst and her orgasm ripped through her. She was swimming in a red tide of pleasure, but Lissa did not stop the stimulation and before the powerful contractions had died a second orgasm tore through her. She screamed then, a feral scream that startled her that it could have come from her lips. Lissa continued to lash her clit and she felt another orgasm building. Can she do this to me forever? Abigail thought. She was doomed now, she had enjoyed the pirate's blasphemous caress. Abigail ceased to fight and rode the waves of pleasure, oblivious to the deeper implications. Her final coherent thought was God help me, I never want this to end. When she returned to herself she was still on the pirates bed on her back. Lissa was holding her and kissing her eyelids. Abigail remembered the pleasure, remembered what she had done, the shame was great, but not as great as the wish to do it again. "How do you feel?" Lissa whispered. "I feel wonderful," "Good, now it's your turn," "My turn?" Rather than answering the female Pirate disengaged herself and swung a leg over Abigail's head. Abby found herself looking close up at the woman's sex. Lissa's cunny was fat, her mount easily larger than Abigail's own. Her lips were prominent and a coral color that contrasted with the bronzed skin. They gaped open to expose the inner folds, which were a very bright pink. The whole area was covered in the glistening sheen of her juices. "I don't know what to do," Abby murmured. "Just stick your tongue out and lick, I will make sure you find the right spots," the pirate said. Her fingers traveled down to pry her sticky lips apart, and she lowered herself until Abigail's nose was touching her pubic hair. Abigail tentatively put her tongue out and licked. The pirate's skin was velvety soft, and glided beneath her tongue easily. Abby became aware of a strange flavor; one she had never tasted anything like before. It was sweet, but tangy with undertones of salt. She could not believe it, but as her tongue returned to the pirate's lips she admitted to herself that she liked it. Abigail continued to lap at the Frenchwoman's slit like a cat, not sure if she was doing it right. She had

given up on saving her soul and now just wanted to make the pirate feel as good as she had been made to feel. Lissa adjusted her hips and groaned. "Yes, just there, but leave your tongue out," she hissed. Abigail continued to lick, following the pirate's instruction, and soon Lissa's body stiffened and she began to quake. Abigail remembered how good it had felt when Lissa continued as her own orgasm rocked her so she did not stop, but redoubled her efforts. "Yess... There... Oh! Oh gods, yes... Like that..." Lissa ejaculated. She then grabbed Abby's hair and began to grind her cunny into the Englishwoman's startled face. Abigail felt like she would drown as her nose and lips were covered in the pirate's copious juices. Eventually, Lissa calmed down and released her head. Abigail licked her lips tentatively and then with more determination, she could not seem to get enough of the pirate's cream. Lissa fell off of her and curled up into a ball. She shook as she hugged herself and then slowly uncoiled to stretch out on the bed. "Damn woman! I have been with harlots who couldn't make me feel like that!" Abby moved to the pirates side and smiled when Lissa enfolded her in her strong arms. It may be wrong, but I don't care, she thought. She took the pirate's rough words as praise and for the first time in her life she felt like she belonged, was wanted and was appreciated. She drifted off to sleep with Lissa stroking her fine blonde hair. --Two days of clear weather and smooth sailing followed the night of her surrender to Lissa's caress. Abby was withdrawn and introspective, her mind in such turmoil she spent the days in a trancelike state or mechanically cleaning the stateroom to keep busy. Lissa seemed to understand and initiated no more physical contact, although when they ate Abby could feel the pirate's eyes on her. She awoke alone in the big bed on the third morning out. The room was too dark and the ship creaked ominously. She hurriedly pulled on her dress and opened one of the windows. The sea was a roiling mass of angry gray waves. The horizon was lost in a haze and the sky was the same leaden gray as the sea. She knew something was wrong, but her passage had been unusually calm and Abby had never seen a storm at sea. Throughout the morning the size of the waves increased and with them the rocking of the ship. Abigail soon became violently ill and vomited frequently into a bucket. By the time the rains began she was lying on the floor, holding onto the bucket and was so weak she thought she would faint. The door opened and the storm blew a spray of water in as Lissa entered. Abby was too sick to look up and just closed her eyes. She expected some rebuke, or laughter but all was quiet, save for the howling wind and creaking of timbers. Abby barely opened her eyes, and found the prate gazing at her with pity on her face. Lissa walked to a cabinet on the wall and took out a vial with a greenish liquid in it. She left then, but returned shortly with a steaming jack of ale. Abby watched her through silted eyes. She was curious despite her misery. Lissa knelt next to her and gently lifted the blonde's head. She held the jack to Abby's lips and when the smaller woman refused to drink, she pinched her nose shut. When Abby was

forced to open her mouth to breathe the pirate poured the warm ale in. Abby had no choice but to swallow, even though her stomach protested violently. Lissa murmured endearments to her and gently stroked her hair. She cleaned Abby up with a wet cloth and then picked her up like a child and carried her to the bed. Abby impulsively hugged her and the pirate stiffened and then stood up straight. "Rest girl, let the medicine do its work," she said and stalked out of the cabin. Abigail was confused at the woman's reaction, it was almost as if she had been embarrassed that Abby had seen her being tender. For three long days the storm battered the ship. The wind howled and shrieked and the waves crashed. Abby was sure it was divine retribution and waited for the sea to drag them under with a fatalism that was second nature to her. Whatever the captain had forced her to drink it was amazingly potent. Abby's seasickness abated, but she slept even through the worst of the storm and when awake she was very drowsy. Sometime during the third night the storm died out. Abby awoke to sunlight streaming in through the stained glass windows. She rose and relieved herself and was just straightening her dress when the door to the cabin opened and Lissa stumbled in. She looked like she was dead on her feet and when she stumbled again and caught herself on the corner of the table Abby ran across the cabin to steady her. The tall pirate was soaked to the bone and shivering. Abby began to work the heavy brass buttons of her waistcoat loose. Lissa tried to stop her, but Abby swatted the pirate's hands away and continued. The heavy fabric was soaked and it was almost all Abby could do to get it off the tall pirates shoulders. Once it was off her shoulders it fell to the floor and lay there in a soggy pile. The white silk shirt was soaked too, and Lissa's breasts were easy to see through the nearly transparent fabric. Abby hesitated only a moment and undid the laces at the throat. "Arrt! Ne pas me toucher!," Lissa muttered. Abigail ignored her and pulled the silk shirt over the pirate's head. She dropped it onto the floor and started to work Lissa's belt, trying to ignore both the weapon and her captor's breasts. Lissa protested weakly, but seemed incapable of doing more than slurring epitaphs. The belt came off and Abby went to work on the drawers; these, too, were soaked and she had a great deal of trouble with the knot. When it gave she gently pushed Lissa causing her to fall heavily into the chair behind her. The blonde knelt and removed the pirate's boots and breeches then, leaving her nude. Now Abby was forced to look at Lissa's body, she had figure out how to get the taller woman into her bed. First she found a semi clean towel and dried the pirate's skin. She could not help but look and to her intense shame she found her eyes wandering to Lissa's cunny. She felt a knotting in her stomach, but tried to ignore it as she tried to lift the pirate from her seat. "Vous etes une salope" Lissa muttered and tried to pull away from Abby. The little Englishwoman flinched at the harsh words, but managed to get her arm around the pirate's back and hoist her to a semi erect position. "Vous tes une chienne" "I am not a dog! I am trying to help!"

"Vous filth. Vous l'animal sale," "Oui, je suis!" Abby said matter of factly. This simple statement caused the pirate to stop and then she grinned weakly. Lissa straightened somewhat and tried to help Abby get her to the bed. Abby staggered towards the big bed, supporting most of Lissa's weight. Like two drunks they groped their way to the bed with Lissa leaning heavily on poor Abby's shoulder. By the time she managed to let Lissa collapse on the bed Abby was panting. She was not used to such exertion. It was another two minutes of shoving, pushing and coaxing before she finally got Lissa under the heavy blankets. Lissa was shivering even under the heavy blanket and her skin was hot to the touch. She was calling out in French now and babbling in a mix of French and Spanish. Abby knew that high fevers sometimes made people delirious, but could not remember what was to be done. She was not at all sure what to do next, but decided that she had to stop Lissa from shivering first. Abby crawled into the bed and snuggled up close to the pirate. The thin linen of her chemise did little to block the heat radiating from the pirate's body. Abby lay there holding the tall woman tightly and slowly the Frenchwoman began to relax, her shivering slowed and then stopped as their combined body heat made it almost unbearably hot for Abby under the blanket. She held Lissa tenderly and whispered comforting words to the pirate until she seemed to go to sleep. Abby lay there a long time, just holding Lissa close and listening to her ragged breathing. At some point she must have dozed off, for she came suddenly awake to find the room suffused in a dim light. Evening or Morning? She asked herself. It was impossible to tell. She was lying with her head in the crook of Lissa's arm, but did not remember when the tall woman rolled over. Abigail propped herself up on one arm and looked at the woman next to her. Lissa's hair was a tangled mess, but it was very beautiful, framing her angular face and softening it. Her breasts lay flat against her body with the long thick nipples standing out from the puckered aureoles. She looked so soft in sleep, so feminine without the swords and boots. Abby reached out and very gently traced her fingertip around Lissa's left nipple. Her skin was so soft, it felt like the finest silk to Abby, as her finger glided across it. Abby continued to gently trace her fingers around the stiffening nipple until Lissa moaned softly in her sleep. Abigail was now curious, as well as aroused. She carefully slipped the blankets off the pirate hoping not to wake her. Once the blankets were off, Abby took in the sight of Lissa's long shapely legs. The Englishwoman's eyes traveled up toward the juncture of her captor's legs and the treasure that was exposed there. Their first night together there had been very little opportunity for Abby to really examine Lissa's cunny. Now she found herself drawn to it, her curiosity overcoming her reservations. Lissa's mound was plump and ripe, standing out prominently from her body. Her outer lips were full and gaped open slightly, allowing the inquisitive English woman to make out soft pink folds of the inner labia. Abby carefully crawled between the pirates legs, almost unconscious of what she was doing; gently moving them open until she could get a really close up view. She was now lying between Lissa's legs on her stomach, with her arms resting on the pirate's thighs. Abby very carefully pulled the pirate's lips apart and gazed at the bright pink of her most secret place. She examined it curiously, eventually zeroing in on the clitoral hood. Abby remembered how good Lissa had made her feel when she concentrated her tongue there. At least, Abby was pretty sure that this was the area where it had felt so intense.

Abigail felt strangely, a tingling sensation from head to toe and the almost overwhelming desire to touch Lissa. Her mouth was watering and she found herself sucking on her lower lip. Somewhere deep inside, a battle was raging, one of the heart's passion versus the ingrained teachings of the head. Two days of internal strife worked itself out in two long seconds. Screwing up her courage Abby lowered her face to Lissa's sex and gently ran her tongue along the satiny furrow. The flavor was different than she remembered, less sweet, tangier, with definite overtones of saltiness. When her tongue grazed Lissa's partially exposed clit the pirate groaned and her eyes snapped open. "Que est-ce qui a pass?" Lissa murmured sleepily. Abby started and blushed crimson. "I'm sorry, I didn't... I mean I don't... I..." "Its all right ma cher, go ahead and take your time," Lissa said softly and spread her legs wide. Abby looked intently at the redhead's face, but the green eyes showed no contempt, only a tender amusement. Abby smiled unsurely and settled back down between the pirate's silken thighs. Her fingers gently explored the outside of Lissa's flower, stroking her mound and reveling in the soft feel of her skin. She noticed that Lissa's cunny was becoming damp and a strong, musky aroma was beginning to become evident. Abby traced her finger along the pirate's lips and found a sticky wetness on her fingertip. She brought it to her nose and daintily sniffed at it. Abby wrinkled her nose causing Lissa to chuckle. Abby looked up, hoping for some instruction, but the green- eyed woman was merely watching her. The little blonde touched the tip of her tongue to her finger and the strong flavor of Lissa's cream filled her mouth. She moved her face back and began to lap at Lissa's cunny, searching for more of the magic elixir. After a while, the pirate's sex glistened with the mixture of Abby's saliva and her own juices. Abby noticed that Lissa's hips had begun to make small jerking motions. Abby looked up again to see Lissa's head was thrown back, her eyes closed and a dreamy, far away expression was on her face. Abby thought she looked like she was in heaven and returned to her feast. Soon she earned what she really wanted, for the pirate uttered a few exclamations and then tangled her hands in Abby's flaxen tresses. Lissa firmly guided Abby's mouth to her erect clit. "There, little one, right there, Mmmmm yes," The small organ was erect, smooth and slick, like a pebble coated in oil, Abby thought. She licked at it tentatively producing a shudder from the redheaded pirate. Abby remembered the pirate's tongue lashing back and forth over her bud and emulated it, moving her tongue frantically as Lissa's hips began to bounce. "Oh... Gods!... Ohhhhh..." Abby sucked hard pulling the button completely from its cave and pressed her lips tightly over it. Lissa shrieked and her whole body seemed to quiver. Abby felt a flood of wetness on her chin, but refused to release her hold on Lissa's clit. She kept at it, driving the pirate to a second orgasm and then a third. Finally Lissa pulled her head away and sat up. Wrapping Abby in her arms she lay back, dragging the smaller woman on top of her. "Mon Deau!"

Abby lay there, cradled to the pirate's breast. After a while Lissa began to stroke her hair and gently rock her. Abigail had not realized how anxious she had been over Lissa's health, or how much the constant emotional turmoil had taken out of her and she fell asleep almost instantly, with a contented smile on her face. ---After that night Abby's life fell into something resembling a routine. She woke each morning to go help the cook get breakfast ready for the crew. His name was Enrico and he was from Madrid. They became fast friends when he discovered she could speak Spanish, he seemed to enjoy conversing in his own tongue. He was not a bad man, but rather an unlucky one who had crossed the wrong man in the matter of a lady. His choices had been piracy or the goal. After that she would clean up the stateroom and then spend some time on deck watching the men and the sea. She got to know many of the crew and was startled when she realized they were nothing like their evil image. The were happy men, who sang and danced, joked with one another and generally seemed more of a family than any she had known. Rolf, the first mate, had come out on a Dutch trader and spent two years in a Spanish goal for smuggling. He was a taciturn man, but had a kind heart, which he infrequently showed her. The navigator was a Scotsman named Cavendish who certainly could look fearsome, but he also laughed easily and played the harp at night for the men. There were a few bad ones, but Abigail avoided them and they steered clear of her. No one seemed ready to brave Lissa's ire and Abigail sensed she was something of an oddity to the crew. In the evenings after dinner she would sew or read. The hold was filled with booty including many books. She learned from one of the men that Lissa expressly forbid them to damage books. Once the late watch came on Lissa would come to her. Every night it seemed the Frenchwoman would take her to new heights of passion and Abigail slowly learned to bring her captor as much if not greater pleasure. One day she decided to give the captain's stateroom a feminine touch or two. It grew from a bit of cleaning to a major project. She made several changes, even enlisting some of the men to help her move furniture around. When she was done the room looked very nice while remaining comfortable. Lissa seemed amused by her efforts at being a homemaker, but said nothing. That night the sex was better than it had ever been and Abigail went to sleep very content. ---The next evening they sighted a ship and when it hailed them men were sent out in the long boat. Abigail watched from the forecastle as the little schooner with the white flag raised took the pirates onboard. The party returned with a paper that Lissa read. Abby would find cause to wonder what it said, for everything changed and her happiness was slowly crushed out of her from the moment that letter arrived. That night Lissa was demanding in bed and seemed irritated. Nothing Abby did was right and after a short while the pirate threw her from the bed and went to sleep. Abby spent a miserable night curled up in a chair. She was uncomfortable, but what really made her miserable was Lissa's anger.

It got no better the next day. Lissa confined her to the stateroom and when she forgot and went up on deck it was bad. The tall woman saw her and bounded across the deck to deliver a stinging backhanded slap. She then proceeded to kick, curse and beat her as Abigail frantically tried to get back into the captain's quarters. Lissa stripped her and stowed her clothes in the sea chest with the big iron lock. "Go out like that whore," she sneered as she left. Abby cried for hours, her world had been turned upside down and she had no idea why. She didn't have the slightest inkling of what she had done wrong or how to make it right. All she knew was that she hurt, was embarrassed by her nakedness and was wretchedly lonely. Lissa stalked in late that night, reeking of rum. Abigail looked fearfully at her, the green eyes burned with a strange intensity that only frightened her more. Lissa did not say a word, but crossed to where Abigail was sitting and forced her to her knees. The Captain undid the drawstring on her breeches and then dug her hands into Abby's blonde locks. Lissa pulled the scared girl's face tightly against her cunt and began to grind it against Abby's lips and nose. Abby was so shocked she didn't even protest as Lissa ground herself to orgasm and then pushed her away. The pirate pulled up her breeches and stalked out of the room, leaving Abby in a daze on the floor. For the rest of the week it continued in this fashion. Lissa would use her whenever she seemed to want it, but would otherwise avoid her entirely. Eventually even this contact ceased. The Pirate took to sleeping on deck and not even coming to the stateroom for sex. Abigail felt lonely, trapped and utterly miserable. This is my punishment, she thought often. My punishment for enjoying that woman's blasphemous caress. Abigail found it even more unbearable because she longed for the Frenchwoman's touch. Even the short, brutal, one-sided attacks were better than being totally ignored. Lissa came in one morning nearly a week later. She opened the sea chest and tossed Abby her dress and petticoats. "Get dressed. A ship lies off the beam and your father has brought the ransom," Abigail dutifully dressed and followed the pirate out onto the deck. The sun was brilliant and it stung her eyes after the long period indoors. When they had adjusted she saw a large Brig anchored off a beautiful little cove. There was a pretty white beach with lush green foliage behind it. She recognized the union jack flying from the masthead of the Brig. She was none too gently lowered into a long boat and the men began to pull on the oars. Lissa sat across from her and stared ahead, seemingly lost in thought. Once they were aboard the Brig a man she recognized as her father met them. "Are you hurt child?" he asked in that cold voice she remembered from child hood. "No father, I am fine," "Then they have not..." "Her maidenhead is intact," Lissa interrupted, "She is still fresh as a daisy for her waiting husband" "Is this true?" her father asked.

"No man has touched me father," Abigail said with her eyes downcast. She knew her face was crimson. It was discomforting to be talked about as if she were not human, but a breeding animal. "Very well, there is your ransom Pirate. Enjoy it while you may. I will personally come to see you swing from the yardarm when they catch you," The pirates hauled the chests aboard the long boat while both parties stood facing one another in an uncomfortable silence. When the ransom was aboard the longboat Abigail watched them row back to the ship. The Raven's sails unfurled and the ship moved quickly out of the cove. Abigail watched until it was just a dot on the horizon, even with the abuse she knew her heart was still on that ship. She wept then, finally giving vent to the emotions that she had tried to keep in check all morning. --Tomorrow was her wedding day, but Abigail was past caring. She had been in her father's home for over a month now, but she had not found the ability to smile. Her days were haunted by the constant presence of her husband to be, who had survived the long trip in the longboats. Her nights were haunted by the Pirate queen who had opened her eyes to sensual pleasure and stolen her heart. She sat at the vanity in her room, idly brushing her hair. She had dismissed Rosa, the Spanish girl her father had hired to be her maid. She looked up as the door opened and a gray haired man entered. "Grandfather!" she exclaimed rushing into the old man's arms. "How is my little Angel?" he asked after the embrace broke. "Miserable." "Oh? This is supposed to be the happiest time of your life. Sit down and tell me all about it child." Abigail sat on the bed and told the old man everything. Omitting only the nights of passion with Lissa. When she finished the wise-old eyes stared at her. She felt he knew exactly what she had left out and blushed a deep crimson. "And you met the Black Queen herself?" "Yes, grandfather." "What did you think of her?" "Old Pete is still alive. I never would have believed it," her grandfather said when Abby hesitated. He seemed to know that questions about the pirate captain would be uncomfortable to her and avoided them. She wished her father were more like his father. "Why have you never spoken of him?" she asked. "He was my first mate. I never spoke of him because it wasn't good form. I was a privateer lass, but I also took a prize here and there that warn't Spanish. You see child, I was a pirate as well. Your

grandmother knew of course, but it was a secret we kept from the rest of the family," "Grandfather, I don't want to marry this man. Isn't there anything that can be done?" "That, my child, is up to you," the old man said rising, "If you have any of your old Grampy in you, you will not stand for it, but rest now. I will speak to my son and see if there is naught I can do," _____________ Her wedding day was upon her. Abigail had given up all hope when her grandfather had returned and said her father was adamant. He would not allow her to break her engagement even when the old man threatened to cut him out of the will. So now she boarded the carriage that would take her to mass with her betrothed. Gerald wore his finest outfit, a broadcloth waistcoat and velvet trousers with a ludicrously large cod piece. Her grandfather was standing there as they boarded the fine coach. He waved at her, and then gave her a wink. The same one he had often given her when she was a child and he had sneaked her outside the house to play behind his wife's back. She wondered what it could mean. After mass she would return to the big house and don her wedding dress. From there she would ride to the church and be married. She didn't dare contemplate what would happen after that. In all honesty, she had almost made up her mind to take her own life rather than face eternity as Lady Abercrombie. The carriage rolled slowly out into the street. It was a big day and people crowded the plaza to get a look at the blushing bride. Abigail was staring out when she saw a familiar face. She turned her head to get a closer look and recognized Enrico. The pirate cook gave her a wink. Abigail recognized others in the crowd, Rolf, Old Pete and Diego among them. She looked forward and sat back, not sure what she should do. "Is something the matter my pet?" Gerald asked. "Nothing," she responded automatically. "I know it is a lot of excitement," he said as his hand rested on her knee. "But soon it will be just the two of us in our bedroom," The unwanted contact, and his lecherous smile, made her want to slap him. With a sudden shout and the firing of a pistol the pirates attacked the carriage. Rolf grabbed the horses and held them steady while Diego knocked the driver unconscious. Enrico bounded into the carriage and grappled with Gerald. Old Pete pulled the footman off the back and held the onlookers at bay with his other pistol and cutlass. Gerald fought like a man possessed. He had been humiliated once and against the small pirate he seemed to feel he had the advantage. Abigail was pushed onto her back as the two fought. "Hurry up ya damned fool!" Pete exclaimed as the surprise of the attack started to wear off and the men of the village began to approach. Gerald managed to throw Enrico to the floor of the carriage and draw his sword. He was standing on the seat and with a vicious laugh prepared to run then small man through. Abigail reacted instantly and shot out her leg. Her delicate boot impacted upon the large codpiece and Gerald was flung over the seat with a screech. Diego and Rolf snapped the traces and the horses began to run. Old Pete discharged his second pistol causing the men to dive for cover.

"Thank You, Senorita," the little pirate said as he sat in the seat next to her. "No, thank you. But why have you done this?" "Captain's orders," the little man grinned, but would answer no more questions. ______________________________________________ Abigail was surprised when the carriage stopped near a small bay and she saw the Raven riding at anchor. They had been riding for over three hours and she was totally lost. On the beach a longboat waited to take them to the ship. Once aboard she was ushered into the Captain's cabin. She noticed the men all smiled at her and seemed happy to have her back aboard, it made her feel good inside to be back among those she considered friends. Inside Lissa stood staring out a window at the sea with her back to Abigail. She wore her customary black outfit, but curiously not her swords. She did not turn to face Abigail and after a while the silence became unbearable. "Why have you brought me here?" Abby blurted out. Lissa sighed heavily and collapsed into the plush chair behind her writing table, the very chair Abby had slept in that first bad night. Abigail saw it then, the lines in her beautiful face, and the bags under her eyes. Her whole body spoke of deep fatigue, and her eyes were red. "I am a child of the sea lass. Always she has been my mistress, and never have I longed for any other. Then I met you. After having you with me the sea has lost its charm, the once vibrant blues are pale. I ransomed you to your father without a thought, but as the days passed I realized that I missed you, more than I could ever have foreseen," "I thought you hated me? You beat me and then ignored me?" "I tried to treat you like a thing, to make you less than human. I was afraid of what I felt for you, afraid of the consequences, but when I heard you were to be married off to some fat plantation owner's son I grieved. I became listless and my control over the crew began to slip. Old Pete held them together until they had reached the breaking point. He came to me then and sobered me up, told me what I knew but didn't want to admit," Abigail was confused. She had never seen Black Lissa in any state other than completely in control. While she was a prisoner here, again, she felt suddenly as if she were the captor. "What was it you admitted?' she asked finally in a quiet voice. "You really don't know do you?" the redheaded woman asked with amusement and sorrow both showing on her face. "No, I don't," Abby admitted. "Then I am lost," the woman said, a tear forming in her eye. Abigail saw how red they were, it had not been a trick of the light.

"I...don't understand," The tall woman sighed heavily and stood up. She moved to stand directly before Abigail and then spoke in a quiet and utterly defeated voice. "Then I shall tell you. I am in love with you Abigail Rodgers. I had hoped to rescue you from a forced marriage. I thought to keep you as my prisoner, as I had before, but I cannot. I never wish to hurt you again." Abigail was shocked. She could not believe she had heard a profession of love from this woman. She simply stood there, in a stunned silence. Lissa stared at her with an expression that spoke of forlorn hope. When Abigail did not respond at all, the woman's face returned to the sorrowful expression Abigail had seen when she was first brought before the pirate queen. "I will have my men return you to the island," Lissa said abruptly and turned on her heel. Her hand was on the door before Abby found her voice. "Wait!" she called out. Lissa turned and looked over her shoulder, "Yes?" "I do not wish to return," "As you will. I will take you wherever you wish to go, even back to England if that is your desire." "You misunderstand me, I do not wish to leave this ship, or your side. I have never known such happiness as those days when you were kind to me. I love you too, but I will not be beaten and abused. If you truly want me for your own, then I accept, but only as your. God, words fail me," "Wife?" the pirate asked with an arched eyebrow. "Yes, blasphemy as it is. Only as your wife, not as your concubine," "Very well. A wedding was planned for today, and a wedding there shall be!" --In a small cove on the north end of the island the Raven rode at anchor. The ship creaked and groaned in the slight breeze. Small breakers caused the great ship to rock gently, like a crib in a mother's hand. It was a very good omen, as old Pete would say. Abigail had spent the rest of the day and most of the evening in the captain's quarters. At dusk the mate and some sailors had hauled a large bronze tub in. Enrico had smiled at her and backed out after it had been filled with hot water. Fragrant oils had been added and the steam smelled deliciously like roses. Abigail had been unable to resist the urge to take a relaxing bath. She had dozed in the warm, sweet smelling water, and awakened only to find the water cold. She rose and began to dry herself when she noticed the dress on the bed. It was beautiful, made of the

finest lace and brocade. It was a wedding dress and she wondered just where it had come from. Probably booty from a captured ship, she thought with the trace of a smile. Whoever had ordered it had had a penchant for lace and brocade. She had never seen such an elegant gown. She carefully dressed herself then, feeling an excitement and apprehension as well. The under things were also of the finest materials and felt exquisite against her skin. She had just pulled her veil down when there was a knock at the door. "Who is it?" "Tis me mi'lady. Old Pete," "Come in," she said and laughed when she saw the old pirate in a fine waistcoat and breeches. He looked so totally uncomfortable that she was unable to keep from giggling. Pete smiled back and led her to a long boat that rowed them to the shore. All the men wore their best and all smiled at her and wished her happiness. Once onshore she saw that a large fire had been built. There were a lot of people around it drinking and eating, many were prostitutes, but she recognized a few women from town who apparently had lovers among the crew. She also recognized many of the people who had traveled from other British possessions to be at her wedding. Try as she might she could not explain that to herself. One man she did not recognize. He wore a black cape and kept away from her, always in the shadows. He seemed familiar, but she could not quite put her finger on his identity. Cavendish played a few songs and she danced with many of the men and soon forgot the mysterious stranger. It wasn't the formal wedding she had always dreamed of, but it was infinitely nicer. She caught a glimpse of Lissa as she and several of the pirates approached the fire. They seemed to be leading a captive, but she wasn't sure. When Lissa came into the firelight, Abigail forgot all else. The tall Pirate wore a broad brimmed black hat with a plume. A velvet waistcoat of Navy blue with lots of shining brass buttons and black breeches. She also wore her sea boots and swords. Abigail smiled when she noticed Lissa also wore a codpiece. She was without a doubt the most handsome creature Abigail had ever seen. Lissa held up her arms and the music ceased, all eyes were upon the Pirate Queen. "My friends, you have come here today to witness my wedding. My bride as many of you know is a God fearing woman, and so we have to do this right. Bring the padre," she called. The man who had been held captive was brought forward. He was obviously a priest of some status, and Abigail blanched when she realized he was the very priest who was to have married her to Gerald. Lissa looked at her then, with those green eyes sparkling. Abigail was touched; she knew the pirate did not believe in her God. This then was totally for her. It made her want to burst with the affection she felt for the handsome pirate. "You cannot expect me to do this!" the priest proteseted, "Tis blasphemy of the vilest sort!" Lissa turned on him and glowered. The fat priest took a step backward, his indignation seemingly less powerful than Black Lissa's stare. "My dear father, tonight there will be a wedding or a funeral on this beach. You may preside at the wedding or be guest of honor at the funeral. The choice is yours," Lissa said easily.

"Even black hearted rogues of your sort would not kill a man of the cloth!" "Of course not. Luckily I have two men in my crew who don't see you as a priest," she said indicating the two giant Negroes, "they see you as a white devil," Abigail knew the two men somewhat. They were brothers from Africa, but both had been educated in France. They looked fearsome, but were two of the gentlest men she had ever met. She had liked them both, but never had learned their names. It seemed they were unpronounceable in English. When the priest saw them he swallowed hard. He started to speak again, but Lissa nodded to the blacks and both drew their swords. In the flickering firelight the taller of them winked at Abby. "Well, since she is a good daughter of the church I suppose I must do all I can to help," the priest said visibly paling. "Of course Padre," Lissa said with a smile. She walked to where Abby was sitting and offered her hand. When she rose, they stood before the priest who was busy getting his vestments on. "A final surprise for you my love," Lissa whispered. Abigail was not able to ask what it was for the priest had begun the ceremony. He seemed rushed, as if he wanted to get this over with and get away. When he came to the part in the ceremony where he asked "And who gives this woman away?" a silence fell. Abigail had assumed Old Pete would give her away. He was the closest to her of the crew but the old pirate just smiled at her and shook his head when she looked at him. "I do," a strong voice called and the mysterious stranger stepped into the light. Even before he threw off his cape Abigail recognized him, "Grandfather!" she exclaimed and rushed into his arms. "Of course," the old man smiled, "Did you think I would miss my angel's wedding?" The old man took her hand and led her back to where Lissa was standing with a radiant smile. He gently placed her hand in the pirate's. When the ceremony ended Lissa pulled back Abby's veil and kissed her tenderly. A great cheer went up from the crowd and soon the music was going again as rum flowed into every cup. Abby drank little and spent most of the evening just holding Lissa's hand. The pirate received the congratulations of each crew member and from several people Abigail recognized now as friends of her grandfather. She understood now that her grandfather had gotten word to Lissa of what was going on. He had given the pirates the time when they could best take her without bloodshed. She had always loved the old man, but now she loved him even more than ever. It was late in the evening when Lissa led her to an awaiting long boat. Her grandfather was there and hugged her once more. "Thank you," Abigail said with tears in her eyes. "No tears my angel. This is a happy time. I will see you again, for my home in Monserrat overlooks a sheltered cove. Now go with your beloved and may God smile upon you both,"

"Do you think he can?" she asked suddenly serious. "Of course he can child. He made you both, and allowed you to meet and fall in love. If he did not intend it to happen it would never have been so." She hugged him again and took Lissa's hand as the Pirate helped her into the boat and then joined her. The four crewmen pulled at the oars and the warm Caribbean night surrounded them. She could smell the salt water and hear the wood creak and waves lap against the hull. Abigail leaned against Lissa and felt a deep contentment. Her grandfather's words dispelled the last of her reservations. Soon they boarded the Raven and made their way to the captain's cabin. Lissa opened the door but stopped Abigail as she started to enter. Abigail looked at her questioningly and was startled when Lissa scooped her up in her arms. "I believe tis customary for me to carry you across the threshold, is it not?" "It is indeed," Abigail said with a smile. Once inside the pirate gently placed her on the deck and went to the sideboard where she poured them both a drink. She handed one goblet to Abby and then raised her own, "To us." The amber liquid turned out to be a rich peach brandy. Abigail took a second sip, and then a third. Soon her goblet was empty. She felt excited and flushed, but curiously shy considering all that had passed between herself and the dashing captain. For her part, Lissa seemed nervous and ill at ease. They both stared at each other for a long time and then Abigail began to giggle. Lissa laughed too, and embraced her tightly. Their lips met in a passionate kiss; Lissa's tongue explored Abigail's mouth while the smaller woman sucked gently on it. When the kiss broke Lissa retrieved a small wooden chest and placed it on the table. She opened it to reveal an unbelievable number of gemstones. Abby saw diamonds, rubies, emeralds and all manner of lesser gems. Lissa smiled and said, "This is my wedding gift to you," "There must be a king's ransom there. I could buy The Brambles with that," Abby blurted out, "but I have no gift to give you!" "Really?" Lissa said with an enigmatic smile, "I was under the impression that you do, but we shall see." The tall pirate stepped closer and enfolded Abby in her arms. Abigail looked up in time to see the redhead bend to press her lips against Abby's. At the first contact Abigail's lips parted and the Frenchwoman's tongue slipped between them. As Lissa's tongue unhurriedly explored her mouth Abby gently caressed the pirate's tongue with her own. Abby tentatively pressed her own tongue against Lissa's and the pirate's withdrew. Emboldened, Abby thrust her tongue into Lissa's mouth. The pirate's mouth tasted of brandy and rum and soon Abby's tongue was tingling, but she also found small pockets that tasted all together different; she sought out these pockets as her tongue explored Lissa's mouth. She felt the pirate's teeth, caressed her pallet and the insides of her cheeks. Lissa groaned and thrust her tongue back into Abby's mouth. Their tongues twined then, pressing and slipping against one another as their embrace tightened.

"Gods! You set my blood on fire," Lissa exclaimed when the kiss finally broke. Abby smiled and kissed the pirate queen's chin. Lissa bent, gently kissed her nose and began to undo the many buttons and ties of the dress. Abby felt like it would never come off and helped where she could. In no time Abby was standing in her stockings and boots with her clothes strewn on the floor about her. Lissa picked her up in her arms and kissed her again as she moved to the bed and dumped Abby onto it. She stood back and removed her hat and sword belt. Abby could not take her eyes off the handsome pirate as she stripped off her shirt and removed the codpiece. Lissa stared at Abby as she undid the drawstring of her pants and eased them down. "My God!" Abby exclaimed as she stared. Around the pirates slim waist was a broad girdle, attached to the front of it was a large black phallus. Lissa laughed at her bride's embarrassment and stroked the large shaft. "Like it?" "I... Where... How?" "The crew had it made for me in Tortuga. Their wedding gift to us. I flatter myself that the size of it reflects their respect for me," The pirate moved to the bed and sat holding a leg up. Abby quickly helped her out of her high sea boots. Lissa spread her legs and Abby knelt to examine the dildo. She touched it carefully and felt the smooth, warm leather. "How does it work?" "Well, it serves as a substitute for the real thing. Men who have been maimed have them made as well as ladies of a certain temperament." Abby traced her finger along the thick shaft, "Can you feel that?" "No, but watching you do it is certainly exciting enough." "If you can't feel it how does it work?" "Well, it sits upon the seat of pleasure," the Captain replied, indicating the base. "When we are in the act it should feel very good rubbing against me." "Should?" "I have never used one before. I have never wished to be a man in bed, until I met you. I hope to be the husband you have dreamed of," Lissa said earnestly. Abigail searched her face for some hint of mockery but found none. "Will it hurt?" she asked quietly.

"Yes. The first time is always painful, and you may bleed a good deal," "Then why use it? You know how to make me feel so good without it." "Because you are my bride, and I intend to claim you. After the first time it will not hurt and you will grow to love it. At least most wenches I know who have been on the receiving end of one have." Lissa reached down and caught Abby's hands and gently pulled her up. She then fell backwards onto the bed, dragging the smaller blonde on top of her. Abby yelped in surprise and then giggled before they kissed again. As the pirate worked her tongue into Abby's mouth the little woman could feel Lissa's hands on her ass. Lissa's hands were warm and slid across the satin flesh before digging into each globe to roughly massage them. Abigail groaned as Lissa continued to work on her behind, first a deep rough massage, then feather light stroking, she had no idea that part of her anatomy would react so strongly to the pirate's touch. Abby nearly bit Lissa's tongue in surprise when he pirates finger began to gently massage her rear entrance. The sensation was at once stimulating and relaxing. The big pirate probed at Abby's rear with her finger, slowly working her finger against the Englishwoman's sphincter until it relaxed enough for her to push her finger in up to the first knuckle. Without warning the Pirate rolled over, taking the smaller woman with her. Abby found herself on her back with Lissa lying on her. She had been in this position before, but she was very aware of the long hard object that was pressed against her belly. Lissa's mouth moved from Abbey's lips to her neck and slowly downward, stopping to lick, suck and nip seemingly without any rhyme or reason. Abby felt that delicious tightening sensation in her belly, the one she had at first dreaded, but now relished. Her time away from the Pirate had only made her want it more and she laughed when she realized how wanton she was becoming. When Lissa's mouth captured a stiff nipple and began to suck and worry it with her tongue Abby forgot all else. She sighed and moaned, tangling her hands in the thick red tresses of her lover as the sensations grew from mildly pleasurable to intense. Lissa moved from one to the other, licking, sucking, even using her teeth to nip and tug at Abby's nipples until the Englishwoman felt she would go mad. Lissa had made her feel wonderful in the past, but the pirate seemed to be determined to drive her insane on this, their first night as husband and wife. Lissa moved lower, tracing her tongue down Abigail's sensitive skin to the pubic triangle and then even lower. Abby was beside herself now and her hands stole to her breasts to roll and massage her own nipples. The redhead attacked her slit with tongue and mouth, working the entrance, the lips and the soft inner folds, but avoiding the stiff clit. Abby was moaning continuously now and tossing her head from side to side. When her hips began to jog involuntarily it seemed to be the signal the big woman had been working towards. Lissa rose to a kneeling position between Abby's splayed thighs and situated herself. Abby watched through silted lids as Lissa grasped her cock and began to stroke it slowly up and down Abby's enflamed lips. Abby was mildly concerned about the size of it, but it felt so good caressing her that she didn't even think to protest. When the head was slick with her juices Abby felt Lissa probing the entrance to her body. By now all

thoughts of pain and fears were secondary to the burning desire she felt. She concentrated on relaxing her body and holding still for her lover. Lissa lined up the big cock and held it on target with one hand while she slowly worked her hips forward. She seemed to be having trouble keeping it where she wanted it and getting enough pressure to force it forward. Lissa changed her angle of approach and with a frustrated snort forced her hips forward. Abby gasped when the bulbous head forced past the inner lips and into her virgin channel. It seemed to be huge, filling her and stretching her. She felt fear clutch at her heart then; surely it would rip her open? Lissa seemed to sense her fear and did nothing more, just holding it there and gently stroking her thighs until her bride adjusted to having the head inside of her. The tall pirate carefully leaned forward, supporting her weight on her hands until she was looking directly into Abby's face. "Abigail, you must relax. Twil hurt for a short span of moments, but not long if you relax. If not there will be a great deal of pain. I promised myself I would never hurt you again, you have to help me here." Abby nodded and Lissa smiled down on her. Abby saw such love and concern in those green eyes that it made it feel as if her heart would burst. Lissa was still smiling, talking quietly to her when she drove forward without warning. Abigail had never felt such pain, a tearing pain deep inside of her body. A second lunge and the big dildo tore thorough the last shreds of her maidenhead and buried itself deep inside of her. The pain subsided to be replaced by a sensation of being filled that was strange but pleasurable. Abby became aware of Lissa kissing her cheeks and eyelids and murmuring endearments to her. "It's all right," Abby managed. The worried look in her pirate's eyes was replaced with the love and happiness she had always longed to see there. Abby forgot her pain and wanted only to please this woman, for the rest of her life. "The deed is done. We can stop now and let you rest if you wish," Lissa said softly. "If you stop now, I will never speak to you again," Abby said smiling. As the memory of the pain faded the arousal of having Lissa so close reasserted itself. She still felt a throbbing ache deep within her loins, but the fullness she felt was partial compensation and the electric contact of her skin with Lissa's was too delightful to dwell on the pain. Lissa smiled down on her and carefully reset her legs. She drew back a bit causing the cock to retreat a bit and then let her weight take it back. Abby gasped, not sure if it was pain or pleasure that she felt. "Wrap your legs around me. It will make it easier and reduce the pain," Lissa whispered. Abbey did as she was bidden and found that it did seem to make it less painful. Lissa slowly got used to what she was doing and established a rhythm of sorts. Her motions were still tentative and experimental, but with each passing moment she became more bold and confident. Abby gritted her teeth, but refused to let Lissa see her discomfort. If it was important to her lover to do this, then Abby would not let her down. As the dildo slid in and out it became coated in her juices. The lubrication eased the friction until it was sliding in and out without the painful friction she had felt earlier. The sensation of being full, then empty, then deliciously full again soon became extremely enjoyable and Abby found herself pushing her hips upwards to meet Lissa's downward thrusts. Now both began to enjoy the pleasure of it without

having to worry about pain. Abby heard herself begin to moan and whimper and the peculiar squeaking sounds began again. Lissa had her eyes closed, it was evident to Abby that she was enjoying it, and was fighting her own climax to prolong Abby's pleasure. Abbey would never know how long it went on. A minute? An Hour? An eternity? All she knew was she was riding the waves of pleasure towards a shattering orgasm and when it came it was overwhelming in it's intensity. She screamed when the damn burst, a scream of pleasure so loud it totally eclipsed Lissa's shout of joy. When they came down they were still entertained. Lissa was gently stroking her hair. Abby heaved a great sigh of contentment. Lissa was still inside her, but the dull ache was nothing compared to the joy she felt. She was almost sorry when her lover pulled out and rolled over next to her. No words were exchanged, just kisses and a warm embrace. Abby fell asleep with her head in the crook of Lissa's arm. She awoke alone in the big bed. The sheets were gone and she was shivering. The rolling motion told her Raven was no longer at anchor, and the sounds of the sea against the hull made her sure they were in the open sea. Abby donned her dress as quickly as she could and made her way onto the deck. A stiff, cool breeze filled the sails and caused her to shiver again. She made her way to the aftercastle where Lissa stood at the wheel. She wore breeches and a shirt of linen today, both white as the sails. Her red hair was flying free and her sword belt was back around her hips. Abby moved next to her and was grateful when Lissa removed one hand from the great wheel and pulled her close. "The whole world is ours my love. We have but one thing to do and then we will go wherever your heart desires." "My heart is happy, as long as I am with you I care not what our destination is." The men on deck were all looking at her and Abby felt a bit self conscious, it was then that she noticed the bloody sheet was flying where a flag usually did. She colored furiously and looked accusingly at Lissa. "Tis Tradition," the Pirate Queen laughed, "but it serves a more important purpose today than showing my virility or that you came to me chaste." "What Purpose?" Lissa pointed to a spit of land, "Tis the entrance to the harbor. When we sail past, there will be no way your father can miss the ship, or the flag. The whole island will know you have been taken to wife." "Why do you embarrass me so?" Abigail asked. She was blushing from head to toe and felt a burning humiliation. Lissa kissed her then, a loving kiss, not filled with passion, but filled with love. "I do not do it to cause

you pain my love. As long as he believes you are still chaste your father will spare no expense to have you back. Once he, and all the eligible men on St. Eustacius know that you are no longer suitable to be wed, he will not spare any of his precious money to have you back. I am sorry to say it, but he is a callous man." The great ship flew past the entrance to the harbor. A few shots from the forts guarding the entrance fell short of the mark and with startling suddenness they were away and running in the open sea. Abby stood next to her husband, cradled in the pirate's arm. The sea had never seemed so beautiful and the sun smiled down with greater promise than it ever had before. Epilogue: Three years later the Pirate ship Raven was sunk off the coast of Bermuda by the Frigate H.M.S. Courageous. The British records record the Captain as a tall blonde man and no mention is made of any women being aboard. The Yorkshire estate known as The Brambles was purchased by a wealthy Frenchman named Le Raven. He brought his small blonde wife to live on the estate and they were a popular couple among the local gentry. He is listed in the records as being tall with red hair and green eyes and noted for the fact that he was fastidiously clean-shaven and never seen in public without his East Indies style waistcoat. She is mentioned as being a good daughter of the church and is noted for her many donations to the area's poor. Her gravestone can still be seen in a small Yorkshire churchyard. The inscription says simply: Abigail, loving wife.