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SENIOR RESEARCH 2013 PANEL MEMBERS Fission and Identity Jose Emmanuel Agregado Panelists: Mabaquiao Joaquin Dacela

Beauty in Madness Ninotchka Mumtaj Albano Panelists: Garcia Sarza Dacela Jurisprudence Revisited Daniel Philip V. Barnachea Panelists: Sarza Mabaquiao Joaquin In Defense of Foucaults Genealogy Martin Alec N. Bautista Panelists: Joaquin Garcia Sarza

On Human-Animal Chimeras and the Human Dignity Argument Caylene Canlas Panelists: Sarza Joaquin Garcia The Primal Blue Print Lorenzo Casanova Gutierrez Panelists: Mabaquiao Sarza Joaquin Ethical Criticisms of Art: In Defense of the Merited Response Argument Jan Roseller Logronio Panelists: Joaquin Sarza Dacela Reply to Searles Conjunctive Conditions for Promising Kim S. Mendoza Panelists: Garcia Dacela Mabaquiao

Rationality, Generality, and Acceptance: The Default Justification? Juan Miguel E. Pea Panelists: Mabaquiao Joaquin Dacela The Moral Fabric: Criticisms on J.L. Mackies Error Theory of Morals Antonio S. Pagsibigan Panelists: Joaquin Mabaquiao Dacela

Fictional Truth in Depictive Representation: A Criticism against John Dilworth Carmina D. Sera Jose Panelists: Sarza Garcia Dacela

Kellners Concept of Sovereign Identity in a Postmodern Society Luigi Joel G. Silvestre Panelists: Mabaquiao Garcia Sarza

Explaining Theoretical Disagreements Christian Poulex J. Sulit Panelists: Garcia Sarza Dacela What do they Mean?: A Comparative Study on the Golden Mean of Aristotle and the Doctrine of the Mean of Confucius. Percival Nicholas Tan Panelists: Mabaquiao Garcia Sarza The Misleading Colors: A Critique of Jonathan Cohens Relationalism Paulyn D. Villafuerte Panelists: Joaquin Dacela Mabaquiao