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MM03 ADVERTISING & BRAND MANAGEMENT Time: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 100

Note: 1. The paper is divided into three sections: Section A, Section B and Section C. 2. There are seven questions in Section A of 10 marks each. Attempt any four. 3. Section B has 5 questions of 15 marks each. Attempt any three. All the questions of Section C (Case Study) are compulsory. This section is of 15 marks Section A 1. What does it mean when we say that advertising is intended to persuade? How Do different ads persuade in different ways. Support your answers with examples. 2. Discuss important trends transforming the advertising and promotion industry ? 3. What is comparison advertising , and why does this form of advertising need a special set of guidelines to prevent unfair competition ? 4. Explain how consumers adapt their decision making processes as a function of involvement and experience? 5. Discuss the purposes served by and methods used in copy research? 6. Write short notes on the following :a) AIDA MODEL b) DAGMAR APPROACH 7. Explain the connection between marketing strategies and advertising plans. What is the role of target segments in making this connection? Section B 1. Describe the three basic types of advertising agencies that can assist in the placement of advertising around the world? 2. Why does advertising need creativity. How far should it be made responsible for success in sales of a product? Explain 3. Identify the key objectives of message strategy in advertising? 4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of music as a tool for constructing effective radio ads? 5. Discuss the activities and decisions involved in the final production of print ads.

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Section C CASE STUDY AYUR Ayur is seen to be a reasonable success because it offers herbal benefit at a low price . It was launched in the North Indian market as an ayurvedic shampoo in bottles. North India is basically a bottle market . Coupled with low price , this brand gained market share . However , it has probably conceded share to new launches like Pantene . Most experts feel that its performance as a successful shampoo is more because of low price than its ayurvedic connotation . It is generally agreed that it was a combination of low price and herbal benefit that gave Ayur market share. However, it has intense competition from Nyle and various other brands which offers similar benefits. Q1. Ayur was a silent launch and tried cashing on its USP of being a herbal shampoo. Do you think that aggressive advertising and brand promotion could have added more to its success in the market? Give your comments. 7 Marks Q2. Suggest an advertising strategy to Ayur if it wants to reposition in the market? 8Marks

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