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Source Time Summary (When summaries are not in quotation marks, source was paraphrased)

Logan ATCT Transcript 8:00 a.m. AAL 1 1 departs Boston Logan International Airport. All communications with Boston Tower
and Boston Departure Control were routine and normal.
ZBW R46Controller 8:13:47 Pete Zalewski instructs AAL 1 1 to climb and maintain FL 350. AAL 1 1 does not respond to this
Transcript and subsequent radio transmissions from FAA controllers.
Logan ATCT Transcript 8:14 UAL 175 departs Boston Logan International Airport. All communications with Boston Tower
and Boston Departure Control were routine and normal.
Dulles ATCT Transcript 8:20 AA 77 departs Washington Dulles International Airport. All communications with Dulles
Tower and Dulles Departure Control were routine and normal.
Satori and 84m Rades data 8:20:48 The transponder signal indicating speed, altitude and flight information for AAL 1 1 was lost on
the ZBW radar displays.
ZBW R46 Transcript 8:24:38 ZBW Controller R46 hears radio transmission subsequently determined to be AAL 1 1 hijacker
stating, "we have some planes. Just stay quiet and you'll be okay. We are returning to the
ZBW R46 Transcript 8:24:56 ZBW Controller R46 hears second radio transmission subsequently determined to be AAL 1 1
hijacker stating, "nobody move. Everything will be okay. If you try to make any moves you'll
endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet."
ATCSCC Position 15; FAA 8:27:50 ZBW TMU Severe Weather Position (probably Dan Bueno) calls "Tony" (probably "Anthony
ZBW Transcript from ZBW Smith" per FAA roster of employees on duty on9-l 1) at Herndon Command Center and advises
TMU Severe Weather him that they believe AAL 1 1 is "a possible hijack situation." (This appears to be the first notice
Position (dated 9/1 5/01) to ATCSCC from ZBW regarding AAL 11)
ZBW R46 Transcript 8:33:59 ZBW Controller R46 overhears third radio transmission subsequently determined to be AAL 1 1
hijacker stating, "nobody move please we are going back to the airport don't try to make any
stupid moves."
FAA ZBW Transcript from 8:34:35 ZBW TMU Severe Weather Position (probably Dan Bueno) calls Cape Tracon (K90) and asks
ZBW TMU Severe Weather Cape Tracon to contact Otis AFB and request Otis to scramble fighter pilots on AAL 1 1 .
Position (dated 9/1 5/01)
ZBW Transcript from MOS 8:37:52 Joe Cooper from ZBW MOS Position calls NEADS and talks to Major Dawn Deskins. ZBW
Position (dated 9/1 9/01) MOS Cooper tells NEADS that ZBW has "a hijacked aircraft headed towards the New York
metro area" and asks if NEADS could "send someone up there, some F-Sixteens or something -
help us out maybe out, maybe out of Otis." At 8:40:35, ZBW gives NEADS current latitude and
longitude coordinates on AAL 1 1 and gives last known altitude of FL 290.
NEADS MCC Tech Log 8:40 Log reads "possible hijack AA 1 1 Fit"
FAA ZBW Transcript from 8:40:02 ZBW TMU Position (Dan Bueno) calls "Tony" at ATCSCC East Position and asks Tony to
ZBW TMU Severe Weather connect him to New York Tracon. ZBW TMU advises New York Tracon that AAL 1 1 is a
I Position (dated 9/15/01)

FAA Cape Tracon (K90)

Supervisor's Position
"possible hijack", is traveling "northwest of Albany", the plane is now "out by Sparta losing
speed very rapidly [and] we believe he's a primary only and ah we believe he's in the descent
[and] that's why he's slowing down."
NEADS (i.e., Huntress) is on the line with Otis Tower, Cape Approach (K90), and Giant Killer
and NEADS advises all parties that NEADS is "placing Panta Four-Five, Four-Six on battle
Transcript (dated 10/10/03) stations."
FAA ZBW Transcript from 8:43:08 Cape Tracon (K90) calls ZBW TMU Unit to advise ZBW that Cape Tracon called Otis for help
ZBW TMU Severe Weather and Otis told Cape Tracon they needed a "NEADS authorization." ZBW TMU tells Cape Tracon
Position (dated 9/1 5/01) that ZBW is working with NEADS and NEADS "should be calling you now."
NEADS MCC Tech Log 8:46 Log reads "FMH [i.e., Otis fighters] scrambled @ tt on AA 1 1"
Satori; FAA "Summary of 8:46:31 Primary radar tracking of AAL 1 1 was lost.
Air Traffic Hijack Events"
(Source AAT-20)
FAA "Summary of Air 8:46:35 AAL 1 1 impacts World Trade Center's North Tower (WTC 1)
Traffic Hijack Events"
(Source AAT-20)
FAA Cape Tracon (K90) 8:46:48 NEADS (Huntress) calls Otis Tower and Giant Killer and "authenticates" the order for "an
Supervisor's Position active air defense scramble for Panta FQur-Five, Four-Six".
Transcript (dated 10/10/03)
Satori; FAA "Summary of 8:46:48 UAL 175's assigned transponder code of 1470 changed, first to code 3020, then to code 3321.
Air Traffic Hijack Events"
(Source AAT-20)
ZNY Controller R 42 8:51:43 ZNY Controller R42 radios UAL 175 and states, "United 175 recycle your transponder and
Position Transcript squawk code of 1470." UAL 175 does not respond to this and subsequent attempts by ZNY R42
to contact UAL 175.
NEADS MCC Tech Log 8:52 Log reads "FMH A/B @ tt on AA 1 1"
ZNY Controller R 42 8:54:07 USA 583 pilot calls ZBW R42 on the frequency and states, "getting uh reports on, over the radio
Position Transcript of uh a commuter plane hitting the World Trade Center. Is that uh nordo seven six still in the
ZNY Controller R 42 8:54:16 to ZNY R42 vectors another aircraft, Delta Airlines Flight 2433 towards the aircraft squawking
Position Transcript 8:57:14 beacon code 3321 (later determined to be UAL 175) and asks the DAL 2433 pilot to identify the
type aircraft. At 8:57:08 the DAL 2433 pilot states, "looks like a United uh seven six, two
hundred as far as I can tell."
NEADS MCC Tech Log 8:57 Log reads "Boston FAA says hijack A/C crashed into World Trade Center"
ZNY Controller R 42 8:57:52 ZNY R42 tells ZNY R09 "we might have a hijack over here, two of them."
Position Transcript
ZNY Satori; Radar data 9:03:14 UAL 175 impacts World Trade Center's South Tower (WTC 2)
Transcript of NEADS 9:03:20 NEADS background voice states, "they have a possible second hijack . . . United 175 is the
Channel 4 (ID) Position other aircraft, Mode three is 3321." At 9:09:43, NEADS female voice at Position ID1 states she
got "United 175 information from New York" and background voice states, "from New York
military guy." In an interview with NC staff, Robert Felser, ZNY MOS on 9-1 1, confirmed he
called NEADS to inform them about UAL 175.
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:05 Log reads "United 175 possible hijack Bos-Lax
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:07 Log reads "UAL 175 id as 767
NEADS transcript of MCC 9:09 NEADS MCC Nasypany tells first says to tell Major Fox to "scramble Langley, send them in the
Position same location" and immediately thereafter Nasypany states, "battle stations only at Langley."
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:09 Log reads "LFI [i.e., Langley fighters] on B/S @ tt for hijack threat"
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:11 Log reads "Both hijacks UAL 175 and AL 1 1 hit World Trade Center"
Transcript of NEADS 9:15:15 ZNY MOS Robert Felser calls NEADS ID Section and confirms "United 175 is the second
Channel 4 (ID) Position aircraft to crash into the World Trade Center."
Transcript of NEADS 9:16 NEADS ID Technician calls ZBW MOS Colin Scoggins to get souls on board and tail number
Channel 4 (ID) Position for UAL 175. Scoggins gives NEADS UAL 175 tail number "N612UA" and estimate of 75
souls on board.
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:16 Log reads "United tail # N612UA / 75 sob/"
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:20:22 ZBW MOS Colin Scoggins calls NEADS to advise he heard a report from "Washington Center"
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) that AAL 1 1 "is still in the air and on its way towards - heading towards Washington."
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:22:35 NEADS ID Technician calls ZDC and asks for "mode 3" and any other amplifying information
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) on the report received from ZBW that AAL 1 1 was "still in the air" and "on its way to
Position Washington."
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:23 NEADS ID Technician Shelly Watson calls ZNY and advises ZNY that NEADS just received a
NEADS Channel 4 (ID) report that AAL 1 1 is still airborne and headed towards Washington. The ZNY representative is
Position unaware of this report and gives NEADS the ZNY watch desk telephone number to call. During
this call Watson shouts out the tail number "November 334 Alpha Alpha" (N334AA) for
AAL 11 and, in a background voice, Master Sgt. Dooley repeats the AAL 11 tail number to
the SOCC floor.
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:23:30 ZBW MOS Scoggins calls NEADS ID Technician to report that ZBW "did hear from
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) (call starts) Washington that there is an aircraft, they believe its American 1 1 , and he is southwest (UI). We
Position just don't have a point." In response to Scoggins' request to Terry Biggio for the latest
information that ZBW had on AAL 11, Biggio states, "[t]here may be three airplanes. They're
missing - there are two confirmed and they're missing a third." Scoggins then states "we don't
know if it's an American" and "we don't have the call sign of the third aircraft yet."
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:24 Log reads "American Airlines # N334 AA hijacked"
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:25 Log reads "Hijack AA Fit headed to Wash D.C."
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:26 Log reads "LFI scrambled on AA Fit @ 1324Z"
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:26:46 NEADS ID Technician calls ZDC to ask them if they have any "lat-long" on the AAL 1 1
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) heading towards Washington. ZDC representative says ZBW is not getting the information on
Position AAL 1 1 from ZDC because ZDC is "under the premise" that AAL 1 1 "has already crashed into
the Trade Center."
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:27 Log reads "Boston FAA says another A/C is missing"
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:34 Log reads "American 77 Fit ID LA lost/unable to locate"
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:34:02 Just previous to this call, NEADS ID Technician tells ZNY OMIC to call ZDC and advise ZDC
NEADS Channel 4 (ID) (call that NEADS wants to speak to them. The ZDC OMIC calls NEADS ID Technician and at
Position begins at 9:34:02 states, "let me tell you this, I, we, been looking, we have also lost American 77 ...
9:32:27 Indianapolis Center was working this guy . . . at flight level 350. However, they lost radar with
and ends at him, they lost contact with him, they lost everything, and they don't have any idea where he is or
9:35:25) what happened."
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:35 Log reads "LFI airborne @ tt"
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:35:05 ZBW MOS Scoggins calls NEADS ID Technician to inform NEADS of "latest report, aircraft
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) VFR six miles southeast of the White House . . . he's moving away . . . six [miles] southwest of
Position the White House deviating away ... we just had a tel-com . . . we're just on a tel-com . . . we
just heard that and wanted to make sure you got that information."
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:39 ZBW MOS Scoggins calls NEADS and states "third aircraft, Delta 1989 ... we believe it is" a
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) hijacked aircraft.
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:39:24 Following up on the information she received from ZDC that AAL 77 was lost somewhere in
NEADS Channel 4 (ID) Indianapolis Center, NEADS ID Technician Watson calls ZID and ZID provides NEADS with a
Position last known latitude-longitude of 3841 - 08252 at 8:56 a.m. for AAL 77.
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:40:50 ZBW MOS Scoggins calls NEADS ID to advise NEADS of report that an aircraft just hit the
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) Pentagon. He then states, "I can't confirm that."
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:41 Log reads "Delta 89 possible hijack Bos/Vegas"
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:45 NEADS ID Technician calls ZOB to advise NEADS received a report that DAL 1989 was a
NEADS Channel 4 (ID) confirmed hijacked aircraft and is in Cleveland's sector "right now." She gives ZOB
Position representative the MCC telephone number so ZOB can call NEADS back with any amplifying
information on DAL 1989.
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:45 ZBW MOS Scoggins tells NEADS "reference Delta 1989, they did reach him on ACARS . . .
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) and they got him on ACARS, told him to land in Cleveland, he acknowledged he would land in
Position Cleveland, so he might not be a hijack . . . he acknowledged on ACARS, he did not
acknowledge by frequency, so he still could be [a hijack], we're just not sure"
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:45 Log reads "B089 forward told"
NEADS MCC Tech Log 9:47 Log reads "Delta 89 will land in Cleveland (possible)"
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:50 NEADS calls ZBW MOS. NEADS asks for all last known information on AAL 1 1 . Scoggins
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) gives information to NEADS and says he is not sure if AAL 1 1 is "the one who went to JFK or
Position if he's the one that went to Washington." Scoggins then summarizes that there have been 3
crashes; two crashes at the World Trade Center and one at the Pentagon. However, ZBW knows
about only 2 call signs: AAL 1 1 and UAL 175 related to the 3 crashes.
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:58:55 NEADS background female voice (sounds like Master Sgt. Dooley) states Delta "1989 is no
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) hijack, landing in Cleveland as a precautionary measure."
Transcript (Alderson) of 9:59:30 NEADS ID Technician calls ZBW MOS Scoggins to advise ZBW that NEADS received a report
NEADS Channel 7 (ID) indicating DAL 1989 was not a hijacked aircraft and was landing at Cleveland for precautionary
Position measures.
Transcript (Alderson) of 10:03 NEADS ID Technician calls ZID and tells them that DAL 1989 "is not a hijacked aircraft. He's
NEADS Channel 4 (ID) taking precautionary measures; he's landing at Cleveland Center. However, we do have four
Position fighters launched on that aircraft just to be sure."
Transcript (Alderson) of 10:07 ZOB calls NEADS ID Technician to tell them to "disregard" Delta 1989 and advise NEADS
NEADS Channel 4 (ID) that UAL 93 has "a bomb on board"
NEADS MCC Tech Log 10:07 Log reads "Bomb on board UAL 93 over Pittsburg {sic} 1527 M-3"
NEADS MCC Tech Log 10:15 Log reads "UAL 93 down north of Camp David (Bomb)"
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