This document tries to explore the importance of brand personality and self concept congruence in the denim industry

Quiz 4: Personality
The Denim Industry

Rishav Kanodia 1211290

Submitted by: Rishav Kanodia. In this context. The basic question a marketer has to answer is . Any marketer needs to understand the reasons behind those choices in order to create a line of offerings that appeal to a large segment of the market.[QUIZ 4: PERSONALITY] January 25. If we look at the industry is the consumption behavior affected by readily identifiable personality characteristics. self-concept congruence etc.1billion by 2015. So personality plays an important role in determining their choices. The market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $2. 1211290 Page 1 . some hip and cool while others sophisticated. the usage of high end denim in India is set to pick up. brand personality and selfconcept plays an important role in brand adoption. The customers view dressing as a way to express themselves. Moreover. Studies have shown that the way you dress is a reflection of the way you are. Some people try to appear sincere. differentiation on the basis of tangible attributes is almost impossible to achieve. 2013 A write-up on the Denim industry focusing on Personality Why did I choose this product category? The Indian denim industry is in a very exciting state at this point of time. The key to success seems to lie in the emotional and self-expression benefits that the brand provides to their customers. have been used by the different players in the market. With the young population in urban and semi-urban areas having higher disposable income and more & more offices allowing for smart casuals. this industry gives a vast space to understand how the different concepts related to personality like ethnocentrism. This made it an easy pick for me to further probe and explore.

2013 Examples of brands in the Denim Industry:  Levi Strauss & Co: Levi Strauss & Co. The brand has changed a lot over time and recently it came up with the “Change your world” campaign advertising itself to the people of entrepreneurial nature who are risk takers and not afraid to try out new things i.[QUIZ 4: PERSONALITY] January 25. Ruf-and-Tuf exploited the ethnocentrism aspect by associating it with an Indian celebrity and giving a sense of “Indianness” to the brand. The personality of the brand is more individualistic. Submitted by: Rishav Kanodia. sophisticated European as opposed to the all American hunk. They are trying to create a classy.  Lee Jeans: Lee Jeans is conjuring up the image of the young American whom everybody admires. to appeal to a different breed of buyers.  Ruf and Tuf: Indian consumers in the semi-urban area who had high aspirational values could not afford the multi-national brands and were in need of a good quality product to avoid buying cheap clones. Its latest advertisement is directed at men and based on “Don’t settle for less” targeting the aspirational consumers. edgy and trendy.  Zodiac: It uses the formal. elegant and professional look and targets the employed persons by projecting the fact the brand helps you make an impression in office. 1211290 Page 2 . the focusing on the consumer innovativeness. is targeting the young college goers by projecting itself as a more outgoing and rough & tough kind of a brand. It portrays rebellion. sensuality and being cool. hip. personifies itself as a brand for mavericks and loners who identify with challengers to orthodoxy.  Wrangler: Dupont Sportswear.e. chic and trendy personality in the European way. which markets Wrangler jeans. “It’s not for the masses” ad gives the feeling of exclusivity. The intention is to establish its heritage and the American character of the brand. It tries to create a resonance with the free willed animal spirit inside us.  Pepe Jeans: Pepe Jeans is communicating the persona of the urban.

desirable and having a degree of exclusivity. exclusivity and uniqueness. is vital for attacking the designer end of the jeans market. Most of the people in India who buy Levi’s are the people from the fledging IT and BPO industry and young college goers with high aspirations. the brand can leverage the “country of origin” effect by branding itself as the authentic denim from America. cool. The target segment of Levi’s sees itself as one who is individualistic. Submitted by: Rishav Kanodia. 1211290 Page 3 . is rebellious. Levi’s can make a play on the “actual self-concept” of the target segment and draw them towards itself by communicating the values it represents. By providing an offering that unique. The notion of self-image congruence states that the consumer preference is determined by the cognitive matching between the user self-image and the brand image. Hence. carefree and is a reflection of the people who are trend setters.[QUIZ 4: PERSONALITY] January 25. Creating an image that is seen to be fashionable. Even the hedonic aspects like pleasure (the ‘ID’ component of the personality) propagated through internet can play a role in drawing in this target segment (consumers of the brand are more permissive in nature). If we look at the needs of the target segment of the brand: The extrinsic needs of the consumers of this product are the status symbol. And this can only be done by reinforcing brand beliefs and forming strong brand associations with its customer base. The denim is an expression of the person you are. The intrinsic need of the consumer is the comfort and fit associated with the product. 2013 Using personality concepts to enhance Brand Image: Levi Strauss & Co The target segment of Levi’s is consumers in the age group of 15-39. The most important point for Levi’s is to keep itself relevant in such a fast changing industry. exclusive and values the intrinsic needs of the consumers can help it make a gain in such a competitive landscape. In order to capture the imagination of the young crowd the brand is targeting. The brand projects itself as a premium brand and is directed towards youth. The brand needs to communicate that it represents what is hip. The target segment is very aspirational in nature and western in its outlook. it needs to create an emotional connect with its target segment. likes freedom and has high aspirational values.

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