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Sylvia Oramas Akamine is founder and Editor top blog Latina con Estilo She is from Caracas, Venezuela living in Cincinnati, metro area since 2000. Content strategist and creative digital engagement with an eloquent style. Akamine has a BA in Education and she has taken courses and workshops in art, education, broadcasting-TV production, marketing and social networking in Venezuela and US. Latina con Estilo Elocuente was born in September 2010 and since then it has grow steadily in loyal readers. The intent was to create a blogazine that inspired Latinas to be positive, creative and believe in themselves. Latina with eloquent style is to be yourself. In my way means in my own words, my opinion and my beliefs In this site we laugh, learn and share everything that inspires precious moments in our lives!.

Why does your market need Latina con Estilo Elocuente blog?
Unique target Niche multicultural

Strong content Creativity Honesty

Building strong bonds with our readers

Unique Style and Positive Attitude

E-blogazine Winner Best blog Hispano Blogger Award 2012

Why be a sponsorship/advertise

In Latina con Estilo Elocuente your company will be the brand that shines. The success of your campaign means success of my blog. I will make sure that your product or services will be promoted in a dynamic way and have more exposure to my multicultural loyal readers and followers. Latina con Estilo Elocuente believes in integrity, responsibility and dignity.

We produce new and interesting content, that will attract a broad audience. Optimize, translate your content and drive best results.  Review , test your product or service and improve it with positive comments and ideas.  I work in a prompt, professional manner and meet deadlines.

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I have worked for 2 years building Latina Con Estilo Elocuente by myself. I learned how to engage with my audience, bloggers and brands. I have written post and reviews for new product campaigns such as McDonalds, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Nestle, Kraft, Smuckers Eagle Condensed Milk, Tide, CoverGirl, Pantene, Olay, Crest, Pampers, Dove, Neutrogena, Johnson’s,Terra, Net10 Wireless, PBS Kids, Disney, Universal Studios, Kmart, Transitions lenses, and many more. I do sponsor posts and run giveaways to promote your company, products and website to our loyal readers and invite a new ones to follow and visit your social networking sites. I am a member of different leadership groups such as “Las Blogueras”, BlogFrog, Lifestyle Latina Bloggers, Hermanas on facebook, Blog by latinas, and in others social networking communities. Latina con Estilo Elocuente was a winner in three categories in the 2012 Hispano Blogger Awards 1-fashion, 2-culture 3-lifestyle. It was also nominated 2012 Blog by Latinas Awards

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Latina con Estilo Elocuente audience are: Moms Latinas, professionals ages 18 to 50. Married with children between the age of newborn – 18.They want to be informed about beauty, skin care, fashion(curvy ladies), culture, parenting, current events, coupons and giveaways. Also advances in technology and the latest books, music and movies. 75% live in USA 10% in Venezuela 15% in different Countries like Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, readers Peru and others.
Other latinoAmerica countries

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How many/Stats

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Pagerank 2

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Page View 7,547
Unique Visitors 5, 521 Time in site 2,35 Page View 86.081


Unique Visitor 52,230
Time on site 3,00 min

Facebook 319 Twitter 603 Pinteresq 189

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Monday Latina Fashion:Tips about fashion, trend, coupons, and shopping advice Tuesday Latina News on: About news releases, new products, culture, music. Wednesday Latina Belleza: Beauty tips, skin care , makeup tutorials. Word less Wednesday photo sharing links. Thursday Latina Cultura: About our culture, history, epigrams , folk fashion, art, craft. Friday Latina Recetas: New and old family recipes from throughout Latin America Saturday and Sunday Latina Familia: Parenting, entertainment, movies, music, TV programs and women health.

More Promotions
Logo on a bag, generous samples or small trinkets with your logo.  I’m open to your ideas and suggestions as well.  Your sponsorship shows your support this community. Latino bloggers understand their value in the promotion of your product via blogging and other social media.  In return, we offer strong content, unique visual images, loyal readers, and exclusive space for your Ad  Long term economic success.

Sponsorship package
Platinum $1000 1 year Ad and promotion Dorado $500 6 month

Plata $300 3 month

Tech Product 2 month

Cobre $150 1 month

Banner for one year

Six month banner side

3 month banner side
2 post with links photos

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1 post, links photos

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We offer brief and fun blog posts with great pictures and /or videos, ad placement, social media promotion, write reviews and special reviews combined with giveaways for more exposure, sponsored tweets, partnership and Brand ambassador. Also translation from English to Spanish. Sponsor post for 200 words $ 75, Spponsor post with logo and links $100 Giveaways host $50 Ads One month as follows:

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1-Horizontal banner up 120x 600 $59 2-banner base 120x 600 $ 29 3-Vertical 468 x 60 $49 4-Button 125 x 125 $25 5-3 month front 10% off plus priority. Payment full via Paypal. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Reviews and Giveaways policy

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Reviews are free of charge. All products submitted for a review must be family friendly. Reviewed items will not be returned. The reviewed product must be sent to me free of charge. If I am not pleased with the product quality or does match with my audience I will NOT review it. I must be notified via email prior to shipping of any items. Once I received the product(s) I will post the review within 2 – 4 weeks. I will include my own photos and from your website. The review will contain links back to your site ad will be advertised in facebook and twitter. If during the product testing process, I am not satisfied with your product or service I will contact de PR agency so we can assess the situation. Giveaway only with a website link, Facebook and twitter I charge $50. Giveaways will be in giveaways listings and linkies, facebook, twitter , pinterest and Google plus. The company will be responsible for sending the prize to the winner with a traceable, verifiable system,. I will provide winners address.

Contact me
Latina Con Estilo Founder Sylvia Akamine Cincinnati metro area Facebook/ latina con estilo elocuente Twitter @latinaconestilo Pinterest: sylvia akamine/latinaconestilo Together we can do it!

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