September 11, 2001 'Tic Toe" of Significant Events

8:50 AM 8:56 AM 9:05 AM 9:07 AM 9:15 AM

American Airlines 11 crashes into World Trade Center, North Tower. National Security Advisor notifies President Bush in Florida National security operations centers notified United Airlines 175 crashes into World Trade Center, South Tower President speaks with Vice President, Rice and FBI Director Mueller, directs preparation of NSC meeting immediately upon return from Florida American Airlines 77 crashes into Pentagon Force Protection Measures implemented worldwide to protect US diplomatic and military facilities Secretary Mineta directs FAA to halt all flight operations at US airports Vice President moved to secure location in the White House Secretary Mineta directs closure of airspace of Washington Air Traffic Control Area President departs Sarasota Florida enroute to Washington Vice President orders implementation of Continuity of Government and Continuity of Operations Procedures implemented designed to ensure Constitutional succession and uninterrupted government operations United Airlines 93 crashes south of Johnstown, Pennsylvania President directs North American Air Defense

9:30 AM 9:30 AM 9:40 AM 9:40 AM 9:50 AM

9:52 AM 9:55 AM

10:06 AM

10:16 AM

Command(NORAD) to provide Combat Aerial Patrol (CAP) and AWACs coverage for Washington DC, and CAP for Air Force One 10:22 AM Employees Evacuated from Federal Buildings in downtown, Washington 10:50 AM US Forces go to DEFCON 3. Russians notified via Nuclear Risk Reduction Center. FEMA establishes task forces to coordinate consequence management Coast Guard implements increased security measures for all inbound and outbound tanker ships President Chairs NSC meeting from Offut AFB, Nebraska

11:15 AM 12:46 PM 3:30 PM

Issues for Decision • CAP/Air Defense Posture o Reagan National, possibly others to stay closed until X o Strip alert posture o Additional "keep out" areas o Posture for US facilities in the Gulf • Finding/MON o New overall finding o Broad or specific (Annex A to NSPD) • NSPD o Revisions/when? o Broad vs narrow • EO to Freeze/Seize Assets o Taliban o al Qida • Military Planning o Objectives/Requirements • Federal Air Marshals Expansion o DOD near term support o Long term program • Diplomatic Next Steps o UN Action • World Bank/IMF and UNGA