The SUR40 is a collaborative multi-touch device that combines LCD touch technology with multi-touch and object recognition software. Microsoft Surface2 technology gives the SUR40 the ability to see without the use of cameras, supporting up to 50 simultaneous touch points. Gorilla Glass ensures the screens and tables have increased durability.

Interactive multi-touch screens engage, entertain and educate an audience and are an effective tool for both temporary and permanent installations. The multi-touch system reacts by sensing the infra-red signature where fingers are touching the surface, enabling multiple users to manipulate images, video, 3D models and more. The range of possible applications is endless.

The Virgin Media stand at the Ideal Home Show proved to be one of the most popular thanks to a multi-touch screen with specially developed content, themed on the new super-fast broadband speed and featuring campaign frontman, Usain Bolt. This game challenged visitors to a reaction test and demonstrated the frustration of buffering if they hit the wrong icon.

This activation demonstrates how technology can enhance the brand experiences we create, it’s been a real success story from the stand this year. MIKE WHITE, PARTNER AT ITCH AGENCY

Interactive floors can be used for special events, brand experiences and product launches as well as providing an engaging educational tool. The system uses a projector to display images onto the floor which, with the aid of clever computer programming and an infrared tracking sytem, to detect your movement. We can customise the software to include your logo, brand images and animations.

We have a range of multi-touch tables available for permanent installation or rental, these are available in various sizes and use true, multi-touch, technology allowing a number of people to interact with the surface at once. Perfect to engage, educate and entertain, we can create stylish, bespoke applications to suit any brief.

Arcstream AV provided three state-of-the-art interactive tables for the re-opening of Leicester Square. The public were able to enjoy exclusive previews, trailers and games through touchscreen technology. The tables utilised 42" Full HD LED displays as well as multi-touch overlay technology that allowed true multi-user, multi-touch experiences.

Our interactive window displays come in a range of sizes and our lightweight touchscreen foil can be applied to a range of nonmetallic surfaces. The rear projection system is flexible enough to be used in a range of interactive digital signage environments, creating a stunning touchscreen solution that demands attention.

Arcstream AV created an interactive shop window at Selfridges using lighting effects that matched the selection of Sony VAIO colours. Infra-red sensors were installed in a touchscreen section of the window inviting passers-by to select their favourite colour VAIO, which in turn lit up the entire Selfridges window in powerful lights to mirror their colour choice.

As laser planning experts we have designed and presented live laser shows across the globe, using the very latest technologies to create visual extravaganzas at retail, corporate, entertainment and private events. The systems available range from simple green through to stateof-the-art multi-coloured lasers.

The Fogscreen is a unique effect that produces a thin layer of water vapour as a translucent projection screen. The fog is dry to touch and creates a dramatic impact for entrance ways and walkthroughs.

Arcstream AV provided Perrier’s Experiential Campaign with their dynamic fogscreen to add an air of exclusivity at some of London’s trendiest clubs. Images and videos were displayed creating an engaging visual effect that clubbers could step straight through! This made an unforgettable walkthrough experience, while incorporating a high impact advertising space for the Perrier logo.

We produce outstanding, large format, 3D projections on any surface and for any length of time. This includes buildings or landmarks where we accurately map the surface and display bespoke moving graphics to any creative or promotional brief. Effects can include buildings moving, transforming or with objects cascading.

Arcstream AV is a distributor of Dreamoc, the display kiosks where reality meets virtual reality to engage and amaze audiences in a completely unique 3D presentation. The product, which is a mix of holographic technology and 3D imagery, seamlessly combines real objects with 3D videos. Ideal for retailers, events, exhibitions and to maximise consumer engagement with a product or service, Arcstream AV offers a full content solution to create videos customised to the needs of your brand.

This state of the art transparent LCD is available in 9", 22" and 46" screens. It sits at the front of a display cube showing your promotional content with a product placed behind remaining fully visible through the LCD. This allows you to combine physical objects with full colour video content that runs directly on the screen, creating fantastic point of sale placements, perfect for product launches and the ability to make a brand really come alive.


EAST VILLAGE CYCLE SIMULATOR Arcstream AV supplied and installed bespoke interactive hardware for the East Village Cycle Simulator, created for an experiential campaign run by marketing agency Experiential iD. Commuters were invited to take a virtual ride around East Village on a static Pashley bicycle. Sensors activated the user experience with the tour displayed on a 55" interactive display mounted in front. The experience was completed by a oscillating fan used to create a gentle breeze as they rode. A 65" multi-touch screen was fitted to the back of the casing offering further information about the sustainability and socially inclusive elements of the village.


VAUXHALL ZAFIRA LAUNCH For the launch of the newest addition to the Vauxhall Zafira range; The Tourer, Arcstream AV supplied and installed a moveable interactive screen as part of the promotional campaign that travelled the U.K. A moveable interactive screen was fitted alongside the car on a sliding rail, using bespoke software created by Arcstream AV and laser guidance sensors, the participant could slide the screen up and down the length of the car displaying its inner workings at different sections similar to an X-Ray machine! This provided an entertaining and educational experience for users to learn about the new range while encouraging on lookers to get involved and take part.


DIAGEO CUSTOMER COLLABORATION CENTRE Diageo; the world’s leading drinks business opened its first permanent Customer Collaboration Centre in West London with its aim to `Inspire, Partner and Grow.’ Arcstream AV’s team of designers and technicians worked to a tight 12-week deadline to install visually engaging interactive content for the centre, which is split into nine zones, including a ‘central workroom’ for meetings and presentations, an ‘at home’ environment, as well as a supermarket, bar, convenience store and street scene. Arcstream AV created and developed a number of technologies and software for these interactive areas, including a tool to enable discussions around shopper trends and profiles in the environments that are most relevant for each. The individually themed zones of the centre were equipped with cutting edge technology including 14 projectors with two highend media servers controlling the various zones of projection and an AMX touchscreen control system, all designed and built by an AMX programmer for full show control.

ASCOT RACECOURSE Arcstream AV supplied and installed the first stage in a complete refit of the plasma screen technology at Ascot Racecourse. The full AV refurbishment will see 1000 new screens installed into the hospitality areas of the racecourse by Arcstream AV over the course of the next few years, with 300 already in place.

VINOPOLIS Vinopolis, operated by Wineworld London, is one of London’s top wine tasting attractions; where it presents the subject of wine and oenology through exhibits and wine tasting. Vinopolis wanted interactive technology to be at the core of the new experience so that visitors can learn at their own pace and take home practical knowledge of wine production and the art of wine drinking. Arcstream AV were part of the multi million pound refit of the venue; designing, supplying and installing a range of interactive multi touch technologies that enhances and educates the visitors journey.


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